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Feb 2012
I walk with a limp, in my knees and my heart
My footprints are staggered
My heart beats, apart
There are holes in my shoes, and gaps in my chest
Where blood leaks out, and Happiness can digress
My body's in ruins, and my mind if offset
Somebody help, I'm getting upset
My toenails are curled, and my eyes blink slow
I feel like starvation , is this the end of my show?
Now there's tears on my feet, from the holes in my heart
And all I can feel is the why, why now? Why in this dark?
This dark is real, as the pain I feel
But my options are scarce, and now there's holes in my heels
I'm alone in the dark, as alone as can be
With holes in my heart, which now looks like swiss cheese
My shoes are no more, the laces untied,
I now desperately wish, that I could of just died.
But I'll keep moving on with a limp and my holes
Looking for someone to heal my soul.
See life is difficult when people are apart,
Which is why I walk with a limp,
In my knees and my heart.
James Marcro
Written by
James Marcro  Right here
(Right here)   
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