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romane Mar 2017
The thing about us humans is that we wanted to be chased, only to push that person who falls into the trap of our vulnerability.

Sooner or later we will realize that we are in love with that person, who is already in love with someone else.
romane Jun 2014
I've been staring at this blank page for months
Knowing I should be able to write
The beautiful things that happened to us
The twists and wonders
Alive and palpable possibilities
Which now seem dead to me
Because we were never in love
But oh god we could have been
When confused, write it down.

The thing about humans is that they wanted to be chased, but only push that person away. And then sooner or later they will realize that they're in love with that person, who is already in love with someone else.
romane Jun 2014
(I) will never talk to you again
You (still) don't get it, do you?
I don't (love) you anymore
I need (you) to go away
(Please) leave me be!

When you kissed me,
it was a dream (come) true.
But those memories are long ago forgotten
So here I am at your doorstep,
handing (back) your books.
People tend to act 'heartless' but believe me, deep down they still love that person in their own little ways.
romane May 2014
Shower — the place where I seem
To miss you most
romane May 2014
Being the most beautiful girl
in your eyes
is enough
romane May 2014
I miss someone, a girl I used to know;
Who puts a nose on her smileys
Who dances away her problems
Who reads a dozen of books a day
Who prefers her coffee black
Who always listen to her favorite song

Today, I met a girl;
Who sends smile - less messages
Who keeps her problems inside
Who would smoke countless cigarettes
Who likes to drink coffee every time
Who despise listening to a certain song because it reminds her of somebody

Such a chance
I looked in the mirror
And saw those girls as one
romane May 2014
It came to me
As we sauntered by the streets
That we were just like Bonnie and Clyde

We are bad
But we have each other
And that's the only thing that matters
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