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Nick Moore Nov 2020
In their eyes, see the fears
facemask wrapped around the ears.

On their own, in the car
common sense removed so far.

So I'm spreading it far and wide
my face I do not hide.

Stay safe, for good health
Get to know thy self.

Stay at home
home is within,
Cannot go very far
wherever you go
there you are.
Nick Moore Oct 2020
The old world is crumbling,
fear not I
always gave me comfort
to look into the sky.

Many fear the chaos,
give freedom away,
believe whatever
the media say.

Remember that tower?
there is higher power,
God has struck the hour.
Nick Moore Nov 2019
Behind you,
behind you

The frustration!

Every time,
he looks around,
he doesn't see or hear a sound.

Reality knocks, the penny drops.

Or, are we all still shouting
behind you,
behind you?
Nick Moore Apr 2019
Open up the word book,
What do you see?
Poem’s of the mind in 3d

A stream of consciousness on every page,
It’s your mind I wish to engage.

So put on your imaginary glasses, and have another look,
What stands up inside the poet’s book.
Nick Moore Jan 2019
As the sediment of memory
settles on the river bed of the mind,
only a little is remembered of what gets left behind.

How I'd like to drill a core sample without getting clinical,
slice up that cylindrical.

Re-examine, re-discover the things I left behind.
Nick Moore Dec 2018
One night it did occur,
Magic carpet's are real and true.

My mattress where I lay in slumber,
My dreams, my magic carpet ride.

While riding one night a thought did arise,
Dreams feature sunshine and light.

Dream light, I could not help theorize
upon a leaf would it
Last one this year, have a good one poetry readers.
Nick Moore Nov 2018
Thank you for all you gave,
I feel like I've been saved

The university of life
was worth the pain and strife

Every hard lesson
Now met with forgiveness

Even death now a friend
More to come? Or the end?
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