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Aug 2016
The answer to your question is yes...
I will love you.
Now until you’re grey as ash.
I will love you into the future and beyond your past.
Even when passion, pleasure, and pain do not last...our love will be everlasting as the sun and moon.
I'll rise to any occasion and spread warmth within your soul, whilst being dark as the nights sky.
I'll be the knight in your eye.
As the sun and moon...
I will love you as I have since I noticed it first bloom.
The feeling was unnatural to me...but hands against hands, hearts connected and tangled like vines quickly changed my mind in no time.
I will love you even if you aren't mine.
Yes if someone can love you better, they are welcome to try, but I have loved you without bounds or lies.
I will love you with happiness or tears within my eyes.
I will love you because loving you comes as easy as my breath...I do it and do not notice or wonder why.
I will love you now and forever...until the day i die.
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
         M-E, Fawn, Em MacKenzie, ---, --- and 9 others
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