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Feb 18 · 131
Little Me Would Be Happy
I miss my old childhood room. With its dim lights and creaky bed. Turning off the lights and opening my old macbook. The fan inside it blowing hard and much too loud for two in the morning. I miss loading up a blocky game that lagged a little too much. Calling my friends on my phone and speaking in hushed shouts. Sneaking downstairs to grab a few cookies, making sure not to step on the fourth step (that's the one that creaked) and making sure not to crinkle the cookie package too much. Returning back to my room, placing both hands on the keys and forgetting about tomorrow. Playing that game with my friends until I finally noticed the sun peaking through my blinds and the warmth returning to the room. Hanging up the phone before my parents awoke and finally climbing under the covers. I miss my old childhood room and all the memories encased in its walls.
I long for a time I can never reach again.
A  time that is slowing slipping through my fingers.
A time that is fading from my memories.
Taking its warmth and serenity with it.
And it is only now that I realize I should have appreciated it more.
Oct 2021 · 237
Because You Make Life Easy
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
You're the kind of person I
want to lay on the grass with.
See shapes in the clouds and
feel the gentle breeze with.

You're the kind of person I want
to go on late night drives with.
Have the windows down and
listen to blaring music with.

Doing whatever, whenever.
Always and forever.
Oct 2021 · 120
You're More Than You Know
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
I want to make you smile always.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
Silly jokes reduce me
to a mess of giddy smiles
and simple words have
my heart running in circles.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
All of a sudden
my heart feels lighter
and I feel like myself again.

I think you're the one
I've been looking for all along.
Apr 2021 · 230
One Day
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I'll finally reach your retreating back,
and maybe we can walk together again.
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I hope one day I get to see you happy again.
Apr 2021 · 101
Thank You
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
While you were only in my life for a short time,
you made me happy and that's hard to forget.
Apr 2021 · 79
You Taught Me How To Love
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I see now that it wasn't either of our faults.
Sometimes two people are only meant to be
in each others lives to teach a lesson.
Apr 2021 · 97
It's Time To Move On
McKenna Pickett Apr 2021
I have one final message to you before you become a memory:
Go. Live on. Be happy and do all of the things you wanted to do.
Even if it's not with me, even if I'm no longer by your side.
For once, live your life for you and don't worry about anyone else.
Find love, make mistakes, and feel every emotion out there.
And maybe one day we can meet again and smile.
Feb 2021 · 204
Humans Can Be Good
McKenna Pickett Feb 2021
Even the smallest moments make us happy.
McKenna Pickett Feb 2021
All you did was compliment my necklace
and yet for a second I believed I was someone
who was worth compliments. Thank you.
Oct 2020 · 119
I've Made It
McKenna Pickett Oct 2020
Today I cried just as I did this time last year.
Except I cried then for a broken heart and a lost love.
This time I cried because I'm finally happy.
Oct 2020 · 108
I Should've Done It Sooner
McKenna Pickett Oct 2020
As I finally pushed the block button
I felt the weight of us falling off my shoulders.
Oct 2020 · 103
To My Soulmate
McKenna Pickett Oct 2020
I hope we can find each other in this life.
And if not, then I'll wait for you in the next.
May 2020 · 150
Always & Forever, It's You
McKenna Pickett May 2020
Would you believe me
if I said that you're my Eternity?
May 2020 · 397
You Don't Rule My Life
McKenna Pickett May 2020
When I think of my future,
I no longer think of you.
When I think of my future,
I think of me smiling, free, and happy.
May 2020 · 115
I Know I'm Healing
McKenna Pickett May 2020
When getting out of bed isn't so hard
When eating isn't just a chore
When going outside isn't scary
When seeing you doesn't hurt
When being happy is natural
When life feels worth living again.
May 2020 · 119
McKenna Pickett May 2020
I wish I had a screen protector
around my heart
to save me from the fall
that was you.
Apr 2020 · 121
I Wanted That Future
McKenna Pickett Apr 2020
When people ask why I stayed so long,
the only thing I can think of is:
The only future I saw for myself
was one with him in it.
Apr 2020 · 119
You Were My Music
McKenna Pickett Apr 2020
Some people
find comfort  in listening to music
indulging in the melodies
the words,
the feelings,
and how they warm your soul.
Dec 2019 · 237
Can I Spend It With You
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
When I think of you, I see a future
You're my forever.
Dec 2019 · 234
I Want It
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
Your love is like sunsets and forever.
Dec 2019 · 125
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
I know the path I take will be hard
but I will run until I find who I
Dec 2019 · 155
The Old Me Is Still Me
McKenna Pickett Dec 2019
I know I will find the old me
happy, silly, and perfect
right where I left myself
and I hope that girl can forgive me
for not loving who I was.
Nov 2019 · 206
I Strive For That
McKenna Pickett Nov 2019
To me, you feel like watching a sunset
and bathing in its warmth.
Nov 2019 · 111
A Symbol Of Hope
McKenna Pickett Nov 2019
In the battle between me
and my self-hatred
you're my swallow.
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
My favorite sight
is you being happy.
Oct 2019 · 110
What's This Feeling?
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
You make me want to get better.
And for once, I believe I can.
Oct 2019 · 99
When Did I Start Falling?
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
And just like that, I began looking for you everywhere I went.
Oct 2019 · 158
At First Sight
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
You know you're falling when you look at them
and think "I'm finally home."
Oct 2019 · 98
I Want To Teach You How
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
I've found that the most beautiful thing we can learn
is to love who we are, not who we want to be.
Oct 2019 · 104
I Will Shine
McKenna Pickett Oct 2019
You were once my light,
but now I've found that I can be my own sun.
Sep 2019 · 101
Please Play It Again
McKenna Pickett Sep 2019
I've fallen for you like lyrics from a singer's mouth.
I can find a part of you in every love song.
Aug 2019 · 237
I'm Okay
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
I no longer have to search and search for good things
each day, I can finally find them in myself.
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
It’s to the point where I feel like a terrible person for trying to be happier.
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
Just because I’m the one who broke things off
Doesn’t mean my heart didn’t break with it too.
Aug 2019 · 199
Even Now You Still Hurt Me
McKenna Pickett Aug 2019
I’m scared to delete our pictures and box up our memories. I feel like if I erase you, I’ll erase a part of me too.
Jul 2019 · 98
In The Future
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
I hope my hands can one day hold
a empty heart and fill it with love.
Jul 2019 · 104
You Have To Love You First
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
To you who feels like the world is against you,
You Deserve To Be Loved.
Jul 2019 · 738
Baby Steps
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
For the first time in a while,
I was able to look at myself
and think, I love you.
Jul 2019 · 658
Self Care
McKenna Pickett Jul 2019
I think I'm finally starting to love the person I am.
Not the person I want to be.
Jun 2019 · 173
When Did It Happen?
McKenna Pickett Jun 2019
You told me you fell in love
hard and fast.
It's funny how you fell out of love
like that too.
Jun 2019 · 106
I'm Sorry
McKenna Pickett Jun 2019
If I'm the one who taught you how to love,
does that mean
I'm the one who taught you how to fall out of it, too?
Jun 2019 · 96
McKenna Pickett Jun 2019
He looks at you as if
you were an art piece.
I wish you could see yourself
like that too.
May 2019 · 161
I Want It On Repeat
McKenna Pickett May 2019
a b c d e f |Your| g h i j k l |laugh| m n o p q r |is| s t u v w x |my| y z a b c d |favorite| e f g h i j |melody| k l m n o p
May 2019 · 524
They're All That's Left
McKenna Pickett May 2019
I'm scared that if I let you
into my heart, you'll leave
behind footprints that my
tears can't wash away.
May 2019 · 124
They Live On
McKenna Pickett May 2019
No one is truly gone
if you still carry them
with you in your
Apr 2019 · 113
Is This Love?
McKenna Pickett Apr 2019
Every time I  look into
your chocolate eyes,
I'm reminded of my
my new favorite color.
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