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431 · Dec 2015
To Not Have At All
Marquis Hardy Dec 2015
We defied death, us two,
Now look what happened.
425 · Feb 2015
Forward and Backward
Marquis Hardy Feb 2015
I read them over and over... Those few words you said to me.
They almost seemed to be enough, but for how long would it hold me over?
Is it enough to keep the thought of you alive in the back of my mind or enough to keep the thought of us a distant memory of something that never came to past?
I read them over and over again; Those words.
Forward and backward... All saying the same things.
You are glad I'm here and you know I'll stay.
Yet you keep floating away.
What's to happen next seems deadly complex when they're truthfully simple.
So simple just for you to say I want to stay. I want to stay forever until I no longer can.
I want to hold on to you forevermore...until my bones themselves desiccate.
And I'd reply saying to you I’ll hold on like I once did when the mere thought of you was enough.
Like I did those words I once read over and over; forward and backward.
424 · Nov 2014
Words in The Fire
Marquis Hardy Nov 2014
And tonight, be not afraid to dream. In this night with the fire providing warmth and serving as our light, be all you desire to be and more. Write down your worries, dreams, and cares and place them in the flames illuminating our faces and heating all but what provides audience to the trees. Believe that what burns you will be gone, what you dream to be will return and what worries you shall melt away. Be strong in hope so that the fire welds your beliefs into solidity that you may shine like that of the fire among those who are damp wood.
418 · May 2015
The Light to Flash
Marquis Hardy May 2015
I looked in her eyes after I kissed her-
the moment before I died.
I saw the light that everyone talks about.
You know, the whole, "life flashed before my eyes light."
You and I were in our budding teenage years-
you 14, and I 16.
It was the day I said, "bye" before you left school,
and I chased after you to say what I meant to say-
I love you.
I saw my family standing around smiling at some-
Oh. It was us-
mostly focused on you-
everyone was looking down at your hand.
I saw you and I saying what appeared to be a temporary goodbye-
being ushered away by our respective best friends was the last thing I saw until-
I saw you-
I saw your face-
I saw your eyes shimmering in the natural light of the setting sun.
I kissed you-
Well I guess I kissed her-
Well he kissed her-
Now I say to you-
Here's to the new light to flash-
the new us to live
the new memories to make-
to an adventure far greater than the, "death do us part"
Marriage is exciting to think about with her.
409 · May 2014
Where The Wind May Take You
Marquis Hardy May 2014
The feel of the wind is blindly hypnotizing beneath the light of the moon that's so mesmerizing
Leading me further into it's gust while whispering to me to the moon or bust
So naturally I let it carry me away having no care to go or to stay
I am driven toward the sky so bright, brightly charged by the stars of the night
Without a care or the slightest worry I was carried away in what seemed like a hurry
Feeling slightly engrossed with fear I began to wonder how I wound up here
What choices and decisions did I decide and choose? Which loved ones have I left abused? What would have happened if I chose to stay? Was it my real life that I chose to betray?
Shaking these thoughts of pain and regret I try and forget the life that I've left
It's all okay until you appear in the clouds releasing yourself from the darkness’s shroud.
I see you and even at this altitude I feel like I'm at home, there's a trail of light flying by where your smile was shown
In the trail I create lead away by the wind parting me from you I realize finally I know what I'm to do
I ask the wind to take me back; return me to my comfort for no matter what's a mystery I see that happiness should come first
Surprisingly pleased the wind halted to a stop and at the stunning rate of gravity I quickly began to drop.
Flailing and kicking and wishing for earth I then perceived all of life's worth
Of what's important and what truly matters, of what is truly right and what we would rather
As a smile breaks to my face I feel a hand on my heart a feeling that I felt at the journeys start
Whispering to me to please come to, it will all be okay, this I promise you
My eyes awaken and your eyes stare in mine and at that moment I know it will all be fine
Feeling the wake of the wind I arise from my pillow and watch the wind take a bow as it leaves from my window.
397 · Oct 2015
Marquis Hardy Oct 2015
You could hear it-

The ground rumbling, the writhing branches trying to hold on to their scurrying leaves.

You could see it-

The yellows and oranges relenting to the indigo and gray, the birds retreating to their comfort.

You could feel it-

the rumbling of the Earth, the wind entering through the cracked window from the runaway branch.

The Blackwind began spinning through the sky- twisting and turning, emulating a vacuum cleaner.
Night lived within the revolving snare leaving a void in its wake.
Washed brand new like an open canvas the once inhabitable surroundings relied on time to create it  anew once more.
369 · May 2014
That One Thing
Marquis Hardy May 2014
Let's take a chance on that-one-thing you dreamed of once. It frightens you because you can't quite remember that-one-thing and the ellipsis leaves a bitter taste in your mouth. Three periods, following the leader in silence leaving so much to be feared. The doubt, the darkness, the cliff leading to an abyss of nothingness all from three meaningless periods. That-one-thing is drilled into your brain like faded words on a street sign. In that dream you remember the feelings, but you can't put a finger on that-one-thing and what it was. You long for it, you hope to dream of it once again but you continue to fall asleep to an unaccompanied darkness of your own inner self. Like a dream journal you told me the bits and pieces of your half remembered night with myself and that-one-thing, and your tone - your excitement had never been matched. You think to yourself that if you could only find the end again you would be ready, but again the ellipsis haunts you and forces you to sleep through the moments that could have meant something until you finally remember the name of that-one-thing.
365 · May 2016
25 seconds until silence
Marquis Hardy May 2016
I haven't produced anything in the longest because I've just been drowning in my thoughts, but this time I decided to write until the song was over. I could do it and just think of nothing in particular. I could release the words and watch them dance in formation while nothing happened in my head... But the sound stopped and I got worried because I realized I don't have anything to say. Where did all the words go? Why was I so afraid of living without a voice?
264 · Mar 2016
You again? (7w Poem)
Marquis Hardy Mar 2016
Why do circles have to be neverending?
249 · Dec 2015
Marquis Hardy Dec 2015
Just be.
Please, just be.
You need to be.
All you want to be .
If you choose not to be.
That will leave none left to be.
Everything only you were ultimately born to be.
244 · Mar 2016
One at a time (10w poem)
Marquis Hardy Mar 2016
If hope can change a life, why are you still sitting?
234 · Feb 2016
Marquis Hardy Feb 2016
It will still break my heart when it changes again, the same way it did when I first noticed it. You've been my home for years, and now I'm starting to feel homeless as you slip away. I wish you would come back to me, come back home and love me like you once did. Love me with your words, and your touch like you did what feels like so long ago. I've always loved you as sure as I have always breathed oxygen. I want to come home, and not return to this empty house. Please, come back, please come back.

— The End —