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Once upon a time
They lived happily ever after

Not much happened
But they knew much laughter
Qualyxian Quest Sep 2019
The American Abyss
Years and years leading to this
I laugh as I resist ...

                Impeach that *******!
Qualyxian Quest Jan 2019
the strife, it never ever ends
         enemies and friends
I often wonder what perhaps portends

  but  love and hate, like life and Fate
                 Impossible to comprehend.
Shakyamuni and Yasodhara
Socrates and Xanthippe
Jesus and ?
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
alienation sets me running
alienation, December drumming
doesn’t work, but puzzling strumming

alien nations - could they be coming?
Mark and I
Weird Science in Satellite Beach

Long distance from Sacramento
But friendship true does reach

I've read a lot of books
Searching for the Unknown

Professor Pasulka says she's living
In the Twilight Zone

                Are we not alone?
No hope of life after death
Little hope of life before

Darkness closing in
Closing as well the door

Nothing seems quite new
Yet nothing comes once more

I wander lonely as a cloud
What do I explore?
Atheism: a very persuasive response
To the Night.

Faith: Silent, mystic flight

Can both be right?
Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
travel and travail
      time passing prevail
             eternity entails ...

America is haunted by race
I am lately haunted by outer space
Some say New Mexico is the Place

too much despair in air
to truly moralize

but the truth of her brown hair
in this world of lies

sent me letter sending
much to her surprise

maybe never ending
because I did not disguise

         but was it wise?
Silent in the face of theodicy
Odysseus in Homer's Odyssey
Donald Trump's idiodicy

Eternity as sleep
     No more tears to weep
             No more **** to peep
                     No more laughter leap

Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
maybe just overwhelming emotion
                         the wonders and terrors
                                 in Time's strange ocean
   and yet....

                                             (for y'all)

America is an Abyss




If I had a lot of money
I would travel again

Istanbul and Venice
Granada: si, muy bien.

Get myself to India
Maybe China too

Africa, St. Petersburg
Coming into view

But now I am not working
At least not for pay

So much time alone
What would Caesar say?

If he saw Donald Trump?
Right on all the way?

Friends, Romans, countryman
Dawn goes down to day.

Gold that glitters cannot stay.
Good night to all
Thanks for reading

In the Silence
I am pleading

Time for sleep
Will I dream?

Hello poetry
On the home team

Me with manic philosophical grandiosity during an episode:  How do you know if you're on the right Way?

My (Indian) taxi driver: That's easy. You just check the GPS.
Qualyxian Quest Apr 2019
horseshoe at home and 37
  Irish clover, unknown heaven
      coincidences in my mind stuck...

           I both pray and say, Good Luck!
One person attended Leibniz's funeral.

David Markson, This is Not a Novel and Other Novels
Kierkegaard in Copenhagen
       Thy will be done
        That single one
Awake and alone at Midnight
Wilt Chamberlain told ******* magazine
That he estimated he had *** with
20,000 women over his lifetime.
(He preferred threesomes)

The interviewer from *******
Was in awe of his ****** prowess.

But he then added:

I'm here to tell you fellas
I would have rather had ***
With 1 woman 1000 times
Than with 1000 women 1 time.
Qualyxian Quest Jun 2019
It’s not brilliant
but it’s mine

I too seek
divine design

Asbury Park
friendly find

She’s the One
in my mind.

                             Hey, hey, hey
                              Cristo Rey!
In this world, shipmates,
God is a failure
'Buked, rejected, scorned

If 1000 years pass
Still She is not mourned

But a day yet may come
Starshine in Her eyes

They will have the Lies
But She will have Surprise.
Palindromic gnomic.
Qualyxian Quest Mar 2019
swimming with my sons
            Taipei, Taiwan quite fun
                         yesterday now done...

                    xie xie 101
the doomed human race
we vanish without a trace

To see my sons
My only heaven

American buy and sell
To me like hell

Tonight no real friends
Please O life!
Courage to the end.

Good Golly
Ms. Molly!
10:37 a.m.
No great plans

Reading about angels
Star Trek is the Man!

I wish for other worlds
But live my boring story

No grandiosity
No greatness. No glory.

But maybe, just maybe
A small and subtle gift

Yes, she heard my words
Will time prove to lift?
Pattern Recognition.
Qualyxian Quest Aug 2019
sleeping late, white light room
      myths from dreams from lotus bloom?
                   incense, intense her perfume ...

                                 who looms?
On that day
God will wipe away all tears
Including Her own

Said Fr. Andrew Greeley
(of blessed memory)
If you haven't experienced terror
You probably haven't truly lived

If you have never sinned boldly
You probably haven't forgived

I'm tired and I'm lonely
The night is dark and vast

Like an ocean in the sky
Sirens screaming past

All men desire to know
Some men practice Zen

Wish I didn't know now
What I didn't know then

I miss my basketball days!
When I wore the number 10.
ping pong with my youngest son
     back and forth little one
              despite despair

           you make life fun!
2. Galaxy Quest
3. 2001 A Space Odyssey
4. I, Robot
5. I Am Legend
6. Blade Runner 2049
7. Star Wars ( All of it )
8. Star Trek
9. Midnight Special
10. Minority Report
Qualyxian Quest Sep 2019
I still seek the Unseen
but, of course, I can't see it

I once read of the Beguines
but, of course, I can't be it

life is a horror story
but also dear with wild hope

so much is just endurance
waking, sleeping cope

what is it that I want?
where can we elope?
Inside: loneliness and pain
Outside: pitter patter rain
The isolation is quite frightening
But it isn't entirely true

My roommates are still here
Family on Facebook too

I am both alone and not
My loved ones in my heart

I write a few little poems
Suffering produces art.
This need to fight in me
Not sure where it comes from

My father was in the Air Force
They sent him to Vietnam

I do not like that war
But my dad learned to fly planes

I know mystic flight
And I know secret flames

And I heard Thich Nhat Hanh
I call him by his true names
The Tao Te Ching advises quiescence, and wu wei, taking no action that is contrary to nature.  It also exalts the humble and lowly with the compelling image of water that always moves to the lowest place, and yet can wear away stone.

                      - Understanding Taoism
                     Jennifer Oldstone-Moore
1:11 a.m.
Up late, quiet alone

Sent the letter
Will I have to phone?

Mysteries come
As hints and guesses

Still can blesses

The Nos contain
Hidden Yeses.
Marguerite Porete
Not quite yet ...

Qualyxian Quest Jul 2019
sleeping late, frightening dreams
        would you really want things
                to be not quite what they seem?

I agree:   more is less; less is more.

                But for whose troubled team?
We sit in the restaurant
Me and my youngest son

A priest one table away
Conversation has begun

Rolling Stones on the radio
The sound is rockin' true

Bill comes to $11:37
I know it's just coincidence
(but I like it, like it - Yes I do!)
About to text Mark
Thinking of Mr. Keillor
And the beautiful brown woman
From Malaysia
I spoke with tonight at the basketball court

Coconut curry. Dragonfuit. Durien.
Slow and steady for me please. Not hurryin'.
Kamala Harris
India meets Jamaica

  in San Francisco
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