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  Nov 2014 Leonardo
You mean my whole world,
My whole life.
You are the reason I can love. Live. Laugh. Forgive.
You give me the strength to keep going.
I love you over everything.
You are my everything.
I can't do anything without you.
Without you, I'd be lost,
In the shades.
You are my night and day,
The reason I live,
I thank you for everything,
My family,
My friends,
My life.
You are the fountain of love,

Thank You God,
I can't say it enough.
Was feeling very grateful. Everyone, you should be grateful too. Especially with God. He has done everything for us. In the hashtag, there is no capitalisation, but God is capitalised.
Leonardo Mar 2014
I really like her
but what did I do
there is a small chance
I did not take it

I am scared
I was too scared
now I'm terrified

my friend
her friend
now her boyfriend

She gave him a chance
I was to slow
too scared to love
too ashamed of myself

the emotions inside me
inside me hes confused
inside me hes jealous
inside me is getting out of control
inside me is an angry lion roaring
searching for the true cause why am I angry

but one night I thought about her
and thought about him
i got jealous
emotions burst
I want to scream
the pressure inside is getting stronger
I need help
I need to pray
and I cried

I cried that I made a mistake telling her "I like you"
I was mad that I made a mistake not telling her earlier, "I really like you"

sleepless nights did not help
It only worsen the situation

I guess we cant get everything
but if I can wait
If my heart is still beating to her, for her
maybe Its a chance

now I need to love myself first
my heart is my heart it beats for my body
not for a girl not for anybody
but for me to love others
I need to love myself first
Leonardo Nov 2012
What is life?
to the people with no light
Is It as sharp as a knife
but as short as we see the ocean insight

As our candle of life melt
You can't judge it without seeing the whole story
After you finish the knife as it smelt
you will realize it is the greatest gift of glory

Yet like a knife it gets rusty
but with a helping hand of a friend
It will never be dusty,
a hand that always ready to lend

For life can't be defined by looking at the end
But by looking at your memories with your friend

— The End —