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Natalie B Sep 2015
as time ticks away
my mind wanders to thoughts of
your sapphire eyes
Natalie B Apr 2014
So I've been gone
Away for a while
Life wasn't good
Nothing made me smile

My lips didn't twitch
My heart didn't beat
My mind didn't think
I was incomplete

But now I've returned
I came back from the grave
I'm feeling alright now!
I'm no longer life's slave.

That's what I tell them
That's what I'll say
But I forgot how to feel
My emotions went away

How do you scream?
And how do you fear?
How do you love?
I couldn't tell you my dear

I miss it
I miss it
I miss knowing how to feel
All that's left of me
Is a hollow shell
I know
I'd be terrified
If I only knew how.
Natalie B Jul 2013
i've never been so unsure
about who i am
or who we were.

but especially me.
who am i going to be?

do i want to be the victim,
always helpless to their lies?

do i want to be that person
who cheats and ruins lives?

or could i be the one who judges
while sitting on the side?

but any path i choose
i'd always wonder

of what could have been

would have been

if only

i chose another.
Natalie B Jul 2013
i'm just having
one of those days
where everything just *****
and you can't do
about it.
Natalie B May 2013
I wonder why
We do the things we do.
I'm sitting here asking myself,
Do you wonder, too?

Do you ever ask
Why we hurt and cry?
Do you ever question
Why we cheat and lie?

These are the things
That constantly haunt my mind.
If you peel away a thoughtful mask,
What exactly will you find?

People can be ruthless,
Not caring what they say.
They'll knock down any other
Who will stand and block their way.
Natalie B May 2013
i hope you
oh my.
so sly,
you spy,
a private eye.
wonder why?
i'll imply
when you lie,
then you deny.
lets untie,
and say goodbye.
Natalie B Apr 2013
I think of boyfriends as

I don't share my sandwiches,
They're for me and no one else.
Apparently some people,
Think they can take them for themselves.

If you had a sandwich,
You'd think the same way.
I'd just get my own
Sandwich in a day.

When I have a sandwich,
I expect you
To do the same, too.

You may like this sandwich.
Hell, it might even be your favorite kind.
That doesn't mean you can go and
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