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mercy stephens Jul 2015
i lost myself in the northern wind..
a cold kiss to my skin
shaking me with a touch of reality..
revealing every depth of damage within my heart..
as if the leaves were words
surrounding me in whirls
screaming through my ear
"im lost"
mercy stephens Jul 2015
he speaks with blades between his teeth
unsteady of what to say
fear he will hurt her
his tongue as a flame, spitting fire in her lungs
everything he does,
a mistake that can't be undone
with knifes on his lips
each word they slip
falling down to her body.
where she takes the hit.

she lays there amongst every
weapon from his mouth
knifes, blades. fire
but the worst one is the gun

he speaks words that will shoot through her heart
and once again
she simply

he beats her with his words
but his hands remain still
his touch is gentle
his heart is just ill
he needs his flower to teach him to grow
a love like hers
is all he has ever known.

she wraps her vines around his mind
trying to calm the beast inside..
as the flowers grow
peace fills him up high
he finds his security
in the love she provides

a love like this?.. will NEVER die
mercy stephens Jul 2015
there is a certain stillness, when even the gentle flutter o a butterfly wings feels like a hurricane.

the moment when crashing waves fall asleep, peaceful, lost to the serenity of salty dreams.

when tall trees stand to attention and every leaf passes, takes a deep breath and holds it.

it is here, beneath the maddening silence, i hear your name.

an echo of you. screaming to echo the moon carries trying to reach but can not touch.

— The End —