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You are the great hero of Bangladesh!
You sacrificed your life for the homeland,
but never laid your head down in the battle
You are the most valiant hero
in the war of independence!

You had never worried about the challenge
You never walked back like the coward
and never bowed down to the enemies!
You are the warrior of great valor
in the war of independence!

You didn't want comfort and pleasure of love
You only wanted to free the motherland
You reached the door of death
You saw how much blood storms you've had.
Yet, you had never felt down in the war
You are immortal, you are the greatest hero!

You had stopped the volcanoes
and overcame the greatest dangers
You spurned the rest and happiness
You just wanted to be an independent Bengali.
Finally, you got the clime of dreams.
Now you are the ever-evolving hero of Bangladesh!
Babe, take a bath in the moonlight
and dream of me in the midnight.
You can feel me without lights on.
Babe, fight for me with thoughts,
Feel me close and hold me tight.

Let's our souls fly high in the sky
Ah, let them die when feel so shy.
Make a love story with the glory.
Babe, you're the queen like a fairy,
Play with the bright stars tonight.

Draw the full moon, draw it soon
Draw the lake loon, who's a boon.
I'm the real one, I'm the stubborn.
Keep on shining like the new sun.
In my love find the morning light.
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I am who loves you
I'm waiting for you
I am who feels you
I am dying for you!

I care about you a lot
I want you on the dot
I adore you like a tot
Babe, Is it right or not?

I dream of you always
Just give me some days
I'll win your lovely eyes
I want your happiness.

Babe, don't cry for me
I'm with you and will be
If you need a honey bee
Then I'm free and I can be!
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Darling, I look at you
and take you inside me
Now I hide you with love
everywhere inside of me.
I do feel better
just seeing you, my love.

You make me smile
You make me happy.
I feel you more, oh babe!
I will look for a way
to reach your hands.
I pray for that day and wait!

We aren't being so far apart
You always live in my heart
No worries, no more fears
I will wipe away your tears
Babe, I will do, I'll do that.
You know, I love you forever!
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Will you smile for me?
Will you smile again?
Babe, will you love me?
Will you love me again?

I dream of you today
I dream of you again
Babe, I feel you today
I feel you like the rain!

You are my shining sun
and the day just begun,
I found my inspiration
in your love and passion.

Will you walk with me
in the green grass field?
Will you dance again
at the river with the wind?

Babe, I have some pain
Only you can cure me.
Please listen to me!
I need your love again?
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I will write poetry after lunch green tea
and I will make my mood romantic
with my poetic love in this pandemic
and I'd paint your lovely eyes at the sea.

I wouldn't get back to work after you,
I won't go home, I just wanna be wild
in the jungle of blind love with you.
I'll be silent if you feel shy in the wind.

I want to make you happy forever
and make you smile, oh my dear!
I give you company not to feel alone
I will find you anyhow, anywhere!
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Sep 22 · 126
The Queen Fairy
Imran Islam Sep 22
I have seen today
a beauty queen fay
on the green grass,
in the white dress
after the morning class.
Ah, it's my pleasure
It's my happy day!

She smiled to me
Smiled with happy eyes,
She has laid down
on the left hand
with a bit of shyness
and posed her right hand
for my attention.

I looked at her with love
But the long grasses
almost hid her lovely face
I couldn't stop gazing at her
for the golden blonde hair
and the cute nose.
I am into her smile and eyes.

I loved her, I still love her
and I will always do
She's the one who
I wanted forever.
I wanna meet her
every day in this neutral place
I love this queen fairy so much!
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Sep 21 · 394
My Soul Screams
Imran Islam Sep 21
I am a very young poet
I love to make my dreams
come true like sunbeams.
I never want to be late.
Love dreams of me, I bet!

I would shine the world
with my lovely poems.
I will make the streams
and just won't be ribald.
Love will come to me, I bet!

Lately my soul screams
for the beautiful nature,
Lives are like ice creams
and all souls will be a vapor!
That will happen, I believe it.

I love you and the creation
Please lemme stay a while!
God, I need your supervision
I bow to you and always will!
I always want to be perfect.
Inspired by Thomas W Case's poem " Marmalade of the Heart"

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Sep 20 · 150
Poetry With Poetic Soul
Imran Islam Sep 20
This poetry is ever new for me
I cannot read it out, what I see.
I wrote that with my poetic soul
Now I feel it has a magnetic pole.

Poets feel happy for their words
Like a couple of romantic birds.
Poets make dreams and hopes
with love and some bookshops.

Love makes me a poet and wild
and makes me feel a little child.
I've been killed by a poetic lover,
This love is ever true and rare!
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Sep 19 · 217
Bring Love Back
Imran Islam Sep 19
If you miss me in the midnight
Then talk to the sky full of stars
and feel me in the moonlight
I'm with you, don't make tears!

If you need me in the morning,
Then just look at the rising sun
and I will be with you, darling
when you usually go for a run.

If you feel me in the afternoon
So you come to the lake alone
and enjoy my voice in the loon
Bring love back, nothing's gone!

If you feel like singing with me
then just sing with the crickets,
You can read me with some tea
in the evening, like other poets!
Bring Love Back🙏❤️
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Sep 18 · 147
Make Me Again with Love
Imran Islam Sep 18
Why, feeling love makes me cry?
Why, you wanna say goodbye?
I need you as the moon needs the sky!

I melt with you, it's not my wrong
Let me love you, when I'm young
Lemme feel your love, babe, till I die!

Dear, make me again with your love
You take my dreams, that's all I have
I just wanna fly with you to get so high!

You are mine, you're my sunshine,
I'm fine with you, darling, I'm fine
Just love me some more, don't be shy.
Stay close🙏❤️
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Sep 17 · 157
I'm Feeling Less
Imran Islam Sep 17
Darling, how much tears
I have to fall down
for your forgiveness?
Missing for you, is
so painful to me,
but it's your happiness!

Why do you hurt me
so very much?
I need you, oh babe
I need your loving touch!
You are so happy now
and can't see my sadness!

I can't sleep well lately
Uh, can't walk alone too
Tell me, babe, tell me
Then what I should do?
I'm tired now and feeling less!

I want you to smile,
Smile always,
I loved you and still do!
Could you tell me please!
How many long days,
I have to wait for your eyes?
Sorry but Thanks 🙏❤️
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Sep 16 · 143
My Dear Homeland
Imran Islam Sep 16
Oh, my dear homeland, Bangladesh
My heart melts with your greenness
River flowing sounds make dreams
O Clime, your love is my happiness!

I love you and I dream of you always
I am proud of your glory and praise
I enjoy you and kiss your green leaves
I'm happy with your fields and rains.

I sing in your language and own words
and I feel so high for your flag indeed!
I will never get this pleasure in others
I'll be here in my sorrow and happiness!

This is my birth and my childhood place
O 'Desh, let me sleep here again in peace!
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Sep 16 · 191
I'm Ready
Imran Islam Sep 16
To suppress the enemy
Mama, I'm ready!
Where you feel like crying
I'll make a paradise there for you.
Where's the unrest, let me know
To make it cool and peaceful
I'm brave enough, I'm ready!

I'll bring the morning light
from the dark night,
I am bold, I am silent
I'm looking for the justice,
I'm angry enough to fight,
I'm ready now, I'm ready!

I'll never stop facing the truth
until the final victory.
I'm not a satisfied young
and not going to take it wrong
Where are the enemies?
I'm battle ready, I'm ready!

Who are distressed and weak,
Let them be strong!
Let all injustices away by the right!
I'm ready, always ready!
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Sep 15 · 174
I'm Gonna Be Silent
Imran Islam Sep 15
Could you see me
with the rising sun?
Do you feel me
when you wanna run?
Do you need my love
in the early dawn?
Then find me there
with the morning sun!

Have you missed me
in the green grass?
Did you gaze at me
in the lakeshore class?
Maybe our souls fly
from the same mass.
If you teach me to love,
then I will pass!

Do you like the jungle
and little night tent?
Do you want me to be
with you in the rent?
Ok, no more questions,
I'm gonna be silent
But what will you do
if I feel too violent?
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Sep 14 · 348
I Love You Endlessly
Imran Islam Sep 14
The sun rises up for you my darling
and I miss you every early morning
The nature smiles on your lovely face
and I can see your shadow in my eyes.

The morning birds sing for you babe
and I feel like you are still next to me
The breeze blows for you sweetheart
I wanna sing for your dream concert!

I'm burning with you, sweet dreamer
Oh, I feel less like a sparkling water,
and I feel like lying on a big volcano,
How do much I love you, you know!

I love you, sweetie, I love you endlessly
You intoxicated me with your love easily.
My mind fights with my heart and soul
I would know nothing, you are my goal!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Sep 13 · 147
The Queen Of Love
Imran Islam Sep 13
Darling, you are my queen, queen of love
Oh, you are my burning pain, pain in love!
When I gaze into your eyes, I feel better
If I cannot see you, then I feel like a failure!
You are my morn-evening, you're my love!

Gimme some shadow of your restless soul
Lemme me reach your hand and neck mole
I melt into the ocean, the ocean of your heart
I would swim with you, sweetie, if you start!
It's my hope, it's my dream and it's my goal!

Why do you love me so much, tell me why?
How can I touch you, baby, if you feel shy!
Don't play in my dreams, come into my life
You're an apple and I'm the untouched knife.
This is true, my love is true and it's not a lie!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Sep 11 · 131
Sing For The Creator
Imran Islam Sep 11
Oh God, you created the whole universe, it's the truth,
then sent different types of planets and lives on earth.
You rise the golden sun in every morning for all of us
and make the nature beautiful with the fresh flowers.

We love you Lord, we love you, we love you forever!
Forgive all of us, God, forgive us, forgive us forever!

You created the supermoon and the sky full of stars
God, everything obeys you and everything runs faster
O God, you flow the smells of flowers in the cool air
And You let us sing with the morning chirping birds!

You make the fields trembling with the roaring clouds
and then paint the nature as green with the raindrops
The tide brings much water and fills the river shores
The tide and the water always follow Your commands.

God, everyone and everything bows you as the creator
Oh Lord, guide us always, guide us if we do wrong ever!
BE 🙏
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Imran Islam Sep 9
Give me the first horizon of the free morning,
I will give you the smell of flowers at the door
And I promise, I will give you the new spring!

Give me the free voice and pure words of truth
I will give you a sweet life song in the dawn.
And give me the free land, give me this forever!

Give me a seat for having the proper education
I will give you happy smile and good behavior,
Give me the true light, I don't wanna be wrong!

Give me freedom and give me the right, please!
I'll make you feel better smile, I make this promise.
Make me cool, make me perfect and be my rousing!

Give me the free hand like those deep ocean waters
I will give you the courage to make the rolling waves.
I'll climb the highest mountains just keep me shining!
BE 🙏
My book "Tears To God" is live on kindle
Sep 8 · 537
I Need You Forever
Imran Islam Sep 8
I love you and feel you so much
I want you and miss your touch
Oh, my new love, oh my dear
I wanna be with you, there
Darling, I need you forever!

I dream of you and I do more
I think of you and I do adore
Oh my sweetie, oh my babe
I wanna gaze into your eyes
Darling, I want you forever!

I am colored with your love
and I gave you what I have,
You are my shine and rainy days
I learn something new as always
Darling, stay close to me forever!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Sep 7 · 189
Nature of Souls
Imran Islam Sep 7
All the darkness is broken
But not the fogs away,
and the time on earth is ending
but hopes never blow away!

The world is full of love, here
But not the human eye
and the life always walks to die
Often sadness lasts forever!

The mind doesn't judge the truth
and it's happy to lie
Even it doesn't feel sorrow for sins
what's done on the life!

Others happiness doesn't look good
it's like disappointing
The mind says bad things of others
in a happy mood song.

This mind keeps saying lie in life
and it just laughs always,
To win the fake love of darkness
it lies of hundreds!
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Sep 5 · 143
Love Is Ever Young
Imran Islam Sep 5
I still can see in your sleepy eyes
so much love for me
and I still can see on your sick face
tears wave like on the sea!

Sweetie, you are still my sunshine
for giving me new days
and I see, how you used to shine
from the Milky Ways!

I melt in love when you smile at me
with lovely white eyes
and I feel like I'm a baby honeybee
on your sweet red lips!

I'm in love with you, it's not wrong
But forgive me for this madness!
You know well, love is ever young
So I love you and will always!
Thanks again ❤️🙏
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Sep 4 · 92
Smile At Me Again
Imran Islam Sep 4
When I have lost myself in you
You have stopped smiling at me
Now I've melted with your love
and you don't meet me by the sea!

I love you,              is it my fault?
I want you,             is it difficult?
I feel you,               is this my sin?
I miss you,      yes, it's a big pain!

When I go to sleep, I feel your soul
and I dream, there I reach your goal
If I can see you, then I feel so alive
I only wanna run fast, if you drive!

Dear, will you give me some time?
If I get find your snowflakes clime!
Will you lemme gaze in your eyes?
If I give you my morning sunrise!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Sep 4 · 291
I will Bring Love Back
Imran Islam Sep 4
When everyone will leave you alone
and every door will be closed for you
Then don't worry about it, I love you
and see, I'll be your life companion!

When the sun won't give you its light
and the moon won't touch you at night
Then I will be stars of love in the sky
and yes, I'll take care of your illusion!

When your eyes will lie to you, sweet
and the strength won't find your feet
Then I will give you my youthfulness
and I'll bring love back, what is gone!

You no need to be confused, it's true love
It's not a game, it's real feelings of hearts
Your emotions are killing me, what I have,
Don't be afraid, I'm here, you're not alone!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Imran Islam Sep 2
I'm happy, so much happy
for your blind love,
I was just nothing here
before you loved me,
and you made me ever new
as a spellbound lover!

You have motivated me
when I was depressed
You made my dreams
come true forever,
I'm blessed to have you
in my new life, oh dear!

I was loveless in my life
and you gave me a place
in your kind heart,
I was in the desert
like a thirsty horse
and you gave me water!

I was yellow and dry leaves
on the tree in the garden
and you brought the raindrops
to make me evergreen.
Now I love you so much
Dear, I love you forever!
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Imran Islam Sep 1
Darling, if I give my heart to you
I won't have a heart for my work
and the people I work with and see,
Please, lemme work with my heart!

I feel you, but I don't know why
My mind is flying thinking of your eyes
and I wanna meet you on the morning in the jungle
I would like to walk with you at the lake shores.

I promised that I will stay close to you
I will be so close but silent
Give me sometimes, give me think about that.
I dream, my night there with you and I pray for sweet vanilla.
Thoughts and words of love ❤️🙏
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Aug 31 · 174
Love Scares Me Always
Imran Islam Aug 31
Love scares me always,
and makes me want to run far away.
I never faced love in my life
I run always when love comes to me.

I block my feelings but this makes me so small
I lock my heart to feel safe
and this makes me invisible.
That's why I am worried about your love!

I love you and this love is very special,
You have magic in your love
This magic energy touches my heart and soul
Your love comes from your heart not from the mind.

I will miss walking with you and talking to you
I don’t want to get attached to you
I feel like I am so wrong and I should go away
You have so much kindness and love, it's true.
Thoughts and words of love ❤️🙏
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Aug 30 · 109
Love Needs Silence
Imran Islam Aug 30
I am small and I always scream
My deep is like my dreams
and you are so beautiful,
Your soul is like mine
and now your love is my dream.

Maybe my mind is young
but my soul is so deep
like the pacific ocean
You can twist my mind beautifully,
It's magical, there's nothing wrong.

I will be very quiet this evening
I will be very serious with you
and I am with my words,
I will be silent for you with my heart
I have to stay with my own thoughts.

You are moving too deep into me
It makes me to run again,
Love always scares me!
You and I we both need silence for our souls
We should be calm to find ourselves back again.
Thanks ❤️🙏
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Aug 29 · 123
I'm Invisible For Love
Imran Islam Aug 29
I always run from love
when it comes so close to me,
I am not afraid of you but of me!
I am sweet for real so sweet I can be
You never ever tasted my sweetness.

I have felt love again and it's yours,
It melted my little restless heart!
Dear, you are like a wizard
Lately I feel I'm so small
I am invisible for love!

You came to me like a wizard of love
and you just twisted my head
I feel too much fear of love
if I lose myself into you
I know, you're not less!

You blinded my eyes with love
and now you're going far away!
You felt, how much I love you
That you have this feminine energy
to blind anyone with your love, and I am!
Thoughts and words of love, thanks ❤️🙏
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Aug 28 · 153
You Never Feel Alone
Imran Islam Aug 28
I had a crush on your kind heart
before I met you,
When I gaze into your happy smile
I think I have a crush just on you!
Because you're one in a million!

Believe me, your first smile at me
suddenly that clicked on my heart
I had slowed down my eyes again
and started to get closer to you!
Because you're only one in a million!

I can feel your heart and your words
You never feel loss and alone
You're sweet like the morning birds
The day will come, nothing has gone wrong!
Because you're one in a million, just one!
Thanks for your smile 🙏
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Aug 27 · 124
My Last Light Hopes
Imran Islam Aug 27
This morning is beautiful
with light raindrops
I feel it's coming from you
with your restless soul.
It was in my last light hopes!

Rain has stopped now,
Oh, the rain has gone,
And I've started missing you
Darling, I miss you alone
at the wet empty park sit!

I smile at every morning
to inspire you, my darling
Your love makes me smile
I can't do fake anything
I can't do fake it with you!

Oh, we got the rainbow
and kiss its colors with our lips
testing fresh rainbows
flowing in starving hearts!
Yes, our hearts waking up
this morning on a rainbow sky.

My mind was on yesterday,
and today God sends me the rain
to wash it into surrender,
Today I will surrender to love!
My love to you, sweet darling!

Today love transforms me
in warm vapors
that search for your skin
I wanna be a tiny particle on your skin
watching you today how you breathe!

Run with me in the jungle of love
My wish, we’ll build a small tent
and burn a small fire in the jungle of love,
then I’ll be touched by you.
Every day will kiss in the jungle of love
and sunny days will warm our souls.

Run with me , feel my running heart.
I hope I can stay with you today
in this jungle of love,
You're my morning and my sunshine
You're so beautiful, you're just mine!
Thoughts and words of love ❤️🙏
Aug 26 · 144
I Love You Forever
Imran Islam Aug 26
Sunshine runs just for the evening
to give you a cheerful morning,
To give you the beautiful moon
The sun is burning everything!

Darling, do you feel that anymore?
My sun still knocks on your door
Your moon gives me so much love
and ocean still waves on my shore!

Your happy feet dance on salt water
makes me feel smile and pleasure
I can see your shyness into my eyes,
It's not just a dream, you're my future!

No, I'm not a liar neither a cheater
I'm looking for a good life partner,
And I found my love poetry in you,
but I cannot say, I love you forever!
Thanks ❤️
Aug 25 · 75
It's Too Wrong
Imran Islam Aug 25
My mom didn't say anything
and even dad wasn't at home
Again, I went out with him
Now I've realized it's wrong!

Sigh, I've been cheated by him
and my eyes are getting dim
I have lost all my hopes lately,
lost my future, I hate my family!

I'm suffering from my parents
They haven't just cared about me
They love their job and friends
That's why he cheated on me!

Oh, I need my family so close
I want my parent's love always
I must need a strong motivation
Yes, it's my reality, not emotions!
I am sorry, It's not for all, I just randomly thought about some early teenage relationships or like that.. and maybe I am not true!
Imran Islam Aug 25
Your happy smile brings my morning
and draws my dreams on this mind,
Your kind loving heart makes me blind
and melts my youngness like raining!

I am not a wizard, I'm just a dreamer
I'm untouched and you're my dream
I am shy, I am not used to be a lover
I am still cold like a vanilla ice cream!

You are strong and wise about love
and maybe I was dreaming of you,
I have been flying as a single dove
If you kind me then I will owe you!

I feel so happy today and I feel fresh
and I feel your heart inside of mine,
In my cloudy nights you're the flash
You are close to me, now I am so fine!
Aug 24 · 459
Promising Future
Imran Islam Aug 24
When you sing for the morning
and smile for fresh early nature
Then feel me with your rousing
Feel me for a promising future!

When you find rest for your soul
and sleep early in a sweet dream
Then you just race your new goal
and take my taste like an ice cream!

Treat me like your family friends
and love me like your two hearts
Hold me hard close by your side
and feel me on your beauty parts!

Darling, never feel we are wrong
Just think about the morning rose
It's alright, feel happy, feel young
And you always, always stay close!
Aug 24 · 169
Behind The Blue Mask
Imran Islam Aug 24
I wanted you to smile at me
and you have smiled at dusk,
but smiled with closed eyes
and behind the blue mask!

You've enjoyed the lake shore
and enjoyed two lovely ducks
were plying on the fresh water
and then nature became dark!

You looked beautiful in white
with a heart touching smile
and turned your lovely face
to the sun with a little shyness!

Yes, I love you, I loved your time
and I like your nature and clime,
I bet, you can feel my silent touch
'Cause I love you so very much!
Aug 23 · 169
The Sun is Rising
Imran Islam Aug 23
Darling, I'm still waiting for you,
When will you come here
and smile at me again!
I'm just waiting and it's true,
Your silent thoughts and coy love
melt me into the salt sea again.

I care about you my darling
and I always will,
Just lemme give you all
and wait till the morning!
You can make a new dream now,
and see, where is the sun rising!

Have you felt my deep love?
That I gave you in the evening,
You just no need to be confused
I will do it, when I am promised
Keep waiting, what is happening
The night is gone and morning is coming!
Imran Islam Aug 23
In the wet village pathway
Suddenly, I met you,
You hid your face with the rainy leaves
and pulled the wet scarf on your head.
Those your lovely eyes felt so blushing
and the vines are tied to your nose ring!

The wet leaves of green forests
It's talking about your shyness
Those few words of your coy lips
made me smile a little more,
And the tears and love of clouds
were touching all of your beauties!

O monsoon, don't stop the rains
Come, come down as the storm
on this green forest of long trees
and make these wet leaves swim.
If the village road will get flooded
Then you'll ride on a boat with me.

The nature doesn't care me
Does whatever it wants to do,
No, the monsoon rain is gone
and you're standing in the lank wet hair,
But my clime is far away from you,
So, I'm walking on my way alone!
Aug 23 · 132
I'm So Much Into You
Imran Islam Aug 23
I miss you my darling
I miss you sweetheart,
I miss you very much,
I miss you this evening
when we are so far apart!
Again come to the beach,
Here I'm looking for you!

Oh, have you felt my love?
When I have touched you
along with an ocean wave
and you've smiled through
the right side of your heart!
The shore felt your sensual parts,
But I am so much into you!

Please, please don't stay quiet,
I know you have felt my light
You don't have to leave anything
Just give me some time
in the morning or evening
Just give me your heart often
When you can my darling!
Aug 22 · 105
My Soul Makes You Shy
Imran Islam Aug 22
I feel so much love, feel for you
Oh, I just cry alone, cry for you
The morning is smiling
Smiling for you, just for you
And the sun is shining
Shining for you, only for you
But I just could not say yet
How much I have loved you!

If you walk in the early morning
Then I will be rousing ray for you
And if you sleep alone at night
Then I will come in your dreams
You just look into my eyes
See, how have I been sacrificed!
Oh, I just could not say yet
How much I have loved you!

When you walk alone on the beach
and then my soul makes you feel shy,
When your thoughts reach my heart
and you smile at the dusk sunlight
with the black and white cloudy sky,
I feel so happy, but I cannot say that
How do I feel, how much I love you!
Aug 21 · 174
I've Lost My Sunshine
Imran Islam Aug 21
Where are you my sweet darling?
I miss you this rainy evening,
I'm still feeling up and down
Lately, I have lost my sunshine!
I don't wanna touch the moon
I just want to reach your hand again!

Please, please, don't get me wrong
This morning is fresh and young
I want you to enjoy this nature
My wish we will walk together
beneath the dark sky, on the beach again!

I just wanna see you my sunshine
Oh, come back to me, you're mine
Touch my cheeks and get my eyes
They still feel you like snowflakes
Darling, make me melt with you again!
Aug 21 · 134
Love Is A River Of Fire
Imran Islam Aug 21
Our love is a river of fire
I am here on this shore
and looking for an affair,
You're standing there far
on another risky shore!

If we wanna be real lovers
We'd be good swimmers
of this river of dangers,
We shouldn't care others
If they mind us, it's theirs.

No worries, no dangers in love
Let's play with what we have
and swim with a quick weave.
Love can make us fly like a dove.
God knows about us, he'll save!
Aug 20 · 127
Waiting For Morning
Imran Islam Aug 20
You are not just only my friend
You're wings of my restless soul
That's why your goal is my goal.
We're walking on the same trend.

You are like the door of a house
and I am like its secret window.
I always appreciate your thoughts
and follow your morning shadow.

My heart reached your new dream
and you melt me like an ice cream.
I always race your very kind heart,
It's not a game, it's my soul's concert.

I want to be a raindrop on you,
If you'd your skin to be burned
by the only one that raindrop
Then you dream of me indeed.

If you wanna be the moon at night
I will be the sun to brighten you up.
Night makes me to wait for morning,
for your loving eyes and waking up!
Inspired by Maria Mitea. Thanks my friend
Aug 19 · 291
Long Live Bangladesh
Imran Islam Aug 19
Long live Bangladesh
Long live!
Your nature is ever fresh
I believe...

O my country, I love you
Give me love,
Make me true,
O my clime, I do love you!

You're my mother land
You're my only soul
You're my only goal
O you're my right hand.

I learned with your love
You're lovely, you're sweetie
I dreamed with your beauty
All I got, what you have.

O my land, I never scorn you
You're evergreen
You're my heaven
I always always dream of you!
Aug 18 · 177
Dreams For Me On The Ice
Imran Islam Aug 18
Our secret dreams are swimming
in the deep waters
of the pond of our souls,
These sweet dreams
and lovely feelings are swimming
through love and emotions
of our timeless souls!

I'm just a young poet
and you're my thoughts,
You smile in the meditation
of my little heart
on the deep blue ocean.
I have so many thoughts
to write about
your love and emotions.
I hope you are feeling
that's why we need poets.

I bet, you feel very young
this dark cloudy morning
with my poetic
and romantic words.
You know, poets heal
the restless souls
only through their biggest minds.

This morning, I got some winds
from your deep ocean of love,
Darling, give me some shadow
of your kind heart, what you have!
Inspired by Maria Mitea
Aug 17 · 166
My Restless Soul
Imran Islam Aug 17
Oh, my dear restless soul,
Do you feel any fear?
Who created you?
And who's the Great Creator?

What is the pride of your life
with so much inactivity?
One day you'll reach God's knife
and stand by his door!

This world isn't heaven
Why do you want so much happiness!
What do you get on a short trip!
It's just a wave on the shore.

The world is just a place
for the success seekers,
Don't melt into its colors
Make your soul polite forever!

You have a big responsibility here
But why do you neglect yourself?
Your time and power will out soon
What the things you existed, dear!
Thank you MM
Imran Islam Aug 17
Every day I want to talk to willow trees
And want to sing along with honeybees
I love beautiful morning fresh flowers
Oh, I just melt into nature, melt always!

The sun, the full moon and all the stars
The hills, the falls and the blue rivers
The wind, the clouds and the showers
All made my eyes cool, there's no more tears!

The doves and the morning chirping birds
The butterflies, the bunch of lightning bugs
They love nature and they're all my friends
Their love will be with me all day and nights!
Thanks WT
Aug 15 · 192
You Are The Fire of Love
Imran Islam Aug 15
What love is, I could not understand yet
You just hurt me, didn't love me a little bit
That's why love means to me- I am a stray.
I'm not going to be a love seeker anymore!

My heart has burned out in the fire of love.
It wasn't real love; It has been just your pride.
Now I am suffering from burning love.
But God knows how much I love you, dear!

I can't find real love; Where did I lose it?
I cry tears for you and I am tired of it
I have no one to help me to be confident
No, I'm not going to be a follower of lovers.

I'm burning in the fire of love, day and night
Tell me, what distress did I do to you?
How much hard to forget your memories!
It's more painful to me than your sweet love!
Aug 14 · 195
Losing Rights
Imran Islam Aug 14
Why is this so true?
Someone throws food into the dustbin
And someone who is not eating!

Smile blooms on someone's face
Someone who is always a victim
And someone's neck is hanging!

Someone's a street load.
Who sleeps on the hard concrete
And someone's luxury bed.

Some people are working hard
Some people aren't able to earn
And some people are unemployed!

Someone's dying inside
Someone's dreaming with a big heart
And some people are feeling so pride.

Someone who is unfairly blamed
Someone stands who's not well-known
And someone never can be respected.

Someone feels oneself a big boss,
who wants to get everything at a price
and insults needy people.

How long will it be?
Helpless is being tortured by the power!
Will this role be continued?

Criminals are acting to be decent
Innocents are losing to injustice
What civilization is this?

Will they be slaves,
because of their poverty?
Ah, they have lost their rights!
Aug 13 · 258
Release Me Please
Imran Islam Aug 13
I'm tied to the chain in the cage
Tear this chain up and break this cage down
to release me forever
Oh set me free, please!

I'm not in the happy mood
I'm soaked in tears,
Turn my tears into joy
and give me some peace,
You give me comfort, please!

Why are you silent again?
You don't see the wrong thing!
Never take the wrong turn in your life,
Just find the right path
and try to release yourself always!

You'll be free to reach the goal,
but I will be there in the jail!
Hey there who are free, I'm the victim
Think about it, just a bit
Oh, release me please!

I would take the sweet smells
in the morning like you
I want to bloom the flowers too,
I wanna sing the morning song
for you in the cool breeze.
Let the dew of peace fall on me
Oh, lemme make a paradise!
motivate yourself everyday
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