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Aug 2014 · 1.2k
Silence (15w)
Marian Aug 2014
Today Is One Of Those Days
When I Just Sit Back
And Relax In Silence

Just Another Random Poem!! :) ~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!!! ~~~~<3
Aug 2014 · 665
The Cat Huntress
Marian Aug 2014
Behind the cattails
Hidden from everyone's view
I see her tail twitch

She is so alert
Focusing on the river
Never minding me

Beautiful feline
Sitting beside river's edge
Watching the water

Finally I see
What's captured her gaze so long
Swimming little fish

She bats her paws in
The water to try and catch
Tiny, scared minnow

She will never leave
Or give up before she will
Attack her own prey

But then she sees it
Walking through the tall green grass
A tiny field mouse

So she crouches down
And creeps up behind her prey
Now she will attack

Now her claws eject
The cat huntress, she has caught
Supper for herself

Proudly she picks up
Her prey from off of the ground
Then she heads for home

There she shares dinner
With her family of four
Cute baby kittens

Just a poem about a fictional cat huntress
Who has caught dinner for her kittens!!! :) ~~~~~<3
However, I dedicate this poem to Lady Jane
And all other cats out there!!! :) ~~~<3
Please enjoy these multiple haikus/senryus!!! ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 843
When Morning Dawns
Marian Jul 2014
When morning dawns
I shall gather my flower basket
And pick the white jasmine blooms
I shall stare at the cotton candy pink clouds
Racing across the morning sky
When morning dawns anew
I shall retreat to the forest
Where I shall dance in glee
I shall celebrate the dawn of a new day
The rebirth of the sun shining in the east
I shall wear dewdrops in my hair
I will embrace the sunrise
And dance in the horizon
When morning dawns once more
I shall waltz upon the vibrant hills
Arrayed in cloak of hunter green
When morning dawns tomorrow
I shall sing to the heavens
And be grateful just wake up
To another beautiful day
I will thankful just to be alive
Alive, happy, and carefree

Random poem...
Thanks to Powerwild who suggested
I write a new poem!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Thanks for the suggestion...I appreciate it!! ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 880
Sweet Summertime
Marian Jul 2014
Summertime awakens the redolent flowers

It brings to life again the day

Rebirth of the stars

Raindrops become my healing balm

And thunder my elixir

Demure fawns gallop gracefully

Across the woodland’s fallen trees

And the sky is arrayed

In cloaks of fragrant mist

The forest’s familiar scent of petrichor

Fills the moss laden air

And hidden periwinkles glisten with dewdrops

Sweet summertime has returned once more

Her usual fugacious beauty

Kind of got carried away with some big words here!!! ~~~~<3
Hope you enjoy it anyway! ~~~~<3 :)
Jul 2014 · 506
Mother Nature's Daughter
Marian Jul 2014
I am Mother Nature's daughter
I love the rain, the wind, the thunder
The mountains are my home
The ocean is my haven
The woods are my pavilion
And Africa is my dwelling place
I am Mother Nature's daughter
And though you cannot see me
I still exist
In day, in night, I am silent
I sit upon white clouds
In baby blue skies
I am Mother Nature's daughter
My whispers are echoes on the wind
My secrets are raindrops
That fall from dull grey sky
My love is rain washed blossoms
Breath of citrus air
I am Mother Nature's daughter
And I am hidden behind mists and fog
And though you cannot see me
I still live behind the sky
Incognito life

Just a poem I wrote along with another one
In writing class today!!! ~~~~~<3
Enjoy!!! ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 481
Wedding Day
Marian Jul 2014
Scent of roses and flower stems
The baby's breath so fair
Accent the aisles of the church
In which we will take our vows
Bride in gown so fair
A prettier bride was never seen
A maid with golden hair
We stand before them all
Partner with partner, eyes to eyes
Hands clasped together
So often as before
They slip a golden ring
Upon my slender finger
And thou art already wearing thine
One final kiss before we are one
And depart a happy married couple
Rose petals thrown into the air
Paper confetti too
My dancing eyes meet yours
We smile as though nothing
Will ever harm us
Just a few months later
And we are gathered again
To celebrate the birth of
My darling girl--my daughter
Whoever knew that years later
She would turn out a poetess?

Written in first person as my Mom!!! :) ~~~~~<3
This is another belated anniversary gift for my parents!!! :)
I love you both so very much!!! ♥
Jul 2014 · 852
A Little Rose
Marian Jul 2014
Upon this golden happy day,
I noticed a little rose blooming along the way,
I stopped and gradually she smiled a smile so true;
And it wasn't until afterwards I realized that rose was you!
Happy Birthday, Sye!

Hope You Are Having A Lovely Day, Sye!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Happy Birthday, Sweet Seventeen!!! :D ~~~~~<3
I Wish You Joy & Fun Today & Always!!! ~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This & Sorry It Couldn't Be More!! ~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 301
Doesn't Anyone? (10w)
Marian Jul 2014
Doesn't Anyone Even Love Me
Or Care About Me Anymore?

Please Ignore This One...I Couldn't Be More Happy!!! :) ~~~~<3
This Is Just Another Of My Random Dark 10ws!!! ~~~~<3
So Yeah, I Am Feeling Perfectly Fine!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
I Just Didn't Want To Loose This One!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Hope You Guys Understand!!!! ~~~~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 1.4k
My Poor Girl
Marian Jul 2014
I promise you, I will try
To make it better
I know I cannot ease your pain
But if I could, I would
I wish I could dry your eyes
And wipe the tears away
Help convince you that it'll be better
Before tomorrow comes
I feel helpless watching you cry
You can always come to me
And sob into my shoulder
Oh, my poor girl
How it hurts me
Seeing you whimper
And watching the tears fall
From beautiful chocolate brown eyes
Why can't I take your physical
And emotional pain away?
If only I could, I would
My poor sweet girl

For my Mom, Hilda, who was stung by a bee today!! ~~~<3
She was also reminiscing some sad memories
Of her late sister, Joy!!! ~~~~~~<3
I just wish I could take all her hurt away...
And if someone must feel her pain,
Then I would gladly feel it for her....
Just knowing she would feel better
Would make me happy and be my
Greatest reward!!! ~~~~~~~<3
Dearest Mom, what can I do to make you smile? ~~~~~<3
You look so sad...~~~~~~<3
Oh, and Mom, just feel free to cry into me anytime
You want to...just let it all out, just please tell me
If there is something I can do to make you happy again!!! ~~~~~<3
I hope you enjoy this poem!!! ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 427
Happy Birthday! (18w)
Marian Jul 2014
So Blow Those Candles Out
And Make A Wish
I Will Be Praying
Your Wish Will Come True

Dedicated To My Best HP Friend!! :) ~~~~~<3
He Just Turned 18 Today!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope You're Having An Awesome Day!! :) ~~~~<3
Sorry This Couldn't Be More,
But I Hope You Enjoy It Anyway!!! ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 3.0k
Nature Girl
Marian Jul 2014
In sequoia forests
That's where you'll find me
Hidden amongst mountain laurel blooms
Under thicket of pine, is where I dream
On red dirt path, I lay down
To sleep on pillow of tender grass
When winter comes I make my home
Inside trunk of redwood tree
My bed of leaves, I lay upon
And dream the short, cold days away
Once spring finally returns
I shall awaken as before
To join the butterflies as they dance
But for now, I dream

Wrote This Just Awhile Ago In My Notebook
And Decided To Share It Here!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope You All Enjoy It!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 782
Marian Jul 2014
Blossoms of sweet cherry hue
I picked them all for you
My heart of love is beating still
All for you it ever will

Just A Random Poem I Wrote
In My Notebook Today!!! :) ~~~~~<3
I Hope Y'all Enjoy It!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 871
And So I Dream
Marian Jul 2014
I dream of a haven in the stars

Some lilac bower sweet

I dream of a cottage nestled in the woods

A place where peace dwells in the air

I dream of harp strings

Singing to me a melody in the clouds

I wish for tranquility instead of war

And so I dream of some place

Where only peace resides

Some place where I can safely lay my head

Upon a pillow of dewy ferns

‘Neath a canopy of mist and fog

Somewhere where we can start life afresh

With a new, happy beginning to our chapter in life

And so I dream, without an end

And so I dream, what may never come

Little breaths of secrets on the wind

And still night breezes

In an enchanting forest

Where dreams do come

And so I dream, e’en though perchance in vain

Just Wrote This Awhile Ago And Thought I'd Share
It Here On HP!!! ~~~~~~<3
I Hope You Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Today (10w)
Marian Jul 2014
Today is a beautiful day
And I can't stop smiling

I Just Feel Really Happy This Morning
So I Came Up With This!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
I Hope You Enjoy This Random 10w!!! ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 594
Late Afternoon Thunderstorm
Marian Jul 2014
The flowers cringe inside their petals
At each clap of thunder
The trees tremble while lightning flashes
The sky turns an angry black
Raindrops roar upon the roof
Grass and weeds shake their weary heads
Blowing rain drenches the dry, hard summer earth
"The time has come" the roses whisper
And cover their faces with their satin petals
The heavens above mock their shyness
The lightning takes pleasure with their fears
And continues to flash followed by rumbling thunder

Experiencing A Severe Thunderstorm
Right Now As I Am Typing!!! ~~~~<3
This Poem Is Inspired By It!!! ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!!!
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Do Not Cry (10w)
Marian Jul 2014
Do not cry, I am here
So dry your eyes

Probably Not My Best But
It Was All I Could Think Of For Now!!! ~~~~<3
Hope You All Enjoy It Anyways!!! ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 1.2k
Tomorrow (10w)
Marian Jul 2014
If I Died Tomorrow
Not One Living Soul Would Care

I Apologize For This Being So Dark...
I Really Am Quite Okay/Happy!!! :) ~~~~~<3
This Is Just All I Could Think Of For Now!!! ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 777
I Remember
Marian Jul 2014
I remember that I was not born yet
Never got to see that heavenly day
My beautiful mom clad in lace gown
Handsome dad in suit of black
Hands clasped together
Both wearing a ring on their left hand
How I wish I would have been there
To be your flower girl and bridesmaid
Adorned in surreal satin white
And later on someday I shall remember
Sitting here typing this poem
Wishing I could have been there
To see the spark of love on that great day
When everlasting vows were made
Between that happy loving pair
And little did they know that they would
Have to welcome another novelty
A little baby girl named Marian

Written For My Parents!! :) ~~~~~<3
I Wish I Could Have Been There On Their
Wedding But Honestly I Wasn't Even On The Way, Lol!!! ~~~~<3
I Know It's Late, But I Just Wanted To Write
One More Poem About Their Wedding Day...
How I Saw It In Photos And Also How I Imagine It!!! ~~~<3
Love You Always, Mom & Dad...
You Are The Best!!! :) ~~~~~~~<3
Happy Belated Anniversary To You Both, Btw!!! ~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 332
Writer's Block (10w)
Marian Jul 2014
I Don't Know What To Write
I'm Void Of Ideas

True!!! ~~~~~<3
I Clicked The 'Add A Poem'
Button Several Times This Evening
But My Ideas Where As Blank As The Online "Paper"!!! ~~~~<3
May Be Just A Little Bit Of Temporary Writer's Block...
I Don't Know!!! ~~~~~<3
Enjoy Anyways!!! ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 3.4k
Sorrowful Memories
Marian Jul 2014
Did I catch a tear
Falling from thy cheek so dear?
A loving memory thou didst behold
Like a fleeting spark of gold.
Eyes of brown laced with pain
The tears--they fall like gentle rain
A broken heart laced with scars
A sorrow that we call ours.

Dedicated To My Mom....
In Response To Her Latest Poems!!! ~~~~<3
I Hope This May Console Her
In Her Time Of Grief!!!
May God Be With You, Mom!! ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 900
Stormy Day
Marian Jul 2014
The thunder rumbles in the distance
I cringe after every boom
The breezes pick up
And stir the tall evergreens
The light in the evening sky has faded
Black clouds line the sky
Where has the sunshine gone?
The familiar scent of rain
Perfumes the stifling summer air
Lightening flashes in the sky
My heart beat quickens
With every bolt of electricity
That brightens up the horizon
Like a display of fireworks
On the fourth of July

Inspired By A Thunderstorm That I Believe
Is Headed For Us!!! :) ~~~~<3
I Promise, I Shall Try Not To Be Scared This Time, Lol!! :) ~~~~<3
Please Enjoy This Random Poem!! :) ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 288
For My Mom ♥
Marian Jul 2014
I know it's belated
But I'd still just like to say
That I love you and I wish you
A Happy Mother's day
Mother's day may have already passed
Oh, how very true
But Mother's day can be everyday
Especially for a mother like you
I see how hard you have to work
I can sense your inner pain
But if you come to me I will make it better
And I will release your hurt into the rain
I will mend your broken wings
I will mend your heart with glue
So you can fly once again
And see the world anew
Weeping may endure for a time
But joy is constantly near
You just have to reach out and touch it
And you will feel happier, my dear
I can only hope my words console
The raw pain that is fresh and new
When you wake up tomorrow don't forget what I've said
And just remember that no matter what I will always love you

Dedicated To My Mom, Hilda!! :) ♥
Please Enjoy This Poem!!! :) ♥♥♥♥
Jul 2014 · 2.4k
Hello, Winter
Marian Jul 2014
Hello, winter
With your frozen charms
And sparkling ice
Your lacy snowflakes
And cold, howling wind
Whenever I breathe
Your artic air
I can see my breath in puffs
Hello, winter
Welcoming snowdrops
Under cover of ice and snow
Hello, winter
I put on my jacket
And race outside to welcome you

Just Another Random Poem!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Enjoy!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 1.1k
To You
Marian Jul 2014
To your song, I dance
Winds so soft and free
To your tune, I sing a song
Mezzo-soprano voice
To your sunshine, I awake
Upon a bed of pine needles
To your melody, I am free
To your voice, I will smile
To your words, I say
Thank you
Even though it seems trivial
And for all you do
I take out my cello
And gently place the bow
Against its trembling strings
'Tis all I can do in return
And softly like the falling rain
I whisper "This is for you"

For All Of You Who Have Encouraged Me
In This Time Of Deeply Felt Sorrow
Especially The Following:
Of Course, My Mom & Dad...
You Two Are The Sweetest Sweets Ever!! :) ~~~~<3
CA Guilfoyle...Your Messages & Words
Never Cease To Inspire Me!! :) Thank You, Cyd!!
Andrew Durst Whose Messages And Poems
Encourage Me!! :) Thank You!! ~~~<3
Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza Whose Words
Are Very Comforting!! :) ~~~<3 Thank You!!
Zoe Who Posted Bible Verses On My Page Yesterday
& Tried To Be Of Support!! :) ~~~<3 Thanks, Sweetie!! ~~~<3
Gautham Kandula Who Tried To Suggest Things To
Get My Mind Off Of The Sorrow I Have Been Feeling...
What Can I Say? Thanks A Bunch!!
And Last But Not Least Sirs Richard Riddle
& Atul Kaushal!!! :) ~~~<3 Thanks So Much
For Encouraging/Supporting Me...Y'all Have Been
So Kind To Me!! :) Thank You!! :) ~~~<3
And To Everyone Else Who Has Encouraged Me
In Times Past About The Death Of My Aunt,
I Say "Thank You Bunches"!!! :) ~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 666
In The Forest
Marian Jul 2014
In hunter forests, I dance
Trying to feel little sparks of joy
The rays that brighten my dismal path
Beneath a canopy of emerald, I dance
Feeling more and more joy by the second
I shed goodbye to life's hardships
Just for a little while
And dance all alone in the misty woods
My broken wings have mended enough
So that I can at least hover a few feet off the ground
And so with happiness inside my chest, I fly
When nighttime comes beneath the silvery shadows
Of yonder shining full moon
And while holding hands with the fairies in a circle
Together we dance
Scent of honeysuckle rains bring healing to my soul
And so with the gentle rain, I dance
Gracefully like the forest fawns
That jump over fallen trees and branches
Today I will forget pain for a little while
Step underneath the roof of trees
And dance away all my fears
And say goodbye to my ever falling tears
That mingle the rain
And so, I dance, and feel carefree

Thought I'd Try To Write Something A Little More
Happier Just Like Sir Atul Suggested!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
A Special Thank You To: My Mom & Dad For Encouraging Me,
Atul For Suggesting I Write Something Happy,
& Last But Not Least CA Guilfoyle Whose Lovely Poems
Inspired This One!! ~~~~~<3
Thank You All & Let Us Take A Bow!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jul 2014 · 700
My Wish (15w)
Marian Jul 2014
I wish I had a Newfoundland dog
So he could comfort me
Whenever I cry

I Hope You All Enjoy This Random 15w Poem!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 808
So Much Pain
Marian Jun 2014
So much pain
I do not know what to do with it all
The tears keep falling
My wounds are fresh and anew
My heart still raw from inner agony
So many whys and questions
Too many to name at present
All I can feel is pain
Watching others around me
Laugh without a care
Oh, how unfair it is!
Struggling in the pit of sorrows
And the ***** of daily pain
Weak, bruised, broken
I stand with trembling knees
A humble poetess writing poetry
To help ease the torture inside
Reading to calm herself...
Words uttered from scarred lips
So much pain and nothing to do with it all
Can I ever feel happy again?
So much hardships and stress
Such makes up the fragments of my life
Broken pieces of china
When will joy ever come to me?
Will I ever smile again?
There are times when happiness comes
Fleeting like the grains of sand
My tears fall from my miserable blue eyes
Behind them lies the life of a broken girl
Such is the story of my life

Felt Really Depressed/Down Tonight...
So I Wrote This...It Is A Very Cathartic Poem
And Much Unlike My Usually Happy Writings...
But *Sigh* I Cannot Help It...
What With The Death Of My Aunt Joy
My Life Has Been Full Of Deep Dark Shadows...
The Same Thing Can Be Said For The Rest Of My Family!!! ~~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Poem Anyway
Despite It Been Very Depressing And Morbid!!! ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 976
Sonnet: The Days Of Summer
Marian Jun 2014
The days of summer pass so quickly now
The roses are withering on the vine
Warm hot breezes through the tall pine trees sough
Where are all the vanishing sands of time?
Sunrays of gold ne'er slant across the path
The end of July is already here
Daisies have shed all the petals she hath
So soon to bid goodbye to summer dear
Bid sweet adieu to the sonnets of time
Nevermore the sweet July sun to see
Behold the fading sky in its own prime
Farewell to the sighing waves of the sea
Sweet summer days are coming to an end
Enjoy life while it is still left to spend

I Don't Know How This Turned Out...
Guess I'll Read It And See!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Sonnet!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 394
Last Day Of June
Marian Jun 2014
The last zephyrs of June
Blow across my face
And stir the tender grass
Farewell, June bugs and birds
No more to see
Welcome little doves of July
Goodbye to June's fairest of roses
They are fast withering
Their petals are now dead
The last sunshine of June
Felt warm against my arms
The sand so cool against my bare feet
So long, June until next year
Adieu, little happy laughing creeks
You may never giggle again
Just as you did in the merry month of June
Welcome, July for a time
Until we say goodbye to thee as well
As we did to the merry month of June
'Tis the last day of June
And my tears are falling like the rain
Sometimes it is hard to let go
Sometimes it is hard to say goodbye
Goodbye, June
Don't stay away too long

Today Is The Last Day Of June...
I Might Kind Of Miss It!!! ~~~~~<3
So This Is Dedicated To The Month Of June...
Especially Considering As How Today Is The Last
Day Of Such A Beautiful & Merry Month!!! ~~~~<3
I Know, I Sound Stupid But...I Just Couldn't Help
But Write This Poem For Today!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Please Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
And I Promise I'll Write Something Better
Than This Sometime Soon!!! :) ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 362
All I Want (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
All I Want Is For You
To Feel Happier Soon

Dedicated To My Mom
Who Dearly Misses Her Sister Joy!! ~~~~~<3
I Hope This Comforts Her & Makes Her Feel
Even A Little More Happier!!! ~~~~~<3
Enjoy!!!! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 1.8k
Dead (15w)
Marian Jun 2014
Dead Blooms Of Yesterday's Wisteria
Have Vanished Nevermore To See
Never To Blossom Lavender Again

Just A Poem Inspired By The Wisteria That Once
Used To Grow All Around My Mom's Childhood Home...
Which Was Demolished By Loud Bulldozers Last Summer!!! ~~~~<3
Please Enjoy This 15w Poem!!! ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
Night's Embrace (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
Watch The Beautiful
White Jasmine Grow
During Night's Warm Embrace

I Haven't Been Able To Think Of What To Write Lately!!! :) ~~~~~<3
However, I Hope You All Enjoy This Random 10w!!!! :) ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 250
What Can I Do (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
Mom, What Can I Do
To Make You Feel Happier?

IDK, I Just Felt Rather Sad Tonight...
My Poor Mom Was Crying Again
And I Just Feel Helpless...Like I Don't
Know What To Do To Ease Her Pain!!! ~~~~~<3
So I Wrote This Random 10w Poem!!!
Hope You All Enjoy It!!! ~~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 348
Secret Pain
Marian Jun 2014
Honeysuckle breezes
Drift across the summer air
Warm winds blow the trees
Mocking my inner struggle
My secret pain
The song of crickets and katydids
And the song of the broken robin
Console me during my time of sorrow
I am soothed while listening
To the lullaby of driftwood
Floating down the river on hot
Starlit evenings
I lay upon the grass watching the stars
Imagining that you're up there
Somewhere beyond the celestial maze of sky
The soft sound of harp strings
Brought a rush of healing to my soul
Perfect peace from up above
Only God could bring to my troubled heart
Broken hourglasses
The grains of sand float away on the breeze
Broken shards of glass is all that remains
Of the once beautiful hourglass
That once told time
It's like a clock when the hands have stopped
Right in the middle of striking the hour
And right at that point the pendulum stops...
The clock is dead and time is running out
Faster by the minutes that remain
And this entire poem reveals
My secret inner pain

I Don't Know Whether This Makes Sense Or Not...
Just Started Typing And Well...Tada!!! ~~~~~~<3 :)
By The Way, This Is Dedicated To My Mom Who
Feels Very Depressed After Her Sister Joy Passed Away!!! ~~~<3
Hope You All It, Though!!! ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 1.0k
Don't Cry (11w)
Marian Jun 2014
Don't cry because
The sun has set
Smile because it rose

Just Some More Of My Friendly Advice!!! ;) ~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Random 11w Poem!! ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 2.1k
Happy Sweet Sixteen!
Marian Jun 2014
Sixteen sweet years
Of pink promises kept
"I dos" and tender, gentle vows
Wedding rings of gold
A wedlock between two lovers
Trailing wedding veils of sheer lace
Love within a burning flame
Kept alive throughout the years
Hard times seen through together
Quarrels and misunderstandings
Even tiny little differences of opinions settled
Never interfering with the love you share
Your days of love will never end
You kept your promise ever since that day
When you both held hands and said fervently
And wholeheartedly "I do"
Then two hearts joined and became one

Happy Anniversary, Dad & Mom!!! :) ~~~~~<3
This Poem Is Dedicated To My Parents...
Today (June 22, 2014) They Have Been Married
For Sixteen Years!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope They Have A Golden Day!! :) ~~~~<3
Take A Bow, Mom & Dad!! :D ~~~~<3
I Love You Both So Much!!!
Happy Anniversary!!! ~~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 6.3k
Just Remember (15w)
Marian Jun 2014
Just Remember
No Matter How Sad You Are
That Tomorrow Maybe More Brighter
Than Today

Just A Random 15w Poem!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!! ~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 266
Gentle (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
"Gentle Hands Grasp Pens
When Thoughts Flow
And Ideas Come"

Just A Poem I Wrote On Paper A Few Days Ago!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 1.3k
For The Poet (Villanelle)
Marian Jun 2014
Over a cup of hot tea
The poet's words onto paper fly
Weaving skillful poetry

His poems I do so enjoy
His words, they never die
Over a cup of hot tea

Sometimes he sings merrily
Other times his finger over piano keys fly
Weaving skillful poetry

His happiness goes on eternally
Yet other times I see him cry
Over a cup of hot tea

Once I saw him by the sea
Where thoughts did like seagulls fly
Weaving skillful poetry

Enjoying the silence peacefully
With a blissful sigh
Over a cup of tea
Weaving skillful poetry

Haha My Third Villanelle!!! :) ~~~~~<3
I Wrote This For My Dad Timothy!! :) ~~~~<3
Happy Father's Day, Dad!! :)) ~~~~<3
Take A Bow!!! ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 1.1k
A Day At Sea
Marian Jun 2014
Castles of sand
Torn asunder
By fierce foamy waves
Hidden footprints
Seaweed breezes
Breath of salt
Lullaby of waves
Blue of sky
Tall, towering palm trees
Listen to the seashell's song
Echoes of waves
Bright yellow sun
I can feel it
Bathing me in warmth
Cry of seagulls
Living on rocky coasts
Where some lighthouse stands
Shedding light upon angry waters
On nights when no moon shines
Giving light to all
It's been a long day at sea

Wrote This In My Journal Today!!! :) ~~~~~<3
It Came To Me Out Of Nowhere!!! :) ~~~~<3
I Hope You All Enjoy It!!! :) ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 229
All I Need (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
Sometimes All I Need
Is Just A Great Big Hug

Been Feeling Stressed & Depressed Lately...
Especially After My Aunt Joy Passed Away!!! ~~~~~<3
And Lately All I Want Is Just Someone
To Give Me A Big Warm Sincere Hug!!! :) ~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Random 10w!! ~~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 200
Thinking About Trees
Marian Jun 2014
Sometimes I Wish Trees
Were People
That Way I Could Sit
In Their Boughs
And They Could Dry
My Tears Away With Their Leaves

IDK...Just A Thought That
Popped Into My Head Today
While I Was Staring At A Tree In Our Front Yard...
I Know It Sounds Stupid, But It Was
All I Could Think Of For Right Now!! ~~~~~<3
Please Enjoy It Anyways!!! :) ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 821
My Deepest Sympathies
Marian Jun 2014
I Wish That I Could Heal Your Pain
Bring You A Bouquet Of Magenta Flowers
White Pastel Jasmine Blooms
With Petals Soft And Sweet
Daffodils And Buttercups
To Try And Add Some Sunshine
To Your Little World Of Grey And Black
My Sympathies As Fresh As Dawn Sky
Wounds Now Freshly Made
A Scarred Heart And Tearful Eyes
I Want To More Than Anything
Be A Comfort To You...Your Strong
Supportive Shoulder For The Tears That
Threaten To Fall From Worried Eyes
My Dearest Mom, If Only....If Only
There Was Something I Could Say...
Something I Could Do...Just To Make You Feel
A Wee Bit Better Than You Do Now
But I Am A Helpless Creature...
And All I Can Do At The Moment
Is Send You My Deepest Sympathies

:( </3
I Had A Conversation In Person With My Mom
And She Said That My Aunt Joy Doesn't Look Conscious...
She Doesn't Know Whether Joy May Pass Away Today Or Not...
I Wish There Was Something I Could Do To Make My Mom Feel Better
But I Feel So Ashamedly Helpless...And I Well, Kind Of Blame
Myself For Feeling That Way...I Am At A Loss As To Know
What To Do...
Please, Each Of You Who Read This Poem
Keep Us In Your Thoughts And Prayers!!!
And To Each Of You That Has At Least
One Time In Your Life Experienced The Loss
Of A Loved One Or Family Member
I Give You Too My Deepest Condolences!!!
Hugs To Each Of You,
Jun 2014 · 392
Marian Jun 2014
Pain…pain is all she can feel
Pain…pain is breaking her heart
All she can think about doing
Is palliating the pain that stings her body
She wants to numb herself
She wants to escape reality
All she wants is to be left alone
She cries bitter, brokenhearted tears
Will the pain that laces the fragments
Of her beautiful heart ever leave?
Will she ever heal?
Will she ever mend?
Her wings are broken
Their butterfly dust drifts away on the wind
At night she tries to whisper
Words of comfort to herself
But her little world is crashing…by and by
Or so it seems to her
She sobs, and she cries
Tears no one can console
She wishes to ease the pain
More than anything else
But every time she tries
She slips up and hurts herself
And the wounds cut even deeper
This is one wound she may bare
A whole lifetime

*~ Marian ~
Dedicated to my Mom, who is undergoing the pain of watching her frail sister, Joy slowly die…or at least that is what we think may happen, all too sadly. I thought I might write some kind of poem to try and comfort/console my Mom if I possibly can! Sweet Mom, I hope you enjoy it. <3 Sorry for the pain you’re going through. While I cannot relate, as I have no siblings, I can sense your pain and feel it reverberate in my own heart as well…seeing the way you cried today, made me wanna cry with you. You poor girl, I feel so sorry for you…I truly, truly sincerely do, Mommy. Feel better soon. *Hugs & Kisses to Mom*
Jun 2014 · 841
Our Canvas
Marian Jun 2014
As your brush
Gently, softly strokes
The white canvas on easel
The paint swirls delicately
Ingeniously you mix the rainbow
Of colors on your magical palette
Blending them all together to create your scene
You could create a whole new world of wonder
Just for me and you
And I often wonder what I would paint
If I were such an artist as you
And held all the magical illusions
Right at my fingertips
But since I am not an artist
I can still soak—drink in
The beauty only you can give birth to
The worlds of imagination
Only you can see
And paint upon canvas
For a poetess to see!

Just Another Random Poem!!! :) ~~~~~<3
I Hope You All Like It!!! ~~~~<3 :)
Marian Jun 2014
Everything is white
Snow is all I can see for miles and miles
Icicles hang from the shivering trees
And the flowers are resting in sweet peace
Until Spring wakes them from their sleep
Sound of jingling sleigh bells
Blow across the wind
Mingling with the sound
Of distant church chimes
Cold bitter breezes sting my face
And I can clearly see my breath
Slowly I homeward trod
To sit beside the fireplace
With a hot cup of cocoa



Tout est blanc

Neige est tout qu'i can see for miles et des miles

Glaçons pendent des arbres avec frisson

Et les fleurs sont reposent en paix doux

Jusqu'au printemps eux réveille de son sommeil

Bruit de tintement de grelots

Coup dans le vent

Se mêlant avec le son

Du lointain carillon église

Froides brises amers piquent mon visage

Et je vois clairement mon souffle

Lentement j'ai foulé chemin du retour

S'asseoir à côté de la cheminée

Avec une bonne tasse de cacao

*~ Marian ~
Just A Random Poem About Winter!!! :) ~~~~~~<3
Hope You All Enjoy Reading It!!! :) ~~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 244
Lonely (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
Sometimes I Feel So Lonely
And Depressed I Could Cry

Just Feel A Little Lonesome Right Now...
I Am Hoping It Will Pass!!! ~~~~<3
I Hope You Enjoy This 10w Poem Anyways!!! ~~~<3
Jun 2014 · 2.4k
Summer (10w)
Marian Jun 2014
Summer Is The Time For Heat
And For Wildflower Blossoms

It's Been A While, HP!!! :) ~~~~<3
So Here's A Random 10w Poem!!! :) ~~~~<3
I Sure Hope You All Enjoy It!! :) ~~~~<3
May 2014 · 903
For Nero ♥
Marian May 2014
Your face captured my attention
And those eyes so hazel green
A quick glance to the left of my
Computer screen and I saw this
Beautiful black male cat was
Tested FIV positive
Now my heart aches--yearns for
You, my handsome boy
My heart goes out to you
I am so sorry, dear one
That it had to be this way
Tears clog my eyes and sobs
Fill my throat
My heart is pounding in my chest
Now I want you all the more
My trembling lips can barely even
Mouth those four whispered
Words of comfort
"I love you, Nero!"

Dedicated to a cat I found on Pet Finder yesterday!! ~~~~<3
Here's the link:
Hope You Enjoy This Poem, My HP Friends!!! ~~~~<3
May 2014 · 440
It's Storming (10w)
Marian May 2014
I Love Thunderstorms
I'm Just Afraid Of
Thunder And Lightning

Random 10w Poem Inspired
By The Severe Thunderstorm We're
Facing Here In Virginia!!!! :) ~~~~<3
Please Enjoy This 10w Poem!!! ~~~~<3
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