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 Sep 2015 Mila Berlioz
am i ee
standing next to
the darling
short fluffy old lady
sporting loose curls of grey,
a halo surrounding her head.

on an ordinary  
the kind that can
be found
any time
any town.

stood a tall dark stranger
a mysterious figure
cloaked in flowing
dark robes
head covered

the dark stranger
stood calmly
carrying a
long metal

the cute little old
lady clutching
her bag
an old handbag
she had had for years.

she turned to this
tall dark robed lad,

and said.

”nice hoodie!”

but you see
that was no ordinary
stranger you find
on the street.

for that
as the grim reaper
standing next to
this granny
so sweet
& sunny.
inspired by a comic...thank you little comic & its artist.
He visto a la luna brillar

Con tanta intensidad

Aún cuando la oscuridad

La ha querido opacar.
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