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Katie Lee Feb 2018
I dont write much anymore
My fingers feel cold on this key board
I dig deep into my mind and it remains empty
I stare at this key board
As if this key board can break me open again
Setting me free
I dont write much anymore
I dont have much to say anymore
I remain alone empty, only with my thoughts I cant seem to express
  Feb 2016 Katie Lee
the dead bird
every tear that falls
a piece of my soul
that will drip
and fall onto the pavement
never to come back
to the vessel that is myself
Katie Lee Feb 2016
Running is the only thing I seem to know how to do
Run Katie run
It's so easy to run
To leave everything behind, to start over
Run, I'm always running
Running from the world
Running from heartache
Running from myself
Running from my own soul
Run Katie run
That's all I know how to do
  Feb 2016 Katie Lee
if I slip away*
will someone notice
*before it is too late
  Feb 2016 Katie Lee
Mystery Girl
Wide awake
Left alone with my thoughts
Music playing softly
Free to let my mind wander
To feel everything
And cry if needed
The most inspiring time
If you happen to be awake
Katie Lee Feb 2016
I lost myself within myself
I dont know who I am or what purpose I serve
I feel like this life is undeserved
I can't seem to control my nerves

I lost my soul
Or I never found my soul
Contimplating life at the moment.. Wondering my purpose. Suffer with severe depression and anxiety for five years and it just never seems to get better. I know I must be here for a reason. I can't just exist to suffer...
Katie Lee Feb 2016
depression is like waking up with bricks on your chest
Your body is drained, it can't be explained

Your heart is in your stomach
It races like your on your last breath
But your waiting for your last breath
Longing for that last breath

Anything to take away the pain
Anything to get unchained
Your mind can't be tamed
But who's to blame?
#depression #anxiety #empty
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