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there’s this girl I know, she knows me too
she will tell you my story tomorrow
she will beckon me like Autumn’s breeze
and invite me back into my sorrow
I’ll be gently thrown by what she says  
just enough to be wholly transparent  
in how I am and in how I love
used to think this was only inherent
though I’m fathered by and mothered by
every cell that exists in my ending
I am made of more than what I knew  
I’m a woman, a Helper, a blessing
title taken from and inspired by All Sons & Daughters - all praise be to God, always and forever.
7d · 93
Think it Fair
I think it unfair to The Poet
she said with her heart on its knees
to share only half of your person
when Love comes to fall at your feet
I think it unfair of each other
to hide what is heavy and blue
if talking leads halfway to nowhere
I’d rather stay home with The Truth
see, Nature’s The Scribe of my sorrows
The Knower and Maker of all
I’m safe when I share what is ailing
the every beat of my heart
“И вот, женщина того города, которая была грешница, узнав, что Он возлежит в доме фарисея, принесла алавастровый сосуд с миром и, став позади у ног Его и плача, начала обливать ноги Его слезами и отирать волосами головы своей, и целовала ноги Его, и мазала миром.”
‭‭От Луки‬ ‭7:37-38‬ ‭
May 13 · 26
Out of Darkness I Dash
do you know what I mean about feeding
the every need of this world
there’re so many folk who don’t see it
caught up in a life gone awhirl
where the pain and despair got the better
of all of their moments in time
and right now there is nothing but Me left
said Hope, I’m the last One to die
even if both your hands have grown weary
and all of your strength disappears  
just remember the Words I have spoken
they’re with you forever, my dear
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭17:1-26‬
so how do you discern the every thinking of your heart?
and when are you in synch with it and when are you afar?
does every thought you have consider what is Good and True?
or rather does it consecrate the darkest parts of you?
are you the kind of human who lays every word to death?
or are you not the former, too aware of every breath?
do you know what it feels like to be everything you are?
or do you bend your knee instead, to every fallen star?
“Имейте добрую совесть, дабы тем, за что злословят вас, как злодеев, были постыжены порицающие ваше доброе житие во Христе.”
‭‭Первое послание Петра‬ ‭3:16‬ ‭
May 2 · 98
Electric Bleu
I cannot compare you to any
the heart of my heart, little dove
and knowing the way that I know you
I’ll find you in all that I love

our laughter together is better
and sooner than later we’ll cry
the bluest of blues in our voices
until later but never goodbye
coded for Kong, blue bleu electric blue.
Apr 25 · 55
Right Now, Somehow
I never had a friend who knew me any way at all
except The One Who promised He would be there if I fall
my ev-er-y emotion makes it harder to believe
that I am of more worth to You than anything that be
for who am I to reckon with a debt I could not pay
let by and by my heart accept Your ransom every day
I never knew a Friend the way I know You here and now
in Spirit and in Truth I’ve learned to worship You somehow
“Бог есть дух, и поклоняющиеся Ему должны поклоняться в духе и истине.”
‭‭От Иоанна святое благовествование‬ ‭4:24‬
Apr 19 · 78
Finland Blue
I woke up by the waters where my yesterdays were you
and watched as both our bodies turned to every shade of blue
our breaths were getting shorter and our hearts were beating fast
until the Sun appeared and cast its shadow on our backs
more beautiful a metaphor I couldn’t hope to dream
to wake up by the waters, let my yesterdays to be
to wake up and walk.
I lean into a rhythm when I write a single phrase
find meaning in the beating, let each Word to make its way
my body always follows and my soul surrenders too
and suddenly The Sun has a horizon made of You
I revel in the warmth and choose to share it with the world
to give as much as possible to few or many more
my poetry is nothing but a measure I received
I offer it to anyone and everyone in peace
“Мир оставляю вам, мир Мой даю вам; не так, как мир дает, Я даю вам. || Да не смущается сердце ваше и да не устрашается.”
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭14:27‬ ‭
Apr 2 · 51
More or Less
if there is a point to my writing
it never involves me at all
the best I can do is be mindful
of keeping These Words from withdrawal
my tongue has been some kind of a vessel
a pen that has ink, so to say  
it speaks out in every direction
of places I want to remain
I thought I could pass for a poet
but all I’ve been given is Yours
so here I am being a person
admitting I am nothing more
«Ибо хотя я ничего не знаю за собою, но тем не оправдываюсь; судия же мне Господь. Посему не суди́те никак прежде времени, пока не придет Господь, Который и осветит скрытое во мраке и обнаружит сердечные намерения, и тогда каждому будет похвала от Бога.»
‭‭Первое послание к Коринфянам‬ ‭4:4-5‬
Mar 29 · 52
A Weak Sleep
if I were a ***** to desire
I’d till every person I grow
I’d wrap myself up in a secret
and make it sound like one to know
I’d hide any signs of my sadness
and mask every burden I bind
you’d think I was being transparent
but I’d be deceiving your mind


desire has some way of turning
the people it torments - to graves
but even the bones have a story
and it is what keeps you awake
the rest in your body is smothered
The Truth has no place in your heart
and now that you’re being transparent  
you’re actually falling apart
«Посему для народа Божия еще остается субботство. Ибо кто вошел в покой Его, тот и сам успокоился от дел своих, как и Бог от Своих. Итак, постараемся войти в покой оный, чтобы кто по тому же примеру не впал в непокорность.»
‭‭Послание к Евреям‬ ‭4:9-11
Mar 24 · 71
The Cello Wake
there’re so many phrases belonging to Time
yet somehow the ages defile their rhyme
defining them new ways and challenging Truth
as if it were possible even to do
a meaning created by One and for all
can never be threatened or made to be false
we’ll only be crippled in every way
by trying to change what the Maker has made
so let us be humbled and yield to the Words
that wake up our human and sing with the birds
«Взгляните на птиц небесных: они ни сеют, ни жнут, ни собирают в житницы; и Отец ваш Небесный питает их. Вы не гораздо ли лучше их? Да и кто из вас, заботясь, может прибавить себе росту хотя на один локоть?»
‭‭От Матфея святое благовествование‬ ‭6:26-27‬
Mar 16 · 46
In Dreams
see, there is a place where the clock doesn’t count
on every second The Time’s giving out
where Always is final yet tends to be shown
as some kind of present you couldn’t have sown
whatever was given to you in your hands
is what will be tested by God become Man
and if you have nothing but seconds and thirds
you’ll be like the king who was fed to the birds
«Главный хлебодар увидел, что истолковал он хорошо, и сказал Иосифу: мне также снилось: вот на голове у меня три корзины решетчатых; в верхней корзине всякая пища фараонова, изделие пекаря, и птицы [небесные] клевали ее из корзины на голове моей. И отвечал Иосиф, и сказал [ему]: вот истолкование его: три корзины — это три дня; чрез три дня фараон снимет с тебя голову твою и повесит тебя на дереве, и птицы [небесные] будут клевать плоть твою с тебя.»
‭‭Бытие‬ ‭40:16-19‬
Mar 7 · 138
Before & After
I feel like a stranger to all that I know
as all of Your Wisdom envelops my soul
and suddenly thinking is healing my heart
I had no idea I’d fallen apart
they say when you’re breaking you’re never alone

so maybe I’ve lied to myself for too long
I’m learning to humble my person again
each day is an ocean of Mercy and Strength
to think I was safer inside of myself...
I must have gone crazy before I got well
«Щедр и милостив Господь, долготерпелив и многомилостив:» Псалтирь‬ ‭102:8‬
Mar 4 · 117
The Third Wish
she put her bed in bags of three the color white as snow
went higher than the mind can go and shackled up her soul
and there I was interpreting each mumble in her mouth
believing there was Grace enough to pull her person out
say who am I to reason with another human mind?
when every single second has already been defined

but what if Time has left us all a single open door?
where Mercy is a season reigning always, evermore

there’s more than just a difference every one of us can make
when need becomes the center and the reason we’re awake
Sarina? Did you know your name translates to, “small crumb,” in Russian?
Feb 20 · 53
The Root of The Source
The Root of every story is the one I hope to hear
the one that has been buried ‘neath a world without an ear
[‘cause every noise is nothing but a clinical decay
and everyone’s on something while believing they’re okay]
the Words toward which I gravitate are not some passersby
I wait for them like Water pouring down from rainy skies
and every time I hear them, You I glorify again
The Source of every root I have, the Miracle Himself
«Для дерева есть надежда, что оно, если и будет срублено, снова оживет, и отрасли от него выходить не перестанут: если и устарел в земле корень его, и пень его замер в пыли, но, лишь почуяло воду, оно дает отпрыски и пускает ветви, как бы вновь посаженное.»
‭‭Книга Иова‬ ‭14:7-9‬ ‭
Feb 18 · 65
Tell me, My Friend
my skin’s becoming nothing and my body’s falling off
I’m something I have never been, much more than what I was
I’m reaching higher altitudes and talking to the stars
and every single one of them has asked me where You are
I summoned all the strength I had - in Spirit and in Truth
and told them of the depths to which I’ve come to know of You
You’re nothing like the others, You can’t even be compared
You’re every Hallelujah that I didn’t know was there
If anybody calls me to be anywhere but here
I’ll walk away in silence and completely  disappear
«Кто хочет иметь друзей, тот и сам должен быть дружелюбным; и бывает друг, более привязанный, нежели брат.»
‭‭Притчи Соломона‬ ‭18:25‬ ‭
Feb 15 · 37
The Last Line of Love
the ice inside my body has been melting more each day
and now that I can feel again I have a place to stay
my body may be temporal but oh how much it’s taught
my heart to be a fighter for the things that won’t be bought
I cannot help but revel in the Joy with which I’m made
I may not be forever here but Love is here to stay
«Любовь частица Рая на планете,  Она однажды Богом нам Дана...»
I rattled You awake again while falling fast asleep
I need You to watch over every dream I want to keep
I put it in my head You are the Only One I trust
and if I do not visit You my body turns to dust
I pull apart my character more often than I don’t
to realize I’m nothing when I’ve given up my soul
the whine of life is bitter, more-so with each passing day
so let me never Give You up, no matter what I say
«Из праха подъемлет Он бедного, из брения возвышает нищего, посаждая с вельможами, и престол славы дает им в наследие; ибо у Господа основания земли, и Он утвердил на них вселенную.»
‭‭Первая книга Царств‬ ‭2:8‬
so find yourself the time to die today
to all the things that cause your soul’s decay
being dead to flesh will remake your heart
Create of all your bones a Work of Art
The Painter is a Sculptor and Writer too
a Master in The Craft of Loving you
through everything that is and will always be
through every time you die but do not bleed
«От одной крови Он произвел весь род человеческий для обитания по всему лицу земли, назначив предопределенные времена и пределы их обитанию, дабы они искали Бога, не ощутят ли Его и не найдут ли, хотя Он и недалеко от каждого из нас: ибо мы Им живем и движемся и существуем, как и некоторые из ваших стихотворцев говорили: «мы Его и род».»
‭‭Деяния святых апостолов‬ ‭17:26-28‬
Jan 31 · 103
I will not leave you
the sound of what is Perfect is so critical to know
for how else can you navigate a single thought alone?
you’re at the grace of mercy in where ever you may be
and everything you’ve given should be all that you received

by sharing of your fortunes you’ll gain infinitely more
and never see a need or a desire gone ignored
you’ll never be forsaken nor be ever left for dead
you’ll always have a Helper Who will comfort you instead

and by His every reason to be here with us this long
He’s paved the Way for everyone, for everything and all
«И Я умолю Отца, и даст вам другого Утешителя, да пребудет с вами вовек, Духа истины, Которого мир не может принять, потому что не видит Его и не знает Его; а вы знаете Его, ибо Он с вами пребывает и в вас будет. Не оставлю вас сиротами; приду к вам.»
‭‭От Иоанна‬ ‭14:16-18‬ ‭
I think about the Loyalty a heart was born to have
to beat for what is Bolder than the passions of your hands
to hold onto a Message written somewhere on your veins
so you can sing to rhythms you are learning more each day
your Life is but a song the heart has sealed within its blood
so let it pour upon a world in dire need of Love
«И если я раздам все имение мое и отдам тело мое на сожжение, а любви не имею, нет мне в том никакой пользы. Любовь долготерпит, милосердствует, любовь не завидует, любовь не превозносится, не гордится, не бесчинствует, не ищет своего, не раздражается, не мыслит зла, не радуется неправде, а сорадуется истине; все покрывает, всему верит, всего надеется, все переносит. Любовь никогда не перестает, хотя и пророчества прекратятся, и языки умолкнут, и знание упразднится.»
‭‭Первое послание к Коринфянам‬ ‭13:3-8‬ ‭
Jan 28 · 55
I want to go breathing
see, there are no lines in the face of your soul
no Time that can pass like time weathering bones
it’s all so internal, incredible Truth
The Hands of The Clock that are carrying you
may hope they are bringing be hope you receive
when passes your person, you die as a seed
that falls on the soil of Life and not death
Eternally growing, Eternally breath
«И иное упало на добрую землю и дало плод, который взошел и вырос, и принесло иное тридцать, иное шестьдесят, и иное сто.»
‭‭От Марка‬ ‭4:8‬ ‭
the first time I was taken I was walking in my sleep
and I would not return this able body back to me
the second time it happened they broke every single bone
and left me with the notion I would always be alone
the number three pervaded every feeling I had left
they followed me inside and by the cunning of their theft
debauchery proceeded to the point of no return
my body caught on fire and I watched the embers burn
the final fourth was coming to devour something more
the soul inside a body that I once had claimed before
and this is where I end the tale of years and of their wolves
was spared my life to tell it to the wise and to the fools
inspired by a life of fighting and holding on.
I’m tired in my body, I am restless in my soul
and everywhere I look I see the ruin of it all
the valleys being eaten and the people falling down
the voices in the fire screaming evermore the loud
and just as I begin to feel the heat of all the noise
I chase the sound of gratitude and mark it as my choice
I choose to be a Maker of whatever I can make
I choose the side of battlecries against the side of hate
the More You Are the less I am, so let it always be
I need You more than anything and everything I see
«и облечься в нового человека, созданного по Богу, в праведности и святости истины.»
‭‭Послание к Ефесянам‬ ‭4:24‬ ‭
Jan 22 · 124
you never made me
you took me to the ends of every square inch of this earth
and reckoned with your ego long enough to claim my worth
you painted my perdition on the beating of my heart
and washed your hands remotely while I slowly fell apart
I wanted to be angry and I wanted to be cross
but every way recounted you were nothing I had lost
you never made me better and you never made me worse
if anything you rendered me a person of my Word
Jan 19 · 142
Put Your Name to my Face
there’re so many patterns inside of this world
the blooming of nature, m   i g  r a  t   i o n of birds
and all of them mirror a Face we can’t see
yet with our whole being embrace when we breathe

and if we are patient and if we are kind
we will be returned every piece of our sight
to trace every pattern back into our hearts
the eye of our body’s most powerful part
“однакож тому не радуйтесь, что духи вам повинуются, но радуйтесь тому, что имена ваши написаны на небесах.“ От Луки 10:20
Jan 13 · 112
The No Exit Strategy
sometimes I feel like my days are estranged
like Time disconnects me in every way
from that which I’m doing wherever I am
so I become one with the hourglass sand

my body is laying its hands on my soul
my thoughts are elusive, they come & they go
I focus my energy carefully now
yet wander as much as I’ve ever known how

my dreams carry rhythms that challenge my strife
they put me to death then they bring me to life
and what I’m left seeing and feeling is this:
the more I am present, the less I exist
how do you feel when you think about it?
Olga Valerevna Dec 2018
I’m crawling on all fours to reach a Light that’s fading fast
while everything behind me strikes my bones into the past
the strength it takes to move resembles Weakness come on High
a struggle unrelenting with a reason in its eye
the longer I can stay here in a stare with Life itself
the more a chance I have to breathe another single breath
the back of me is ruin so let onward be my gain
The Hope in me is stronger than the cause of all my pain
I have been crucified with Christ; it is no longer I who live, but Christ lives in me; and the life which I now live in the flesh I live by faith in the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me. Galatians 2:20 NKJV
Dec 2018 · 55
Your War
Olga Valerevna Dec 2018
“I want to know all I can possibly know”
said someone in passing to me long ago
and now I hear voices inside of my head
that lead me to places and leave me for dead

I beckon to silence and ask it to speak
to render me strong when I feel I am weak
but all I can hear is the sound of my mind
inflicting confusion and making me blind

my heart is an altar that barely exists
the foam of a tide in a sea of my sins
dishonesty begs me to never confess
but here I am bleeding my thoughts nonetheless

if I can continue on living more days
I hope to use time to change all of my ways
and not to be selfish, and not to be *****
but only to do what Your will has me do
to know war.
Nov 2018 · 67
Matches to Matches
Olga Valerevna Nov 2018
the stars were burning holes into the late October sky
I asked them for a reason but they couldn’t tell me why
by stealing from the Sun the nights came longer, darker still
and with them went my every bit of human power’s will
I reckoned with my follies but the numbers hurt my head
and much as I desired to I couldn’t lay them rest
if one said I was capable the other said I’m not
“for everyone and everything’s susceptible to rot”
I couldn’t find a match to spare except the one in hand
set fire to my body, how much longer can it stand?
Oct 2018 · 92
To Never & Nigh
Olga Valerevna Oct 2018
why do the days feel like they’re blended in one?
like Sunday to Sunday I can’t see the Sun?
perhaps it’s because all my loyalty lies
in every hour the night passes by
I feel like a shadow that doesn’t exist
that takes on its form when there’s nothing that is
I bide too much time as a shepherd who sleeps
and sees not the wolves who’ve their eyes on the sheep
I scurry and shiver because of my skin
remembering Truth’s all the while within
too much be distractions in every day
and many the voices that make it this way
but if you can settle your heart on just One
you’ll never be shaken by other ones come
defeat can be tragic should ache it your bones
but Victory’s spoken: “you’re never alone”
“These things I have spoken unto you, that in me ye might have peace. In the world ye shall have tribulation: but be of good cheer; I have overcome the world.” John 16:33 KJV
Sep 2018 · 112
Counted Not as Lost
Olga Valerevna Sep 2018
should you have the time, may I give you mine?
let us speak of Life, let us not divide
everything you are, I am made of too
more than I am me, more than you are you
pieces of the sky carry every heart
far beyond the day, far beyond the dark  
Time can be friend, Time can set you free
come out of your head, move and live and breathe
Sep 2018 · 86
Olga Valerevna Sep 2018
the sum of every change I see has rendered me the same
though hundred billions pass me by on any given day
I walk through conversations word by word upon my toes
to try to understand the way this body wants to go
I can’t believe my sorrow has protected me thus far
and shown me what it’s like to be exactly where You are
if all I have is blood and sweat then let me sweat in blood
I want to be prepared to meet the Only Face of Love
inspired by Holy Scripture, Kari Jobe & my every observation of humankind.
Aug 2018 · 496
Olga Valerevna Aug 2018
I went out for a walk today and asked the sky to speak
and every word I recognized changed everything in me
my eyes became the keepers of a message in clouds
and now I can’t go anywhere I cannot see and doubt
my mind can go in circles or in any kind of shape
as long as I can hear You then I know I’m still awake
forgiven every absence and forgotten every fall
I walk into Your Presence like I never left at all
“Oh unbreakable Love,  soothing light created from this...” title taken from and inspired by Kye Kye’s, “Went About.” (Romans 8:38-39 NKJV)
Jul 2018 · 344
The Sound of Mind
Olga Valerevna Jul 2018
there’re people in this world who may be nothing like they seem
they’re full of good intentions but mistaken for the least
and in their so-called lack of what society demands
they make a mark upon us by the movement of their hands
they know the sound of music and they know what it can do
and in the end they’re humbled by Eternity and Truth
lest any conversation be a second’s waste of time
they’ll speak to you in silence, give you rest & peace of mind
“For God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sound mind.”
2 Timothy 1:7 NKJV
Jun 2018 · 147
In Pursuit Of
Olga Valerevna Jun 2018
if you can see my sleeplessness you likely feel it too
and maybe you believe it has become a part of you
One Hour til the road of dreams but you are wide awake
as Rest leaves from your body, comes a prisoner to take
what vicious disposition has the fiend of all you are
so outwardly pursuing every treasure in your scars
a second with the silence is the only thing you need
to know that in your mind you’re not as carnal as you seem
but eyes opposed and weary are reluctant so you cave
for there is nothing more than this, there’s nothing left to save
alone, aloof and dying to a world you tried to shed
where everything is dying and you’re stuck inside your head
Jun 2018 · 204
Make it through
Olga Valerevna Jun 2018
[If] I could coil back to kindness and give it back for free
I’d spread myself as thick as I could poss-ib-ly be
surrender my tomorrows to the days I’ll never own
forgive myself for follies I had never thought I’d show
a word-for-word confession is the song I want to sing
a melody where Truth alone abides in everything
though I have been dishonest both in practice and in preach
I’ll fold myself in half at knee to learn instead of teach
for wherever there’s a lesson there is infinitely more
a way of life surrounded by a never ending shore
to dive into its ocean means to struggle and to fight
but know that after all is done, you’ll make it through the night
May 2018 · 146
The Last to Go
Olga Valerevna May 2018
set fire* to the thoughts my head has had me walking through
I don’t want to do anything if I am without You
I’d rather let my body go in flames right here and now
Than walk about a ***** unto the ashes burning out
The world has neither reason nor a name to give itself
Some version of a truth that only dare resemble
Laid back in disposition, waking up in half a sleep
Without a way to walk into a promise made to keep
If anything that matters is worth anything at all
I want to die to see it and be risen when it’s gone
Apr 2018 · 125
Olga Valerevna Apr 2018
there is but no other kind of lie
than the sound of sighs
falling out of mouths which bathe their teeth
in the waste of wine

one by one each breath rejects the Truth
for another life
where moons are quick to come, hide the sun
where it’s black and white

where Love has been but once, not to stay
cannot be survived
by those who dip their tongues in blood  
are you still alive?
Feb 2018 · 222
can be found, even down
Olga Valerevna Feb 2018
so when will it stop being easy to find
the stories I keep in the back of my mind
the words I have gathered with both of my hands
connected on strings to the person I am

a song I could sing for the rest of my days
and carry with me when I go to the grave  
for so many questions I’ve nothing to show
my curious nature has proven it so

the anchors I’ve honored are floating again
they’re nothing but dust to the oceans and rain
the water is heavy and so is the sand
all I want to do is find hope where I stand

**just wait for the silence and trust I am near
find rest in the stillness until I appear
in light of this moment let troubles to pass
there’s nothing My Love for you cannot outlast
Feb 2018 · 143
It’s Time to Leave
Olga Valerevna Feb 2018
I feel like I’ve been lived in like a home without a lock
Like everyone who’s been here never even cared to knock
They walked through open doors and laid their bodies on the floor
I hadn’t the authority to stop them coming more
I’d crawl into my bedroom where I’d try to fall asleep
So busied, drifting, turned about by all that I could see
The days began to pass without acknowledging my steps
“you weren’t really moving,” said a voice into my breath
It’s time to walk the hallways, it is time to find the key
It’s time to tell the people here, “I need you all to leave”
Jan 2018 · 593
7 Sighs Toward the Sky
Olga Valerevna Jan 2018
my lungs are on fire
my head is awake
my heart has been wading
and silently breaks
my breaths getting shorter
my thoughts growing weak
my feelings surrender
to what I can’t see
I blink at the people
and then I look up
I want to be with You
to learn how to Love
I hope to be water
returned to the sky
like a droplet of rain
falling back in Your eye
Jan 2018 · 159
Age be with you
Olga Valerevna Jan 2018
you have to pay attention love, you have to mind your words
you have to keep your tongue alive and never let it burn
your darkest days will beg you, light a fire, let it blaze
but if you can’t contain it you will die within its flames
the flesh is but a mantle for a soul we cannot see
a way for us to cover or expose what’s underneath
my hope is that you’re eager to be honest when you speak
to never hide a single thing from anyone you meet
Jan 2018 · 102
The Penned Pal
Olga Valerevna Jan 2018
There’s tragedy written inside of us all
A story that reads like a beckoning call
Wherever you’re going, wherever you’ve been
Remember the voice that once taught you to sing
The praise of a mother, a father or friend
Whoever in Life has been giving you strength
The kind that is Whole and the kind that is True
In Love with the way you are meant to be you
Forgiving your follies, erasing your shame
Inviting you in by the sound of your name
Jan 2018 · 99
Olga Valerevna Jan 2018
there are words on the ceiling, there are words on the floor
there are words in my body I can’t take anymore
I have begged to be borrowed but to never be had
for I know who I am and there is no turning back
believe me I have wandered and betrayed my own heart
but **** could never keep me from my falling apart
in the dust at the bottom of whatever I’ve left
I will find a whole body that is made of Your breath
Jan 2018 · 146
A Mother’s War
Olga Valerevna Jan 2018
my head can be crazy, my head can be sane
my head can be home to the worst kind of pain
the kind that revisits - unwelcome, unkind
belittle the days that were good to your mind
it leaks into dreams so to make of you less
attacks you at night when you’re trying to rest
but this is what’s crazy and this is what’s sane
your mind is an altar, a product of pain
the kind that will knock ‘fore it opens the door
acknowledge the body that lies on the floor
the kind that shows empathy for you and me
erases the days we could never be free
mothers, daughters
Dec 2017 · 277
The Tropic of Cancer
Olga Valerevna Dec 2017
the earth is bleeding  b l u e r  than it ever has before
its riches being scattered on an ever-shrinking shore
The Sun is falling deeper by the day into despair
and counts upon a single hand the lives that can be spared
the numbers may be fading but the conversation flows
the Rays of Light are pouring over every single soul  
"I'll rise for few or many, I will rise for even one!"
"But I will disappear the day I know that there are none."
"I've asked Our Father Time to be as patient as He could,"
"and thanked Him for the seconds more He added where He would."
"our words exchanged are less and less but all the more profound,"
"I'll burn up all my energy to save your life right now."
“I say to you that likewise there will be more joy in heaven over one sinner who repents than over ninety-nine just persons who need no repentance.”
‭‭Luke‬ ‭15:7‬ ‭NKJV‬
Oct 2017 · 192
I am too
Olga Valerevna Oct 2017
I am going to leave this story untold
and carry it with me wherever I go
If anyone sees all the words in my eyes
I'll swallow them up in an ocean of smiles
I'd rather hold on to the taste of the past
than throw too much salt at the people who ask
*Remember September, remember July
the former a baby, the latter is I
"not at the moment."
Oct 2017 · 274
When the Second Sun Come
Olga Valerevna Oct 2017
it's one Sun then two we can see in this life
there's one in our body and one in the sky
if days be some windows the shape of the moon
then while they are open we're welcomed to bloom
the Truth about Life is the same for us all
each Winter we die til comes Spring through the Fall
we follow the seasons like footsteps of Time
so let us be never a second behind
Sun teach me how to never fall behind...
Sep 2017 · 247
An Ache to Grow
Olga Valerevna Sep 2017
if I could be water I'd fall over stones
I'd move like a shadow without any bones
I'd feed into rivers that come from the sky
and cradle the stars as they learn how to shine
I'd sing to the moon so the ocean could hear
and move its whole body without any fear
the tides would be perfect and gracefully made
the sun would be honored in every day
if I could be water I'd know how to be
a ***** to the motions set finally free
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