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Sep 2019
The Earth she turns,
The Earth she burns,
Lungs full of smoke,
Lungs start to choke,
No-one listening to her screams,
No-one caring what this means,
Wildlife havens, all decimated,
Now those lands lie desolated.

The Earth she is turning,
The Earth she is burning,
Charred embers burning bright,
Burning wildly, day and night,
Flora, fauna, creatures all,
Dying on this burning ball,
Mighty rainforests now just ashes,
Destroyed by impish burning flashes.

She burns as she turns,
And she turns as she burns,
Forests smoulder, destroyed by flames,
Victims of our Human aims,
The more destruction that we wreak,
The more the outcome seems so bleak,
Revenge, she'll bring us certain death,
Ensuring mankind's final breath.

Cinco Espiritus Creation
4th September 2019
Paul Gilhooley
Written by
Paul Gilhooley  Wallasey
     M-E, Kenn Rushworth, Bogdan Dragos and Fawn
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