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Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
genocides and near genocide
against indigenous First Nations
(the rest hard pressed to reservations)

centuries of race-based chattel slavery
against African populations
(then Jim Crow and segregation)

triumphalist imperialist expansion
justified as Manifest Destination
(the Empire of Liberty as obligation)

Unjust expansionist wars
against Mexico, Vietnam, Iraqification
(the injustice given theologization)

Some call this USA! USA! USA!
I call it abomination
(and now Trumpism is its culmination)
1.4k · May 2019
biology bets us
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
meaningless yes, but still quite precious
    twilight best, deep blues refresh us        running on empty, no one to catch us ...

                      year by year
889 · Jan 2019
a kind of karma chameleon
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
I fear annihilation
yet still I travel on

yearning and time turning
the goal perhaps anon.

beware, they say, the quiet man
who watches at dusk and dawn

words that strike like lightning
karma chameleon
Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
it's not great timeless art
but, Susan, I tried my best

now I write at night
before I take my rest

I seem to need the poetry bleed
my mind finds rhyme expressed

I loved you for a long time
yes, Quixotic my crazy quest

now just a little couplet
may you and your family be blessed
724 · Jan 2019
against the abomination
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
genocide against the indigenous nations
     race- based chattel slavery
                      against African populations
  Imperial expansion, cruel wars
                                                of decimation
Mexico, Korea, Vietnam, Iraq, etc... -
                                         lies and violation

and now the culmination in
                         Presidential gangsterization

some call this U.S.A.  I call it abomination.
691 · Mar 2019
wisdom from Vietnam
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
The Statue of Liberty in New York
                counterbalanced by
The Statue of Responsibility in California

Thich Nhat Hanh is right to thus employ
                      O wise Buddha!
      We are indeed not free to destroy.
679 · Mar 2019
California Dreaming
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
Statue of Responsibility
So says Thich Nhat Hanh

Planting a Buddha seed
Water works at dawn

Time’s terrible illusion
Flux flummoxes on

West coast water wonder
Rise now Rising One!
675 · Dec 2018
Enter the Dragon
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2018
When I traveled in Taiwan
I often took the train
I remember the typhoons
Relentless was the rain

Passed and prayed a Dragon temple
Daily on my way to school
The students most respectful
My sons a-swimming in the pool

Taiwan an island in the ocean
Some say the South China Sea
Buddha and Confucius protect the people
Asian islands inside me.
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
Cordelia - integrity everywhere
Portia - nobility and care
Juliet - beyond compare
Ophelia - alas, suicidal despair

Anne Hathaway - what did she share?
626 · Feb 2019
professions and professors
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
Eliot, Wittgenstein, Melville
J.K. Rowling, James Joyce, Confucius
Possibly even Shakespeare (a good guess)

Teachers teach.
Professors profess.
623 · May 2019
sympathetic magic
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
At times I’m superstitious
coincidence and names

But mystery’s delicious
More delectable than fame

Yes, I’d like to live
In a fantasy story

Like Karen Eifel gives
Or Gandalf in his glory

Analogical is my mind
I search for secret connections

The rhyme is what I find
Similarity reflections

Ordinary daily life
I admit is often prosaic

Yet amidst the struggling strife
I fly Eliadean archaic

My spirit in the sky
My body walks the beach

To philosophize is to die
As both shamans and Plato teach.
616 · Jan 2019
any old kind of day
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
...a few small gifts for my children..   
         blasting Bon Jovi in route
conversation with the man from Morocco
      a poem or two, sky grey not blue
                        d­aily life
Qualyxian Quest Dec 2018
the endless battle of the sexes
           the haunting memories of exes
                  unknown if there a life next is

still we carry on - time destroys
                                what resurrect is?
599 · Jan 2019
in this southern state
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
from the bookstore to basketball
in this southern state

Johnny Cash in my car
Good God is he great!

mindful the Nashville museum
and the bar where we ate

Travelin’ Soldier too played
true love, tragic fate

now quiet, quite unknown
in patience I wait
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
such cruelty, but also kindness
    startling beauty, baffling blindness
              faithful in my fashion.

      No to fatalism, no to indifference
Yes to vegetarianism, Silence, non-dualism
                    Great Compassion
542 · Jun 2019
Percy Bysshe Shiva
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2019
A Spirit of Terror stalks the land
Ruination now is near at hand
All eyes fix upon the man
Whose face doth sneer with cold command
Like unto Ozymandias of old
His claim to greatness takes no hold
The people cower, make no stand
The Empire itself reduced to sand
Surely Shelley would understand.
532 · Mar 2019
plurality and ambiguity
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
the radical ambiguity
of the Roman Catholic Church

the horror and the holy
both hidden in the Search

better protect your chidren
read, resist, research

seek salmon, shamans, sushi
poets, painters, basketballers, birch

suspicion sits with trust
may the best battle back their worst.
529 · Jul 2019
wayfaring stranger
Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
Nietzsche the suffering Solitary
    late night lonely, daylight library
          fascination with the Irish fairies...

         reading, pleading, still needing.
528 · May 2019
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
tomorrow I drive to Denver
but today near Santa Fe

just to tell her truly
though I don’t know what to say

stop into the Cathedral
quietly I pray

the movie and the letters - Yes
then alone and on my Way
494 · Feb 2019
bartender beauty
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
hot ***, not Pol ***
    tonight’s wondrous starry sky
             beautiful, she’s from Taiwan
               eat, drink, and be merry
                    for tomorrow we die.
486 · Jan 2019
where to share?
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
it’s true i’m drawn to mystical madness
because I feel the terminal sadness

my mind a jailbreak plan
when man is wolf to man

and omens regarding women
haunt me, keep me swimmin’

Neils Bohr and quantum theory
when I’m down and wonder weary

opposites together
like me and joyful weather

reality beyond appearance
craziness adherence

if Emily’s species stands beyond
where to share their coming dawn?
477 · Aug 2019
sound and silence
Qualyxian Quest Aug 2019
inside again today
avoid the summer heat

nothing much to do
no one to defeat

if she called me I would run
to wherever we could meet

but I am not the one
so I walk the solo twilight street

477 · Feb 2019
riding the lame horse
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
so much exclusion, hate, fear
  though often excluded, I still hold dear
       weak, weary, quite unclear

  nevertheless, nevertheless -  I silently steer.
466 · Jan 2019
and yet ...
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
solo in the Irish bar
   the 80s band rockin’
        I sing every word
                of every song
                   the joy of music
                            and yet ... loneliness
464 · Apr 2019
early evening encounter
Qualyxian Quest Apr 2019
it’s migrate, mutate, or perish, he said
   I plan to proceed before I’m dead
      traveling on wherever I’m led
      opposites often weirdly wed
        starry wonders up above
      Exoplanets Appear Ahead!!!
457 · Jan 3
what dreams may come?
If I live two decades more
How will I endure?

Eternity asleep
Enticing the allure
455 · Jun 2019
just shooting
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2019
Uriel and I play basketball
    Si, hablo un pequito Espanol
          Maybe one day you too to Tokyo ...

                       gracias, mi amigo
Qualyxian Quest Oct 2019
perhaps I die ignored
            silence my reward
                   neither from nor toward ...

                                  but waiting.
433 · Mar 2019
future fantastic
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
the future is female, it read
a sign in my hometown

the races mixing and mingling
so the future also is brown

exoplanets above
stars keep swirling around

if aliens also inhabit
future fantastic renown
430 · Feb 2019
southern encounter
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
Midnight train to Georgia
      Atlanta aquarium
        hello, old friend
419 · May 2019
arriving at ...
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
my at times excessive momento mori
  so today we play, swimming story
     cucumber sushi, not yakitori...

Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
That quote out there, I say
Edmund Burke still true today

Not much you can do about evil, he replies
But like Zacchaeus, give up your money ties

I mention Fr. Greeley and madness
No way to know if he knows my sadness

My mind anxious, troubled, fairy-filled
Illusion? Confusion? Mystery - willed?

Still unsure, but the Book of Kells is divine
Like to think they might give me a sign


           Good luck in rhyme!
399 · Oct 2019
lonely in the library
Qualyxian Quest Oct 2019
someone to love you
in all your damaged glory

someone to listen
to your most intimate story

someone in the Silence
when the angels do implore Thee

Qualyxian Quest Apr 2019
Life along the Liffey
Riverruns and keeps on running

In this misty musical city
I keep playing, praying, punning

Post-modernity arrives
I reJoyce and am not shunning

Though much is taken, much abides
Including silence, exile, and cunning
362 · Jan 2019
Good riddance
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
first as tragedy, then as farce
American politics on its ****
Who could possibly the President parse?
The population needs an angry divorce.
354 · Jan 2019
in Scarlet Town
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
also an any old kind of day
   just work and lunch and the drive away
       nothing, Dad, my children say
           and then the video games they play

And yet, in Scarlet Town where he lay
         Sweet William in the month of May
        and like Mistress Mary, I too pray.
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
work we speak of Scotland, Turkey, Spain

   the Pope is in Panama, me in the rain  

 the broken grace of Leonard Cohen again

                 his words, my soul
              strong Hallelujahs roll!
353 · Mar 2019
couples of couplets
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
hopelessness is strange
it’s true and isn’t true

leads some to suicide
leads some to sing the Blues

decay, decline, despair
I sense them all around

I’ve sought hope all my life
I’ve sought what can’t be found

Time degenerates
Born downward toward the grave

A brutal but careless thief
What then can be saved?

Endurance and persistence
And Impossible Dreams

Fantasies and jail-break plans
Things not as they seem

Yes, we’ll be defeated
Time will be no more

Traceless, placeless, faceless
Nowhere, Nevermore

Yet in this given moment
I call forth to create

A couple rhyming couplets
Like pairs, they procreate

Kindness is true courage
That’s what makes life great.
353 · Feb 2019
Lately Fately
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
sensitivity, despair, weakness
timidity, internal terror, freakness
love, pain, philo Sophia, meekness

                don’t know whya
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
Kali lives, watches melt
     time decays, she’s not svelte
            amidst despair, Hope is felt

resist, resist - as Kaepernick knelt.
342 · Jan 14
Do the Dead also do?
I'd like to contribute
A poem or two

So when I am gone
I'll speak to a few

Words in the Silence
Who possibly knew?

I too existed
Do The Dead also do?
330 · Sep 2019
nearing NASA
Qualyxian Quest Sep 2019
10 Cloverfield Lane, Midnight Special
            I duly did go to Houston
                 ever-lovin' light
325 · May 2019
Within I sense a silence
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
Within I sense a silence
Too deep for any names
Unheard, Unseen, Unknown, Unless
It lingers and remains

Above, beyond, before, beneath
All words that humans speak
Searching ever always for
The other silent ones who seek

In solitude and dailiness
Apophatically Greek
Ascending Mt. Olympus
Mysteriously meek.
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
Tonight I take the Downbound Train
Plato’s Phaedo as it rains
Is my Quixotic Quest in vain?
Is it I, or has my country gone insane?
Regardless I relentlessly remain ...
Qualyxian Quest Aug 2019
amidst my life’s mess
      to put myself to the test

daily work, daily rest
      Galaxy Quest!
321 · Sep 2019
troublin' Dublin
Qualyxian Quest Sep 2019
don't quite believe in magic
but we had a sweet jet Black Lab

life in the end is tragic
Father Greeley and the cab

in autumn the dead return
he spoke fondly of Samhain

I've got a Halloween Head
wayfaring strangers in my brain!
320 · Jan 2019
here I share my where
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
They asked if I hear voices
I said that’s not quite it

Just search within for words
Words that rhyme with wit

I’ve been reading lots of books
Students and teachers do

The words are now inside me
So I go searching for a few

I linger on those letters
Ponder quietly

Put them in my poems
Then breathe - let them be

Yes, I’d like to live
As a Warrior Poet

But I’m quiet shy and solo
Do these couplets perhaps show it?

A Pirate Looks at 40
She played for my birthday

Now I’m 9 years older
50 on the way

Arriving a bit too late
The sacred in decline

An Unknown, Hidden God
The only One to find

But what the future holds
For us and my time left

Uncertain and unclear
As I drift unto my death

Music lifts me higher
Fills my yearning soul

Drives me through the night
Starshine rock n’ roll

Silence also summons
Wordless walk and wonder

I wai the wandering deer
Recognition thunders

For the animals
I send up a peaceful prayer

Future fellow feeling
May we meet in care

Who can comprehend
the intense Immensity?

I live without a why
Where? - this the quest for me.
319 · Feb 2019
The terror of Otherness
Qualyxian Quest Feb 2019
Americans living in mortal terror
The invasion force within

Residing in the Empire of Error
Trump their Evil Twin

The Other they hate is themselves
Walled within their sins

They had their vote, the world took note
Isolating the ICE they’re in.
319 · May 2019
When we open wide our eyes
Qualyxian Quest May 2019
The ascetic medieval saint
Noticed Mr. Chesterton
Is indeed all skin and bones
Much like other religious men

But if you look quite carefully
You may become surprised
For in his evident torture
You see he opens wide his eyes

His gaze it ventures forth
A world is what he sees
He kneels as Christians do
But when he rises from his knees

He walks upon the Earth
Sees creatures large and small
And if his name is Francis
He loves them each and all

We have mysteries within
I can feel them too
I revere true Buddhist wisdom
No dualism between me and you

But Chesterton is quite right
A mystery most profound
When we open wide our eyes
Being itself indeed abounds

The very Soul of the Universe
Still yet another name for God
Contracts and then creates
Gives birth to things so odd

Hummingbirds and herons
Chartres cathedral found in France
My uncle Marty, a man for others
Beautiful women who love to dance

We awaken in a world
We ourselves did not create
We gaze in wonder for a brief moment
And with joy we patiently wait

What will we discover?
Are cosmic seas near distant stars?
Do they also teem with Fish?
Is their Creator One like ours?
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