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Jan 2017 · 277
mc Jan 2017
and when i looked at you
i saw the kind of forevers that people swear don't exist,
that people dream about
Jan 2017 · 287
city slicker
mc Jan 2017
perhaps it's true
that our memories are built like cities inside us
all skyscrapers
and bright lights
and blind idealism
Jan 2017 · 227
mc Jan 2017
it's like our skin is magnetic
only attracting the other's
hands and
elbows and
always brushing
skin against skin
forever chaste and accidental
Jan 2017 · 241
mc Jan 2017
we didn't know each other
but the way he smiled at me made me feel like we did.
all teeth
and gums
i wondered if he could feel my heart
fly out of my chest
and land firmly
in his back pocket.
Sep 2015 · 370
fuck you
mc Sep 2015
I scribbled down "*******" 80 times that night
with tears in my eyes and anger in my chest
when no one was looking
I still haven't figured out
if the ******* was
to you
for not being there
or to myself
for still wanting you to be
Sep 2015 · 355
work in progress
mc Sep 2015
i'm learning to be less of a thunderstorm
Sep 2015 · 271
mc Sep 2015
so I lay completely still,
staring into the pitch black that almost seemed to be swallowing me,
and was soon greeted by sleep
rather than the tears I was so sure would come
Oct 2014 · 485
like oxygen
mc Oct 2014
as time went on,
all I wanted was my lungs
to be filled with
because you made me feel alive
in a way oxygen never could.
but, the fact of the matter
is that you can never truly fill your lungs
with the same air twice
so you were there
and then you were gone
and I've been gasping for you ever since
Jun 2014 · 588
mc Jun 2014
on the days
where you're still worlds away
and I can feel your absence everywhere,
even inbetween my bones,
I find salvation
in the thought of us even existing
in the same lifetime
and how lucky I am
to be able to love
someone as captivating as you
May 2014 · 1.4k
mc May 2014
and I swear to god,
he is Midas
because the memory
of his hand on my waist
makes me feel
Mar 2014 · 894
mc Mar 2014
I've begun to hide
the memory of his smile
between my bones
so I can still feel him
fill my empty spaces,
even when he's worlds away
Mar 2014 · 357
storm (10w)
mc Mar 2014
I am trying to be less
of a thunder storm
Mar 2014 · 685
since us
mc Mar 2014
and I swear
I could tear my rib cage to shreds
if it meant I'd finally feel something again
*(nothing's really felt like anything
since us)
Mar 2014 · 544
mc Mar 2014
somedays he is a snowflake,
and small
and pretty
and solitary.
others, he is a sunset,
and warm
and beautiful
and unique.
but day in and day out,
whether sunset or snowflake,
he is nothing but himself,
and special
and mine.
Mar 2014 · 451
mc Mar 2014
his beauty
like thunder
in a mid-summer storm
Feb 2014 · 1.4k
mc Feb 2014
you shine so bright
that the weeds in my chest
grew towards you
and bloomed
into flowers
that couldn't be called
anything other than
Jan 2014 · 926
mc Jan 2014
he kidnapped my heart
like it was a scared little child
but soon returned it without ransom,
battered and bruised,
with a tone of disgust in his voice
and a distant look on his face.
I guess his greedy mind
got very bored,
very fast
with my broken little heart in his hands.
Dec 2013 · 642
subway transfers
mc Dec 2013
it's almost scary how fast
we went from
to subway transfers littering my bedroom floor
from the night that everyone was there
but you

I can't let go of little pieces of paper
with your city
scribbled all over them
because all I have left
is memories of you
Nov 2013 · 453
mc Nov 2013
but with the mention of your name comes the reminder
that you do not care
and you never really did
making everything a
Nov 2013 · 297
mc Nov 2013
sometimes I think about
what I could have done
and what I could have said
and what we could have been
so we wouldn't have ended up like

and then my heart
and my head
and everything else

because I did not do it
and I did not say it
and we just were not
Nov 2013 · 387
mc Nov 2013
restless nights and restless hearts
I've discovered,
cannot be cured with
and sadness
Nov 2013 · 650
heartbeat (10w)
mc Nov 2013
my heartbeat
has begun
to sound
just like
your name
Nov 2013 · 590
any kind of love
mc Nov 2013
courtly love
compassionate love
fatuous love
tragic love
romantic love
I'll take any kind of love
over the emptiness
of unrequited love
Oct 2013 · 430
poet, poetry, poetic
mc Oct 2013
things always seem
to lose their meaning
through the words of
depressed and angst ridden teenagers
but this time
it's different, I swear
      you became an experienced poet,
                            making poetry out of my heart
(it was the most poetic thing I've ever seen)
Oct 2013 · 635
sick (10w)
mc Oct 2013
I will be sick
if i spend
another night
Sep 2013 · 518
princess of wisdom
mc Sep 2013
I once won an award for being wise
everyone clapped
and my friends cheered
and I graciously accepted it
although I'm still not sure
why my name is scrawled
underneath a word
as beautiful
as wisdom

I am everything but wise
in fact, I'd say I'm rather foolish
because after
of broken promises
and shattered hearts
I still looked for you in the crowd
when I received the award
and felt my heart ache
when you didn't
cheer and smile
along with everyone else
Sep 2013 · 5.6k
mc Sep 2013
I always saw myself
as a mere sunflower
in your world of roses
until the night we were lying in your basement
and you quietly admitted
you thought
were the most beautiful flower of them all

now I'm your sunflower
in a world of roses
Sep 2013 · 359
mc Sep 2013
it's been said over and over
but your arms truly did

and now that it's been
one month exactly
since I was last in your arms
doesn't feel quite the same
Sep 2013 · 406
occasional pain killer
mc Sep 2013
words make it hurt less
but most of the time
they don't
Sep 2013 · 287
mc Sep 2013
take something ugly
        (you and me)
and turn it into something beautiful
Sep 2013 · 962
mc Sep 2013
I thought I loved you
while you barely thought of me at all
Sep 2013 · 348
mc Sep 2013
my heart now calls
for no one in particular

there's no longer a face
                             (your face)
etched into my heart

I'm empty

and I've never been more glad
Sep 2013 · 553
mc Sep 2013
the thing I fear the most
is the feeling in the pit of my stomach
when you smile
Aug 2013 · 917
long distance
mc Aug 2013
people always say

“you should stay close to the things

that make you happiest to be alive”

but what am I supposed to do

when the thing
that makes me happiest
 to be alive

lives so far away?
Aug 2013 · 909
mc Aug 2013
I always held you in my heart
   while you held me at arms length

but by the time I forced you out of my heart,
   you finally held me in your arms.

After all this heartache,
   my heart is scarred
and I don't know where to hold you.

      (all I know is that your arms feel like home)
Aug 2013 · 911
spring cleaning in the fall
mc Aug 2013
I think it's time to clean out my closets
because I tend to keep
everything that reminds me of
and I'm starting to drown in the memories
of wasted dreams
and shattered hearts.
Aug 2013 · 3.8k
mc Aug 2013
with his flirty smiles,
charming words,
wandering eyes,
and broken promises,
he seems to have
mastered the art of
breaking hearts.
although his masterpiece
would have to be
kissing me once
then never again,
leaving me shattered
with the only remedy being
his heart.
Aug 2013 · 465
heartbreaker (10w)
mc Aug 2013
he seems
to have
the art of
breaking hearts
this is an excerpt bye
Aug 2013 · 757
mc Aug 2013
As the rain drops splattered my face,
I remembered that glorious smile you gave me
while our soaking clothes dripped
and you pulled me into your wet embrace.
Despite the cold,
I think that’s the warmest I’ve ever felt.

As the rain drops splattered my face,
I searched for you in the crowd
and my heart sank like lead
when you were nowhere to be found.

As the rain drops splattered my face,
tear drops quickly followed
because you are gone
and I will no longer be running into your arms.
this is super old and i just found it and liked it so here it is
Aug 2013 · 360
mc Aug 2013
Going, going, gone. I am lost in the void now, and no matter how much I reach or claw, everything slips from my grasp. And I fall deeper. I'd say that I'll miss you until the end of time but that implies that there is an end. And although forever is a hard word to grasp, when you truly think about its meaning, it's the only way to describe how long you'll be on my mind. I'm drowning in an ocean of sorrow, and the light is beginning to fade. Without you, I am but a shell: no emotions, no soul. My heart is gone and in its place is a block of lead, bringing me down faster than a bullet drops a man. Life is something we take for granted until its over. We don't seem to grasp just how remarkable it is. We smile, we laugh, we lose and we cry. And yet losing you showed me that love trumps life. For a life without love is one without meaning. A young man who has loved has already lived more than anyone who hasn't. As I near the bottom of this ocean I realize it's the little things that will make me miss you the most. Times where I'll expect to hear your laugh and hear nothing but resounding silence. Times when I'll look for you and realize you're nowhere to be found. The light is gone now as I reach the bottom. And I fall deeper.
this isn't my poem
Aug 2013 · 447
little flower
mc Aug 2013
I was like a seed,
small and unprepared and alone.
You were like the summer,
warm and encompassing and loving.
Your warmth helped me grow into a beautiful flower,
made me ready to face the world with you at my side.
My roots were intertwined with you
and your heart
and what I thought was love.
But now autumn is here,
your warmth is gone
and I have been uprooted.
You've left me to fend off the winter on my own
and I don't think this little flower can survive.
Aug 2013 · 379
summer to my sadness
mc Aug 2013
august came and brought us together,
showing me love
and banishing my loneliness

but september came and tore us apart,
ripping my heart
my hope
my happiness
to shreds

you are the summer to my sadness
and september is here
Aug 2013 · 4.3k
summer camp lovers
mc Aug 2013
kiss him while you still have the chance

kiss him
because his love will fade
with the summer heat

kiss him again
because his forevers
will turn into nevers

kiss him once more
because summer loves
only lead to winter heartbreaks

kiss him goodbye and never look back
Jul 2013 · 463
twins (10w)
mc Jul 2013
I think your soul
and my soul
may be
Jul 2013 · 279
mc Jul 2013
I feel like I'm screaming into the emptiness
and no one
not even my own echo
is there to keep me sane
and hold me when
the darks get darker
and the pain won't fade
mc Jul 2013
maybe if I had let you in,
you would've stayed a little longer

maybe if I had loved you more,
you would've left my heart intact

maybe if I had held you tighter,
you would've felt how much I loved you

but it doesn't really matter
because all you'll ever be
is maybe ifs
and would have beens
Jul 2013 · 423
mc Jul 2013
no matter what I do
I always end up broken hearted
when I'm left in the dark
even though I'm the one
who closes the blinds
and locks the doors
on everything and everyone who comes knocking

(even though I bring this darkness on myself
it still hurts to spend yet another night
I can't seem to get this poem right
Jul 2013 · 493
heavy heart
mc Jul 2013
I was sure you would be strong enough
to carry my heavy heart
but in time,
you proved you couldn't bear the weight
and now you've left me
with a heart
twice as heavy
as before
Jun 2013 · 1.1k
happy birthday to me
mc Jun 2013
although I feel like
I'll be the only person saying happy birthday
to me today

I'm supposed to be happy
but all I feel is just
Jun 2013 · 621
happy birthday
mc Jun 2013
happy birthday to the boy
who receives the same gift
(my heart) every year
and who every year
refuses to accept it

happy birthday to me
in 48 hours time
a simple 2 days from now
a simple 2 days from him
a simple 2 days apart

maybe this year he'll realize
that all I want for my birthday
is for him to accept my gift
with all of his heart
and we can live the only day of the year
when we are no longer the same age
with our hearts
intertwined into one
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