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Jun 2014
So much pain
I do not know what to do with it all
The tears keep falling
My wounds are fresh and anew
My heart still raw from inner agony
So many whys and questions
Too many to name at present
All I can feel is pain
Watching others around me
Laugh without a care
Oh, how unfair it is!
Struggling in the pit of sorrows
And the ***** of daily pain
Weak, bruised, broken
I stand with trembling knees
A humble poetess writing poetry
To help ease the torture inside
Reading to calm herself...
Words uttered from scarred lips
So much pain and nothing to do with it all
Can I ever feel happy again?
So much hardships and stress
Such makes up the fragments of my life
Broken pieces of china
When will joy ever come to me?
Will I ever smile again?
There are times when happiness comes
Fleeting like the grains of sand
My tears fall from my miserable blue eyes
Behind them lies the life of a broken girl
Such is the story of my life

Felt Really Depressed/Down Tonight...
So I Wrote This...It Is A Very Cathartic Poem
And Much Unlike My Usually Happy Writings...
But *Sigh* I Cannot Help It...
What With The Death Of My Aunt Joy
My Life Has Been Full Of Deep Dark Shadows...
The Same Thing Can Be Said For The Rest Of My Family!!! ~~~~~~<3
Hope You Enjoy This Poem Anyway
Despite It Been Very Depressing And Morbid!!! ~~~~~<3
Written by
Marian  Faerieland and in my head
(Faerieland and in my head)   
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