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PairedCastle Aug 2019
August 23 2019 |  16:45

Tell me to walk, I will jog
Tell me to run, I will sprint
Tell me to be with you, I will fly
If the first phrases are the things you want me to do
I'll do it wholeheartedly...
...more than 100%
...It is the reality, it is TRUE

If there is a thousand miles between us, I'll close it
If you are at the top, I will build stairs
If you are on the ground, I'll go down the rope
If this is what is left to do...
Like a soldier, I'll follow the order
... more than 100%
... It's the TRUTH

If I run out of words to say
and all that is left to do is to hold you
then I'll hold you forever...
...more than 100%
... It is TRUE

I want to be the only rose from all your Lilies
I want to be the only sunflower from all your Cattleyas
To all the girls you've loved before, I want to be the one that happened after
If all these aren't enough...
Let me find another way to show you my love.

"I don't hold on to the tail of your kite"
Says the Tori Amos song I sing every night
Telling myself I won't hold on to anyone, and then, there is YOU
Tell me, again, why did I just check my phone at 8:22?
PairedCastle Aug 2019
March 23 2019

Andy the man
He is now a vegetarian
Thank you for the corrections
When my grammar needs attention

As you start your new venture
I hope for an even brighter future
Andy, we will miss you
Tomorrow, in Zambales, we will see you

Ever helpful, and patient
Your humility is beyond compare
You are more than a coworker
You are an uncle, and a friend

Andy the man
He is now a businessman
Andy, we will miss you
So, in Zambales, we will see you
I wrote this for my friend, Andy... when he left the company.
PairedCastle Aug 2019
May 23 2019

Maybe, you're one of my past coworkers
Maybe, you're one of the guys I dumped/turned down before
Maybe, you just want to find someone to mess up or something
Maybe, you're V
Just hard to believe that you stumbled on that page...
Came across my profile, and out of the many, you chose me...
I need to stop. I need to stop. I need to stop.
I won't care anymore. You're just like E, G, A, M, C, M
You don't take me seriously, and you don't see the possibility
...having something special with me.
someone's cat fishing me ~
PairedCastle Aug 2019
July 5 2019

And my heart bleeds in silence
And my mind breathes in discontent
Who can blame me to be a lover of beauty
When who I need to support is my family
Who can blame me for wanting more
When all I want to do is do more
Who can blame me for wanting something faster
Is it not enough to be who I have been for others?
PairedCastle Aug 2019
July 5 2019

And I ran out of time
Doing nothing, being nothing
Across the road is where my life prospers
But here I am on the other side, and, oh, how I wander
My mind craves freedom
The reason behind my sadness are the shackles
Shackles created by my own mind
The vulnerability of the situation
The mediocrity of anticipation
Knowing what lies ahead
Making me feel dizzy, afraid, fearful, frightened
The things I experience these days...
...are, but the by-product of my poor decision-making
The mediocrity of fighting
The complexity of dying
For when I retire to bed each night
All I wonder is where I am tonight
For when the next day comes
I'll still be here, stuck, and dying in the pale moonlight
PairedCastle Aug 2019
August 6 2019

Traffic is heavy
My stomach is empty
Making poems while on the van
Maybe, make use of my time for something fun
Maybe, I will ping someone this weekend
Let us see, if we both, are not busy
Maybe, we can get together
Maybe, we can play the guitar forever
Some Death Metal/Black Metal Music (LOL)
PairedCastle Aug 2019
November 11 2018

The name rhymes with Jo
I think, she needs to turn on the radio
Find something interesting in his bio
Maybe, even get inspirations from his photo

The name rhymes with Zack Dela Rocha
His last name rhymes with my cafe mocha
Can't say much but he likes music
Oh, did I not mention...
He likes listening to Asking Alexandria

I'm a planner, he's an improviser
I say, "Hey, Monday!", he says, "Bye, Monday!"
I sleep, he watches...
I watched, "The Outlaw King",
He read its previews and synopses
Opposites, ironies
Oh, please! **** these inspirations!

Some days, poems come easy
A lot of times, they get unfinished, left out in the open
Playlist: Red Hot Chili Peppers
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