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Four days I wrote you

No response

Here I am

Day five

Slapping my hand away from trying again

I don't know why I keep going

Something about you

Seems worth reaching for.
 Feb 2 Madds
Joel M Frye
Hiring me to repair
and prepare the old rental
for you to occupy
after you sold our house,
I found the collection
of carefully selected snowglobes
bought for you over years
and the original copy
of my gift poem
left with the tenant's trash.
Glad it's loooong past.
 Feb 1 Madds
Joel M Frye
from one who knows
the hours spent
honing a voice
to cut through a room
the days lived
seeing the unseeable
until the lyrics
bleed onto paper
and the sacred moment
when the masteries
and the mysteries
to rend my soul
and salt my eyes.
A tribute to Leonard and Pentatonix. This will be played at my service.
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