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I often wish to be less serious
Wish I could relax

Enjoy this brief experience
Avoid panic attacks

It may be just my DNA
Anxiety comes as curse

It may be life's cold cruelty
Or maybe something worse

Sensitive means sensing that
Danger is quite near

Language becoming stranger
The politics of Fear

I sit alone in the small brown chapel
Walk home the whispertune

Silently the clouds so soft
Shines down the glowing moon
it's true I have internal terror
and true that I resist

I fear that life is itself an error
but I love and I persist

the thought of death so frightens me
I become quite paralyzed

but the moon does glow, goodness does show
and coincidences arise

I know not what they all mean
I have no direct link to the Divine

and the less my Source for definitives
the closer I am to fine
They probably will say it's just my guilt
And they may well be right

But I took a stand, I raised a protesting hand
In this last lone American night
The Titanic built by a team of professionals
The Ark by a lone amateur

I've written and kneeled and been quite confessional
In the silence I pray She concurs
When I protest against the Liar in Chief
My relatives say, keep it brief

Get back to real life now
The computer is crazy anyhow

Sure things are bad, but what can you do?
Let's just work and make some money too

Soon it'll all go away
In America everyone has a free speech say

Plus, you know, you're mentally ill
You have bipolar, have you taken your pills?

Kids in cages, that's the new norm
Our suburban homes are still quite warm

And political assassinations
Hey, they protect this divinely chosen nation

We're not actually racists, we don't say ******
But we have our guns and we'll pull the trigger

If anyone ***** with our security
The white on our flag means purity

So here I am on this lonely night
They condescend and think they're right

The game begins, the coin does flip
Did someone say God couldn't sink this ship?
5h · 28
7 cities
7 cities contend for Homer dead
Through which the living Homer begged his bread

The poor in America despised and scorned
But hear ye imperialists, you have been warned

Portland rioted after Trump's night
The rioters too overwhelmingly white

Seattle Emergency Housing into view
Kells Irish bar has music too

Staunton where you can hear the Bard
The snowfall soft and pure not hard

Reno where you can place a bet
The Wheel still spins and you can get

A ride to Rachel on  375
Professor Pasulka, your book might thrive

Haven't yet been to Quinlin, Arizona
But I did play basketball with Kevin Blazona

And if you ever get back to Satellite Beach
Tell everyone there of its long, long reach!
10h · 42
on the lookout
leaders of society
lies, lies, lies

hypocratic oaths
which I despise

but I'm no saint
just one who tries

to do one good thing
before I dies
San Francisco to San Diego
      driving in darkness
         sans everything
the love of a ghost for a ghost
but the young love the most
     to White Nights - a toast

                 beach music!
The job of the artist
Is always to deepen the mystery

Would it deepen or shallow
If I told you my synchronicity

1d · 37
wandering the library at night
  Persian poetry, French film
ambiguous motivations
but I yearn for one thing good

some deed to help the hungry
in my cosmic neighborhood

if you could call down a UFO
do you think you would?

might be alive 375
she surely sees she should
why can I not forget
silent raindrops on blue pool?

I'd rather sit and watch them
then go back and teach at school

hey ** the wind and the rain
Shakespeare writes his Fool

humid the Bangkok night
but motorcycle taxis are cool!
1d · 25
ghostly galleon
the story of life
is a horror story
so courage unto the end

to do my best
to hold loved ones dear
and let the Silence be my friend

I sleep tonight
we sleep forever
but the moon does rise and send

glowing yellow
and silver shining
(and this a long weekend!)
1d · 20
1 v 1
basketball in the evening light
      memories for when things aren't right
               I fall, I rise, I fall, I fight …

                                 my delight
1d · 29
Solamente uno
Only one life
Then silence forever

Best times I had
When we all were together

Always have feared
The None and the Never

Ah! But moonviews and music
Seattle's sweet summer weather!
1d · 28
From Heidelberg
no surprise that once again
I sense the skull beneath the skin

I am vegetarian
Miso soup I slurp within

Basketball has been
At times my salvation

If I had a twin
Nighttrain to Berlin?

Every Yang
Must find her Yin
1d · 33
Upper hand
Late at night, alone Elle King
         silently I too sing
          haunting thing
St. Stephansdom in snow
   Almost as in a fairy tale I go
       Why? who could ever know?
Arriving in Copenhagen
        Kierkegaard on my mind
                     Regine Olsen!
1d · 36
Trump's evil is contagious
The American people follow

They have no living soul
Their country cold and hollow

In their ignorance and hate
They watch Fox News and        
1d · 37
if only
every insight is terrifying
my psychiatrist says to me

maybe this one most of all:
only death can set you free
........religion of nothingness.........
            snowfall shunyata
1d · 91
We disappear forever
Like we were never even born

Thrown into this world
Then from this world we're torn

Alone here in this little room
Hopeless and forlorn

Grey the coming day
Her bitterness and scorn

I tried to do my best
But no one listened when I
1d · 40
no place
basketball into the night
  library conversations
My life feels like a failure
My marriage is the *****

I lay awake in bed
I'd like to call it quits

Meaningless this world
The years roll down like rain

Wake sleep sleep Wake
Misery, unhappiness, pain

                 America again
2d · 27
God hates Trump
The sign actually said

The National Archives
Where it can now be read

I sleep alone
Traffic outside slight

The years roll by
To Eternal Night

I don't think things
Are gonna work out right

Calling all y'all better angels
Please now touch the mystic cord

Is there still a way to find
The mercy of the living Lord?
3d · 47
It's not going to work out well
So courage until the end

Still my gratitude
For Mark, my loyal friend

Families fall apart
Loved ones die and then

Comes the Eternal Silence
Do the Dead dare make amends?
Look not upon our sins
But rather on our faith

No need to play the Prince
Just to be one who waits

Look not upon my sins
Which are many and easy to see

But look upon my faith
Hidden in silence in Thee

From the puritan/**** dialectic
Help me to break free

young man full of promise
       we speak of Helsinki harbor
                    listening, eyes glistening …

Hitch Hikin' maybe one day
But Stolen Car plays now

My family is broken
Partly politics is how

America an Abyss
No sacred stars or cows

Only the young offer hope
If hope heaven will allow
3d · 78
Yes, eventually.
Jonathan Swift and his modest proposal
Knowing Americans with money disposable

We free in Dublin, bus through the town
Post office posts keep me running around

Do you really believe words
Can bring an Empire down?
The American flag:  now a symbol of evil
Trump and the Trumpfucks:  beyond retrieval

Empires fall - collapse from within
Racehate and war - America's evil twins.
Jesus Saves
Buddha Recycles

Two of my uncles
Both named Michael

I now walk to my car
Inky black night

Multiverses are real
If Professor Pasulka is right

                                           Good night!
4d · 22
yellow fellow
Markson's yellow book
Just 5 minutes walk away

Though dead, his words still live
Timor mortis conturbat me

But I battle back the fear
And basketball I play

All my words they fail
Silence is how I pray
Midnight in Paris
Zelda and Scott

Imagining time
As time now is not

If time is an ocean
And timelessness heaven

The bell I hear tolling
4d · 29
black and white
It's meaningless and I know it
Still I journey on

My sadness surely shows it
Alone I eat wonton

I try to lonely Poe it
My time has come and gone

This rhyme that comes below it
The raven sees the swan
Moby **** and Phillip K.
Hamnet's father doesn't say
Frabjous joy:  Callooh! Callay!

4d · 26
Burke clerk work
Joyce statue, Beckett Bridge
          Book of Kells, Shakespeare Blue Ridge
                                    Fr. Greeley, Chicago's Fridge …

The monsignor surely smiled
How much do they know?

My talents and my sins
My illness surely shows

So hard, so hard, so hard
To ever fully let go

Ah! Seattle in the summer
Ishmael in cedar snow!

                                        Trappist exoplanets.
                                          O my God my O!
4d · 23
Paris to Seattle
Midnight in Paris
8 in Chapel Hill

St. Augustine said love
Love, and do what you will

Since my early 20s
Bipolar mentally ill

This torment is my lot
Unquiet, rarely still

When I die, please purple sky
May the rain come down until

My ashes reach Seattle
Sweetly summer.  What a thrill!
Franklin Street feet
Wandering solo slow
Poems, Prayers, Promises...

atrocious remorse
so said Vincent Van Gogh

your beautiful yellow
my learning so slow

since you painted shoes
help me step by step by solitary step to go

at times the guilt and sin and shame
make me regret my very name

and when internally I moan
I wish I could be like Joan

                                 to go boldly!
Albert Camus, now we have plague too
     fascism with an American twist
        we rebel; therefore, we exist
Thich Nhat Hanh at George Mason
Harry Wong at George Mason
Confucius at George Mason

My history with women is agony
But I'm no misogynist

And if I ever could find Sophia
I'd give her a gentleman's kiss

Imagination and reality
How I wish I could bridge this!
Libraries are dangerous
Contain forgotten lore

Some people try to resurrect
The way things were before

The green light also calls to me
And I'm a solitary man

You can't repeat the past.
Can't repeat the past?  Of course you can!
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