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1.7k · Aug 2018
reinvent ?
sway - “how have you been ?”

me - but you sit and you think about things. you replay moments in your head . you think about the first signs of trouble you ignored. you think about the way you accommodated your needs for them , compromises , half smiles , nights in bed with them .. etc  you realize **** . you don’t really like the way they laugh, they’re actually pretty stupid , you were blinded etc ...  then you think to yourself was this love ? did i only like movies on sundays because it’s what they wanted ? or because i enjoyed it ? did i like chocolate chips cookies because it was their fav or it taste good ? & then you’re like NO . it wasn’t for me , that wasn’t me , i wasn’t myself . you probably thought this person was the “one” . then you look back , i mean really look back & then you’re like no . so you just delete all that **** . and you start over . you start to feel good , better than before . you feel relieved . what’s for YOU will always be for YOU . so you go through this whole process .  it’s not easy, but it’s worth it . somedays you wanna eat your heart out & you wanna cry to the sky . wondering why you have to go through this stupid ****. other days you lay back and smile at the sky while the sun shines down on you & you feel good . you start to realize all good things take time . you don’t rush it or half *** it . you go through it . and you’re gonna feel great . you’re gonna feel like one of Van Gogh’s pieces in a world that lacks color . but you made it . rome wasn’t built in day & neither were you .
my friend sway is going through a breakup and he asked me for advice that was my answer
1.2k · Apr 2015
we were in constant dispute like the Capulet's & the Montagues
but a love like Romeo & Juliet
like Tybolts & Merctuios hatred for each other , very passionately
ride or die like Romeo & Benvolio
trying to hold each other down
sacrificing lives for on another
but just like the poison Romeo drank
you were poison to me
971 · Aug 2018
self love
Every Inch
Lowering Myself
Voiced By
Everyone Who So - Called “Loves” Me
749 · Mar 2019
lack of words
i lack the vocabulary to describe you
but if i can put words together and come up with something
i’d say you are my mona lisa
my work of art
my masterpiece
you complete me
they see you , then they see me
719 · Jun 30
that date you went on
made me cry all night long
couldnt get over the fact that you are gone
but in your game i was the pawn
but tonight i realized you were just a ******* all along
619 · May 2015
forbidden fruit
delicious as any taste could be
yet sinful and bad to indulge in if I have too much
too much of you and I'd end up saying 7 Hail Marys before bed
got me running to confessions on Tuesday nights
just the thought of you and I'm already sinning
I gotta keep you a secret before word gets out
you're the only thing I want on my lips
559 · May 2015
A Poem About You
i wrote a poem about you
it's about how your smiles as bright as the sun
how you warm up my heart like hot chocolate on a cold winter day
how soft your lips are like the clouds floating in the sky
or how delicious your kisses are like fruit from a tropical rain forest
or how you're as strong as the wind blowing on an autumn afternoon
or how you light up my world like the stars in the night sky
or how my love for you is as big as the rings on Jupiter
or how you're my other half like the better side of the Oreo
i wrote a poem you saying all the things I'm afraid to say
or how you're my inspiration on how i write today
this poem is about you if you ever get to read it
and if you do just know you're the best thing that's ever happened to me and i mean it ❤️
528 · Apr 2015
sweet like the kisses from your lips
sticky like our atoms attracted to each other
best remedy for my soul , sweet kisses to help me feel better
honey is what I call you since you're so sweet to me
you're my honey best nectar I've ever had
want to keep you stored for ages
honey better than any medicine out that's used to cure this love sickness which is you
522 · Nov 2018
i’m stuck in this phase
and everything is just a daze
my life’s been a crazy maze
like a cat and mouse chase
i’m running out of grace
can’t keep up with the pace
i’m coming out last in the race
am i just a lost case?
518 · Jun 2015
our relationship wasn't the moon or the stars
but it wasn't ******* either .
i guess you could say .
probably much more than that
maybe I'm lying
maybe I'm DELUSIONAL .
496 · Jul 2020
world ending
These days have been have felt like I am stuck in a Stanley Kubrick film
Just normalizing the traumatic events
I am looking for someone who is heaven sent
Who would let me vent
And sit in my tent of emotions
Dealing with all this commotion
Of the world falling
I need something calming
492 · Jun 2015
wish i was like the rain showers in April  so I can be all the water you need to watch you bloom into a beautiful flower . I want to the be the bee that gives you the nectar so you can grow from a bud to the most beautiful rose in the garden. or be the soil to the seed to watch you form into the biggest tree in the forest .
but sadly I am nothing but a flood you will drown within me . a beetle which is no good to your bud causing it to decay & mud so you can fully grow .
463 · Oct 2017
Fading Slowly
While I Too Faid Away In The Background Too
Do I Give Time , Time ?
Do I Run After It ?
Do I Melt Like Dalis Clock ?
Or Do I Advance Through It Like Doc & marty?
Just Ticking
Time Is Running
And So Am I.
427 · Mar 4
they say “griefing is part of life that heals you”
but if its apart of yourself that you want to ****?
because you are filled with so much guilt.
but you want to rebuild, yet feel so unfulfilled
wanting  the experince for the thrill
while being still and stagnant
forming detachments
399 · Dec 2020
a maze
my minds been in daze
where i constantly think about you and i
starring at the stars in the night sky
but then i think about the time
you broke my heart and i wanted to die
i think of you and sign in frustration
because there will never be any reconciliation
due to your unsettling ways
396 · Jun 2019
When i first kissed you it felt like God created you for me

I felt like i was the other half of your rib , your eve

You held my hand with such security , the way a mother holds her baby the first time it's in her arms

We fit perfect sleeping next to each other , You were my missing puzzle piece
358 · Mar 4
i can taste the ******* on your lips when you kiss me
leaving me nothing but a bitter taste of the lies you speak
knowing that your words make me meek
& your touch makes me weak
its souch a great technique
makes my ******* leak
from the lies coming out of your mouth
making me aroused
knowing that our relationshit isn’t allowed
352 · Dec 2020
thinking of you and i want to *****
i had such a fasination with you
such desperation
i was drunk with your ways
love is blind as they say
but you made me sick
just because you had good ****
it was all just gone to quick
347 · Nov 2015
You're so tempting
Like the snake convincing Eve to take a bite out of the apple
Forbidden fruit. So bad but taste so good.
336 · Mar 2016
No one
Ever understands how it feels
336 · Dec 2015
4 .
4 .
the fourth
fourth day of the week
a four letter word to describe how i feel about you
four years ago you made my life
four years later i still feel the same about you
i want four more years or even 4 decades
i want to be yours 4ever
lucky number 4
I'll do anything 4 you
so today's the 4th & four years later
i still have been here
332 · Jun 2019
you were like a maze
nothing but dead ends i kept running into
i was trying to find my way out
but instead you let me get trapped inside
no exit or beginning
331 · Nov 2018
309 · Jul 2015
something that I am
299 · Jun 2015
something i wish i wasn't so much of .
287 · Dec 2018
we are like oil and vinegar
we don’t mix
but i’m always
trying to spread the love with you
278 · Jun 2015
rocket ship
we have this cosmic relationship
your love is out of this world
wish it would be endless like a black hole
but it'll soon be out the picture like Pluto
272 · Sep 2018
lies (haiku)
lovely words you speak
if only you spoke the truth
but you don't do so
264 · May 2015
i wish you were a book
so i can brag to everyone how wonderful and gracious your words are to me
I'd underline my favorite thing about you
and highlight the times where you'd make me smile
i wish you were a book so I could cherish you forever and never let you down on a bookshelf to collect dust
i wish you were a book so i could use you as an escape to get away from reality for awhile

i wish you were a book so that i can lick my finger to flip through pages the way you lick you lips when we kiss , passionately

i wish you were a book so you could be my number one favorite of all time
262 · Jun 2019
i always said when we kissed you i can taste the next couple years of my life

your lips held stories of our love that was yet to be told

your eyes were the window to our escape , shining so bright

your voice was my night time lullaby

your hands held the key to my heart

and you , you were just everything i have asked for and so much more
i dont even know what the hell this is
257 · Jun 2018
i can’t sleep
my lack of sleep has caught up with me
i’m having this insane fight with myself
i can’t distinguish fiction from reality
i feel like im stuck in the episode of the twilight zone
where the guys stuck in the tv
asking myself - “is this me?!”
is this what i’ve turned into ?
am i stuck ? is this a dream ?
i’m rambling
i need some sleep
255 · Feb 2019
I must be a boomerang
He Tosses Me Away
And I Come Right Back
252 · Aug 2018
247 · Aug 2020
you have shattered my heart into pieces
yet my love for you increases
i’ve got to have some diseases
to be sick enough and accept this fate
to bottle up all the words i ate
and not feel hate
but to wait
for you to feel the same
in this sick sad game
idk what i’m saying anymore
236 · Nov 2018
i am a tornado
just a whirlwind of emotions
knocking down and destroying things
taking everything with me
because i self destruct
from all the emotions
i surpress from myself and everyone
228 · Jun 2019
How could you not
Understand that even though you broke me , i
Really still
Truly love you .
breakup’s ****
228 · Jan 2019
your fingertips cut me like unswept glass every time you touch me
my ears bleed every time they hear your lies
my tongues gets sores from tasting the sourness off your mouth
my eyes cry from looking at the person standing in front of me and realizing you’re not the person you used to be before
my heart breaks from the promises you said you would fulfil but didn’t
my feet hurt from always walking the extra mile for you
my arms are sore from having them always stretched wide open waiting for you
227 · Apr 2017
i need to spread my wings
fly away
i need to find my nectar
i need to find a pretty flower that'll help me grow
instead i'm still a caterpillar
stuck in a dead dried up desert
nothing but thorns
and rotting plants
no light
but darkness
i need to get away
i need my pretty little wings to come out
and help me fly away
i need growth
i need to evolve
226 · May 2015
i've been drinking lately like there's a message at the end of every bottle
hopping to find one written about how I'll get my life together but it seems like I haven't been drinking enough to get to that message
or maybe the message is to quit while i'm ahead
221 · May 2019
i look at you and realize why hurricanes are named after people

you came and destroyed every bit of me

your waves just crashed into me and dragged me away

swept me away and left me deserted

there is nothing left to me

now i am an abandoned abyss

i am bad history

just a faint memory of the damages you have caused

nothing left but low tides and bad rides
rambling not my best work lol
217 · Sep 2018
possibly far from here
anticipating my next move
conscious slowly fading
effortlessly trying to find my way through the universe
210 · May 2020
i wish i had some guidance
someone to take me the right way
give me directions
i'm stuck in this maze
i'm in a daze
counting down the days
to get over this phase
208 · Aug 2019
Over Backwards
Knowing that not
Even Once You Would Do The Same For Me
Now I am left Severed
207 · Apr 2019
you are my canvas
i will paint you with passion
let your soul come to life with beautiful radiant colors
molding you into perfection
you will be my david , standing beautiful and strong
you will be my starry night
because whenever i look at you i see the stars
my muse .
206 · Aug 2018
bitter can either be a taste or feeling
i don’t know if i am dealing with both
i have to let go of those feelings
i need some growth
it’s just the way your name rolls off my tongue leaves a bad taste behind
when you come to mind
it gets me feeling upset
this is a secret that can’t be kept
204 · Aug 2020
you suck
i have  been sad these past few days
my mind is in a daze
thoughts of you in my mind running though a maze
i think to myself this heartache is just a phase
while you leave my texts unread and keep it delayed
i sit afraid and think
letting all my feelings sink
knowing you treat my feelings like a kink
202 · May 2015
I am homesick for a place I can no longer call home
i can no longer get accepted with wide loving open arms
the door is locked and no one no longer lives there
it is abandoned and cold just how you left my heart
homesick for a place where my soul was filled with joy and my heart with love
i am home sick for a place that no longer exists
200 · May 2015
i am jealous of the pillows you get to lay your head on when you sleep
because i wish it were my chest you would rest on so you could hear my heartbeat

i am jealous of the sheets you grab to keep you warm
because i wish i were there to hold you so you could feel the warmth of my body
199 · Feb 2019
Adding fuel to this
Dangerous fire inside me
196 · Apr 2017
really over
done in this office
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