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Dec 2023 · 72
Merry Christmas
McKenna Pickett Dec 2023
I hope you get everything you wanted
And I hope you play in the snow

I hope the fireplace is warm
and the lights twinkle and glow

I hope you find comfort
and I hope you find your way

I hope that you'll remember me
and hope that I'm okay
Nov 2023 · 55
McKenna Pickett Nov 2023
There’s a certain bitterness in growing up
It’s being angry at the world for it wanting you to change
For expecting you to keep up
When you still haven’t grown into your shoes
They’re still tied with bunny ears
Sep 2023 · 65
McKenna Pickett Sep 2023
I have never been one for romance
I never really know what to do
but I long for the chance
to make an advance
and dance to silence with you.

I'm sure at first it'd be funny
we'd look at each other and laugh
we'd swing and we'd sway
we'd dance every way
and cherish the love that we have.

For the silence we hear
Is not the absence of words
But rather things we need not say.
We both already know
How our hearts have been connected
From the very start up til today.

So I may not be a love song
But I'll show you in every way that I know
Til the day that we're gone
You'll know you belong
Like the flowers that bloom in the meadow.
Sep 2023 · 749
We're Just Girls
McKenna Pickett Sep 2023
In another universe somewhere
my mother and I have never fought.

We still hold hands as we fall asleep.
McKenna Pickett Aug 2023
Every now and then
I find myself back in your arms

We're laying on your bed
and there's a video playing on the tv

Every now and then I am yours again
if only for a moment

But you are not here anymore
we will not share any more of those moments

Every now and then I miss them
I miss you
Aug 2023 · 83
McKenna Pickett Aug 2023
In another universe

We're still here

My head is on your chest

I can hear your heartbeat

We're still here
Aug 2023 · 404
I Miss You
McKenna Pickett Aug 2023
A piece of me will always belong to you,
There will always be space
for your favorite restaurant orders,
I'll see you every time it rains.
Jul 2023 · 85
"I Wish You The Best"
McKenna Pickett Jul 2023
I hope you know
I'm rooting for you.

You may not be in my life anymore
But I hope all your dreams we talked about
come true.

I hope you make it wherever you want to go
Even if I'm not beside you there.
Jun 2023 · 96
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
"Why do you always look at me like that?"

"Like what?"

"Like there's nothing else that matters."

"Because there isn't, not when I'm with you."
Jun 2023 · 73
To: Younger Me
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
I know it used to be hard to find even one good thing
to talk about each day,

But I hope you know

I find myself here now
with so many moments I want to hold onto
that I pay for extra storage on my phone
and take as many photos as I can
so I can take the good times with me
and talk about them each day.

I take those photos for you,
for us,
to remember that there is always
something worth fighting for.
Jun 2023 · 330
Here's To Us
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
"Do you think in some other universe we never met?"



"I think I've always known you."

"In every universe?"

"I have never been so sure of something before."
Jun 2023 · 80
This Is My Confession
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
I have never wanted to hold onto something so much before
To irrevocably give you everything I have
If only it help you realize
I have known you my whole life
In the way that you are the flowers I have loved every spring
And the stars I have always admired every night
You have always been there
Even if I didn't know it
And now that I do
I want to hold this feeling forever
If you'll let me
Jun 2023 · 59
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
What a feeling to want to say everything so sincerely that there'll never be another doubt again
Jun 2023 · 53
I'll Remember, I Promise
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
You can ask anyone who knows me
I have never been the best at remembering things
I leave my thoughts scattered across the coffee table in my head
But when it comes to you my dear
You are just too important to forget
Jun 2023 · 215
Exhibit A
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
You say you'd never be able to do it
But I believe with every star in the sky
You are more than you know.
Jun 2023 · 424
Summer Love
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
There is never going to be enough time
We humans are good at asking for more.

One more summer
One more dance
One more goodbye.

But the truth is
There is never going to be enough time.

So I will use all that I have
To make sure it feels like
We have all the time in the world
Despite all odds.
Jun 2023 · 74
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
If I have ever been so sure of something
its's that I have loved you
in every lifetime I've lived
and every lifetime I have yet to.
Jun 2023 · 55
McKenna Pickett Jun 2023
And at the very end of it all
I will have decided
that everything was only ever you.
May 2023 · 80
Achilles Heel
McKenna Pickett May 2023
This love may swallow me whole
but baby you best believe
I would risk being ******
if it meant being able to hold you forever.
May 2023 · 70
Open Ears
McKenna Pickett May 2023
I hope you tell your friends about me
and I hope they're as happy for you
as The Moon is for me
when she listens to my stories of you
every night.
May 2023 · 59
McKenna Pickett May 2023
And if the Greek myth about soulmates being two parts of one former person was to be true,

I would only know of it's verity in the way that we have so much in common that we must have been one at some point.
McKenna Pickett May 2023
Every time I look into your eyes,
I see a future I could stare at
May 2023 · 485
Pretty Every Time
McKenna Pickett May 2023
You feel like star gazing and sunsets
May 2023 · 61
Younger Me
McKenna Pickett May 2023
In my dreams I am transported to a different world
A flower field bathed in golden light as the sun decides to go to sleep.
And in this world I meet her. She’s just a fragment now.
Slowly been carried away by the wind. Nothing more than a mere shadow.
I sit with her and hold her hand. She asks me to stay with her
She doesn’t want to go away. I trace her fingers which are so much smaller than mine
The gold has now faded into the night as she decides to go to sleep.
This will be the last time I meet her.
I can no longer hold her hand. Yet I ask her to stay with her.
I don’t want her to go away. Her voice is soft and kind, bringing warmth that I'll never feel again.
I look across her big bright eyes and I see myself in them and then
I am back home.
May 2023 · 80
McKenna Pickett May 2023
There is a certain solace in the rain.
Let it fall upon you and soak into your clothes
Let it seep into your flesh and bones.
Feel the chill spread across yourself.
That is the feeling of being alive
That is how you know you feel.
That is how you know you are alive.
May 2023 · 392
Even Just A Moment
McKenna Pickett May 2023
Won't you stay for awhile?
May 2023 · 50
McKenna Pickett May 2023
Oh what a feeling to miss someone who isn't even gone
May 2023 · 82
Against The Odds
McKenna Pickett May 2023
I wish I could engrave every moment I spend with you
into every part of me

I want to leave our mark upon the world and
if we ever were to cease

I'd shake my fist at the sky and shout

"We were here!"
"Do you hear me!"
"We were here!"
May 2023 · 111
McKenna Pickett May 2023
I don't know how I could've lived a whole life before meeting you
May 2023 · 69
To: You
McKenna Pickett May 2023
I've decided that there is nothing brighter in this world than you.
May 2023 · 55
I'll Try Again Later
McKenna Pickett May 2023
To be honest I was gonna try to write a sappy love poem but all I could come up with was:

I am very happy you're here with me.
May 2023 · 47
Thank You
McKenna Pickett May 2023
I have spent my whole life
that I would never find love.

I have spent my whole life
to a fate I created in my own mind.


I've decided to spend the time I have now
to realize that I'll find love someday.

I've decided to spend the time I have now
that the first step is finding love in myself.

You make me want to try.
Apr 2023 · 16
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
I have always loved Vincent Van Gogh and his art.

Whenever I gazed upon those vivid colors as a child,
my imagination would paint me my own pictures
of dancing on golden stars and ambling through flower fields of bleeding hues.

Now when I look at them, I picture the tragedy of a man who loved the world in a way that was much too complex for us to understand.

Was there ever a time, Vincent, where you truly  felt whole?
Or were you always desperate to find peace?
Apr 2023 · 133
I'll Find A Way
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
Sometimes I find
that my hands are too small

they cannot hold the world
the way the moon holds the tide.

Sometimes I find
my legs are too short

they cannot decide where to go
the way roots decide to reach and live.

And while I feel these things
lend themselves so my downfall,
I am proud that sometimes

I find my heart is too big

a beating in my ribs
that echos above all sense of reason.


sometimes I wonder if that beat
is enough to tell the world
I was here.
Apr 2023 · 52
I'm Simply Passing Time
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
I have never been good
at being someone people would choose
in a crowded room.

I am the smell of rain
and the ticking of a clock.

I am a slight breeze
and a fleeting glance through a window.

I have never been good
at sticking around
long enough to know I am worth
being stuck with.
Apr 2023 · 185
We Existed
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
You can find us
etched into walls
and growing
from cracks in sidewalks

In the way we say
"good morning"
and the way we say

We were always here
and here we stay
Apr 2023 · 61
As We've Always Been
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
Even though we may one day
burn out in one big blast of light
I hope those who come after
will see our love from millions of miles away
as vast, bright, and infinite.
Apr 2023 · 102
We Are Here
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
Sometimes I feel
i'd give you the world
if only you'd ask.

No star in the sky could
in their best efforts
evade my hands that stretch
as far as Eden for you.

From the beginning
until doomsday hails, forever
on and on my love will wrap us
in the warmth of home.
Apr 2023 · 76
You and Me
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
Sweet and soft your voice is
as it calms my aching heart

and as I lie awake
wondering how I was so lucky
as to have met you
in this lifetime
I come to the conclusion
we were stars together
many years ago
and decided
that time was not enough

we were destined
to find our fingers interlocked
as our hearts pulled us
Apr 2023 · 63
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
I can't listen to music anymore while I study.
My thoughts are loud enough on their own.

And I let them consume me.
Bite away until I'm nothing more than those very thoughts
leaking out of my head.
Apr 2023 · 112
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
I am made of sunrises
blotches of color painted by weary hands.

I am made of stars
picked straight from the sky by tiny fingertips
reaching for something more.

I am made of laughter and tears
and as my much too heavy shoulders shake
you'll wonder

what I am carrying after all.
Apr 2023 · 59
I'll Be There Soon
McKenna Pickett Apr 2023
Every now and then
I become 10 years old

I'm laying in my parents bed
melting into worn sheets and heavy blankets

I can hear my sister on the phone
she's chatting about some math test

The walls were always thin

I can hear my mother with the vacuum
and my father and brother cooking breakfast

They are toasting english muffins
and scrambling eggs

The bacon is sizzling
and the hash browns are crispy

I can smell it now as it floods my house
seeping into the hallway and into the room

The birds outside are singing
and the sunlight is golden as it carresses
my weary, aged eyes

But I am 10 right now
my shoulders have no weight to carry

And I feel as though I am one with the wind
slowly floating away from where I should be,
back towards home.
Oct 2022 · 108
I'd Like To Hold Your Hand
McKenna Pickett Oct 2022
I wish I could tell you how I feel,
but all I can do is stare at this blinking cursor
and think the words instead.
Oct 2022 · 423
Just Being You Is Enough
McKenna Pickett Oct 2022
I think you're really cool.
Even when you're doing nothing at all.
Aug 2022 · 112
Could it be?
McKenna Pickett Aug 2022
You laughed at the absurdity of my story, but there was something in that sound that felt like the beginning of something.
Aug 2022 · 411
McKenna Pickett Aug 2022
How can I miss someone I don't even know yet?
Feb 2022 · 206
Little Me Would Be Happy
McKenna Pickett Feb 2022
I miss my old childhood room. With its dim lights and creaky bed. Turning off the lights and opening my old macbook. The fan inside it blowing hard and much too loud for two in the morning. I miss loading up a blocky game that lagged a little too much. Calling my friends on my phone and speaking in hushed shouts. Sneaking downstairs to grab a few cookies, making sure not to step on the fourth step (that's the one that creaked) and making sure not to crinkle the cookie package too much. Returning back to my room, placing both hands on the keys and forgetting about tomorrow. Playing that game with my friends until I finally noticed the sun peaking through my blinds and the warmth returning to the room. Hanging up the phone before my parents awoke and finally climbing under the covers. I miss my old childhood room and all the memories encased in its walls.
McKenna Pickett Feb 2022
I long for a time I can never reach again.
A  time that is slowing slipping through my fingers.
A time that is fading from my memories.
Taking its warmth and serenity with it.
And it is only now that I realize I should have appreciated it more.
Oct 2021 · 311
Because You Make Life Easy
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
You're the kind of person I
want to lay on the grass with.
See shapes in the clouds and
feel the gentle breeze with.

You're the kind of person I want
to go on late night drives with.
Have the windows down and
listen to blaring music with.

Doing whatever, whenever.
Always and forever.
Oct 2021 · 190
You're More Than You Know
McKenna Pickett Oct 2021
I want to make you smile always.
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