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natalee Jul 2021
light as a feather
i’m in your sweater
feeling under the weather
i wish i was better
but love can’t be measured
and the rest is forever
natalee Jul 2021
i break my own heart
texting you back
i know you don’t want me
but look where i’m at
baby i’m so lonely
and besides
you always reply back
natalee Jul 2021
we exchange glances across the room
i still remember the first time i met you
even though it was just three months ago
and we’ve only hung out three times
still i just want you to be my girlfriend
because i heard third times the charm
natalee Jul 2021
i’m sorry i left you behind
i must have lost my mind
you’ve been my only friend
when my world comes to an end
my hand drifts towards a pen
and i rewrite my life again
i never know where to begin
but i always find myself, writing again
natalee Jul 2019
my mother asks me about my relationships
i tell her what doesn’t fit
how my heart sits
how every person just isn’t it
most of my relationships end in failure
she asks me why, and scolds my behavior
how can she not tell
i learn from what i see
all throughout my childhood
and how it’s passed down to me
natalee May 2019
the drop of my stomach
the ache in my heart
unexpected words leave me feeling worlds apart
i ask myself questions i can’t bare to know the answer
i ponder my worth, comparing our genders
i ******* hate rhyming, because it sounds too simple
when i’m trying to express the dark thoughts of my mental
natalee Apr 2019
bruised by being used
to me it’s nothing new
you’re all i had to lose
now i’m left without a clue
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