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Jan 2019
I love you
I love you beyond myself
I love you in and out of season
I love you so deep and without reason
You make me hot and cold at the same time
I want to slap you and kiss you
Lay me down and unwind
I'm open and I'm closed to you
I'm your yes you’re my taboo
You love me
I love you beyond yourself
You're deep into my essence
You make me cry because of your intellect
You've got me ******* on your intelligence
My wings are open
I'm wet with relevance
Now be careful
What you say to me

You love me
And I love I
I'm the center of your Earth
And the apple of my eye
I can be as cold as the winter
As I fall into your summer and bring about the spring
You love me beyond yourself?
I'm not even sure if I understand what that truly means
I want to delicately treat you rough
Lay you down for my pleasure
I'm selfish especially in this
You've tasted my mind
And the tip of my existence
Take me in deep
Shh quiet now don't speak..

I'll be quiet
Like an angel I wont weep
Wide open
You got me
Drop deep deep
I'm fading into all that is you
I surrender
There'sΒ Β no one
There's no two
We are abstract
We live in taboo...

Nova St.Paul & Naomi Sa'Rai
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
   Em MacKenzie
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