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Nick Moore Aug 2018
There are certain things
to which I will always be
sat upon the fence

My favourite sunset
my favourite poem
springs to mind
as my de-fence
First one in a while, hope there are more to come.
Nick Moore Jan 2018
Low or high
your time is in short supply

Staring at screens
destroys dreams  

It's not all bad
reconnected with old friends
it's mad

But get it in perspective,
when out with friends
be with them,
real life collective.
Nick Moore Dec 2017
First there was a lock
now you have the key,

The chains holding you down
finally set you free,

Open the door
step into the light
all that bad stuff
dissolves into the night.
Nick Moore Oct 2017
Seeing shapes in the clouds
on this exquisite day,
look a horse frolicking in the hay

Now look! A witch
and that little one's starting to look like a cat,
even the top of her head looks like a pointed hat

Some say there's a connection
between mind and cloud,
unconscious patterns
externally stand proud

And on a day like today
it's hard not to believe
it's true.
Nick Moore Oct 2017
Jumping for the
highest reach,
to a place never ventured.

A grain of salt appeared
centre of my palm,
it was all I needed
and calm  

On arising, curiosity
got the best of me,
take it with
a grain of salt,
instant clarity.
Nick Moore Oct 2017
The world is like a beehive
don't get to close
no dancing and no jive.

Feel the earth with those feet
gentle and calm
might get something sweet.

Now if you start prodding
paying no respect,
Those bees will take to the wing
You'r going to get a sting.
Nick Moore Sep 2017
Mind is whirling
Just won't stop
What's taken a whip to this top?

Thoughts splatter to the sides,
Some good,
Some try to hide.

Something's coming
But when will it arrive?

Are we the dead
or are we alive?
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