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Jan 2018 · 523
Endless love
Mohammad Skati Jan 2018
I call it
Endless love
Simply because I am amid it .
Love never changes
If it is ndless
Simply because that's the way
With it .
Endless love goes on endlessly
Simply because it is strong,
Pretty,and even lovely .
Nov 2015 · 1.3k
A true dream
Mohammad Skati Nov 2015
I dream about coming back immediately and                                                      Without any hesitation                                                                                            To my own homeland                                                                                              That I did willingly or unwillingly anytime ...                                                       I do love our house ,                                                                                                 I do love all our neighbors,and                                                                                I do love everyone and everything over there ...                                                    That's my true dream ...                                                                                           Everyone knows about my dream ...                                                                      ___________________­__
Mohammad Skati Nov 2015
I see in front of me                                                                                                       A little glimpse of hope ...                                                                                            I try to cling to it,but                                                                                                   Those ugly stumbling-blocks                                                                                    Hinder me greatly ...                                                                                                   I attempt a few time to overcome                                                                             Those ugly hindrances ,but                                                                                        All in vain ...                                                                                                                finally a big light emerges from                                                                                   Inside that tunnel of hope waving for me                                                            To come forward ...                                                                                        _________________
Mohammad Skati Aug 2015
When any ugly war breaks out anytime,then                                                       There will not be any pretty hope,but                                                                         Instead there will be a hopeless hope ...                                                                  Wars only bring disorder and chaos                                                                      To all of us anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                                Hope only appears when all ugly wars stop                                                          For ever and ever ...                                                                                                 ____________________حي­نما تنشب اية حرب قبيحة في اي وقت                                                                             فعندئذ                                                                                                                      فسوف لن يكون هناك اي امل رائع                                                                                    و لكن                                                                                                                       بدلا من ذلك                                                                                                                سيكون هناك امل بلا امل ...                                                                                            تجلب الحروب فقط الفوضى و الاضطراب                                                                           لجميعنا في اي وقت و                                                                                                    في اي مكان و                                                                                                              في كل مكان ...                                                                                                            يظهر فقط الامل عندما تتوقف كل الحروب القبيحة                                                                  الى الابد ...                                                                                                                __________________­__
Aug 2015 · 964
In my sadness
Mohammad Skati Aug 2015
I know when I am sad                                                                                              Who greatly stands with me or not ...                                                                    Days will prove who likes me or                                                                             Not anytime ...                                                                                                          Inevitably I can not do anything,but                                                                      To learn from patience                                                                                             How to get out of being sad anytime ...                                                               ____________
Jul 2015 · 835
Shaking hands with everyone
Mohammad Skati Jul 2015
I choose to shake hands with                                                                                   With everyone                                                                                                          Simply because I am not totally                                                                              Angry with everyone ...                                                                                           As long as I am good with everyone around me,then                                           I go to be bed happily and gladly ...                                                                      No need to be angry with anyone                                                                          Simply because our whole life is short,so                                                               Be happy and don't worry ...                                         ____________________
Jul 2015 · 1.3k
Arrogance versus pride
Mohammad Skati Jul 2015
If arrogance is compared to pride , then                                                                 They are two things in opposite directions anytime ...                                          If they are compared ,then                                                                                      They are like two parallel lines anytime ...                                                             If they are greatly and wonderfully compared,then                                             Pride beats arrogance anytime ...                                                                           Arrogance is merely a dead illusion that never                                                      Lasts for ever and ever ,but                                                                                     Pride prevails because it is great and lovely anytime ...
Jul 2015 · 906
What is tomorrow ?
Mohammad Skati Jul 2015
We know about yesterday                                                                                       Simply because we experienced it                                                                           Willingly or unwillingly ,                                                                                         We know a little bit about today                                                                             Simply because we're still experiencing it                                                              Willingly or unwillingly ,but                                                                                   We don't know anything about tomorrow                                                             Simply because we will experience it                                                                     Willingly or unwillingly anytime ...
Jun 2015 · 914
Different faces of evil
Mohammad Skati Jun 2015
There is nothing worse than that                                                                             Ugly evil that sweeps our calmness ...                                                                    Nobody likes evil and evil-doers                                                                             Simply because a good life is always                                                                      Pretty,great,and evil-free anytime ...                                                                       Evil's faces are greatly gloomy and                                                                        Even greatly dark anytime ...                                                                                 Evil never carries love                                                                                              Simply because love versus evil ...                                                                           Those faces of evil prevail only                                                                          When goodness is eliminated ...                                                                         Flowers and roses are never                                                                                In the evil's garden ...                                                                                           Evil never prevails ,but                                                                                        It will expire in the moment                                                                               When love expels it anytime ...                                                                         ____________________
Jun 2015 · 425
Mohammad Skati Jun 2015
All life's years are greatly ours                                                                                 Simply because we're amid them                                                                           In their pains and in their sufferings ...                                                                   Although they look short-lived or long-lived                                                         By us ,but                                                                                                                  We deeply and greatly suffer from many things                                                 In them ...                                                                                                                  All years are the same and we live                                                                         in their folds anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...
Mohammad Skati May 2015
To be means to find something                                                                               You need it urgently anytime ...                                                                              To be not means you miss something and                                                             You keep looking for it ...                                                                                        To be or not to be ,                                                                                                    That's the matter ...                                                                                                   Our current world is not an ideal world                                                                For most of us                                                                                                           Simply because we all lack the minimum things                                                  That we need in our daily and basic life ,so                                                                I am keeping looking for an ideal world endlessly ...
May 2015 · 411
I feel that
Mohammad Skati May 2015
Her voice is carried and is conveyed                                                                       Over a pretty cloud                                                                                                  That crosses into unknown worlds ...                                                                    I  feel that thing                                                                                                        Simply I heard that voice                                                                                       When she came to our life                                                                                    For the first time ...                                                                                                  Her voice dwells in my mind and                                                                           In my heart for ever and ever ...
May 2015 · 395
Mohammad Skati May 2015
My thanks can be sent to anyone                                                                           Anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                                                  My thanks can be expressed in words and                                                            In deeds anytime ...                                                                                                  It's very important to have thanks                                                                         To everyone ...                                                                                                           I love to express my thanks                                                                                     In different ways ...                                                                                                  I always love to send thanks to all people                                                               Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                                             ____________________
May 2015 · 455
Waiting infinitely
Mohammad Skati May 2015
We , as human beings,                                                                                             Keep waiting and waiting for                                                                                  For the expected and for the unexpected                                                               Simply because we all have no choice ...                                                               Yes , we all have no choice                                                                                       Especially when there are things that                                                                     Are out of our control anytime,                                                                              Anywhere,and everywhere ...                                                                                  Our life keeps us waiting infinitely                                                                          Simply because that's the way with it anytime ...                                                          ___________________­__
May 2015 · 331
Mohammad Skati May 2015
Time never waits                                                                                                       Simply because its train                                                                                          Is always in a hurry ...                                                                                              Its sword is so sharp ,so                                                                                           If we don't cut it off , then                                                                                             It will cut us off ...                                                                                                     It's always ahead ...
Mohammad Skati May 2015
It's difficult not to pick a flower or                                                                          A rose to those whom you are in love with ...                                                        There are many pretty flowers and many                                                           Wonderful roses that are waiting for you eagerly ...                                             Flowers-free life is meaningless and even absurd                                                  Simply because all pretty flowers need those people                                             Who deserve them anytime,anywhere,and even everywhere .                          ___________________­
May 2015 · 838
Full responsibility
Mohammad Skati May 2015
Not a single word can be forgiven                                                                          If it means abuse to others ...                                                                                   Our pretty words must be like                                                                                Our pretty flowers which we pick them                                                                To our loved-ones anytime ...                                                                                  If we don't watch what we say ,then                                                                      Harsh criticism will be available ...                                                                         Our words must match our deeds or                                                                      Others will look at us disdainfully anytime ...                                                        ___________________­_
May 2015 · 767
That horizon is endless
Mohammad Skati May 2015
To our eyes ,                                                                                                              That is ,                                                                                                                      What we are able to see                                                                                           Is called that endless horizon ...                                                                               One's horizon is what one is                                                                                    Able to see or to think ...                                                                                          Everyone and everything have                                                                               Their own horizons,so                                                                                              What's your horizon's limit in life ?
May 2015 · 610
At wars
Mohammad Skati May 2015
Love falls at any war                                                                                                Simply because all wars ignore love                                                                       And they replace it for hatred only ...                                                                     The mind's sound shuts down                                                                                 When a war breaks out ...                                                                                        We all become any wars' victims ...                                                                        Arms' factories get richer and                                                                                 Arms-traders get wealthy ...                                                                                    All wars are ugly ...                                                                                                   I do not like Wars anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                              ___________________­_
May 2015 · 682
Spring - الربيع
Mohammad Skati May 2015
يأتي الربيع ضاحكا و مبتسما                                                                                                و جميلا و رائعا و بهيا و كل شيء فيه                                                                                    يدل عليه ...                                                                                                                     انه ابداع الله على كوكبنا الجميل ...                                                                                         ان الله جميل و يحب الجمال ...                                                                                              اعيننا تقرأ كل معاني الربيع                                                                                                 الموجودة امامها ...                                                                                                            من يرى ليس                                                                                                                   كمن يسمع ...                                                                                                                   انه الربيع الجميل بيننا ...                                                                                             ____________________
May 2015 · 398
But ...
Mohammad Skati May 2015
I want to be , but ...                                                                                                  I can do a lot of things , but ...                                                                                 I would like to go forward , but ...                                                                           I am sure , but ...                                                                                                       I have a lot of buts , so                                                                                             That's the way with me ...                                                                                        They are my buts and                                                                                             Not me ...                                                                                                                  I am so sorry for all those buts                                                                               Simply because I can not get ride of them ...
Mohammad Skati May 2015
اوعك تسلم رئبتك                                                                                                             لمين ما كان يكون                                                                                                             لأنو اللي بيسلم رئبتو                                                                                                         لمين من كان                                                                                                                  بيروح بشربة مي ...                                                                                                       في كتير ناس                                                                                                                 بيسلموا رئباتون                                                                                                             متل الخواريف                                                                                                               و بيروحوا بشربة مي ...                                                                                                       اوعك تسلم رئبتك                                                                                                                      لمين من كان يكون                                                                                                       لأنو هاي رئبتك                                                                                                          و ما رئبة غيرك ....                                                                                                    ___________________­
May 2015 · 5.4k
An ugly war goes on
Mohammad Skati May 2015
When any ugly war breaks out , then                                                                    A lot of pretty innocent people                                                                                Will be lost as an ugly outcome ...                                                                         Wars' traders don't care                                                                                           About human lives                                                                                                  Simply because they are greedy and                                                                     Coward at the same time ...                                                                                     A lot of graves are dug for those                                                                             Get perished anytime ...                                                                                             Peace is The pretty alternative to any ugly war ...                                                          Ugly wars go on endlessly ...                                                                               _____________________
May 2015 · 742
My pain
Mohammad Skati May 2015
I know my pain very well                                                                                        Simply because it's mine ...                                                                                      God knows our pain and                                                                                         He watches our patience ...                                                                                     We were born within those                                                                                      Circles and within those                                                                                           Squares that accompany us                                                                                    Anywhere and everywhere ...                                                                                 Our pains are those doses that                                                                                Are added automatically to us                                                                           To put us on high alert in our life ...                                                                  Our patience is infinite,so                                                                                   We have no choice ,but                                                                                       To accept our pains anytime,                                                                              Anywhere and everywhere ....                                                                            ___________________­_
Apr 2015 · 2.1k
A bunch of pretty flowers
Mohammad Skati Apr 2015
Spring is a pretty time                                                                                             To pick some flowers to those                                                                                  Whom we love and to those whom                                                                         We care about anytime ...                                                                                        Flowers are great and precious to those                                                                 Who understand their real meanings ...                                                                 Picking flowers means caring about                                                                       Our loved ones anytime ...                                                                                      A bunch of flowers sent to our loved ones,then                                                     Their Hearts will be cheered up ...                                                                              ___________________­_
Apr 2015 · 976
Life's ugly pressures
Mohammad Skati Apr 2015
There are those ugly burdens of life and                                                                We are greatly overburdened with those                                                                Absurd,ugly,and sad pressures of life ...                                                                 We try to overcome those ugly pressures                                                              Of life ,but all in vain and hopelessly ....                                                                Unless we are standing on a hard ground,                                                            Then all we do is useless and absurd anytime ...                                                    Life pressures us to fight back its atrocities,but                                                     All comes uselessly and all in vain anytime ...                                                        ___________________­
Apr 2015 · 1.4k
Spring's flowers and roses
Mohammad Skati Apr 2015
Light showers wash all flowers' faces                                                                      Just to make fresher in the morning ...                                                                   All roses' faces smile just to give us                                                                        A pretty impression about that pretty Spring ...                                                    We come closer and closer to pick those pretty                                                     Flowers and wonderful roses to our loved ones ...                                                  Our loved-ones love those pretty flowers and                                                        Roses picked by us to them anytime ...                                                                 It's Spring that brings all together through its                                                      Pretty nature and through its Pretty images anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...                                   _____________________
Apr 2015 · 13.9k
Mohammad Skati Apr 2015
If honesty is with everyone and in everything ,then                                         It's called clear dishonesty ...                                                                                 Honesty tells itself                                                                                                  By itself ...                                                                                                                 We can not mix both                                                                                               Honesty and dishonesty                                                                                        Anytime,anywhere,and everywhere                                                                   Simply because they are both                                                                               Like parallel lines that never meet                                                                      Even if they try anytime ...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Only ugly wars are still hovering                                                                         Over our heads like huge stones                                                                          Falling from high skies as a kind                                                                          Of punishment to all of us anytime ...                                                                 Wars are the only options to our                                                                          Region just to go on ruthless anytime ...                                                             We are only suffering in all directions                                                                And on levels of life without reasons ...                                                              Ugly wars find their destination in                                                                         Our region just for us to suffer ...                                                                   We are absolutely tired of these ugly wars ,but                                            What shall we do ?!                                                                                           Another war breaks out just to end calmness and                                        All lovely things anywhere and everywhere ....
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
It's impossible and                                                                                                    I emphasize on the impossibility of                                                                        Conquering good thoughts anytime                                                                      Simply because they carry inside them                                                                  True love that we sometimes lack ...                                                                      Those thoughts that are not easy to conquer ,then                                                They will remain endlessly with their permanent light                                       That guides us into the straight path ...                                                                  No one has the ability to abolish good thoughts                                                   That hug us and they even embrace us endlessly ...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
من حب كل الناس                                                                                                              بس في ما منعرف شو بدون !                                                                                               نحنا ما بيهمنا فلان او علان                                                                                                 شو بيحب او ما بيحب !                                                                                                       نحنا بيهمنا اللي بيحبونا                                                                                                       و من حبون ...                                                                                                                 ييلي منا تعوا لعنا ...                                                                                                         ايوا تعوا لعنا ...                                                                                                               ********************­******هذه القصيدة بالعامية **                                                                                           _____________________
Mar 2015 · 2.7k
My pains and my sufferings
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
I have no choice ,but                                                                                                 To admit willingly and greatly that                                                                         My pains and my sufferings are masters that                                                        Wake me up                                                                                                                 By day and by night ...                                                                                              I have learnt lessons from my pains and from sufferings                                       Simply because I am playing with this life                                                              Around us uncaring ...                                                                                               I feel painfully ,but                                                                                                     I am totally handcuffed ...                                                                                        I am surrounded with a lot of ugly pains and with                                              A lot of rude sufferings that crack my realm                                                       Anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ..............                                                      ___________________­__
Mar 2015 · 890
My mother
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Under her feet and                                                                                                    In her love ,                                                                                                                  I feel that I am a man and                                                                                        A kid at the same time ...                                                                                            A mother - My mother and everyone's mother - is                                                   A great school by herself if                                                                                           Prepared greatly ,then                                                                                                The whole people are great and wonderful ...                                                             My mother is my true love that                                                                                  I feel greatly and wonderfully ...                                                                              There is no great world if                                                                                         A mother is exempted from that world ...                                                                That great woman that gives more that                                                                   What she takes anytime is called my mother ...                                                    Everyone knows his mother or her mother very well ,so                                       That is my mother and you know greatly your mother ....
Mar 2015 · 459
I don't know
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
I always ask myself                                                                                                 Why most people choose that unbelievable loneliness                                         Anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ?                                                                      There a lot of pretty things in life ,but                                                                        Why loneliness ?!                                                                                                         Is it because that loneliness means happiness or                                                       Anything to people ?                                                                                                   There is no doubt that loneliness is                                                                             A cure - as I think - to some people                                                                             To flee or to run away from a bad reality ...                                                          I myself sometimes choose to be alone                                                                    For many reasons ...                                                                                                Loneliness is not bad if it means                                                                               To revise a few things ...                                                                                            Life is often hard and difficult ...                                                                               I sometimes don't know and                                                                                    If somebody knows better than me ,then                                                                He or she needs to tell me                                                                                         About what's going around us anytime ...                                                                ___________________­__
Mar 2015 · 3.4k
Dark moments
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
I feel bad                                                                                                                    Simply because there are some                                                                                Dark moments in which                                                                                             I feel that I am out of our planet anytime ...                                                              I am sad at certain moments and                                                                               I am totally sad in the dark moment ...                                                                  Nothing pleases me anytime                                                                                     Simply because I am amid                                                                                         Those dark moments all the time ...
Mar 2015 · 7.5k
Behind rocks
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
There is that pretty Rock Of Suicide                                                                          That is located behind our eyes and                                                                            Behind our ears in this world ...                                                                                    Behind mountains and those plains ,                                                                           There are unseen and invisible worlds                                                                             We always keep them in our minds ...                                                                        From that side , where that Rock Of                                                                                 Suicide is located , we can see only                                                                                  A few chains of mountains that overlook                                                                        On many directions here and there ....                                                                        We only guess that there are things                                                                              Bewilder us with their invisible sights ...                                                                       We love to see all kinds of hard rocks                                                                           In all directions and in the opposite                                                                              Directions anytime,anywhere,and                                                                                Everywhere on the surface of our planet ...
Mar 2015 · 2.4k
Life is like four seasons
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Life consists of four seasons ...                                                                                     In Fall , it becomes windy ...                                                                                     In Winter , it gets cold ...                                                                                                 In Spring , it blossoms wonderfully,and                                                                     In Summer , it's ripe and pretty ...                                                                                       That's life around us ...
Mar 2015 · 913
Those pretty anemones
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
I love all kinds of anemones                                                                                      Simply because they remind me                                                                                Greatly and wonderfully of my earliest days                                                                Of my childhood ...                                                                                                       I used to see them during Springtime                                                                         In the Patos Orchard ...                                                                                              I used to pick some of them to my loved ones ...                                                      Anemones got spread                                                                                                 Here and there brilliantly                                                                                           For everyone to enjoy their red colors anytime ...                                                I do love them in truth ...                                                                                        ___________________­__
Mar 2015 · 847
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
When someone works as a gravedigger,                                                                He never gets scared anytime                                                                                 Simply because his heart is made of iron                                                               Although he is a human being anytime ...                                                             Digging graves  is not any work ,but                                                                    It's a work to those who make it as a career                                                          To themselves and to their families anytime ...                                                      Dead people need gravediggers to bury them,so                                                  They get permanent houses for themselves ...                                                        Death is inevitable anytime , Then a suitable tomb must be ready                                                                 For the dead people anytime .............                                                                 Without gravediggers,then                                                                                 There will be no tombs for the dead ...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
هناك بعض الافواه                                                                                                               تحتاج للسوستة كي تغلق                                                                                                       لأن كلامها لا معنى له ...                                                                                                      خير الكلام ما قل و دل ...                                                                                                    كلمات كثيرة تخرج من                                                                                                        افواه كثيرة و لكن                                                                                                                      لا معنى لها لأنها جوفاء ...                                                                                                          اذا كنت قائلا كلاما جميلا                                                                                                          فليكن - يا صديقي - ذات معنى                                                                                                      فالكلام له مكانته                                                                                                                   عند الذين يفهمون فقط و                                                                                                   الكل يعرف ...
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
Hell versus Heaven
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Only bad intentions are over there                                                                         Simply because our deeds rely on                                                                           Intentions ,                                                                                                                Good or bad ...                                                                                                         It's Hell where pure fire burns those                                                                       Who deserve to be for ever and ever ...                                                                  Only good intentions lead to Heaven                                                                      Simply because God made Heaven as                                                                  A good and permanent place for the                                                                                   Good ...                                                                                                                 Always Hell versus Heaven ...
Mar 2015 · 2.6k
My city
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
I love my own city                                                                                                   Simply because it means a lot for me ...                                                                   I love my city's anemones                                                                                        Simply because they remind me of                                                                           My early childhood's memories ...                                                                          I love all my city' streets and roads                                                                          Simply because they are so dear to me ...                                                                I love my city's whole people                                                                                       Simply because they're all members of my family ...                                             I love everyone and everything                                                                          In my city                                                                                                             Anytime,anywhere,and everywhere ...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
تطير الغيوم                                                                                                                     من مكان الى مكان                                                                                                             مسرعة و غير ابهة                                                                                                           لنا نحن على كوكب الارض ..                                                                                              تسوقها الرياح                                                                                                                  في الشتاء البارد                                                                                                                و لكن الامر يختلف صيفا                                                                                                    فليس هناك رياح باردة                                                                                                      بل مجرد امطار صيفية مفاجئة ...
Mar 2015 · 1.6k
Two souls got divorced
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Unfortunately and regretfully ,                                                                                 Two pretty hearts got broke endlessly                                                                         Simply because they exaggerated life too much ...                                                      Their love was shared one day,but                                                                                 That ugly divorce scattered them permanently                                                           For ever and ever ...                                                                                                         They were just a few and little sparks that                                                                    That destroyed eternal love they had gained some day ,but                                                                  Later everyone and everything got vanished ...
Mar 2015 · 911
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
If a girl is engaged to a would-be groom,then                                                         It's better to get ready for                                                                                            Their step seriously or                                                                                                 It will more time to think about it ...                                                                          The more time any engagement takes,                                                                      The more headaches will arise as a result ...                                                               Every pretty girl dreams about                                                                                    Getting married anytime ...                                                                                         Time flies ...
Mar 2015 · 1.2k
A poet's acute eye
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
Everyone has eyes ,but                                                                                                A poet has a cute eye                                                                                                   Simply because he looks                                                                                            Around differently ...                                                                                                   A poet looks at things from                                                                                           A different perspective that                                                                                         Makes his feelings and his                                                                                           Emotions go elevated anytime ...
Mohammad Skati Mar 2015
ارى العالم من خلالها                                                                                                                و يرى العالم نوافذي الجميلة ...                                                                                                       لبيتي نوافذه الجميلة                                                                                                                      التي تأتي اليها اشعاعات الشمس الجميلة                                                                                              كل يوم ...                                                                                                                                   كنت و مازلت و سأظل                                                                                                                 ارى العالم من خلال نوافذ بيتنا ...                                                                                                    البيت الذي لا نوافذ لها                                                                                                                     ما هو علبة فارغة ...                                                                                                                     احب بيتنا و احب نوافذه ايضا ....
Feb 2015 · 4.3k
A cup of coffee
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
She hides herself                                                                                                             Behind that counter                                                                                                       Sipping her cup of coffee alone ...                                                                                   She thinks that I                                                                                                                Can not see her ,but                                                                                                              Assuredly I can see her ...                                                                                                   She never offers me                                                                                                    To drink her morning's                                                                                                         Cup of coffee ...                                                                                                                    I smell her delicious coffee                                                                                         Whenever I sit in the cyber net                                                                                         She works in ...                                                                                                             I love morning's cup of coffee ,but                                                                              Not when I am in the store                                                                                          She works in ...                                                                                                             _____________________
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
I am one-faced,but                                                                                                   Some are double-faced ...                                                                                         What if I am double-faced and                                                                               Some people are one-faced ?!                                                                                  I am always one-faced                                                                                             Simply because that makes me lovely                                                                    In some other people's eyes ...                                                                                  If I am double-faced,then                                                                                        People will start backbiting me anytime ....
Feb 2015 · 1.5k
When they are not ready
Mohammad Skati Feb 2015
Before huge blizzards happen ,                                                                                         There must be complete readiness                                                                                       From those emergency crews just                                                                                                            To clear streets fully to us anytime ...                                                                                                                                                   The crews' wonderful readiness is                                                                                     Something great and fabulous ......                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Salt's piles must be available just                                                                                       To get it spread on the grounds .......                                                                                         If those emergency's crews are not                                                                                           Ready,then it's better not to come                                                                                      Simply because readiness must be                                                                                       Fully without any hesitations anytime ...                                                                                There are a few blizzards extending                                                                                   Global and all emergency's crews                                                                                                        Must be prepared here and there .....
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