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Sep 12 · 24
All that is new
Everything new
It started with you
The ways of old
Now stranded alone,
Distant and cold
The way it was shall never be
It all started with you
And how you set my heart free

If it were that there could be only one
I know where it would start.
Just seeing you is enough
To wave the sadness goodbye
Into forever it shall depart

Your smile it captivates
Your soul illuminates
Love just resonates
An aura of serenity surrounds
The passion of life you ignite
As I lay down my arms
No more the need for the needless fight

I’d take your hand
We would walk this land
Teach the world to love life again
Free our spirits and free our minds
Free the world of this pain of existence
Unity and love ,
Not the evolution of resistance

Everything new
It all started with you
And all that I am all that I ever could be
It was you that gave it to me
The prophecy
The preposterous fallacy
Entwined in the galaxy
The human tragedy

Self satisfaction
The earths depletion
Is it fact, is it fiction
To perish is to serve
Our twisted tradition

We care not what we consume
We live on our laurels
Punishing as we presume
We will find the answers
In a darkened room

Our dreams, they deny
The tales of fortune,  they are a lie,
We hope that the aspiration to succeed
Outweighs the truth of our desires for greed

And so it ends
A distress call in the dark extends
Echoes, just for a solitary moment
Then the silence of your dreams dance naked
As the world continues,  oblivious
Just like the others, oh so obvious,
If it is your colour that resonates
If it is your race that dictates
Then maybe you shall never move
Far from the roost
From your cultured standing
Self contained
Sometimes unexplained
But hostile and impervious to change
As all around
Earths wondrous ground
The rest of life is expanding

No fear for your difference
Yet animosity for you resistance
Your intellectual negligence
We all have colour
We all have creed
But not all of us
In fact most of us
Don’t need to prove this
By showing you how we bleed

In my small time
I have witnessed humanity
Commit each and every day
An inhumane crime
On mass we accept
As we protest to expect
And still the awaiting change sits lazy and loathing the air we breathe
So the meaning from within
Is maybe how we alter our current fate
Stand proud to be but alive, to experience the here and now
Embrace to erase
A history that decided
To keep us all
Eternally divided

Mia fatsa   Mia ratsa
Una faccia   Una Razza
One face     One race
The dream has expired
For the boss has been fired
From their aspirations
You built your own inspirations
And as they crash, burn and fade
You sit watch and realize,
The dream was one that someone else had made
They say dreaming is for fools
One of life’s survival tools
As the strain takes hold
As life suffocates the ambitions you hold
You walk into the storm
Forgetting all you have learnt and been told
Walk a path of your own footsteps
Dream if you shall
But make it real
The essence of life
Should be the positive you feel
Bring joy to yourself
For it is here you have the strength to give joy to others
Love respect and feed your soul
This is the place where the love of life is made
And your turn at being supreme is being played
Live to love,
And just love to live
There truly is no better gift
That we can give
Jan 25 · 106
love has its flaws
In the blink of an eye
The story told a lie
Deceit was an angel
Love had its flaws
To be hurt
Whilst the joy of serenity
Washes hardened skin
To suffer at the hands
Of your saviour
As you grew
It seemed you already knew
But then fate with its twist
Brought the demons
And you failed to resist
Diseased from the day of birth
That day you climbed high
Waving a flag
Now you are silent
Darkened and alone
With nothing to brag
The truth has no lies
From this anarchy
There now is animosity
And i refuse to live a life
That I need to despise
As the day breaks
And my soul awakes
The angel of deceit disperses
And my love again, is raptures and verses
Dec 2019 · 129
dust on sand
nico papayiannis Dec 2019
The world awaits
The glory shines
Heads are bent
And hearts are heavy

Twisted emotions
Twisted reason
In essence unjust
And ideology simply sings

A barren land
The wasted ground
Upon which we dream dreams
We nurture painful prosperity

Your soul
It has a hole
It weeps in anguish
Forgotten, frozen

No longer the significant
Just a life of detriment
Below a line of sanity and simplicity
Dust on the sand
On the sand
Nov 2019 · 66
the blood red stream
nico papayiannis Nov 2019
In the blood red stream
A despots dream
Devious the scheme
Those of the loudest scream
Is it a master plan
Our wealth they scan
Intricate initiatives secretly span
No freedom no voice , for the common man
Desperate we devise our escape routes
Up your spine though, conformity shoots
The anguish of our ancestors reboots
Indignity marches on as every worker commutes
If hindsight, in reality, was your first sight
And you lived always knowing that your history would not be your plight
Would you follow signs and stop at every red light
You could always just stand and fight
No violence no guns no petty war
Just a shift in balance a settling of the score
The dreams of demons of liars and cheats??
We shouldn't have to live them anymore,
Oct 2019 · 60
the eternal
nico papayiannis Oct 2019
Today shall be how yesterday was
Tomorrow will be much the same
And every day shall be as history is played
Until the decision is made
To try another game

I see no difference
More a change in preference
The reasons for and the reasons against
Now just a point of reference
The power never shifts
And the balance never tilts

There are no secrets
No great conspiracies
The truth is out there
It's written in manifestos and policies
Entrenched into the laws
To which we abide
And helping the aggressors,
The instigators of our realities
To run far and hide

The eternal
The infernal
The dictator
The navigator
Bare faced and brazen
In the fields you work
Unlawfully grazing

What can we do
When all the time
Old becomes new
A life on repeat
In constant retreat
With no holds barred
And battled scarred
Take note, take heed
I will not bow down
And accept defeat
Oct 2019 · 69
the age of echoes
nico papayiannis Oct 2019
Through the echoes of my mind
I'm running fast
I'm running blind
It's the memories
That tend to please
But the darkness does remain

The echo of my youth
The ringing of the truth
Forgotten are the days
When we moved in different ways
But the spirit lives on
With age it grows strong
Keeps you on track to the sane

An echo of guilt
Here the psyche takes a slight tilt
There were some bad times
Some emotional crimes
Fortitude become a great point of reference
Mixed up in a world of decadence
The black dog no longer feeding the pain

The echoes that bring that surreal smile
The one that stretches , mile upon mile
It feeds and nurtures, clothes and warms
Helps guide us through those perfect storms
A life built around the echoes that you made
A life of reason as the light begins to fade
Holds the fascination
The echoes never cease
As you rest in eternal peace
Oct 2019 · 73
the swollen stream
nico papayiannis Oct 2019
Defend your honour
Your means to an end,
From the inglorious to ecstasy
You shall transcend,
Fall apart and dream a dream
Fall far from
The swollen stream,
Take light
Take dark
Take infatuation,
Live hard
Live fast
And seek no inexplicable
The fire in your soul
The mindlessness of your mind,
Let them not battle
Let them not
Render you blind,
Your path
Your choice
Your reason
Your voice,
Let no others
Put you asunder
Let the world hear
Your crack of thunder
nico papayiannis Sep 2019
The introvert
Emulates the desires
Of the extrovert
An inward vision of a life self contained
Played out on the fields
Of the self confessed social terrorist
Look at me
Look at what I can do
My clothes my attitude
They are just like you
I must be known
For all that is so nonchalantly grown
Leave me be
Leave me here all alone

I have an idea
It fills some with fear
I strive , I toil
I never give in
To be so proud
And never need
To broadcast my life so loud
To take no photos and write no text
Frightening I know
That a total immersion into
A world of a different version
Does not compute
Does not resonate across the masses
It's where we should be, full of life and free
Not chained to an image of constant correction
Fighting each and every
Introverted imperfection
Sep 2019 · 52
a forgotten lane
nico papayiannis Sep 2019
It is catastrophic
It is unbelievably catatonic
And I truly am
The eternal sceptic
With the ability to create
We destroy and deploy
An instruction to humanity
That the life you live
The very air you breathe
Forgotten is our existence
If we don't embrace the love of life
This very instance

I am sick of the false prosperity
Built upon the negligence
The indoctrinated desire to believe
That gold oil and diamonds
Were all that was needed
To disarm and deceive
Bring nations to their knees
As the perpetrators of the pain
Do as they so please

Amidst the quagmire of imagination
Our neighbours we become
With great intellect
We choose not to dissolve or dissect
We strive instead for popularity
And breed openly, familiarity
As identical as a twin
You can fit in , never stand out
Is this what the human race is really all about

We are controlled, and into this system
We willingly enrolled
We sit by and watch the greed takeover
We do nothing but work and pay a hefty tax
Just to provide the justification for our leaders
To bring upon this planet their unlawful attacks
Where there is war there is pain
And when it's all over someone's pocket feels the gain
We march we protest
But in our futures we seem to not invest
As sheep we follow
To escape our lives so hollow
So forget the symbolism , the brain washing autocracy that rules with nothing short of an atrocity
It is so hard, to ignore and discard
So easy though, to accept and go with the flow
The choice it does remain
The choice of ignorance and the insane
Or a desire to walk a forgotten lane
Sep 2019 · 74
peaks and troughs
nico papayiannis Sep 2019
So glorious is life
when riding the crest
How miserable though
when it is all you detest

Calm and self-satisfied
when all is at ease
But so low and degenerated
when nothing seems to please

Sometimes strong
positively untouchable
Other days weak
undeniably fragile

You can spend your time
high with the birds
And then crash to the ground
because of some thoughtless words

Optimism constructs hope
out of misery
Helps to soothe
the mental brutality

The fate of the pessimistic
malfunction in rejection
Peaks and troughs
life's great reflection
Sep 2019 · 60
just a thought
nico papayiannis Sep 2019
It feels like ****** sometimes
This ******* life
This ******* handed to me on a broken China plate
A powdered mixture
A forgotten fixture
The deafening drive of reality and it's predator playmates
A light can burn
And a thought can turn
Change the make believe
Into the demon that does deceive
Aug 2019 · 115
who to blame
nico papayiannis Aug 2019
We don't talk
We won't talk
Problems grew
Far beyond me and you
The silence it calms
No reason
To take to arms

We accept the reasons why
Side by side
We walk on by
I don't speak your name
Mine is never heard
No emotions to exchange
All feelings now
Go way beyond blurred

I saw an old figure
Hunched,  but familiar
Whispering words
Words of regret
How time so quickly
Does seem to pass
Drinking from an empty glass

In a broken mirror
I can see
The person I blame
The person who won't talk to me
Fractured memories
Of a splintered past
A heart forged from stone
A heart that shall forever last
Aug 2019 · 53
trajectory of a tangent
nico papayiannis Aug 2019
I see demons
I see death,
I see destruction,
My own demise
My own release
This is why
I cannot see peace

Tortured from days of young
An incarceration
A burden to wear
Private words in private thoughts
And the reason for all the unforgiving ways

You have yours
And I certainly have mine
The trajectory never a tangent
But multiple and critical
Fuelling the cynical
Shameful, sorrowful, despondent , diseased

Once or twice
I actually spoke
The response
The valued diagnosis
A joke
No words to inhale
Just sit listen and choke

So my rugged path
Wayward and distressed
Has brought it's own fortunes
And not always impressed
I ask for nothing but the same
To be accepted and shoulder no blame

You don’t need mine
Nor I yours
The messages we'd send
Of such labour and chores
Accept the difference
And take no sides
Home alone
Is where the fear hides
Aug 2019 · 76
never lost
nico papayiannis Aug 2019
I see your face
In photos past
And smile for I know
That love will forever last
It is found and never lost
But there are times
You will count the cost
It could be your love is dearly departed
Maybe your love lays unchartered
Feel rest assured
Content to believe
Falling in love
Is a great thing to achieve
Yes there is pain
And sometimes it will drive you insane
This is the course, the way it shall be
For when you know love you know how to be free
Love for life ,
the emancipation of humanity
Jul 2019 · 78
alphabet antics 4
nico papayiannis Jul 2019
Jun 2019 · 179
another ABC
nico papayiannis Jun 2019
Jun 2019 · 90
the mimic of the moment
nico papayiannis Jun 2019
Inside the box marked emotions
Take just a few
The basics
Don't get greedy
Thinking all about the needy
Just keep it easy

You can have some in reserve
For a rainy day
Just careful when used,
It could be,
Your sanity,
Attacked and abused

Forget logic
And wisdom too
For all that happens
In front of you
Could just be an emotional outrage
Where the controls on the situation
Are secretly staged

As once was said
Keep the box fed
Keep it shut tight
No reason for the light
On a cool calm level plain
No stress
No distress
No reason to impress
The mimic of the moment
No need to retain
Jun 2019 · 231
some good years
nico papayiannis Jun 2019
And then as I spoke
Your face
It changed
No love just hate
Animosity served
On a stone cold plate

A language unknown
Well to you it was
Either that
Or suddenly you are deaf
My words  bounce back
And with those you offer
I find myself
Under attack

You have a blatant disregard
For all that I am
No respect
For all that you loved
The bitterness that prevails
Sets the wind in our sails

Enchanted I was
But your magic has become
Just an acidic illusion
Our time maybe spent
We came we went
A reality now
Bred free from confusion
nico papayiannis Jun 2019
Our world, is in a horrendous state of repair
Problem is
There's not enough people
Who truly care
We can't just move to the 4th rock from the sun
We can't just tax the world and pray that the problems are simply undone
Our resources might just be on reserve
And we have the intelligence to preserve
So is it the gluttonous retention of wealth that handcuffs us to a stalemate
Or our misguided judgements of the hysterical hypocrisy hemmed into a society that deems a healthy environment less important than who is next to dishonour as they dictate
It shall be cataclysmic
Our efforts to avoid and avert?
Quite honestly,, pathetic,
Our self worth
This is reflected
On our treatment of earth
Down here, we are trying
To nurture nature as she sits crying
Up there aloft, where the orders command and the pockets demand
They are flying
As we perish from existence
As we struggle to even stay alive
As we prepare for Armageddon
Our dooms day procession
Feel rest assured
If our intolerance towards change isn't cured
Then it is only the planet that shall survive
Our prosperity
Can never be exchanged for our integrity
Let the glory of our existence
Be the definition of  our humanity
Mar 2019 · 64
something from nothing
nico papayiannis Mar 2019
We all know it's all for nothing
That is why the most of us try to make something
Let morals command
Let responsibility reprimand
Let the games begin
Your truth is
Another's sin

Leave a mark behind
Run naked and screaming
Joyfully blind
Sober as a straight line
High as a kite
Willing to take the punishment
Ready to stand and fight

In love with pain
In love till you're insane
In love with yourself
Selfless with your wealth
Drowning when swimming
Losing when winning
Laughing joking
Drinking smoking
The experience the enlightenment
The necessity of nature
And a stress free environment

I am a memory made
I love this life
And the games I've played
Something from nothing
A life from the beginning
To a beautiful demise
Feb 2019 · 69
tortured souls,
nico papayiannis Feb 2019
Jan 2019 · 108
cruel resistance
nico papayiannis Jan 2019
A world so cruel
Brandishes me a fool
Uses me as a tool
And now I worship
The Gods of power
I pay my tax
To take just five
And relax
Watch a pixilated screen
To furnish my dream
Live as an imposter
Someone else's life I could foster
But as the smokescreen lifts
They disappear
My golden gifts
Now naked to a world
At first glance , weird,
Taught in the old days
To be feared
But here they do not punish
You are left alone to flourish
Grow wild with the land
On your own feet stand
Exist to experience, to enlighten,
And to purely exist
Authority looms
Yet autonomy blooms
Forever to fight
Forever to resist
nico papayiannis Jan 2019
So random yet
So precise
Just a device
A means to an end
No way to amend
Our lives in freeze frame
So take the blame
Live no longer in shame
Take responsibility
The burden you carry
Will one day
Set you free
Spare you from
This monstrosity
This global atrocity
Stand out from the crowd
Step away from the masses
Take part no more
In social and cultural clashes
And on the collapse
Sit back and relax
Watch the righteous despots
Fall crying and screaming
No mercy, no pity
Just a lifetime spent
Wasting and dreaming
Jan 2019 · 58
nico papayiannis Jan 2019
The impatience of my patience
Impetuous instinct inspires the insipid, the dream of no colour
Intolerable ideas of individuality
Now defined in the shattered reflection of a frivolous fantasy
Just before
You take so much more
The benevolence of existence
Distracts us from the instance
And if it all ends
If all signs of hope are extinguished
Then all morality is relinquished
I shall not suffer, run for cover
I will not bow down to the knees of any other
I am resurrection , I am now free
Sep 2018 · 116
a shattered lens
nico papayiannis Sep 2018
Confused by the creativity
Submersed in its beauty
Choking on its inability
To simply slow, maybe freeze
The words maybe then
Could flow with ease
The reason would have  meaning
It wouldn’t feel like I was screaming
Drowning in the dire
Consumed by my fire

The rapids of the rain forest cut rigid streams into a rapidly receeding recollection
Acid burns as the wheel turns
A slow ebb of translucent trigonometry triggers the incomprehension
It wouldn’t feel like yesterday if tomorrow had gone so well
And if only today had a story to tell
Then the writing on the wall
Would not speak of a down fall

The words they merge
The ideas they purge
The mind you cleanse
Through this shattered lens
And as the end does begin
So my words shall be my sin
Aug 2018 · 102
people are strange
nico papayiannis Aug 2018


nico papayiannis Aug 2018




Aug 2018 · 113
the disease
nico papayiannis Aug 2018
Spread like wild fire
Scorching the land
An unstoppable force
On an unpredictable course
Into the soil
Into the ground we walk
Unpredictable with its saturation
Around the globe unto every nation
The water we drink
The food we eat
Infected now with some obscure disease
Bringing the world and it's power
To it's begging knees
No pain and suffering
No rash no fever
Just dizzy spells and blurred vision
As the citizens of earth
Endure this transition
Away from the solace of their solitude
Away from the modern mayhem and its debilitating attitude
Into a no mans land
A land of peace , of an intolerance towards
Anymore of intolerable rewards
Shrouded in no mystery
A life like no mythology
The power of unity
Void of vanity
Peace love freedom for all
It's in the air we breathe
It's natures call
Aug 2018 · 107
sonnet of sorrow
nico papayiannis Aug 2018
Your lament
Is my love spent
Dreams like jigsaws
My actions , no applause
Anger vented
Reality fragmented
No more to worry
No more to frown
For all that once was
Has already left town
Never again
Shall paths cross
As we reel
Into our own loss
Jul 2018 · 90
the demons assemble
nico papayiannis Jul 2018
I've drifted far
Dug a deep scar
Flanked in treason
No rhyme , no reason
My name a blur
My speech a slur
The foundations tremble
The demons assemble
I am lost
I am free
I am lost
and the devil is in me
No fear to fall
As nature did call
Jul 2018 · 116
nico papayiannis Jul 2018
It is true that we all have an identity and it is true that it has been with us since birth,
It is also true to say that we as certain and specific individuals have chosen to ignore disregard and change our supposed identity in exchange for one that is perhaps only coherent to them and their thoughts
It's a “ chicken and egg” argument, what came first , the body or the mind?
Did consciousness slowly evolve as it was gently dipped or violently thrown into an abandoned society, or was a new-born childs greatest gift an unseen preordained fabrication of it's own existence

The world around, this is the mind at large
So how can you be judge and jury
When you're fostering an identity
Of which you are not in charge
To be what you desire
Is the answer for one
But to be what you are
Is the answer for all
And if it is a battle
Between body and mind you are torn
Then the simplicity
Is not an irrational irregularity
It's the power of reason to understand
That the mind of constraints came after
The physical was born
It is the eyes that see
And a mind that you follow blindly
Knowledge at birth
Wisdom with age
Jul 2018 · 135
the honourable individual
nico papayiannis Jul 2018
They won't sell what you want
They won't advertise what you need
Just a desire ,a corruptive drive
To take you for a fool and make your pocket bleed
I don't have greed
Or a vision to feed
My success is not based
On how my career does succeed
Happy tunes happy smiles and happy happiness
Tools of a trade that seeks to impress
To impose an ideal
Tell you how to feel
How to live
How to breathe
And in what God now
You need to believe
Strapped on a freight train
On a vertical take off , jet fighting plane
To a distant time of the honourable individual
Who holds nothing but free will
On their journey through swallowing no bitter pill
Jul 2018 · 107
nico papayiannis Jul 2018
I am pristine
I am pathetic
I am pointless

My love commanded
My love reprimanded
My love finally destroyed

The dream dissolved
The dream was gone
The dream was what??

I am pointless
I am pathetic
I am happy
I am free

No constraints
No marriage to restrict
No divorce with pain to inflict

No need to please
No you cannot dangle and tease
I owe you nothing
And you owe me, even less

Pointless with reason
Pathetic to the point of perfection
But freedom is the answer
And not this façade, this fake reflection

I have nothing but me and my soul
There is no one to who I pay a toll
Pathetic and pointless??
Painless autonomy,
Sublime in my sanctuary
Jul 2018 · 256
mount everest
nico papayiannis Jul 2018
My greatest challenge
The infernal, it is eternal
It destroys as I breathe
As I perceive,
I can only await
As the end shall never be
A chartered territory .

My thoughts
These demons
These words on paper,
Event horizon
Shocking and distinct
The reward is you are extinct

I shall perish by my hand of insignificance
I shall leave amidst strong resistance
All this could so easily change
If it all could so easily rearrange
As definitive as day
As nonchalant as night
I live in my crazed way
I live never blinded
By the saturated sight

But these days shall fade
I will lose all I've made
My mind can no more twist
As the torture can not insist
I will find the path to release
And all around there shall be peace
Jun 2018 · 153
a brother lost
nico papayiannis Jun 2018
A brother is never lost
A brother is always there
Maybe you can't see him
Maybe you don't talk
But through a million miles
And a million tears
Together side by side
We will always walk

The battle
The heart ache
The sorrow and pain
Memories of those past
And of those still fighting
Into the darkness
A brother does remain

As the last post does sound
And our blood dries into the ground
Memories won't fade
Get washed into mediocrity
We shall stand together
Take the stress and the strain
For a brother is never lost
A brother shall always
In our hearts remain
May 2018 · 164
why so intense
nico papayiannis May 2018
How can I never
Manage to sever
Thoughts of sadness
The intolerance of injustice
Not so great to miss
That comforting kiss
When as a young'un
As a growing man
Was on hand to relinquish
The burden of a broken wish
A forbidden prosperity
Cut down in my prime
A worthless commodity
I cannot discharge
I cannot destroy
I cannot survive
If I cannot employ
Reason of virtue
And of common sense
That timeless moment
Never too intense
May 2018 · 186
parasite of persuasion
nico papayiannis May 2018
The gilt  edged sword of surreal sanity cuts deep wounds
Lacerations lament
Emotions repent

Damage to the core, to the very fabric of existence
Acidic tears
Roll gently over fears

Now survival has passed and the comatose state of denial remains,
So you shall turn to the depths of addiction
An unwelcome debilitating infliction

Suffocating in your sanctuary and crying for help
Lost in your vice
And rotting with the bugs , the lice,

The return to reason a path of injustice and failure
No spirit to shine
Another corpse waiting in line

A wound that never heals
A scar that forever bleeds
A bitter taste of resentment
As on your life and your loves,
The parasite of your persuasion feeds
Apr 2018 · 141
reset reboot,
nico papayiannis Apr 2018
Factory reset as my eyes shut  on another day confined to the ranks of history
The bright sun awakens ,
The mind is alert,
A day  of unknowing,
So tragedy we shall, try to avert
New day new challenge
New day new start,
From the days that have ended
A good place to depart
The screen is dark and no pixels shine
The intellect is bright and the subconscious is  sublime
Creativity creates chaos and reason redefines our  irrationality
So as the songbirds chorus greets your new horizon
Why do we fall back so easily into the arms of a dysfunctional reality
Apr 2018 · 195
alphabet antics 3
nico papayiannis Apr 2018
Another boring compromise
Dishevelled emotional franchise
Grossly heightened idea
Juvenile king Lear
My names  obstruction
Permanent quotes reaction
Standard transient ultimate vacancies
Wandering  x-rays yielding zombies
Mar 2018 · 100
the hunter, hunted,
nico papayiannis Mar 2018
Your safety deposit boxes,
We shall hunt them with foxes
Tear them apart seam from seam
Weld from weld
Only for so long
Could your riches be held

Like the pariah that you are
You have left a great scar
Only to be healed
By chasing your worthless **** for hours across a muddy field
And when you come to an untimely end and go off to meet your maker
The only great thing you will be remembered for
Is how you were such a great taker

No balance
No sanity
Your ways and means
The greatest profanity
Yes we need money
And no there is no problem with wealth
But are we always to measure prosperity
Against another's poor health
nico papayiannis Feb 2018
You see
You turn
You run
You hide

You wince
You wane
You cannot handle
Your own pain

In dreams
In desires
In hypnotic
Translucent fires

The answers to the truth
The reason to exist
But the anti- hero to another
Who shall forever resist

You cower
In fear
Of all
You hear

The neon night time beacons
Their white noise weakens
You break
You accept
But there was a point
You needed to reject

You see
You buy
You wonder why
Feb 2018 · 220
you there, me here
nico papayiannis Feb 2018
I am here and you are there
Between us there really is no reason
To care or share
You have yours and i have mine
A simple arrangement that works fine
But soon your ways
They blight my days
They impose on my freedom
Causing me anguish and pain
Your irrelevant ideals
Swimming in the insane
Your demands are not met
Anger I detect
Aggression comes next
As you try to define your reason
But towards the stability of humanity
Your crime is treason
All you perceive
It can be all that you are wiling
To believe
But with narrowed minds
And blinkered vision
We shall continue to destroy
The dream of unity
And any peaceful transition
Jan 2018 · 473
the lines are blurred
nico papayiannis Jan 2018
Is how it shall be
Now that normality
Has departed,
Long gone
And uncharted

That line in the sand
It did expand
It swallowed whole
Every unstable soul
Every extremist
Every fanatical fantasist

Our morals drowning
In a sea of demons
An ocean of dystopian dreams,
Where we now lust and embrace
Such ludicrous extremes,
Vivid vivisections
Of intricate intersections

This alternative in place
Wears a mask on it's face
A disguise of lies
With a desire to despise
A parade of a pompous parody
To control through chaos
And manipulate humanity

Careful how you tread
And from whose hand you are fed
What you seek as innocence
Is ***** under the influence
Drugged and deranged
Compassion exchanged
On the stock market floated
And for all of this ,
This life of inadequacy
We stood in lines and voted
nico papayiannis Jan 2018
Still so alone
In this crowded space
The look of love fading
From an aging face

Closer still
Till you are by my side
A distance demands
As we turn, run and hide

Life has existed
Wasted in an instance
Solitary confinement
As my preference was resistance

In awe for a split second
With the masses of majority
It seems fitting though to stand stranded
Amidst the minority

My dreams and denials dissipate from my hands
Drowning with synchronicity into the bloodstained sands
Alone the enlightened stature does  stand
Never wanting to accept the burden of all you understand
Dec 2017 · 183
a reason for remorse???
nico papayiannis Dec 2017
Did you walk a line this year parallel to so many before
Or did you dare to digress into your hopes and dreams, your aspirations
Will the next year be so familiar leaving you nonchalant,  abused and alone
Will the road of uncertainty shroud your every move as you embrace the unseen
Self worth should prevail
Monotony should burn
Time to live a life
Time for your turn
To jump far from the approved,
counter-productive  course
And leave behind sadness,
with no reason for remorse
nico papayiannis Dec 2017
To write, is to ignite, to infuse, and perhaps refuse
To deny the reason of the powers that be
To define the reason of you and me
To inspire
And maybe even douse the fire

Words of wisdom, words of rhyme
Words that speak of our current time
The problems of humanity
The problems of control
Words of insanity
Words of profanity

Profound rage
Incarcerated onto the page
Your soul it is not up for sale
Break the spell
With words of your own tale
Write to incite, to excite, to rejuvenate
Write forever to diminish the perpetuation  of hate,

Write to *******, paralyze and maim
Write to pacify, protect and tame
A language of love of peace and not war
A language to unite and take no more
Jul 2017 · 186
never too big
nico papayiannis Jul 2017
No one is ever too big to be told,
Never could they, pay enough gold
In defiance against them I will stand bold
And condemn their actions as callous and cold

The stature of your status has your head up your own ****
Violated vision through an oil stained glass
Masses sit and learn how to spread the disease in an overcrowded class
The perpetuation of a modern day farce

Life ******* leech
On your pedestal you preach
Into the distance your sermon does reach
Let the contamination wash up
On your private beach

An uprising
Would not be surprising
As there is no disguising
Our rights to peace and freedom
They are compromising

Enlightenment has passed
A revolution does await
Those too big too be told
Eat, drink and deliriously debate
And as their ways and means
Slowly fade
From the ashes of anarchy
People embrace unity
Then a new world is played
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