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Imran Islam Jan 9
You still live in my broken heart
then who comes into your dream
I have prayed for you, darling
but someone else won the game!

How will I walk by the ocean
without you in the rain,
How can be I healed, when
your love turned into pain!

Today you have left my hands
one day you will forget my name
I'll always paint your memories
tho' you've drawn me in the blame.

You'll remember me in teardrops
while I'll be dancing with the stars
then I will give you my happiness
and make you smile from Mars!
Dec 2021 · 155
When You Speak To Me
Imran Islam Dec 2021
I fall for your beautiful eyes
when they're shy like a wet rose
I melt in your happy smile
because it never draws a close.

I feel sipping your sweet voice
when you speak to me,
It fills my heart with the love
as the rising tide does the sea.

I feel pretty romance for you
in the dusk at the river
when I walk side by side with you
in the light cold shower.

Your hand makes my dreams divine
with the warming touch;
Darling, I want you to be just mine
because I love you so much.
Dec 2021 · 175
I Feel Your Soul Inside
Imran Islam Dec 2021
I fall for you, darling
when you smile at me
I melt into your eyes
when you look at me.

I feel your soul inside
when you walk with me
and I touch your heart
when you sit next to me.

I can feel your pain
when you are hurt
I can read your mind
though we are apart.

I can't take your tears
they make me cry
I have given you my eyes,
soon they will be dry!

I would look upon you
in the moon night,
while you will be holding
my hands so tight.

Let me draw your eyelashes
when they speak to me;
Would you wish me, baby
as the flower does the bee!
Nov 2021 · 148
Maybe I Am Not Perfect
Imran Islam Nov 2021
Maybe I have no heart as you do
That's why you don't love me
Maybe I have no soul as you do
That's why you don't care about me!
Maybe I am not perfect for you
That's why you don't respond to me!

I'll keep my promise when I did
I'll remember you till my last breath
I'll love you, darling, as I do yet
I'll pray for you till I'm alive on earth!
But maybe I'm nothing to you, baby
That's why you always ignore me!

I care about you; it's my pleasure
I do love you; it's my happiness
I think of you, though I'm hopeless
I dream of you; there, I'm a failure!
I wouldn't ask you to love me back
I would you not to blame me!
Nov 2021 · 720
I Sink For You
Imran Islam Nov 2021
Let me draw my dreams
in your brown eyes
Let my soul smile always
on your happy face!

Let my mind be colored
in your colors
Let my empath heart sink
for your tears!

Let me follow your shadow
in the morning ray
Let me pray for you, baby
every new day.

I let the moon go away
when you smile at me
I forget my raceway
when you're onto me.

Darling, keep smiling
as you always do;
You know the answer as well
when I do love you!
Nov 2021 · 124
I Am Broken
Imran Islam Nov 2021
I'm broken, darling, I'm broken
I'm frozen, darling, I'm frozen
I would quit my life often
when I think you are taken!

Who wish to help me out
I am going down
in the dark zone of the ocean!
Baby, it's an ocean of separation!

How could you slice my heart
when I trusted you
How did you make my eyes cry
when I loved you!

Who'd have a glance at me
when I've lost my crown
in the deep of impression on you!
Baby, it's a pain of impression!

I won't wait for you
when you're done with me
when you're done!
I wouldn't blame you
though you're gone
Darling, you're gone!

I wish no one would hurt me again
No one will play with my emotions!
You are taken already; you're taken
I am broken, darling, I am broken!
Sep 2021 · 209
It's Going To Rain
Imran Islam Sep 2021
Let me be a drop
of monsoon rain
Let me feel your lips
once again.

This love of your
green shyness
makes me alive
from loneliness.

Let me forget the pain
of drought
Let me be with you
just to get wet.

Your dancing barefoot
in raindrops
makes my eyes cool
and fills my hopes.

Let me be your
mountain shower
Let me flow down
in your deep river.

This bride of clouds
and lightning flash
means, it's going to rain
to make nature fresh.
Sep 2021 · 1.3k
Fix My Broken Heart
Imran Islam Sep 2021
Could you turn my pain
into love again
Could you touch my skin
like a drop of rain

Please, don't treat me
like an unknown person
Please, let me be happy
in your prison

Could you hear me, please
Would you answer me, please

Do you still enjoy the sunset
as we did before
Do you remember me there yet
or not anymore

No, I can't deal
with my emotion
No, I won't stop my eyes
to be an ocean

Would you relive my memories
Could you fix my broken heart, please

Do you miss me
as I miss you in the moonlight
Do you cry for me
as I do for you every night

I can't live
with this pain of separation
Day after day
I'm falling into the omission

Could you feel me, please
Will you come back to me, please
Sep 2021 · 244
The Space Is Boundless
Imran Islam Sep 2021
I would like to sing
in the morning
like a wild bird
You can take my song
as your rousing
or leave me a gird!

I sing not to make you jocular
I sing not to make you bother
I sing, 'cause it's my nature!

I would like to fly
in the vast sky
on my own wings
You can be jealous
but I am endless
with all my feelings.

I sing for the green nature
I sing for the flowing river
I can sing, it's my pleasure!

I like to be free from
one tree to another tree,
where I find happiness.
You can be like me
if you want to be.
The space is boundless!
Sep 2021 · 748
I Follow Your Shadows
Imran Islam Sep 2021
I find you in the moon night
while you smile with the stars
I see you in the sunrise
whereas you bloom with the flowers.

I draw you in my eager eyes
on the ocean beach
and I get the surprise
when you look at me more than twice!

I follow your shadows
when you go for a morning walk
I gaze up to your windows
whenever you remove the balk.

One day you will hear my heart
and let me know your answer
I am waiting for the happy day
when you'll take my request as a lover!
Aug 2021 · 256
I Am Very Repentant
Imran Islam Aug 2021
Oh, martyrs of my clime, please, forgive me!
I couldn't grab your sacrifice in my chest
I don't know how much you curse me,
I apologize to you, please, take my request!

This heart did not feel the liveliness
even didn't get any respect;
That is my irresponsibility.
This is not my credit but an insult!

I don't draw that dream as you did
I don't know why there's no brotherhood!
My green homeland is in the hands of robbers.
And there're no conflicts with the enemies!

After everything, we hug the killers
Society is depressed about nakedness.
We turn the bullets to our brothers
whereas the leader is selfish and ruthless!

To tell your story isn't just my responsibility;
I will make your dreams come true for sure.
If my restless soul can represent yours
then the blood of Bengali will succeed with this nationality!
Aug 2021 · 301
The Relief
Imran Islam Aug 2021
Today the shady grove is full of flowers
what was surrounded only in sins!
Everyone's heart is swaying with joy
after came true the dream of a hundred years.

Today the promise is at the top
There're no tears but only relief!

There was- the courage of mothers,
the patience of new brides,
the pain of losing smiles of sisters
and the sacrifice of  Bengali!

How insomnia and starvation!
How thirst panic and self-numb!
Finally, the sun has smiled at the nation
and young heroes are happy in triumph!
Aug 2021 · 871
I Feel You Inside Me
Imran Islam Aug 2021
I feel you inside me
though you are not with me
No one can find you
but I can see you next to me!

You aren't far away from me
You are in my heartsore
You aren't behind my eyes
but always in my tears!

I can't forget you; it's difficult for me
I still love you as I did before.
I'm not asking you to come back to me
but you could love me some more!

You still come in my dreams
and make me smile
I still read your love poems
and follow your style.

Your moon shines in my sky
It will never depart away.
You'll remember me when I die
Just forgive me that day!
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Aug 2021 · 182
Drawn Eyes Of Love
Imran Islam Aug 2021
I didn't hold your hand
to leave you alone
I would have a piece of land
nearby your home,
and I'll see you every day.

I didn't draw your eyes
to erase them from my heart
I would color your dreams
like you want,
and I'll make you happy anyway.

Your smile shines on my face
I am impressed,
How do you always smile?
You are blessed
and I found you on the Milky Way.

I'm hurt, but I don't feel any sore
Just let me gaze upon you
a little bit more
You know how much I love you!
And I'd melt in you this way.
May 2021 · 190
Happy Birthday Barbara
Imran Islam May 2021
Happy birthday to you,
Barbara, happy birthday!
Let your pretty face smile
every night and every day!

You're a heavenly restless soul
who lives in everyone's heart!
You are the wings of an angel
who brings peace with voice art!

Who can stop loving you?
Who would leave you alone?
No one can hurt you;
You are a message of heaven!

Stay safe and fight to live long
This community needs you!
God won't call you before long
'Cause every soul loves you!
Happy Birthday to you, my friend Barbara
May 2021 · 1.4k
Praise Of God
Imran Islam May 2021
God, no one else is precious like you
even no one else is generous like you!
You are the one and only forever!

You keep gold under the soil
and save the crop in its veil;
You give honey in the flower.

The moon and stars kiss the night
The morning sun blooms daylight;
God, you roll the waves in the river.

You swing the clouds in the skies
and blow the winds in the trees;
Lord, you float the ship on the water.

God, you rush the heavy rain down
or raise the long drought often;
You make the morning dewy in the winter.

The sweet waterfall in the mountains
The full moon and pretty moonshine,
Everything is yours, Lord, you have no partner!
May 2021 · 336
Do You Still Think About
Imran Islam May 2021
Do you still read my poems?
Do you still think of my words?
Do you still walk alone in silky hair?
Do you still talk with a sweet smile?
I still miss you with tears in my eyes.
Your love still wakes up in my heart!

Do you still enjoy the morning rays?
Do you still paint the evening sight?
Do you still sing in the tune I did?
Do you still dance barefoot?
I cry for you and I blame myself;
I still have pain from your departure!

How beautiful the dewy mornings were with you
by wrapping us together hidden in a shawl!
How sweet the spring afternoons were with you
by breaking every bond in love!
Maybe raindrops make your shiny face shy
and my thirst still sips your drawn love.
I can't think of your sudden separation!
Apr 2021 · 162
Let Me Go Home
Imran Islam Apr 2021
I would better go home
where lives my mom,
I miss my green village
there I find my early age.
Let me go home betimes
I'm dying for my mom!

Oh, fresh morning breeze,
Make my friends happy
I will join them soon
at the river bank bridge.
Oh, busy city streets,
Lemme walk to the way of home!

I'm thirsty of freshwater;
I'm looking for the river
where I swam earlier
with boundless pleasure.
I want to be lost in the grove
where wild birds have freedom.

Oh, my heavenly village
I wish your morning flower
I'd talk in my local language
like the villagers do forever.
Let me walk on dewy grass
by the growing farm.

Let me go back home
My dreams live there
Let me meet my mom
who gave me nature.
Let me go there early
where I am from!
Apr 2021 · 255
I Drown In Your Eyes
Imran Islam Apr 2021
How deep love in your eyes
I drown in there
How do you smile always?
Where I find pleasure.

How loving your shy lips
How sweet your cheeks
I draw them in my dreams,
I ask you in my prayer!

Could you give me a place
in your kind heart
there I'll have sinless peace.
I wish you in my desire!

How righteous your beliefs
with a pious soul
I have changed my thoughts
as your holy scripture.

Dear, let me walk with you,
where you found heaven
Give me some light of you,
what I'm looking for!
Apr 2021 · 370
It Will Happen
Imran Islam Apr 2021
The moon shines on the salt rivers
but you don't smile at me anymore
The honey bee sings for the flowers
but you do not knock on my door!

The rain falls down upon green nature
but you don't look at my eager eyes
The yellow bird sings in a pleasure
but you don't fly in my dream skies!

I didn't wish your departure
I wanted your happiness
I don't think of my future
I think of your goodness!

You aren't with me, but I feel you inside
I don't blame you but feel a burning inside
You still have a place in my broken heart;
But I can't believe now we're so far apart!

No, you can't leave me alone this way
I know, you will miss my love one day
Maybe that day you'll find me in heaven
Darling, my love is true and it'll happen!
Apr 2021 · 1.0k
My Elusive Dreams
Imran Islam Apr 2021
You're the silent pain in my heart
I can't forget you,
You are tears in my tired eyes
I can't hold it in!

You are my elusive dreams
and heartburn like the ocean.
You're the hurts of my broken wings
I can't fly in the sky!

My eyes are filled with your glance
Your words make my heart dance.
You are my memory and pursuit
I can't stay away from you!

You are melted with my soul
I lost myself in your smell.
You are my secret romance;
I can't say that easily!
Apr 2021 · 192
Often It Happens
Imran Islam Apr 2021
No one will see your pain
No one will look at your broken heart
Everyone finds your stain
Even to insult you, everyone is alert.

People don't honor your dignity
They respect your money like a boss
If you have no power in the society
Then everyone will use you like a toss.

Your family won't judge your wisdom
if you are responsible for everything
When you race your hope and dream
Others wouldn't keep patient with you.

Some of your friends will run away
when you are in such a tough time
You will get them back someday,
when you are having a good time.

Take it easy, often it happens in life
Find yourself in a place where you are perfect
and focus on your dreams without any strife
One day you'll get success because you are right!
Apr 2021 · 339
The Blue In My Sky
Imran Islam Apr 2021
Darling, your timid eyes,
moving lips
and happy smile;
Your shy walking barefoot
and beautiful eyewink.
I love them always in silence!

When you look at me
I suddenly feel like faltering
and I lose my words;
You are the blue in my sky
and the first love letter to me.
You are my untold love story!

Your voice makes me cool
and gives my heart pleasure
The flowing winds from your wings
swing my yearning dreams;
You are blooming like a morning rose.
I love you, darling, don't mind me, please!
Apr 2021 · 640
The Downfall Of Human Being
Imran Islam Apr 2021
It's raining of sins on earth
where men and women are soaking.
Ah, society is misguided today!

The devils are laughing
in the downfall of human being
but people are swimming in nasty things!

They don't judge right or wrong
and don't take any proper action.
They lead their lives in disguise
in this momentary world.
Who is for this eagerness?

Day after day, everyone is melting
in this fake beauty;
I don't know, which nation this is!
Apr 2021 · 617
Paint Me With Your Color
Imran Islam Apr 2021
The pathway you hate
The path that's very weird to you
Don't call me on that way
Dear, don't call me, please!

I will be with you all the beautiful places
Just paint me with the colors of you.
Let your happiness melt in my face
when I gaze upon you with thirsty eyes,
Don't mind me, please!

I lose my dreams in your smile always
I really do this in shyness
and I can't set my mind to anything.
Your happiness is mine too, darling
Don't forget it, please!
Apr 2021 · 217
Walking By Side With Me
Imran Islam Apr 2021
You walk by side with me
but don't talk to me anymore
Even you sit in front of me
but don't look at me anymore.
I don't know why
you have changed your mind?

Do you remember
One day I was your hero
Do you remember
One day I was your lover

How long we walked together
in the rainy days
How much we loved each other
No one can guess.
I don't know why
you have forgotten everything?

Darling, did you forget
You enjoyed my company
Sweetie, did you forget
You colored my destiny

You made me this promise
You'll never leave me alone,
but you are done with me
and you've gone before long!
I don't know why
you have found someone new?
Apr 2021 · 100
I Miss You Still
Imran Islam Apr 2021
You are a rising flower
I am the morning bee
You're a falling shower
I am the flowing sea.

You believe it or not,
I do love you still
You trust me or not,
You're my only will.

The sun loves the moon
The moon tides the rivers;
My flying soul loves yours
I wish, we'll meet soon!

Do you feel me or not?
I miss you still
Do you love me or not?
I love you and will.

The ocean rises the waves
The waves find the shore;
I'm drunk in your deep love
and I wanna sip you some more.
Apr 2021 · 213
Youth Are The Volcano
Imran Islam Apr 2021
Oh, youth, you're the moon of the dark night
In the springtime, you're the morning light
You're the volcano; show your power off
Win the highest peak of the world as the knight!

You should solve the problems of the nation
The victims are waiting for your proper action
You have to change everything old for the future
On the youth, you can lead the whole of nature!

You have to reform again, what's done as the ****
Get up; you're the lion; you can't sleep at this time!
It's the right time to face devils to save your clime
Your voice is the inspiration for the newcomer.

Stand up there with your glory in this world
Even if you are gone, everyone will cry!
Apr 2021 · 184
The Full Moon Night
Imran Islam Apr 2021
I enjoy the full moon night beneath the sky
The moon departs the darkness and keep the world sober
Moonshine kisses the trees, huts, and the river,
Whereas the night nature slowly becomes shy.

I deeply think about this long lunar night
As it makes my eyes cool and gives me pleasure
Once, if you enjoy this beautiful sight
You can't close your mind of desire.

He's the great painter,
Who draws this love of the night and the moon.
After enjoying this chemistry,
I believe in the Lord, who makes them beautiful!

This full moon night is the sign of God
And I apologize to Him after realizing his glory!
Apr 2021 · 179
One Day In The Mirror
Imran Islam Apr 2021
One day you'll look in the mirror
and see your beautiful face there,
then you'll miss the compliments
about you, that I did before.

Someday you'll look in the mirror
and see your ocean eyes there,
then you'll miss the waves of love
that I drew before at your shore.

One day you'll look in the mirror
and touch your soft cheeks for sure,
there you'll feel the paint of my hand
that I colored before as a dreamer.

Sometime you'll look in the mirror
and feel your sugar lips with a finger,
then you'll find a heavenly taste
that I enjoyed before, but not anymore.

One day you'll miss my love in tears
and maybe you'll look for my answers,
but you are happier now than before,
therefore, my soul gonna be quiet forever!
Apr 2021 · 204
Young Are Lodestars
Imran Islam Apr 2021
We're young; we're the champions
We are the spirit to our nation.
We'll bring the fresh morning
Let's go, let's go ahead, young!

We'll hit on the closed door
and grab the enemies,
We won't lose to fear
We'd celebrate the victories!

Our confidence is beyond the skies
to win everything!

We'll blow the smell of flowers
to move everyone's confutation away.
We are the strong sail in the stormy voyage
We are manic to win; we are young!

We'll control the whole world
to overcome everything!

We won't support any crime
We'll stay with our clime
If we are martyred for the nation
then we'll get good news from Heaven.

We'll bring the shiny sun on earth
because we are active young!

We'll stand against oppressive rulers
and we'll voice for the oppressed
We'll live like the warriors
and we'll welcome death in smiles!

We'll make everyone's dreams true
with our youthfulness!

We're trying to build a wall on Mars
and waiting for the moment
The world is looking for us
and we live in everyone's heart!

We will be patient in hurt
to face the opponents!

We are so charming to lovers
and surrounded by soft love,
We are the Lodestars
in the dark night sky.

We're young; we'll do everything
with love and passion.
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Apr 2021 · 2.6k
Freedom Of Bengali
Imran Islam Apr 2021
Freedom, you are the pride of Bengal
Freedom, you are the right of Bengali
Freedom, you are the light of life path
Freedom, you are built with the blood of Bengali!

Freedom, you are the smile of sad moms
Freedom, you are in the heart of Bengali
Freedom, you are the moon of the night
Freedom, you are the best success to Bengali!

Freedom, you are the reward to the ****** ocean
Freedom, you are the reverence to crores of Bengalis
Freedom, you are the reason for happiness to Bengalis
Freedom, you are the new life of Bengal!

Freedom, you are the dream of millions of martyrs
Freedom, you are the island of the endless ocean
Freedom, you are the long hair of the village girls
Freedom, you are so high like the blue sky!

Freedom, you stay in real action
Freedom, you stay in the spirit of Bengalis
Freedom, you stay with black and white
Freedom, you live in everyone's religion!

Freedom, you are my first priority
Freedom, you are my first torch
Freedom, you are my dignity
Freedom, freedom, I'll never do injustice to you!
Apr 2021 · 382
Oceans Flow In Your Eyes
Imran Islam Apr 2021
The moon smiles on your face
to make the night wonderful
The ocean flows in your eyes
to make the waves beautiful
and I melt in your arms
where I find peace.

The clouds feel jealous
of your smooth hair
The gentle breeze blows
your smell in the air
and you melt my heart
with your sweet voice.

Maybe nature is pleased
with your simplicity
and the spring is painted
with your beauty.
I find kindness in your words
and hope you'll shine me always.
My Books
Apr 2021 · 301
Let Me Walk In
Imran Islam Apr 2021
I do not look at the moon
'cause you aren't there in
I wanna meet you soon
if you let me walk in!

I don't look at the stars yet
'cause you don't count them
I will go out at midnight
if there you hang out with me.

I can't sleep well at night
if you don't come in my dreams
I would sleepover tonight
if you call me to your house.

I will draw you in my eyes
when you're asleep in heaven
and I will find the morning
in your sleeping face!
Apr 2021 · 91
Let's Do Romance
Imran Islam Apr 2021
How long I could not see you
How long I could not gaze upon you
I wish to meet you just once
I wish to see you at a glance!

Let my dreams come true
Darling, let me sing for you
Let me touch you just once
Once again, let's do romance!

How dusk I didn't walk with you
How nights I didn't talk to you
Yes, I would like to see you dance
I wanna reach your hands just once!

Do you smile like you did before?
And do your eyes shine the same?
Yup, I want to love you some more
Could you give me one last chance!
My Books
Apr 2021 · 122
I Find Your Heart
Imran Islam Apr 2021
How can I forget you
when you are a part
of my broken heart!
How can I blame you
when I love you a lot
whereas I fall apart!

I can't look at the stars
and the moon in tears
I can't follow my dream
It's gone with the stream
but I don't know yet
what space kept us apart!

I know, you still love me
You still miss those days
where we walked along
in the afternoon by the sea.
Again I'll bring the moment
how I can win your heart!
My Books
Apr 2021 · 88
Life Is An Examination
Imran Islam Apr 2021
Life is an examination
with some questions
and we just have to answer them
but we don't know about the right words!

Dreams are the books of lives
with some stories
and we must study well before the exam
when we forget our hopes and intentions!

Life races for the final results
with some frustrations
but we always fight to make our names
even if we don't find a place where we are fit.

Here love is the pen to us
with some colors
and often we write down our best poems
even though we aren't professional poets.
Mar 2021 · 192
The Tone Of Your Fears
Imran Islam Mar 2021
My stone of pain and the sea of sin
Take them away!
Happily in my rhythm,
let your great tune on!

The darkness and the sorrow of mine
Move them away!
In my heart and tears,
let your fears retain!

All my lies and my abuses
Throw them away, please!
In my words and promises,
let your faith walk in!

The pain of my broken heart and dreams
Keep them away, God, take them away!
Every day in my good work,
let your holy name say again!
Mar 2021 · 134
A Full Rise Of Freedom
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Freedom, freedom,
where is my success?
You forgot the past and became a selfish
Is that ****** victory for this?

You know as well,
why freedom fighters took the weapons
and sacrificed their lives
in the war of independence
for a great victory!
Where did you lose that passion and love?

Those warriors who left their homes
and slept in the deep forests
This dream was in their minds -
'Homeland, you'll be on a high peak with respect'!

I have forgotten the green dream of the martyrs
and I'm going to be a slave to someone else!
Have I realized that-
The risk of defense has increased day by day!

Why am I subservient even after independence?
Why is there so much inhuman torture on me!
Why is my life insecure and helpless!
When will there be a full rise of freedom?
Mar 2021 · 412
Tears Give Me A Pleasure
Imran Islam Mar 2021
I miss you and wake up
at the midnight
Then I try to fall asleep
in the candlelight.

Often you come to my nightmare
to make me afraid
Then my tears give me a pleasure
to become staid.

I can't sleep till the morning
and then I melt in daylight
I work nicely till the evening
but I find you in the twilight.

I don't want the starry night
when you aren't with me
I don't need the moonlight
where you aren't at the sea!

I can't stop missing you
I can't stop loving you
Could you heal me, please!
I'm tired of this silent fight!
Mar 2021 · 134
Dreams Are Dying
Imran Islam Mar 2021
You can make a dream happily
but you should follow it in a right way
with determination and intention
then your dream will come true easily.

You race your hopes rest of the life
but you are a **** failure in life
because you had never learned
how to reach goals independently!

No one would appreciate your invisible dreams
but everyone will be happy with your achievements
even though your family doesn't feel your hurts!
You must walk alone some more path patiently.

You just keep following your dreams with a smile
Be confident in yourself and who you are
then you can overcome a thousand miles
to be successful in your cruel life undoubtedly.
My Books
Mar 2021 · 347
You Make My Soul Fry
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Your sweet memories
make me cry
and separation makes
my heart dry!

I can't walk a single step
on this way,
where we wet in the rain
on last Sunday.

I get your scent
in the smell of flowers
I feel your loving touch
with showers.

I smile whereas you make
my soul fry
I gaze upon you with love,
though you mean to pry.

Your face is a mirror to me
where I found myself
I will never blame you;
Take care of yourself.
Mar 2021 · 184
My Fear Is Gone
Imran Islam Mar 2021
You have smiled at me
So I do not need the moonshine.
You have talked to me
So I wouldn't walk by the ocean.

You have felt my heart
So I have no more pain.
You've got my thought
Then I can paint it again.

You have reached my hand
Now my fear is gone.
You have made me blind
That’s why I can't move alone.

You are a heavenly fairy
Even you have no stain.
My thirsty soul is so fiery
Ah, I wish for a summer rain!
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Mar 2021 · 224
My Tears Make You Happy
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Do you find happiness
in my tear?
Like the full moon does
in the seawater.

I find your sweet smell
in the air,
like the honeybee does
in the flower.

Why do you hate me
when I love you
Why do you blame me
when I talk to you

I follow you as the night does
the daytime
I miss you like a refugee does
his lovely clime!

I don't wish you to wipe
my tears away
I just want you not to go
so far away!

I will never ask you
to love me again,
but let me dream of you
to forget my pain!
Mar 2021 · 778
Love At First Sight
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Your sun rises in the morning
to make my daylight
and I look for the evening
'cause your moon draws my night!

I got your smell through the wind
on a summer afternoon
I found you for the first time
at the blue lagoon.

I always follow your shadow,
is it alright?
Maybe I am falling for you;
My wish, you will never mind!

You are sitting alongside me,
but no one can see;
You are the light to guide me
and you're my love at first sight!
Mar 2021 · 796
Try To Feel My Pain
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Baby, don't worry
about my sore
Not to worry, darling
Just love me some more!

You no need to fix my broken heart
Just try to feel my pain in your heart
Oh, baby, I'm coming to you
Please, don't close your door!

I'm not asking for the moon
I'm not looking for the rain
Darling, just look at my eyes
and make me smile again!

Stop walking away from me
and listen to me, oh babe!
Lemme see your face one more last time
if you don't love me anymore!
Mar 2021 · 245
The Spring
Imran Islam Mar 2021
The spring has come
The cuckoos are singing sweetly.
The smell of flowers is blowing in the air
The leaves are getting greener with new lives,
and nature is happy for the spring wind today.

Springtime has come
into the world to paint it green
and to make nature beautiful.
The forests are dancing with the swings.
The cheer of the spring is touching the cold bodies.

Nature is getting ready for the coming days.
The nights are excited by the scent of jasmine
and the loving hearts are mad at this.
Who wanna be strangers to the spring!

Nature is fresh today by the song and smell
Oh young, take this nature of spring as your fuel!
Mar 2021 · 273
Mama Is My Shore
Imran Islam Mar 2021
Mama, I found the prayers
for me, in your tears
Mama, I found the peace
in your happy face!

Mom, you are my heaven
and my precious gem
Mom, you're important
to me than my dreams!

I won't leave you alone here
and go anywhere
Mama, I will be your shore
and won't hurt you anymore!

Mama, let me feel your pain
Lmme make you smile again
I have no one like you, mama
and you are everything to me!
Feb 2021 · 222
The Memories Of Your Love
Imran Islam Feb 2021
I hope, you are doing fine,
but maybe you've forgotten me!
I love you, sweetie
Why do you stay away from me?
Won't you come back to me?
Won't you sit next to me again?
Maybe you wouldn't walk with me,
on the dewy grass anymore!

I still dream of you
before the sunrise
Even I still make my day
with your love.
I have enjoyed so many rays
by sitting with you
All those imageries are dancing
in the morning flowers
and the sky blue.

Often you had been coming to the lake
in the afternoon with barefoot anklets
and I had been keeping you company
there till the dusk.
Those memories of your love
come to my mind always.
My heart cries and hurts,
though your eyes are smiling!

The afternoon and the evening river miss you;
The sun departs by the touch of the dusky sky
but you are not enjoying it with me!
I also miss you, maybe I'll find you
in the moon and the stars.
I want the moonshine comes
to my window every night!
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Feb 2021 · 1.5k
Bless Me Like Nature
Imran Islam Feb 2021
I find you in that morning sky,
in the bird songs and the fresh air
I find you in the flower
with sweet smell!
You're in the happiness of bees.

You're on wet leaves of dew
and in the early dawn
You're in the green branches of spring
You're at the beginning of ray.
O God, the rising sun follows
your command every day.

Oh my God,
Bless me like this beautiful nature!
I pray to you this heavenly morning-
Give me patience and make me pious;
Lord, forgive me with your mercy, please!
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