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I promise on everything I LOVE
In your LOVE, I'm ready to die
I'll fight life at every longing
I'll sing your LOVE tunes every moment

It's our messenger of LOVE that proclaims
It is only worthy to live
If only one lives and dies for LOVE

With each progressive footsteps of yours
I will live a new life with my death
So that you can tread towards happiness

Everyone comes with something for you
I come with my LOVE
To gift my EGO "I" for YOU

Let people shower red rose flowers
On path of your success
I surrender my head on a plate
As a present of your achievements

Whatever name you call me as
Whatever name worlds teases me with
But my intense passion is to LOVE YOU
I will ignite the fire with LOVEz flame
YOU have blessed me to live

If any thing, if anyone
Tries to come on your way
With my prayers and devotion
I will stop them to protect YOU
From any adversary to come your way

I will remove all the traces of
Any misdoings from your way
That may be a reason for any hindrance
To your riding the path of glory

If you encounter a prison
If you bump into a wall
If you face the shackles
I will break them all for you
With the power of my LOVE

I've borne every agony on me
I've gone through every pain
I've embrace your sorrows
I've drank your sadness

Yet BELOVEDz I'm still not done
I know this is just the beginning
I'm prepared for bigger sufferings

Be aware that till I'm alive
I'll walk with the flag of your LOVE
Carrying your victory medals on my chest
I'll never stop LOVING YOU
Even if I've to suffer more
And in the process I'll die for you
I'm ever more ready for that too

I've tied the shroud on my head
I'll embrace miseries and plights
I'll hug humiliations & subjugation
I'll invite sacrifice and forfeit

I'll smile on this path of your LOVE
And show you - how much I LOVE YOU
So that when you see and feel
My sufferings and my slow death
You can TRUST me and my LOVE

So promise me that
You will never cry - my BELOVEDz
Promise me - YOU'll never be sad

YOU are my LOVERz - my BELOVEDz
In sufferings and death
My LOVE for you will live forever

It is for YOU - I became your LOVER
I've stopped existing
Since YOU became my LOVERz

Everyone rides the horse of life
Let the world see me as a LOVERz
Galloping riding the horse of death

We'll FREE each other with our LOVE

Such LOVE STORIES are rare
Created once in a millennium
Only with BELOVEDz like YOU
One gives birth to a LOVERz like me

Let the world raise
The benediction of our LOVE
While seeing our LOVE
Let the world learn to LOVE

Martyr's LOVE Cry

Black and Dark are not necessary bad things
Many people associate negativity to it
All our African people are dark and black
Night is dark - and that is not bad too
Thinking, speaking, writing of Black, Dark, & Night
As negative, pessimistic and bad
Only shows our ignorance in how we all are
Brain-washed by those who think & believe
White and light is superior to every thing

Please remove this ignorance
While reading this poem
Where LOVE is hopefully represented
As a Black Dark spot on white light life

Black and Dark are as good as
Or even better than white and light
Here Black and Dark is used positively
Read it so that way


How can I remove
The Black spot of LOVE
From my life?

How can I hide
The Dark spot of LOVE
From my being?

How can I not find
A job that will give me work
A place to go and stay
A friend who would understand me
A family who would accept me
A BELOVEDz who will hold my hand

My life is considered useless
By everyone in this city
Because of this
Black Dark spot of LOVE
I carry around my heart's kitty

With such accusations
Falling on me from everywhere
How can I go in front
Of my BELOVEDz to
Show how much I LOVE her

I've forgotten everything in life
I'm lost everything in the process of
Adoring this...
Black and Dark spot of LOVE

People say I've gone mad & crazy
In seeking positivist within Black and Dark

How am I suppose to find
The ways of life again for
The journey to my BELOVEDz heart
On the dark night path  of fate?

This life without
A  Black Dark spot of LOVE
Was nothing but waste

Life was just a maze of chase
For greed, success, wealth & fame

Till my BELOVEDz painted my soul
Black Dark with her LOVE SOUL illuminate

Now how am I suppose to
Remove the Black Dark liquid of LOVE
That runs within my veins

And why should I?

When my Black Truth is
Much better than world's white lies

When my Dark LOVE is
Much better than world's light life

Black Dark Spot of LOVE
Is the only positive I carry

So why should I even try to
Remove the Black Dark spot of LOVE

My Black Dark Spot of LOVE is my only POSITIVE...!

The blood turned BLUE and
The heart enslaved the brain
The soul flew wings in flight

Who can now stop such LOVE?
Who can be that cruel on LOVE?

I let the blue bird fly
"Go, go away" I say
"Find a LOVER'z nest
Seek an abode there
Who LOVEz YOU back
Make yourself a witness to
Who ruleZ your heart next"

We put a rose on flowers
We inhale smokes of scent
Everyone wonders at reasons
For our inner happiness
But nobody knows
The way we loveRZ care

Since your LOVE flew
And made nest in me
It made the garden bloom
Red, white, black & blue

Our LOVE is intrinsic to
The work of ART we create
The world watches in wonder
The reasons of our gait
The clever brain is silent
Confused.. in a way...
It does not understand
OUR NON-rules of LOVE

That's how the brain learns
The mysteries of LOVE
Where dark is light
And black is white
And red is blue
Where the souls
Are happy to glue
Mind, body, heart, being
In consonance to LOVEz

Since then our journey began
With togetherness of our lives
It is our SECRET LOVE pact
To long for each other
In LOVERz-BELOVEDz paradise

So let me ask you:

Do you let your blood turn blue &
To let your LOVE fly without a clue?

Do you allow the flowers to bloom into
Red, White, Black and Blue?

My heart and soul
Burns under your fire
Does that inspire your desires?

When I walk on the mortal flames
Do you close your eyes
And feel LOVEz burning aspire?

You are my brown eyed BELOVEDz
Who sleeps below the dark shades

Each street haunts your holy feet
Each garden is Eden
Claiming calm retreat

When you're around
Nothing is impure
That's the time
The heavens descends to cure

Your voice is
Music of angel's voice
The herds and the birds
Sing your poise

Your time is of innocence and joy
Like a cupid of LOVE
Within the golden rings
Of evening skies

Your palm, toes, fingers and heels
Beam light from within
You are blessed with soft golden feet

You are the smoke
Risen from the cold
While I walk on dewy lawn
You fly across
The blue sky moon-light

There are glories beaming around
On your neck, face and brows
When the Laurels are crowned
On your high head browns

With smile on your face
You mount the chariot of LOVE

Thus fresh from the cloudy heavens
You arrive at my heart's gate

Knock... Knock...!

If I could be your dress
You can wear me on you

If I could be your Jeans
You can pull me up your legs

If I could be your zip
You can zip me up every time
you wear your pant

If I could be your button
You can button and unbutton me
when you wish to wear me or take me off

If I could be your spoon
You can hold me in your fingers

If I could be your mouth-wash
You can put me in your mouth

If I could be your comb
You can part, tease, brush me on your hair

If I could be your shoes
You can wear me to protect your feet

If I could be your key-board
Your fingers can type on me

If I could be your mobile
You can put me to your ears
And your pocket and besides you
Where you sleep, sit, eat

If I could be your bed-sheet
You can always sleep on me

If I could be your blanket
You can always cover me on you

If I could be your shower
You can stand below my drizzle

If I could be your watch
You can always wear me on your wrist
And I can become your time

If I could be your pen
You can write through me every-time

If I could be your music
You can listen to me all the time

If I could be your glasses
You can wear me to see the world clearly

If I could be your medicine
You can swallow me to cure yourself

If I could be your prayers
YOU can be my God/dess

If I could be your oxygen
You can breathe me to stay alive

If I could be your sun, moon, clouds
YOU can be my Nature

If I could be your LOVE
You can LOVE me whenever you want

If I could be YOU
Then YOU can be me

If I could be the "one"
You're the one
You're all I ever want

A frolic buoyant poem

Ranzjhana -
An ordinary boy
Was Zheer's friend
And in LOVE with Zheer
But Zheer did not know that

He wanted to let Zheer know
He LOVED her
So one day - he asked Zheer
To help him write a LOVE letter
In lyrical and poetic way
To the one - he LOVEz

Not knowing it was her that
Ranzjhana was referring to
Zheer sat besides him
And started jotting down
What Ranzjhana's told her

This is that: A LOVE Letter


Oh my Precious One
Oh my Princess of dreamZ
With lots of LOVE and affection

Um... I am your LOVERz
I write this letter

[Oh, Zheer, I am hopeless - am not I?
Should I say so fast I am your LOVERz?]

Oh, my apple of my eye
Oh my Angel of heart
I am your LOVERz

[smiles and laughs]

My Rose - Please when you read it
Read it as a lyrical song
Make up some music in your mind
Let it play in back ground around you

YOU are My Moonlight
I hope you are well there
I am doing okay here

When I think of you
Poetry flows out of me
Flowers grow in garden
Oasis flows in desert
The sun rises the horizon
The clouds shower rains
The bees buzz
The birds sings love songs

When your thought passes me
My heart fills up my soul
And stream out like a waterfall

When I anticipate to see you
Some words just flow out of me
That time I feel so good inside me

But when I sit down to write to you
I am unable to jot down a single word

That is so true, that is me
In such times -
I wait for you to write through me
Which you always do...

Whatever LOVE wounds and
LOVE injuries inflict me
Inside my longing heart
It leaves my broken heart -
Full of bleeding scars

But with just a memory of your
Eyes, smile and face
Everything gets healed by itself
I do not know what it is in YOU
Some kind of magic or it is a miracle

But every time death knocks at my door
You appear to chase it away from me

[Zheer,, Please write this down too...]

Whatever scars my heart can take it
Protects you from such similar sadness
Whenever I am in pain, grief and despair
Protects you from such similar sorrows

Because it is just LOVE
I yearn for you day and night
Without expressing my LOVE for YOU
I feel like sobbing and crying

But I do not cry
My tears dry before they trickle out
Because I think - If I cry
YOU will feel sad
So when I think of that...

[Oh... stop..!]

It is difficult for humans to understand
Is not what mortals are made of
Our LOVE is beyond that....
So infinite, so unconditional
Is far more than words can define

You are my soothing "God/dess"
If I call you Ram
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Allah
Will you understand my LOVE?
If I call you Jesus
Will you understand my LOVE?

Now, do you understand
How much I LOVE YOU..?.



[Ranzjhana smiles and looks at Zheer
"Please read out what you wrote for me..!"
Zheer replies:
"Oh Ranzjhana -
I hope there was one
Like YOU - to LOVE me too..."]

And Zheer starts singing the poem
In the form of a song

There is a hidden desire in your heart
As if someone has
Imprisoned our LOVE within

But when I met you
You could not hide the LOVE
That poured out of your eyes
To allow me to LOVE YOU

Your sparkle told the entire history
Of all secrets you hid within your heart

Should I now say "Thank You"
For choosing only me to
Open up your soul like this?

Until I saw the LOVE within you
I never knew the real meanings of LOVE
As if I was living "A-Dead-Man-Walking"

Your LOVE put sudden-breaks
On everything of my life & living
Now some heart-beats are still lingering
Just to LOVE you for one more day

I know you are independent
I know you do not require help
But as you chose me for LOVE
I will always stay with you
Till I am alive over here
Till I am dead over there
And there-after, LOVING YOU

Every time your LOVE memory
Brings tears to my eyes
It feels as if
Your soul is longing for my soul
To meet each other asap...

While living life
There are times when
One feels the need of EGO "I"

Then I realize that
How a glance of your LOVE
Broke the big EGO "I"
That world had built
Brick - by - brick around me
For an entire life

Compacted the essence of
Entire life's wisdom into
That moment of OUR LOVE

No wonder that
In debt of your LOVE
YOU always live within me
As if you've carved
Your name in every breath I take

There is a hidden desire in your heart
As if someone has
Imprisoned our LOVE within YOU

But when I met you
You could not hide the LOVE
That poured out of your eyes
To allow me to LOVE YOU

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