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1.1k · May 2019
Lesbo cries
mandy hills May 2019
Why do i have to feel so trapped and depressed
i like literally see no escape.
once upon a time
mama told me
you could simply express
take off your cape
you don't gotta impress any being
or the ******* press.

If only she knew
my secret i hid
of course i should have told and listened to her
but i din't
now this ****'s gat my head spinning
like an outta control car.
got some real good advice from my aunt
should'a listened to her..too

dumb as i was i ignored 'em all
now situation's outta control
i feel it's really getting tougher
should have told when i was younger
but nah,apparently i was ignorant
don't know why but yeah i was so full of *******

but wait hold up,chill.
why is all this on me
why do i have to hate myself for keeping my mouth shut.
well,i guess it's the guilt
this a case o f misplaced blame

it aint my fault that i keep my feelings locked in a vault
scared to deal with my fate
afraid of the hate

the hate you give just coz we different
the hate you give just coz we don't think alike
hate you give just coz we don't gat the same taste
but wait y'all

i must confess
am so ******* in love with the same ***
not from the time ii was six-teen but thir-teen (yes)
amma say it again
am so ******* in love with the same  ***
and I've been feeling this way since thirteen
but to you that's wrong yes

wait,tell me something
since when did gender define love
since when did gender define love!!
152 · May 2019
mandy hills May 2019
I should have done a little bit more for you,
    I should have been the one God made for you,
     I should have let my heart beat for you,
       but i was cold
        I couldn't
          Now all i do is regret
   Fantasizing about what we could have been..

— The End —