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Jan 2019
Icicle limbs
Frostbitten lips
Tell me if this darkness is as good as it gets?
No one said it would last a lifetime
I truly thought it would be hasty
Simply because this defeated broke down mind has been going crazy
Tell me if the abyss is any deeper than this?

I've searched through my vision and I thought my vision was a view
But i've come to realize that my vision was not in view
Icicle palaces
Rain and then there is sun
I've born my soul
Your flesh has won
You drink me like water
My tears are dew
But I'm so tired of yielding to you

Tell me if anything about us was true.
Antarctic shoulder that you gave
Put me in this despair I now name my grave
You chew me and spit me out
Bits and pieces of my heart on the floor
Glaciers become my feet.

Naomi Sa'Rai & Nova
Naomi Sa'Rai
Written by
Naomi Sa'Rai
     M-E, Fawn and Em MacKenzie
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