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Madihah Sabri May 2017
i often feel so insecure with my own self
with my own body
the shape of my body (but i don't have any shape)
the smell of my breath
the smell of my body
the way i dress up
are my pants, shirt, scarf and shoes suit well
the way i walk
does it attract the attention from the guy
does it cover my aurat well
do i dress up like a clown

(but i know that the insecurity won't be good for me, i won't feel safe to go out anymore, i won't have any confident to be in the crown anymore)
Support is like oxygen
*everyone needs it
  May 2017 Madihah Sabri
Battered and bruised
this heart takes a pounding.
As the mind goes into the spin cycle.
Taking no notice of time
that elapses regardless.

Worn and exhausted,
these lungs yearns and fights for...
Sweet air.
As if tomorrow would offer no more.

Unnatural and numbing...
These meds promise only the illusion
that all is good and well.
Encapsulated in high sheen gloss.
Shaped such to go down easy.
A means for a convenient albeit
temporary escape.
Madihah Sabri May 2017
do you feel better when you judge people
do you feel proud of yourself
do you feel happy
do you find it fun

if only you know how that person really feels
i don't think you would be able to sleep at night
i don't think you would be able to face the world
Madihah Sabri Mar 2015
thank you for always being there for me
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