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ruby Jul 2019
take away my fear
that I'll not reach the stars
take away my thoughts
about how nothing lasts
wash away my silence
the words caught inside me
wash away the past to see
the girl that I could be
ruby Jul 2019
And yes, it feels like I’m falling apart
trying to hold everything together
ruby Jul 2019
Tell me what’s the point in trying
when no one seems to see,
What’s the point in listening
when no one speaks to me?

Why am I standing at your door
knowing you won’t open it
Why do I try to get your love
knowing there’s not left a bit?

I’m aware I should stop hoping
cause I put my dreams too high
I’m aware I’ll have to stay on earth
cause I’m not made to fly
ruby Jun 2019
you tried to catch a shooting star
and didn't see you were the one falling
ruby Jun 2019
You say you can’t see me
It’s not like I’d hide
Just standing in the shadow
That’s caused by your light
ruby Jun 2019
You've always been a closed door
which I was standing in front of
hoping you'd let me in
but some doors are just
not meant to open
because our ways
do not continue
behind them.
ruby May 2019
and though we didn't move
the space between you and me grew
just like a universe expanding
and all those words unspoken
are galaxies seperating us
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