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Michaela Ginter Oct 2014
And as crazy as it sounds I haven't looked up at the sky in awhile
I was so consumed by the stress of living that I forgot how small I am
How small we all are
at first that sounds depressing but then you find some sort of relief in it.
Being so small makes you realize that all the problems aren't so big after all
Those problems aren't anything to lose sleep over
Those problems aren't anything when you look up at the sky and realize how small you are .
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
This tidal wave of emotion
came sweeping down upon me
it drowned me and swept me out to sea
and dragged me down to the bottom
I laid there lifelessly
and let it control me
as it swayed me up and down
and let me stray farther and farther
a few years later it began to **** me
and i started to lose grip of reality
till finally
It hit me
So hard that I realized I was in control
that no matter how big of a wave or the currents pull
I can escape and rearrage where the tidal wave goes
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
Although I know that you are hurting
and you feel that life wont get better
I am here for your comforting
to warm your heart like a Christmas sweater
this is a lot to deal with, trust me i know
but in the end this too shall pass like a blizard of cold painful snow
you can and you will
make it through this moment of hell
and I will be with you to retell
the whole story and how hard to my hand you held
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
Christmas Eve is in the air
smells like pine and i can hear
the reading of the lords prayer
though, no snow is upon the ground
it feels so joyous all around
with the scent of sugar cookies
and Winter Breaks game of Hooky
the presents lay under the tree
and the mistle toe hangs above you and me
love wraps us in a warm blanket
as the New Year approches in days, i can taste it
Tonight I shall hardly sleep
with the jidders of a childs feelings of Christmas Eve
the tiny belief of Santa Claus still dwindles
as the though of a fluffy man in a red suit kindles
as he will plop down my chimney with a bag
filled with hope and present swag
oh dear i can hardly wait
for the great Christmas that i anticipate
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
The small size of  an ant
is determined to lift a branch
times two of its size
no matter what the ant still tries
it tugs and pulls and cries
and finally its determination makes it thrive
well why is it that I
,much larger than a ant,
cannot lift a single branch of determination
why is it we give up after the first tug?
Is it because we have no desire like the bug?
We must not want it quite enough
if we wanted it like the bug
we would have it by the first tug
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
Some say the the end is near
inwhich so,they live in fear
others repeat repent of your sins
while others just dont give in
I in which, do believe
but care not so to let it trap me
from living my life day to day
Whenever it ends I will be okay
because I am not frightened, I am not presured
I have seized the day and will live my happily ever after
Michaela Ginter Dec 2011
dripping from branch of your eyelashes
falling to the ground in violent crashes
the salty taste is of your own
tear of fear of being all alone
the atmosphere booms with destruction
as the sky pours a unworldy ocean
the heavy dew
becomes one with you
and your tears
cause you to grow in becoming fear
of this empty world we all live
your woe is for the wonder of how to forgive
you take a look all around
and see there is no one to be found
you are all alone in this world
and your mind is twirled
because the reason you are alone once again
is because you have never learn how to forgive
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