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1h · 3
He speaks of life's rich tapestry
At times I too have seen

But now such fear
And I am in between it

Though I lived in Asia
And I know Nirvana

The thought of eternal extinction
Really I don't wanna

Still silent in this night
Maybe pizza, no debater

Silent in this night
See ya later, alligator.
To not get sick
And not go crazy

I just lay in bed
Hiding, not lazy

This world of horror
Light so hazy

My life too
Mindfuck mazy

I was given mental illness
Unfortunate for me

I was also given joy
My beautiful young three

I would like to leave the U.S.A.
Sail the salty sea

Sleep on the ship all night
Wake to read Dostoevsky
In the U.S.A.
A beer hall putsch
Achtung. Achtung, baby.

Is this the very end?
Don't know.
Maybe. Maybe.

Crooked cops and soldiers
Poison on Fox News

Rush and the loonies on radio
Hatred which millions choose.

Bound to Lose.
Bound to Lose.
Confederate flags and Aushwitz shirts
And violence for Donald Trump

American decay and despair
Not just a little slump

Taiwan has nice trains
Taipei 101

Had to speak the truth
La Florida. Born to Run.
10h · 29
Go down.
Harriet Tubman, not Thomas Jefferson
On the D.C. Mall

Go down, Moses.
Go down. It will fall.

Sacramento, California
I played basketball

Florida, the Land of Flowers
Satellite Beach so small.
I've known my share of illness
No, it isn't fun

7:30 this morning
Talk to my middle son

Shakespeare in little Staunton
Highway 81

Cinna the poet, Cinna the poet!
But the mob has now begun
No, I'm not a great artist
I'm an anxiety attack filled dad

The times we were together
Best times I ever had

I hate the ******* panic attacks
Nearly drive me mad

Sleep perchance to dream
Balm in Gilead
Pain and panic and fear
But I love my sons!

We talk again tonight
Wonderful conversation

He says he'll call tomorrow
Eagerly I await

We speak ah! destiny
The better side of Fate

Peaceful sleep, Peaceful sleep
Dreams that resonate.
It wasn't the moon; it was just a lamp
But still it gave me light

Taco truck tomorrow
Vegetarian delight

During times of great insanity
When things don't work out right

I ignore Trumpfuck Sean Hannity
And ponder our real plight

Then I take the train to Dublin
Or maybe I mean the flight

           What a sight!
1d · 18
My Q
My Q called me tonight
To let me know that he's ok

My Q called me tonight
My Q callooh! callay!

My son studied in Ireland
And Seattle all the way

O the future! my fine young son
Ferry boats and Xie Xie!
Safety in distant Thailand
Itself the Land of the Free

Reunion, reunion
For her and my young three

I dream of Seattle
Dream the deep blue sea

Ernest Hemingway
Your book still speaks to me
American life is chaos
Threats within and all around

But it wasn't always so
I remember joyful sounds

Please protect my boys
Guide them through the Night

My love from my depths
Keep them near the light

        fight the fright.
Often life is just too hard for me
The chaos and the pain

But my love for my wondrous 3
And oh! the Purple Rain

Now you see, Now you see
The Trumpists are insane

I lie awake, 11:23
Keep them safe again.
the forces of chaos overwhelm
madness day and night

the Trumpfucks and conspiracies
Ignorance does fight
life is a horror story
America is too

but oh those sacred days
when I was still with you

i hope you find true love
i love you yes I do

a poem in the Night
my heart alight for you
America, America
so close to Trump

so far from God.
According to Dana Milbank.

(which is to say: collapse and extinction)
awake again all night
I'd like to be medieval

but I'm in 2012
in America turned evil

oh! those Kyoto temples
ah! those French cathedrals

ye gods! the Trumpfuck mobs
is the country beyond retrieval?
Dylan in Lake Tahoe
California snow
Nixon and Reagan
California racists though

Now Donald Trump
New York, New York ******

I fly to sunny Italy
Juliet and Romeo
the rain can still comfort me
rain came down came rain

i like the ferry boats
more than jet airplanes

the loneliness of life
my country has gone insane

children but no wife
I call my boys by name

you are all I have
you. not wealth or fame,

I'd like to live in Sweden again
Or maybe Irish green

My favorite middle school book
Still is Things Not Seen

Don't want the red or white
Do like twilight blue

For my sons be true
Oh yes
Oh yes I fear oblivion
Oh yes I sense my sons

Keep them calm and curious
Let have much fun

The times are dark and furious
Help them hide away

Keep us strong, keep pushin' on
Tryin' to get to May
Gout attack, in bed all day
Impeachment comes again

The ignorant in the U.S.A.
The Minnesota Twins

Tuna sub, quietness
Tired in the night

Sleep the only plan
To deal with my pain plight

             Dreams of Flight.
Nothing can last forever
So the fear will one day go

I remember sledding with my sons
In that Reno snow

Grateful for those boys
Yippity yay yay yo

Give them guardian joys
A Yes amidst all No.
Thanks again for Mark
But another gout attack

Talk with my sweet son
I've always got your back

Listening to Lebron
Listening to Shaq

Long ago in childhood
I played Get the Knack

The moon so bright tonight
The sky an ocean black.
all artists hate death
the art says: I was here

eternity is nothingness
my loves, I hold you dear

Donald Trumpfuck Demagogue
The Americans cower in fear

Hope for the hopeless
Both distant far and near
Said my teacher, Fr. Andrew Greeley.

(He died after a tragic taxi accident
and brain injury and was under 24 care for the last years, so I'm not sure if he was able to or not)
2d · 21
I dreamed of her again
Hair all flowing down

35 years later
Far from our little town

I sleep now through the days
Yearn for her at night

Grow old in this maze
Brown hair can still delight.
Ah! the Emerald Island green

But now I'm far away
No pubs and songs today

My grandma Marie
I wish that she could see

The beauty of my three
And my mother still with me
2d · 6
Neither God nor Reason
But a country full of treason

Awake again at night
The terror and the fright

I so miss my boys!
For them please future joys.

Sleep and quiet calm
The phone calls are the balm.
days and weeks and years
suffering takes its toll

quiet in the night
fragmented, not whole

decay and deep despair
in this horror story world

now she is a woman
but I new her when still a girl

committed to art not death
brainy Sylvia Plath

whenever there is suicide
there is always aftermath

I taught poetry in middle school
coached basketball once too

Next time I'm in Staunton
I'll watch Ariel for you

5d · 30
misty mornings
Can't sleep, no dreams, anxiety
Trouble in my soul

Chuck Berry, ah! Chuck Berry
Father of rock n' roll

I'll sleep a lot before I die
Then I'll sleep forever

Oh! My precious sons
The times we were together!

             Dublin weather!
They say patriotism
Is the last refuge of the scoundrel

But in America
It's also the first refuge

And the only refuge
Of all these Trumpist psychotics.
5d · 28
In the end death wins
The most terrible truth of all

Though the silence is eternal
I wish you well you all

My mother's love maternal
My sons in Wetheral

Stars in deepest night
Bouncing basketball

And a first love kiss remembered
(Long before the Fall)
The country that I once knew
Now is clearly gone

Rage and hate and ignorance
They linger and move on

I still like basketball
And the beaches on both coasts

I like other places
But Seattle I love the most

If I could I surely would
Hop that Eurorail

Live the gypsy life
Read about that Whale

        What a tale!
5d · 30
The desire to be good
In a world so full of evil

The desire to see wood
In loveliness medieval

I'm no saint, I too fall
But I like a little kindness

Silence can be comforting
A little idon'tmindness
Memory, sweet memory
Now in this time of hate

Tidal pools in Monterrey
The little way not the Great

Children's museums, tea shops
California son

Football at the beach
See how they run!
O life!
1:11 in the night
Darkness, no Purple Rain

Hold your loved ones tight
Love La Mancha, Spain

Talked to Mark today
Gracias, my friend

Talked about the past
Talked about the end

Courage please do send!
5d · 14
On Copenhagen
Copenhagen for just three days
The little mermaid sitting pretty

I think Kierkegaard
When I think of that north city

Trains are fun and gentleness
Take me for a ride

In this land of cars now
All I want to do is hide

5d · 8
Baltic blue
Today talk with my boys
Winter and ice cream

All the writing started
Because I had a little dream

The U.S.A. is a land of hate
Think I'll fly to Sweden

Sit in the shop and wait and wait
Baltic blue I'm needin'
5d · 19
Umbrella term
Darkness falls one more time
I stayed inside all day

The President psychotic
New Orleans, not Green Bay

Japan was jaw dropping
Tokyo with my umbrella

Took the bullet train
I'm an arigato fella
6d · 29
Fascists in the Capitol
In the White House
On Fox tv

Who come to destroy
Fragile democracy

We've seen your kind before
In ****, Germany

We've seen your kind before
You're a wannabe Mussolinni

Leave the U.S.A.
Go back to the Abyss from which you came

Leave the U.S.A.
Take your ignorance, your hate, your shame

We promise to forget you ever lived
And never ever speak your name.
hope springs eternal
and ultimately there is no hope

both statements true
like two ends of one rope

no there ain't no heaven
but I like this Francis Pope

will I ever see her again?
morning light and truest blue
still some beauty in these times

morning leads to night
leads to little couplet rhymes

the human race might get to space
might destroy all that it finds

such a pretty face
but such a wicked mind

awake in the night
madness falls like rain

a little peace, less light
in America the Insane

the Baltic bathed in beauty
white cathedral, Purple Rain

south from 101
I take the Downbound Train
yesterday Santa Rosa
but tomorrow hey! Taipei

unde malum? unde malum?
none can truly say

Ignorance and malice
all across the USA

but I catch the flight from Dallas
and I land as planned: Galway!
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