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Upon an old rugged cross
for all our sins He died
precious blood was shed
as heavens angels cried

Death was defeated
and the keys taken away
God's Grace given to all
as His Son died that day

The morn of the third day
at a Roman guarded tomb
our final victory was won
hell’s angels their doom

The earth shook and trembled
and the guards fell as in death
a quiet filled the glade as if
the universe held its breath

A light from glory blazed
and He stepped forth that day
angel’s voices raised in joy
as “HE LIVES” they did say

Before our Savior
hung on that tree
where He gave His life
for you and me

He was bound to another
tall trunk of wood
stripped bare and naked
He meekly stood

It was Pilates order
that brought Him there
to appease the elders
for whom he had no care

The crowd gathered round
Mary was in their midst
wanting only her son
His dear face to kiss

It was whips of leather
tied with lead and bone
that was used by the soldiers
of the Empire of Rome

With the crack of the whip
Mary fell to her knees
as His cries rang out
her anguish all could see

With each swing of the whip
His blood fell like rain
but with the promise of healing
from sickness and pain

With each stripe they gave
His precious blood was spilled
and the prophet Isaiah’s
words were fulfilled

Isaiah 53:5
But He was wounded for our transgressions,
He was bruised for our iniquities:
the chastisement of our peace was upon Him;
and with His stripes we are healed.

I'm trying not
to go insane
wrapped up in
my bubble of pain

Dark are the days
and bitter the fight
as chaos reigns
in my world tonight

The voices shout
and demons cheer
as I slowly lose
all I hold so dear

The angels tears
they fall like rain
as I lay defeated in
my bubble of pain

With a silken cloth and some silken ties
he binds her hands and covers her eyes

A single feather and a bucket of ice
to tickle her senses so very nice

Searing passion causes her to tingle
when melting ice and tongue do mingle

Moans of  pleasure does fill the night
when together as one, passion takes flight
Nothing is left to fill this ragged hole in my heart
except the lamentations of loneliness that echo
hauntingly throughout the emptiness of my soul
Depression seeps into every
pore and into every aspect of life
Covering the soul with a dark
viscous veil of utter sorrow
and a vast indifference to living
Your lips breath upon my lips...
intertwining both body and soul
together with love and passion
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