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Lehrina Marco May 2014
At first it is you,
the one who believes that love is true.
It’s like electricity that spark with you,
knowing each other under the sky blue.

Like the stars that is twinkling,
suddenly you look at me smiling.
I don’t know but I think I’m falling.
We look at each other and our eyes is tantalizing.

Then one day, weakness begun.
You walked away with saying “done”.
Saying your feelings is now totally gone.
And left me unfinish and undone.

And now, saying “move on” is hard.
You don’t know like sands it’s rough.
Looking forward like this is tough.
Remembering all the memories that’s still in my heart.
When he broke w/ me.
Lehrina Marco May 2014
Beautiful spots, different places.
That’s the things I want to see.
In different countries with their tallest edifice.
Where you can see Ego as eclipse.

Meeting different people,
interesting and innumerable.
Learning stories interminable,
to avoid you from too much intolerable.

Historic places I want to sight,
knowing the different happenings inside.
Either a leader, emperor, kings or pirates,
Pyramids, towers, places that is sacred.
I want to travel every beautiful places so I did this
Lehrina Marco May 2014
It started with a HI, on a date on May1.
I asked many questions on the things you really do.
You don’t even think to ignore me, ‘cause I know we’re meant to be.

Then days passed by, didn’t notice I try.
Try not to fall for you, but you make me fall too.
Knowing that you won’t catch me, on the things you make me see.

Now, it seems that we really know each other.
Closeness discover.
Even in a joke way, twins were played.
I wish for you it’s a pleasure, ‘cause for me to know you is a treasure.
From someone I admire last summer.

— The End —