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mikah Mar 2020
which will it be first?
my patience or my heart?

you couldn’t break just one, could you?
mikah Feb 2020
my heart is beating out of my chest, overflowing with emotion
you have no idea how you make me feel
and yet this is the seventh poem i've written about you
mikah Feb 2020
you kissed me
over and over and over again
and i understand how people feel fireworks.
mikah Feb 2020
laughter embroidered in gold,
smiles embossed in bronze,
tears dripping with diamonds and
amber eyes in emerald faces that see a glittering world;

a gentle silvery touch of hands,
glassy fumbling fingers,
ruby cheeks and marble hearts and
amber glistening in sunlight and darkness;

glittering light on a glass finger,
clasping hands in a burst of silver,
gold and bronze and diamonds all around and
running off into a slippery citrine sunset;

a final touch of silver,,,
tying the knot on golden thread,,
bronze glinting through diamond droplets, and
emerald bodies returned to the waiting earth.

but amber immortalizes every golden thread,
every glint of bronze, every diamond,
everything that has been, everything that will be-
every single piece of the human experience.
precious, valuable, unique. am i describing the human experience or gemstones?
mikah Feb 2020
not movies
not writing
not comedies
and-god forbid-in public.

but with you
i understand the appeal.
mikah Feb 2020
you placed one hand on my shoulder, then another
they lingered longer than they needed to
i still feel where they were.
a different sort of lookism.
mikah Feb 2020
"we can just be in each other's presence." you said
you look so beautiful
just being.
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