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mc Oct 2014
as time went on,
all I wanted was my lungs
to be filled with
because you made me feel alive
in a way oxygen never could.
but, the fact of the matter
is that you can never truly fill your lungs
with the same air twice
so you were there
and then you were gone
and I've been gasping for you ever since
mc Jun 2014
on the days
where you're still worlds away
and I can feel your absence everywhere,
even inbetween my bones,
I find salvation
in the thought of us even existing
in the same lifetime
and how lucky I am
to be able to love
someone as captivating as you
mc May 2014
and I swear to god,
he is Midas
because the memory
of his hand on my waist
makes me feel
mc Mar 2014
I've begun to hide
the memory of his smile
between my bones
so I can still feel him
fill my empty spaces,
even when he's worlds away
mc Mar 2014
I am trying to be less
of a thunder storm
mc Mar 2014
and I swear
I could tear my rib cage to shreds
if it meant I'd finally feel something again
*(nothing's really felt like anything
since us)
mc Mar 2014
somedays he is a snowflake,
and small
and pretty
and solitary.
others, he is a sunset,
and warm
and beautiful
and unique.
but day in and day out,
whether sunset or snowflake,
he is nothing but himself,
and special
and mine.
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