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Nath May 13
Oh, how I wish!
To have a switch that can never be turned on.
To cease control of myself and let the Maker take me anywhere.
Never to be anxious nor to suffer for my foolishness anymore.

Oh, how I wish!
To have a switch that can never be turned on.
It is not through the ***** of breath but freedom through enslavement.
Chained to the Greatest Good, forever enlightened.

Oh, how I wish!
Love was not as painful as this.
But it can never be as greater like this,
If I have a switch that can never be turned on.
If there was no sufferings, sacrifices, and pain, would love really be as greater than this? Would peace be as sweeter and joy be as immense as it could be?
Nath Mar 2020
Depression sure is dangerous.
Alone, the stronger it gets
Lies in the mind they kept twisting
Like Wolves in sheep's clothing
When will this end?

Through a smile or through a shut
Through a rose or through its torn
Through a soul or through a ghost
Through a fork or through a knife

Water runs deeper in seas
While blood runs deeper in cuts.
All from the pain of tomorrow
Not me.
Nath Dec 2018
Half the world asleep
Half the world awake
Half of it is remorse
While half of it is joy

Half the world have
Half the world don't
When happy moments pass
Other moments don't

He looked above
And down below
Half of him alive
Half of him . . .
Nath May 2018
One hundred along coastal road we stroll
Vision reached horizon I've seen it all
Above my head a yellow blazing ball
I sighed under my breath, I wait your call

The rift between the oceans and the skies
Look below and see where the water lies!
Now, up above is where herd of cloud flies
Torn apart, decision made by the Wise

A sad story for one of them I think
At night, one asleep while the other blinks
If the skies in her beauty she gently winks
Then ocean's glad heart might at his depths sink
Nath Feb 2018
A misty night, a cold cold room
Within these four corners I  hum
The memories of bright old days
Yet there's no horizon to gaze

Along the path of the rocky past
Stumbled upon the stone you cast
I held it close into my heart
Cherished it like a complex art

In my return to go forward,
I stopped again after a yard
Quickly knelt down and cried so long
Asked my aching heart what went wrong
Nath Jan 2018
One in a million
Star of the day and the night
My heart went thumping

Her eyes so misty
Wondered if she could see me
I wish she had known

The wind messed her hair
Yet so charming to look at
What more in order?
Nath Dec 2017
Have you ever walked under starry skies
A billion fire twinkling above your head
Between city roads that would never meet
With the midnight sun shining is what you seek?

And with this  endless walk I never thought
I would bow my head to lose sight of you
To look ahead remembered what I sought
What I saw is a horrifying view

Under this tired foot a dark reflection
Of horrible mistakes and discomfort
The beautiful light of the midnight sun
Showed my deepest fears, my moonlight shadow.
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