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11.1k · Apr 2019
I Think I Love You
McKenna Pickett Apr 2019
It's like the entire world feels right
whenever I see you.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
All of a sudden
my heart feels lighter
and I feel like myself again.

I think you're the one
I've been looking for all along.
738 · Jul 2019
Baby Steps
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
For the first time in a while,
I was able to look at myself
and think, I love you.
731 · Nov 2018
Not For Me
McKenna Pickett Nov 2018
You told me I taught you
what it means to love.

What I didn't know is that
the love I taught you
would be given to
someone else.
658 · Jul 2019
Self Care
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
I think I'm finally starting to love the person I am.
Not the person I want to be.
582 · Feb 2019
Where Are You Now?
McKenna Pickett Feb 2019
You said you'd always love me
so why do I sit here alone at 3am
wondering where it went wrong.
524 · May 2019
They're All That's Left
McKenna Pickett May 2019
I'm scared that if I let you
into my heart, you'll leave
behind footprints that my
tears can't wash away.
440 · Feb 2019
Was It True?
McKenna Pickett Feb 2019
You said you'd always love me
I didn't know always meant until
you got bored.
397 · May 2020
You Don't Rule My Life
McKenna Pickett May 2020
When I think of my future,
I no longer think of you.
When I think of my future,
I think of me smiling, free, and happy.
373 · Jan 2019
Internal Conflict
McKenna Pickett Jan 2019
It becomes very hard to make decisions
when everything and everyone tells me
its not right.
But my heart just wont give up.
289 · Feb 2019
Will It Stop?
McKenna Pickett Feb 2019
It feels like it's permanently
raining inside my heart.

Those droplets are the tears that
don't fall from my eyes.
247 · Mar 2019
Only With You
McKenna Pickett Mar 2019
They asked we why I ever loved you.
I told them it was because
whenever you were there
the darkness turned to light,
the broken pieces turned whole,
and I was finally happy to be alive.
240 · Apr 2019
I'm Human
McKenna Pickett Apr 2019
I used to feel dead.
like everything I did
was mechanic and

With no feeling in my body or my mind or my soul.

When I first met you
was the first time
I was made aware
that my heart was beating.

That it was possible for me to feel alive.
237 · Aug 2019
I'm Okay
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
I no longer have to search and search for good things
each day, I can finally find them in myself.
237 · Dec 2019
Can I Spend It With You
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
When I think of you, I see a future
You're my forever.
237 · Oct 2021
Because You Make Life Easy
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
You're the kind of person I
want to lay on the grass with.
See shapes in the clouds and
feel the gentle breeze with.

You're the kind of person I want
to go on late night drives with.
Have the windows down and
listen to blaring music with.

Doing whatever, whenever.
Always and forever.
234 · Dec 2019
I Want It
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
Your love is like sunsets and forever.
230 · Apr 2021
One Day
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I'll finally reach your retreating back,
and maybe we can walk together again.
221 · Feb 2019
I'm Freezing
McKenna Pickett Feb 2019
I know it's winter,
but it feels so cold.
It's a different kind of cold.
The kind that grips
your heart
and never lets go.

The kind that swallows
you as you lay awake at 3am.
The kind that slowly
washes over you
and breaks your soul.

And I wonder if it's
because I've been left
without the warmth
of your heart.
216 · Apr 2019
I'm Getting Better pt.2
McKenna Pickett Apr 2019
Each day I find
a new reason
to love myself.
215 · May 2017
McKenna Pickett May 2017
The evening wind blew my way as I walked the streets of yesterday.
Tomorrow is will be different thats whay we say.
But hardly ever will we be okay.
People walk on thin lines blinding themselfs to not see the signs.
They give up before they start then let faliure tear them apart.
They say things that they dont mean then ignore it on routine.
They cry and say i'm fine agree to something then decline.

Why are we like this?
Why do we disagree
Why do we ignore
things we can forsee?
Things we can stop
we let them slide.
They'll never learn
they've never tried.
Just stop it now just please
for these words go with the breeze.
206 · Nov 2019
I Strive For That
McKenna Pickett Nov 2019
To me, you feel like watching a sunset
and bathing in its warmth.
204 · Feb 2021
Humans Can Be Good
McKenna Pickett Feb 2021
Even the smallest moments make us happy.
199 · Aug 2019
Even Now You Still Hurt Me
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
I’m scared to delete our pictures and box up our memories. I feel like if I erase you, I’ll erase a part of me too.
McKenna Pickett Sep 2017
A flag waving in the wind,
take a knee. Why? Because why should I stand before a country that disrespects me?
A storm hitting a state,
I help. Why? because why should I do nothing when people are hurting?
A new president,
I keep to myself. Why? Because in our society I will only get beaten down.
All these bad things,
I cry. Why? Because I wonder what has become of us? Where is the peace we used to have? The joy?
And we said monsters weren't real. That you can't be hurt. Oh how wrong we were.
190 · Jan 2019
It's All In My Head Pt. 2
McKenna Pickett Jan 2019
It's like there's a wall
between all who try to help me
and my broken self.
And each time they get closer
my wall gets thicker.

Will I ever be okay?
190 · Mar 2019
Please Don't Go
McKenna Pickett Mar 2019
I find it hard to open up again.
I'm scared I'll have to watch you walk
while I sit alone reaching out to a distant memory.
180 · Nov 2018
McKenna Pickett Nov 2018
Is it wrong to still love you?
Even after all you put me through?

Is it wrong to still miss you?
And all that you mean to me?

Is it wrong to hope?
That you'll come back.

Because my head says it is
and my heart says it's not.
175 · Sep 2017
McKenna Pickett Sep 2017
I have watched the news and every time, only one thing that's in their mind.
Let's have it repeated.  
It will not be defeated.
Not by protests, not by fights. But understanding that we all have rights.
Do not stand before a country that disrespects you. Do not hate on people who feel that way.
That's what's wrong with us. We don't see past our own flesh and bones.
Only to see we are made of the same things.
We all have hearts, though some are broken.
We all have mouths, yet words left unspoken.
We all have brains but instead use hate. People ignore the world, ins't that great?
It's what stops us from seeing past the labels. We try to untangle all the cables.
The ones that will maybe stop people from hurting. But it won't stop, no one is asserting.
So go ahead and take a knee. Look away from the flag that you see. And go ahead and spit and hate. Use that as a way to communicate.
See the people in which we stand. We see them above us, we're not hand and hand.
Go head and dislike my work. The hate goes around like clockwork.
Year after year nothing has changed. Having only hateful exchanged.
Burn your flags, and lock yourself away. Our society will only continue to decay.
See each person that's different then you. As a monster or even an animal too.
If you do this, i'm sad to say. You'll never understand why the joy went away. The reason we are all left in this state? Oh, it's because of all the hate.
I'm so sorry. I just have been fed up with all the hate that has been flying around. Forgive me.
173 · Jul 2018
McKenna Pickett Jul 2018
As night         f
                                                            s        my mind is embraced
by the

172 · Jun 2019
When Did It Happen?
McKenna Pickett Jun 2019
You told me you fell in love
hard and fast.
It's funny how you fell out of love
like that too.
McKenna Pickett Dec 2018
My favorite days
are the ones where
the sky is gray and
the clouds are dark and low.
Where the wind blows cold
and allows us to feel.
Where the rain pours upon us
and washes away our past.
My favorite days
are the messiest.
The ones that match my heart.
168 · Dec 2018
I'm Glad
McKenna Pickett Dec 2018
I can finally chase after my own dreams
without you plaguing me with doubt.
168 · Apr 2019
Can I Escape Too?
McKenna Pickett Apr 2019
People just don't understand that
when you read our stories,
you're reading a part of us that was
brave enough to escape our hearts.
161 · May 2019
I Want It On Repeat
McKenna Pickett May 2019
a b c d e f |Your| g h i j k l |laugh| m n o p q r |is| s t u v w x |my| y z a b c d |favorite| e f g h i j |melody| k l m n o p
160 · Oct 2017
McKenna Pickett Oct 2017
Moonlight shines on the broken pieces of my heart.

They reflect you.
Short but meaningful.
158 · Oct 2019
At First Sight
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
You know you're falling when you look at them
and think "I'm finally home."
157 · Mar 2019
I'm Getting Better
McKenna Pickett Mar 2019
I think I'm finally starting to
love myself a bit more,
laugh a bit more,
smile a bit more,
enjoy life a bit more,
am thankful to be alive
a bit more.
155 · Dec 2019
The Old Me Is Still Me
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
I know I will find the old me
happy, silly, and perfect
right where I left myself
and I hope that girl can forgive me
for not loving who I was.
154 · Jan 2019
Is it?
McKenna Pickett Jan 2019
I find it scary
how quick people
can go from
someone to
Was it really love
if you can give up
that easily?
150 · May 2020
Always & Forever, It's You
McKenna Pickett May 2020
Would you believe me
if I said that you're my Eternity?
144 · Nov 2018
I Fight Back
McKenna Pickett Nov 2018
Everyday I
break a little more,
fall a little harder.

But it all just teaches me how to
stand a little taller,
rise a little stronger.
142 · Nov 2018
It's All In My Head
McKenna Pickett Nov 2018
There are so many people in my life who care about me.
People who would take bullets for me.
Fight for me.
People who will always be there.

So why do I feel so alone?
135 · Nov 2017
McKenna Pickett Nov 2017

Of our society.
Yet they are afraid.
Afraid to speak up, as the don't know their rights.
Afraid to live, being exposed to terrible sights.
Afraid but should not be, because they should be cared for.
Afraid but are important, as they are society's core.
This is kinda bad but I needed to write something so take this....
131 · Feb 18
Little Me Would Be Happy
I miss my old childhood room. With its dim lights and creaky bed. Turning off the lights and opening my old macbook. The fan inside it blowing hard and much too loud for two in the morning. I miss loading up a blocky game that lagged a little too much. Calling my friends on my phone and speaking in hushed shouts. Sneaking downstairs to grab a few cookies, making sure not to step on the fourth step (that's the one that creaked) and making sure not to crinkle the cookie package too much. Returning back to my room, placing both hands on the keys and forgetting about tomorrow. Playing that game with my friends until I finally noticed the sun peaking through my blinds and the warmth returning to the room. Hanging up the phone before my parents awoke and finally climbing under the covers. I miss my old childhood room and all the memories encased in its walls.
125 · Dec 2019
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
I know the path I take will be hard
but I will run until I find who I
125 · Dec 2018
Why Me?
McKenna Pickett Dec 2018
I didn't even know why I cried.
It just felt right.
Like the tears flowing would help, would heal.
But they were just a reminder of my broken self.
125 · May 2018
It Could Be You
McKenna Pickett May 2018
Sometimes it takes one person, to change a life.
Sometimes it takes one smile, to brighten a day.
Sometimes it takes one laugh, to ease a child.
Sometimes it take one word, to better a world.

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of hope, a tiny smile, and warming laugh and a few words, to make everything okay.

For we are all born without knowing we might die to soon.
We are also born without knowing we could stop those actions.

Either one could be you.
124 · May 2019
They Live On
McKenna Pickett May 2019
No one is truly gone
if you still carry them
with you in your
124 · Sep 2017
Loosing You
McKenna Pickett Sep 2017
I reach out towards you,
only to have my hand pass through your love.
I am loosing you.
You're slipping through my fingers.
I am loosing you.
Slowly fading.
I'm loosing you.
Goodbye Grandpa who I have never met.
Goodbye Grandma who I never got to see.
Goodbye Grandpa who I met once.
And to my Grandma. Please don't go.
I am loosing you.
Goodbye friends who have been taken towards the lights.
Goodbye friends who have won and lost their fights.
I have lost you.
And in the process, I have lost
This is to my friends and family who I has lost over the years.
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