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8.1k · Nov 2014
Madds Nov 2014
Whose gun is at your head?
This was just emergency jotting down of thoughts, I had not pen or paper at the time.
I will add to this soon. Stay tuned.
4.3k · May 2012
Hippie song circles.
Madds May 2012
Hippie song circles,
Twist and turn your fate
Show me what's beyond the eye
Taste the absinth and watch the illusions.
Mold me to this earth
And soak me in,
I want to be whole,
I want to be whole again.
Close your eyes and we'll place daisies
In your unbrushed, long blonde hair
LSD, LSD, oh, sweet drugs
Drink my soul and breathe me out as smoke
Dellusions, illusions
Take me back in time
I don't feel right.
Keep me in these guitar kissed
Hippie song circles forever.
2.6k · Apr 2013
Madds Apr 2013
Like a demon
She'll possess you
Consume your mind
And betray you.
Barbed wire teeth;
A kiss with
Poison lips,
Rose stem necklaces.
Kicked metal chairs,
Cold hearted melodies
And a flickering lightbulb
Swinging you again.
Dust only a torment
And the steel rug
A comfort.
Do you hear her walking?
2.6k · Feb 2013
Horror is yours
Madds Feb 2013
A master of horror shows,
A fiend of the darkness,
A shadow in the sun,
Magnificent spine chilling master piece,
May you be known for a beautiful mind.

You'll spin an escape one day,
And I hope you refuse it's every ability
To entice you.
2.2k · Apr 2013
Love drunk melody.
Madds Apr 2013
Nothing but a fiend
To the light,
The darkness,
The substance.

A horror:
Intoxicated beast,
Broke a mirror,
Swallowed the taste.

A lack of
Your love,
Your heat,
A heart...
Took away better days.
I no longer know.
2.1k · Jun 2014
It's getting worse.
Madds Jun 2014
As it continues to grow darker,
My lungs continue to morph or dry out.

Is it a saviour or suffocation?
My brain hurts, my lungs hurt, the pressure is crushing me and I'm entirely engulfed by everyone telling me what to do. I'm struggling to find my feet.
I don't know what this is, and if it's poetry I'm not sure.
2.0k · Apr 2012
My garden gnomes are broken.
Madds Apr 2012
My front doors hinges
soon have to be replaced.
And it's sad because
it's not just from old age.
The amount of people
that have entered my life
and then left, is phenomenal.
The roses in my front yard,
have also wilted and crumbled
see, they were forgotten and trampled
when you showed up.
Now their petals are just litter
on my overgrown lawn
which i no longer have the strength to fix.
and if the fact that my garden gnomes
were all smashed to pieces
isn't bad enough, then i guess
the wall paper thats peeling
is probably worse.
But it's cold in here,
everyone's ghosts seemed to have stayed
when they all left.
I'm alone in this house,
i'm alone in here
because these memories always fade.
My house is losing it's colour
even when i throw around the paint.
2.0k · Feb 2013
Madds Feb 2013
A disease. A disease. A disease. A disease.

What if I told you I am a disease?

What if I told you I am poison?

What if I told you I am a noose?

What if I told you I am the substance you nurture?

What if I told you I am your greatest fear?

What if I told you to fear me?
2.0k · Nov 2013
Madds Nov 2013
Preach your colourful knowledge of me,
From a jaw that could hold nothing more than a faint whisper of insincerity
And a flailing bird tangled on your tongue.
But when the rainbow bursts;
Don't attempt to rain materialism down on me
Stuff your grocery store heart shaped chocolates up your nose.
And stop dreaming up all the sadness I stand for.
I am not your fixer-upper-er.
I am whole, trust me,
The serpent rejoins once cut
And heals.
I am a serpent, rainbow and colourless.
Materialistic seduction...
Give me a minute while I puke fluro ***** on your shoe,
You are the needy one and I remain whole...  
Scuffed and cracked
I am healing, alone.
But I am whole.  
Mixing strings of blues, greens and pinks
Into one strand,
There are scars.
I don't know. Ha ha ha I'm tired.
1.8k · May 2012
Madds May 2012
I speak alot of the burn of breathing
and I dream of the day my lungs collapse.

Rot, rot, rot,
worms would have a field day with my decomposing body.
but even their digested parts of me
couldn't make a garden grow.
Over tired mind *****.
1.7k · Jul 2012
Mumma's last words part 2
Madds Jul 2012
Every time something new and exciting happens,
I'd write a letter to mumma,
ever since I was six.
New Ma and Pa gave me a pen and paper
one day, and an envelope with a unfamiliar adress,
they said, "Write 'til your hearts content, sweetheart."
My first letter had terrible spelling,
with backwards letters,
But it had meaning,
it read, "Where are you mumma?"

I wrote a letter for each week,
and New Ma would let me put it in the box,
down by the train station,
I'd run home as fast as I could
and Pa told me that if I sit by the letterbox
too much, a patch of grass next to it would die,
so I sat at the door step waiting instead.

As I grew up,
The amount of letters I'd write would
slowly decline, I'd write more in depth
than one sentence, but only once a month.
At the age of 17, I'd write only 2 letters a year,
Christmas and what they told me was her birthday.

I'm 29 now, I still write her a letter
whenever I have time,
and somedays, when I feel lost,
or empty inside,
I'll still sit by the dusty letterbox
and wait.

*Dear Mumma,
I'm 29 today, are you proud?

How are you?
Are you fine?
Are you fascinated by stars?
I watch them tonight,
As I write to you.

Mumma, I have some sad news,
New Pa had been terribly ill for weeks,
Months maybe, but it all seemed too quick.
He passed away last week, Mum.
Pa was a beautiful man,
I wish you met him, Mum,
You would have liked him,
Every one did.

At the end of Pa's funeral,
New Ma handed me a shoe box
covered in tear drops
and her shaky hands were so pale.
But, Mum, do you know what was inside?
The box held every single one of my letters
That I had sent you,
All were stamped with "RETURN TO SENDER".

On sunny days,
I still wait for you at parks, Mum.

From your forgotten daughter,
I love you.
Madds Jul 2012
The counsellors office has always been uneasy
and the chairs always too cold
always a small breeze with the windows
not even cracked open.

This was the newest patients second visit,
everything was casual,
routine questions,
just another average case
but then there was a sudden silence,
the patient became curious and fidgety,
the counsellor sat waiting, watching.

"uh, doc. I know this isn't your dance
or anything,
but do you feel that?"

It had gotten the slightest bit colder
but that was usual
in these 2 decade old buildings.
"feel what, kiddo?"


the patient standing now,
was pointing to the door,
as the violent ghosts swooped in
attacking them both,
too much blood and two mangled bodies
on the floor,
the receptionist didn't even hear a scream.

With the next appointment,
the receptionist walked in
getting a mouthful
of that putrid metal-blood taste.

I guess even buildings have a tormenting past.
1.6k · Nov 2014
Madds Nov 2014
Whose gun is at your head?
Tomorrow I graduate,
And feast on my heart; they're giving it back.
Only small parts though...
Freedom is not exactly free.

As I tick through a day that doesn't feel
     R. E. A. L.
I'll remember a time when eating clocks
Was a delight
And night never came
Because time never sung.

But what will tomorrow bring?
The final burst of detrimental metaphors and acidic teachers egos,
Who depend on a pay package
"Not enough" for their knowledge.
They should've stayed human.

I wince as the cogs twist
And an ever continuing robotic system
Chomps down on thousands of more souls.

And I beg for new a freedom.
A revamped version of one sentence  and a whole lot of mind *****. I'm scared for tomorrow.
1.6k · Jun 2019
Everyday I relapse
Madds Jun 2019
It’s the kind of sadness where your rib cage
And twists and

Depression doesn’t float through my veins
It crawls through my bones, with dagger hands
And winding movements.

I cannot breathe.

And yet there was nothing taken from me.
But then again you took everything all at once the moment you looked in my eyes, covered my mouth and forced me down.

I don’t know why your smell still lingers in my every thought.

I’m not scared anymore.
Madds Jul 2015
People leave huge
Holes in your spine.

But flowers die,
Crumbling deaths,
For one heartwarming

An empty skull;
Suffocating... thoughtless breaths.
Trembling feet as I walk among the dead,
Are you afraid?

I'm afraid.

What a throne I slouch upon.
My notebooks a mess, let's face it.
1.6k · Feb 2013
Boogie brains
Madds Feb 2013
Empty, flatline numbness, marry me! Marry me!
Oh, jester in white inhale yourself; nothing but a fool.
Do you know your fate?
Majestic brutality, do you know your fate?
Heart beats so rhythmic, it's a brand new taste.
A white noise craze, walk along the pretty phase.
Tongue tied fantasies, drop dead harmonies and the worlds upside down.
Posiden met Godzilla, it's nothing you said it was.
Kitty cat, baseball bat ate your face, jester start again.
Ghoul, ghoul, ghoul dressed in white, take my veins, weave a gown.
We will dance, tonight, dance so pretty in the light.
Tell me, ever painted beauty in blood?
Oh, wicked numbness, Marry me! Marry me!
Save a tree, eat a ******.
1.6k · Jul 2012
Toy Soldiers.
Madds Jul 2012
But what is a soldier without his gun?
A brave little boy, playing makebelieve
in his room with a plastic G.I Joe doll,
his camouflage inaccurate and too yellow.
Plastic sand bag barriers scattering the floor
this boy has never learnt a thing of the war.
leaving it all up to imagination
he takes the tiny plastic radio
and calls in, "Mission complete -
Commander, we're comming home.
Over and out".

Creating a fake static noise with his mouth
which takes us to a new scene.
Accurate camouflage colours this time,
the australian flag on his shoulder,
but that little boy from his room
is now wearing them as a man.
A soldier he has become
with destruction all around him,
he was flown to Vietnam.
A high-tech radio for real this time,
"Man down! Man down!"
One of his unit fell heavy in the mud.
303. slung over our little-boy-from-his-room's shoulder
he drags the wounded behind trees and shrubs
an act of valour.
Though, our little boy did not know,
that he'd be wounded too
and comming home tomorrow.
Ladies and gentlemen, this is the start of my poem I have to write for school (I have to write a series of atleast 15). If you wish to give me tips on how to improve or extend it, that would be very much appreciated. \ Much love, xoxo.
1.5k · Sep 2012
Your taste lingers,
Madds Sep 2012
wrote your name in the sand
watched the waves wash
and take it,


i wrote your name
and all my fears
at the bottom
of a bottle of jack,

I found them every night.

You're in every
Decision i make,
you're in every
sip i take.
I'm not really sure. Enjoy.
1.5k · Oct 2012
Madds Oct 2012
One more day like this,
blood will turn to wine.

Another hour unseen,
another promise broken.

One more battle,
One more scar to keep you ashamed.

Blink once,
don't you dare look back,
walk away with the sunrise
keep the devils stare.

I'll meet you there.
I'll meet you somewhere
away from here.

Sleepless nights,
harvest the worst dreams,
I thought you said you didn't feel pain?

Two more lungs,
dried up and corrupt,
we'll walk out
and drown together.
1.4k · Dec 2013
Madds Dec 2013
Perhaps I'll find my tongue one day,
Soon after I stumble upon stable feet.
Dreaming of colourful winter days
Spent waking you up for tea.
Perhaps I wasn't born with a tongue or feet or even a mind for words.

I fail to write much anymore but I'm hoping that changes soon when everything morphs to sunlight
Madds May 2012
Don't ever slay that mighty dragon
It's wings will crush you with the slightest movement 
And it's firey breath will curl around your head. 
You will not win. 

Do nibble on the magic fungi 
It'll show you the unimaginable to dream upon 
And you'll find yourself in a fairytale with the pixies. 

Don't plant those beans
The ones in which you gave a cow for. 
The castle at the top of the stalk
Is not worth your time. 

Do burn the witch, not for all the wrong reasons. 
Let her teach you her black magic ways 
And if she decides to turn against you
Then you have every right to lead her to the stake in chains. 

Black cats are not bad luck. 
If they're nice, they're your friend
Otherwise throw them under the ladder
Or into a mirror. 

The beast is not always a prince under the witches spell. 
Sometimes, he's just a ******* creep. 

The knight in shining armor
Is just a suit against a wall in the castle hallway. 

The wolf is not always there for the baked goods in the straw basket. 
He wants more, your virginity maybe?
He'll steal all he can take which is everything. 

No ***** is ever as pretty as those princesses or damsels in distress. 
Most have the face of the witch
With the mask of a beauty.
1.3k · Apr 2014
Fire pit
Madds Apr 2014
It's getting harder and harder to breathe,
Out of fear of spitting the blackening  truths inside me.
You are rainbows; and sunflower meadows,
I am the remnants of a fire pit, burnt for over a thousand lives;
I amount to coals and hot embers havent rolled past for a while.
There is no spark.
I have six layers of skin
Scorched with darkness.
And I am guiltily okay with that.
1.3k · May 2017
An old bio
Madds May 2017
Welcome mad scientists, friends, lovers with dismembered heartstrings, ghosts, rain drops, dreamt-up-star-children and perhaps child geniuses.
This is chaos.
My soul has been observing people for centuries.
I am an empath.
Im still alive, still kicking, stressed the **** out but happier than I've ever been.
1.3k · Sep 2013
Pixie dreams.
Madds Sep 2013
And we dance upon toadstools,

drinking the teeth of dandelion lies,

we leave them speechless,

promising the world will die before us.
I'm tired and maybe I'll write more later, stay tuned for the next instalment of this horrible mess, friends.
Madds May 2012
The last dim glimmer of self respect
Will not die out right now.
I'm sorry, Boo,
But I will not show my ***** to you.
You filthy excuse for a human.
I'll staple your eyes shut one day
Trust me, I will and I can.
Such a horrible, horrible minded piece of flesh,
Does it occur to you that you're rotting?
Claim to be Christian, but um...
Are you still a ******?
Haha, Don't say yes, you're a lie
And you had your fun between her thighs,
I'm so glad you never met mine.
1.3k · Feb 2012
Into oblivion.
Madds Feb 2012
Like a popcicle,
Like an ice-cube
& Like a snowflake
all dropped onto the pavement
in the summer sun,
We too melted away
A Sticky, sugary mess
A useless puddle of tasteless water
A drop of wasted pure white beauty.
Just like the popcicle,
the ice-cube
& the snowflake
We melted into Oblivion.
Opinions, ideas and feedback would be appreciated.
Madds Aug 2012
Lipstick isn't the only thing that stains anymore.

Stubborn eyeliner has marked last nights man.

Tomorrow brings another day, but the same routine

and a different greedy look as she walks to the corner.

theres not enough water to wash away her diseases, dear.

Just a pest, a rat scattering the streets

with nothing more than a cigarette and greed in her hand.

Stumble, filth. stumble, stumble stumble *****.

Shes the highest range of STI distribution.

I say, she deserves a lukewarm meal.
extremely tired, cold and in pain. enjoy amigos.
1.3k · Nov 2020
Madds Nov 2020
I would let my demons consume me
If it meant that you would be better.
I would let you eat my heart
If it took away your loneliness.
And I would set myself on fire every single day
If it meant that I could hold you
o n e. l a s t. t i m e.
Madds Jul 2012
These beasts and demons you speak of
these things you warn your listeners of
i am them,
the addictions, disorders, fears,
I am them.
They have become me, I accept that,
I am everything you all hate,
the lies, deception,
I am them
I am everything you despise in this spinning world
and I don't know how to escape their spells.
1.3k · Mar 2014
Madds Mar 2014
We move by instinct,
Darling, move by instinct...
Shuffle past barriers,
Push through foggy eyes,
Hold me close...
Warm, together.
I'm crumbling darling,
Move by instinct,
Hold me in your arms.
Find a temporary repair,
My tourniquet.
I'm falling all over drenched eyes.
Faint screams ring,
Chiming louder and louder
The more you fade from view.
Move by instinct darling,
Move into me.
This is a mess, which I suppose is rather reflective.
1.3k · Feb 11
Madds Feb 11
It was my birthday.
And the first thing i could say to my coworkers when I saw them after was
“I didn’t cry”

And it’s true.
For the first time in 25 years
I can genuinely say I’m happy
And I had an amazing day.

I didn’t cry,
I smiled and laughed,
Had fun
And felt like myself.
Free, happy, unshackled.

I’m happy.
It took a while,
It took some tears,
It took pain,
It took blood,
But I am happy.
So extremely me
And so ******* happy.
This is the second draft of this because this website buckled and didn’t save the first
1.2k · Apr 2014
Medusa heart
Madds Apr 2014
I couldn't rush any quicker
Than to taste something
More bitter than your soul.
And swearing on improper nouns
I told myself to never look
Directly at your heart...

I did; you turned to stone.
Headstone gravestone. Everything's a tumble **** for now, for ever, for never. A dried oasis, stretching like a maimed ghoul for the sweet smell of creative freedom.
Madds Sep 2012
Sit with a blank stare,
Mechanical chest,
In... Out.
In... Out.
Throbbing of a sore heart
Da dum.
Da dum.
Left foot twitches;
To walk the world.
Despondent minds.
Blink once, stare.
Sit and stare.

From across the dim
Hazy room,
I ask,
What are you...
Waiting for?"

Quietly, you answer,
Careful not to break
Your intense stare.
"Here, I wait
For the world to change,
For it to accept me
And my failed attempts
To be something more."
Enjoy this mindless mess.
Madds Feb 2012
"Whatever you do, do not travel alone.
That way you have memories you both could only ever have known.
You'll always have something special with them.
Travelling with another person is a gem.

-"What if you'd rather travel and see the world on your own?
And just meet people along the way?  As you said, you're never truly alone."

"Why's that, Maddy?"

-"Well, what if you're happier alone with oneself?
And, sir, you can't leave yourself..."
It didn't exactly rhyme but you catch my drift.

I'd rather travel the world alone because I find it soothing and I've never really been close enough to anyone to want to travel with them.

Also, I have a fear of everyone leaving me.
1.2k · May 2012
Practice what you preach.
Madds May 2012
Dig that ******* razor DEEPER into your wrists.
Practice what you preach, and show us you're not afraid.
Don't just scratch with a pin and claim to slash them.
Practice what you preach. Practice what you preach.
uwihadkd I don't know.
1.2k · Sep 2020
Madds Sep 2020
Like a wardrobe filled with too much ****,
The door that leads to you
Won’t shut, jammed by memories,
And of the constant need of you.
So I’ll leave it like that,
And let parts of you seep out
And swirl around me forever.
1.2k · May 2013
I miss you
Madds May 2013
I know it's real,
2000 years with a lack of sleep
I'm forever dreaming and it's of you
Flutterbies and burnt dandy lions
I walk a thousand miles in unknown shoes
I've lost control, slipped into madness
And drowned in a scent that brings me home
I still don't know if you're real.
A day to day existence
No substance
And heartache reassurance
I miss you, the clouds are cold without you
And it's winter but fire rumbles within the ground  
The elements miss you and fail to comfort me like you do.
1.2k · Feb 2013
Madds Feb 2013
Bury a heart
In the depths of an ocean,
Where no certainty,
No science pollutes.

We promise
Purity is in
Your veins
And chills
Your every breath.
Madds Dec 2012
Did I forget to mention
How adorable you are
When you're intoxicated?

Or was the sarcasm not thick enough?

And do you forget
When "I dont wanna be dr-drunk anymore"
Dribbled from your mouth?

You stink.
Go home.
1.2k · Mar 2013
Madds Mar 2013
Your beauty


My world.

Wound it's way through your teeth,
Strangling my tongue,

Hold me, breathe me in.

Take one more bite
From my already haunted world.

Bring me horror,
Bring me beauty,
Give me all of you,
Right now.
i dunnnno
1.2k · Jan 2014
Cut pinky promises.
Madds Jan 2014
Deep within
A genie bottle you and I
Are forever snapping
At wishbones, but neither one
Of us gets the middle wish.
Sent into a plume of empty smoke
That leaves us spent and separated.
I wonder how many dandelions
You dedicate to me.
Dust falls upon our cut pinkys
We lay wasted and dry of all
Childhood promise games,
There's nothing left but to
Pluck out each individual eyelash.,
Our lungs forcing one towards
Another hopeless, begging wish.
We deserve no more pain.
Perhaps it's all superstition or false hope, but god... It warms the heart doesn't it.
1.2k · Jan 2021
God damn it, not again.
Madds Jan 2021
You swore you wouldn’t hurt me,
And I swear the ache in my bones is all your fault.

Or maybe it’s mine?
For giving in too easily,
For giving you too much of my heart.

And you know I’m terrified of drowning,
But this silence is consuming me.
Swelling my lungs.

This keeps happening,
Like the sun sets and the waves crash...
People keep leaving me.
Madds Jan 2012
Blisters. So many blisters. But I had to keep running. I had to get away from him. I forced the thought of my aching feet out of my mind. I had to keep running. Desperation and fear were now controlling me. My mouth was so dry, my legs burned, my knees were coated in blood and the tears made it difficult to see, but I kept going. The pain and tiredness didn’t matter. Nothing mattered except running.

I have never realised just how dangerous the streets had become… all I wanted was to go out and have fun, but now I was being chased through the town by a hideous beast. The thought of the town going down the drain quickly left my mind, I had to concentrate on keeping the concrete rolling underneath me. I had to keep running.
My dress had begun to tear and my feet looked like the aftermath of a chainsaw massacre. Pain? I could no longer feel it. I didn’t know where I was going… all I knew was that I was going to get away from this man. I had to.

Eventually, I turned onto Swan Street which would, at one stage, lead to the hospital. Once at the hospital, I’d be safe. I hope…

RUN! RUN! KEEP RUNNING! The words stuck on repeat in my head. Out of curiosity, though, I spun my head around to see if he was still there. Black. Just the black of the night followed me. A screech from deep within my body erupted. It was a noise I’d never thought I could create but I continued running for the safety of the hospital.

Then, I made the biggest mistake of my life. I turned down an alleyway, in hope it be a quicker route to safety, and stopped halfway down the alley. There he was. Just standing there. His grin gleaming in the dim light. No longer could I scream. No longer could I run. Fear had taken a strong hold on me, forcing me into becoming a statue. He begins to laugh as he moves closer and closer and soon enough he reaches his hand out…

Emtpy. Just emptiness. At first, I thought I was dead until the throbbing in my head begun. I was alive and in a dark metal box. He, the predator, had won his prize.
Madds May 2014
I lay on my back, absorbing the pressures
Of the rocks beneath me, I breathe.
Eyelids resting on now blind eyes, I feel.
I stretch out as high as possible and hold it...
Allowing each fingertip to tingle, arms fall.
A rush of blood and my eyes snap open,
I see colours never known to man,
Unpaintable by all extremes.
Now, I sit cross-legged
Rocking as the wind sways.
The small clearing expands, opening up,
I see more now than two 1800's explorers
Ever did as they searched the world for forgiveness.
Looking up, it has grown dark
A deep blue, a deep grey.
It proceeds to rain, closing my eyes,
I open my mouth as if to speak...
The taste of wilderness rushes in.
Heavier, precipitation grows,
Heavier and birds begin to scream,
Landing at my sides, eyelids open...
I remain still. Screaming songs so intense,
The birds, they start to dance.
A pair with the tango,
Three with the jive,
I smile... I'm alive.
Beckoning me to join...
We danced all night.
The story behind this is no more complicated than I wrote it during an English exam, nevertheless... I'm failing English and my HSC.
Madds Jul 2012
Repulsion always looked so good on you
when you'd find out about things I'd done,
Yeah, yeah I'm a teenage *****
But that ***** had *** on your floor!
And at school when you watch me,
It's like you're waiting to be shocked.
Shake your head at me, go on, do it.
You need to know, you're no ******* angel.
It's okay, It's okay. you can go smoke ****
and then judge me,
Cause hypocrites your second language, baby.
I'm too tired to make sense.
Madds Jul 2012
I've always been unsure of you,
never knowing whether  
you're a psycopath or if you just
care too much about people
who don't deserve to be loved,
people like me, who
just take and take and take,
who abuse every one for their stupidity
and poeple like me who never love.
You've always been to clingy
asking how I am
too many times in the short span
of one day, if I could really be bothered
to count, I'd say you'd say hello
at least 10 times before midday.
And it's scary.
Don't get me wrong,
admiration is cute,
but it transforms into stalking
very, very quickly.
1.2k · Sep 2012
Can this all be undone
Madds Sep 2012
The monster of insanity stuck it's fist down my throat,
tore out my sanity, 
and it's watching me bleed out. 
Tell me, why is the monster dancing?

Fangs so jagged, 
tearing my flesh, 
leaving me skinless. 
Is this all because I'm weak,? 
Nothing more than a putrid pile of dying flesh. 
Can this all be undone? 
Insanity, sharpen these teeth, 
take them as a trophy, 
I am nothing more than a horror show 
with only trophy teeth to show for it. 

A mass murdering beast, 
Keeping you just alive, torture. 
Chain saw massacre, 
Where you haven't been cut entirely through, 
Metallic taste on plump ****** lips, 
All the stories that can only be whispered now, 
Never heard. 
I'll tear out bullets from purple skin, 
Darling, hold the gun. 
A slowing heart beat, 
Locked forever in a glass coffin,
Another trophy.
Madds Nov 2012
you are air
wrapping its feverish fingers
around my throat
choking me now.

Ain't it funny
when your little witch fingers
pierce my chest
rip out my heart
and crush it;
smallest movements.

Give it back
or God, take me.
I've never felt so empty.
Never been so on fire.

Chemicals will bring you back
become one with your skin
eating you from the outside

I'll never be like you.
We'll never love again.
Stay away from me.
It's not my time.
You'll get your
******* satisfaction
soon enough.
Madds Jun 2012
I'm sick of dancing around in your pretty words,
Waiting for the truth; your point,
Say it as it ******* is,
Don't polish your words you negative ******* creep,
My heart doesn't bleed,
because your words, they don't hurt,
Your cheesy sorry songs never made sense,
Put down your diamond mask,
And give me your putrid words,
Try your hardest to hang me with them,
I swear, I swear I'll wriggle out of that ******* noose,
Don't ever think I'll crush and cave,
From your useless opinions,
You mean nothing to this brick incased heart and soul,
Don't be silly,
Your stares were never more than spotlights,
I love the ******* spotlight,
You're trying to destroy me?
Yeah... You and what army?
I'm sorry for the foul language, I'm over tired and sick.
Madds Apr 2014
How ironic it is
That we mutilate this earth
With the very substances
That bind it.

And how humorous we are
That we think
We can save ourselves
From us.
I'm exhausted and I could probably add to this one day. Enjoy
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