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Sarah Ramlal May 16
Something doesn't feel right,
deep in my heart.
Something doesn't feel right,
cause nothing tore us apart.
We laughed,
we prayed,
we argued,
we loved.
I gave you everything,
how come it wasn't enough?
Deep down I don't,
believe you'll just,
leave like this.
Deep down I don't,
believe you'll,
hurt me like this.
I maybe in denial,
I maybe in insane,
but baby you're my,
How do I know?
My soul cries for you,
it still feels,
connected to you.
I feel like you need me,
just can't reach out,
but baby I believe,
without a doubt.
You're my soulmate,
In life and love,
cause when we kneeled,
down to pray.
Every doubt washed away.
I still pray for you,
I honestly do.
I keep praying,
my soul makes it back to you.
I just need a sign,
something really calm,
cause I know,
there's no getting over you,
I can't even if I tried.
I still feel your soul,
crying out for mines,
but like I said,
I may be crazy or just in denial.
Sarah Ramlal May 14
I stared into those,
brown eyes.
So intoxicating and deep.
I slept next to those,
brown eyes,
they made me feel at peace.
I saw those,
brown eyes shed tears,
constantly weep,
but I still loved those,
brown eyes so tender and deep.
Now I'll probably never,
see them again,
and it makes me weak,
my body's trembling,
my heart skips beats,
my stomach is churning,
I can't sleep,
because all I want is,
those brown eyes,
so tender and sweet.
It's gonna hurt for a while.
I stared into those brown eyes,
Somehow I thought I'd found mine,
An eternal peace of mind,
Body and soul
But no,
It wasn't so
For what I found beneath the surface
Was shattering to my heart
A simple node in time
That made things sublime
But now I see
That you wanted me to be
Just an escape,
From your painful reality.
I know that for sure,
those brown eyes,
will haunt my dreams,
forever more.
Sarah Ramlal Apr 3
To my son,
I can't wait,
to hold you close.
I can't wait,
to love you the most.
You're so perfect,
and I haven't met,
you yet.
You're so perfect,
without being here yet.
I promise to,
hold you,
no matter what.
I promise to wipe,
your tears,
that may stream,
down your face.
I promise to stand,
with you,
all through life.
I promise no matter what,
you're the light,
of my life.
You're a blessing,
and you don't,
even know.
You're my blessing.
Oh, how I love you so.
I've given you,
your grandfather's name,
because he was,
kind and just.
I hope you'll,
be the same.
I'm sorry you'll,
never know him.
He would've spoiled,
you so.
He would've held you,
and given you the world.
You may want to know,
why I'm letting you,
all of this.
It's because he,
was my world,
but he was taken away,
to a better place.
You're here now,
and you're my life.
I promise my son,
no matter what,
I have your back
Sarah Ramlal Nov 2019
I used to drink,
to be numb.
I used to go out,
until the pain stopped,
entertaining myself,
with men that meant nothing.
Just not to feel.
Then I met you,
I didn't know where,
it would lead.
I didn't know,
what you had heard,
about me.
I was scared to let you in,
but somehow you won.
Loving me better than anyone.
Now we sleep together,
just you and I.
I never thought that we would,
with our lives.
Two different people,
two different lives,
yet we melded into each other,
when no one thought we would.
It wasn't a fling,
it wasn't a mistake.
It was us,
just taking a leap,
and having faith
We've been through a lot,
I know that's for sure.
I know there's worst to come,
the battle's just begun,
but I'm here to hold your hand.
I'm here to love you,
until the very end.
You showed me so much,
what I deserve,
what I need.
I'm so glad Allah blessed me,
with you next to me.
I love you now,
I love you forever,
I just can't wait,
to have your daughter.
Sarah Ramlal Jun 2019
There's this guy,
with curly hair.
There's this guy,
he makes me stop,
and stare.
This guy is broken,
he sees no hope.
He just wants to,
go back and reverse,
the path he took.
He's lost,
he can't find his way.
He pushes everyone away.
He's scared
thinks he's alone,
and I'm here,
hoping he gets,
the flow.
I know where he's been,
I know how he feels,
I just wish he'll,
let me in,
to help him deal.
He seems happy,
he really does but,
deep down inside,
I know he's hurt.
He's so smart,
he's so cute,
sometimes he just,
makes me mute.
I hope he's okay,
he's been gone a while.
I hope he's alive,
I mean on the inside
Sarah Ramlal Jun 2019
I know it's hard for you,
I know you feel trapped,
but honey I'm here.
I got your back,
you don't need to do,
this alone.
You don't need to,
be scared.
I may not be much,
but I am here.
I'll hold your hand,
wipe your tears.
Pick you back up,
year after year.
You're no longer alone,
no need to fear,
because we got this baby.
So stop worrying,
stop killing your mind,
there's both of us now,
we're one of a kind.
We're both dark and twisted,
we're perfect for each other.
Just trust me,
and I'll treat you like no other.
I'll treat you like a king,
the way no one before has done.
I'll stand by your side,
until the battle's done.
We can do this,
we can do it all.
Just trust me enough,
I won't let you fall.
Sarah Ramlal May 2019
One day she's fine,
She feels like she can do anything.
The next she's lost,
losing site of what she want.
One day her smile,
shines so bright,
the whole room stares.
The next she's sad,
and in tears.
Her life a constant battle,
a push and pull.
She tries to find balance,
tries to hold on.
She gives her all,
even though she doesn't want,
to give any.
She tries to stand,
but that weight is on her,
pushing her down.
Yet something's trying to,
pull her up.
It's a constant tug-of-war.
A constant fight.
I hope she's finds that balance.
I hope she finds it soon,
cause she's on the verge,
of giving up.
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