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2h · 17
1 and 1
Basketball under the lights
Irish clover t-shirt delights
I think I know what they think
But they don't fully understand my dream

I was afraid for Father Tracy
All not quite as it seems

Her words lingered for decades
Deep down primal fears

Ishmael, like me, is a reader
I hope and pray God hears

Halloween nears.
5h · 13
late September
The hope that something is there
The fear we disappear like air
The attempt to care aware

Miles Morales
Into the Spiderverse
Hints of other dimensions

Visions come unbidden

Chapman University
Southern California

O my fellow Americans!
I truly tried to warn ya.

6h · 5
I think I write poems because I feel things
I get all hot and bothered

And fearful in the Night
And wanting to be fathered

Or maybe because I'm angry
This country makes me crazy

Or maybe because I'm lonely
Or maybe because I'm mazy

I don't really know
But still I keep on writing

Warrior Poets grow
Still they keep on fighting

If she were to show
I would keep delighting!
7h · 12
Kamakura Buddha
Kamakura Buddha
Snowfall in the morning

White upon grey
Who can truly know?

All things pass away
We disappear forever

But to you I pray
Kindness thus and so
7h · 34
I know they think my religious thoughts
Are merely mental illness

I never try to argue
There is no proof for God

The rain falls in the lamplight
I stare and see the beauty

Water and light together
Silently I'm Todd.
7h · 26
do depart
The cruelty in the world
And in the human animal

Failure not success
Things just fall apart

America is an Empire
Politics so ugly

People eating fast food
Shopping at WalMart

I'm grateful for my little life
Despite the suffering

Beauty is a mystery
As is the drive to art

We do not live forever
Silence overtakes us

But some love to give
Before I do depart
8h · 23
a little peace
A little basketball
A little rock 'n roll

A little loving life
Midnight's broken toll

The Buddha shows compassion
Even near the grassy knoll

Peaceful sleep forever
Peace the hidden goal
8h · 20
shared silence
Shared silence is unifying
As at a monastery

For a moment peace together
Before they come to bury

Guadalupe, hear my prayer
In Oregon and Carrboro

Courage por favor
Courage para yo

        On we go!
One on the Proud Boys
One eye on the Night

But when I put my glasses on
A lovely hidden light

Trying to junk my car
Vegetarian delight

Bernard Lonergan S.J.
Canadian insight
11h · 31
On being ignored
Just ignored
Which is probably for the best

I eat my tacos
I get a little rest

It's true I despair
I must confess

I hope the No contains
A hidden Yes

And that silences
Also bless.
12h · 19
change gonna come
The abbot spoke of transmigration
Which was curious indeed

When it is time to move across
Please do intercede

Plotinus knew the One
Pythagoras knew numbers

I wander lonely
Is that rolling thunder?

Don't know what's up there
Beyond the true blue sky

Change gonna come
Truly ain't no lie

River, little tent
Mountain, life of Pi
12h · 19
Trappist Thai
Fr. Peter says saw nothing
And was filled with Easter joy

I can see beyond but not the grave
Emptiness? Nitnoy.
14h · 43
Beloved basketball
I myself am not a saint
But I do rely upon some

To intercede for we who ain't
And help Thy kingdom come

Basketball for me tonight
Today the taco truck

Toni, Toni stick around
We all could use some luck

16h · 31
Mason Nation!
17h · 24
Battle, O Seattle!
17h · 27
watching, waiting
The election looms
Anxious dread

Are there rocks ahead?

Rebellion to tyrants
Is obedience to God

My name is Thomas
But I go by Todd

Watching, waiting
What to do?

Rise to vote, sir
One, not-two
This is a hard saying.
Who can receive it?
21h · 32
our posterity
To ourselves and our posterity
We leave a few open heart poems

Into future silence
We gently love and throw 'em

The artist lives in her work
There he still abides

Like the God of Creation
Who in Silence hides

21h · 44
Dark grey clouds
Swirling windsky

Green trees sway
Green my eyes

Rain beauty in light
Cold and intense

I watch and wait
Let us rise and go hence.
It's just words
Black marks on white pages

But some of the words
Endure for ages and ages

We are such stuff as dreams are made on
Our little life rounded with sleep

Songs in the Night
I pray the Lord to keep

By Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty.
Truly fascinating.
The wonder of a child.
I pledge allegiance to Turtle Island
And to Master Oogway

And to sweet Taiwan
Tienmu still Xie Xie

101 at twilight
2 passes Seattle downtown

Native man in silence
Turtles all the way down
We cross Brooklyn Bridge by bus
I take my shirt off in the summer heat
on the top deck, listening and looking
My wife is embarrassed but
She points out to me
The Strawberry Moon

For 2 or 3 seconds
Between buildings
I see it

Distance avails not.
Time avails not.
Place avails not.

O Uncle Walt!
O people of the future!

What I briefly saw
You too shall see

Decades or centuries or millenia
Into the future

I am closer to you than you suppose.
23h · 26
On quintessence
The quintessence of ornamental knots
In the Book of Kells

My boys in the brown library
Jonathan Swift as well

The quintessence of dust
Is what Hamlet thinks we are

But the astrophysicists now
Say we are dust from yonder stars!
23h · 32
Xie Xie, Sandy
In 2009 sweet Sandy dies in Taipei
And I discover Cliff Pickover in his room

Fast forward to 2020
I believe I'll dust my broom

I read The Math Book
She loves me like a rock

Mr. Pickover fascinates
As does seeing 37s on my clock
1d · 26
beach walking
Walking on the beach in Nice
She talks off her shoes

We are on our honeymoon
We will also know the Blues

Life is broken dreams
By the mystic ocean

My marriage is broken too
But my heart still holds devotion

On our second date
In Baltimore we danced

We visited Chartres Cathedral
Long live France!
Phone call to them
Some chaos, real love

Rain on my walk home
Trappist1 above

Sophia works at Wendy's
Who is she thinking of?

Hablo un pequito Espanol
I know the Raven. I pray the Dove.
1d · 13
on enoughness
Caught in the cold rain
pelting, pelting

Hot bath at home
melting, melting

insecurities indeed
but also fight and toughness

the poems and the songs
Despite the suffering and illness
Please deep gratitude for my life

Protection for my children
Peace and calm for my wife

I ain't dead just yet
Some true things before I go

A way to help in hope
May gentle courage grow

          Ay yay yo!
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