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  Jan 2018 miradaine
Kaylee Henderson
It depresses me
that I don't express my emotions
In the pure fear of being judged
Not just by my peers,
But my friends.
I keep my emotions tucked in the internal locket
That beats beneath my flesh,
Each pulse of the withering pendant
Ready to disintegrate with a
Meal of poisonous truths and pocketed emotions.
I keep my emotions tucked away,
Because they have forced me to believe:
Emotions are weakness.

  Jan 2018 miradaine
Adriaan Harms
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I would love to call you a friend,
But that's not the real you.
Friends are loving,
They always care,
You can say they are like a part of you,
'Cause their always there.
They'd rather die than to lie,
They'd rather say everything than say nothing.
Friends are real,
Friends are true,
I can call everybody else my friend,
But sure as hell not you.
For finding your real friends in the acts they have done.

— The End —