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112.0k · Feb 2012
Is this real?
Krusty Aranda Feb 2012
Words are hollow.
Eyes are deceiving.
Thoughts are far fetched.
Illusions are broken.
Looks mean nothing.
Expressions can be fake.
Emotions are assassins.
Senses don't work.
Heart stops beating.
Light turns into darkness.
Does this mean I am dead?
7.7k · Jan 2012
Can't Sleep Tonight.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
I close my eyes, but I can't sleep tonight;
I see your shadow lying next to mine.
I turned around, and realize you're not home.
I'm sorry, darling, I can't sleep tonight.

I lie in bed, but I can't sleep tonight;
you're not sleeping by my side.
My bed is empty, and my sheets are cold.
I'm sorry, love, I can't sleep tonight.

It's dark all over, but I can't sleep tonight;
there's thoughts of you all through my mind.
You've left nothing behind for me to hold on to.
I'm sorry, sugar, I can't sleep tonight.

My eyes are sore, but I can't sleep tonight;
the pictures of you won't let me hide.
I miss your voice, and I miss your touch.
I'm sorry, baby, I can't sleep tonight.

I feel so tired, but I can't sleep tonight;
this ghost of you became my freight.
The sun shines through my balcony.
I'm sorry, boo, I couldn't sleep tonight.
5.7k · Dec 2013
1 Missed Call (senryu)
Krusty Aranda Dec 2013
I called. No answer.
Tried to give love a new chance.
It did not go well.
4.5k · Dec 2013
Still Can't Forget You.
Krusty Aranda Dec 2013
It's been a long time since we went our separate ways.
A thousand nights I've gone to bed without being able to shake you off my thoughts.
My sleep is invaded with dreams of you... of us.
I can't seem to forget how to love you.

Of course I've moved on (or so I like to believe),
but every time I see your face through a photograph a feeling that something's lost runs through my whole body.
In my mind I think I'm fine.
In my heart I know I'm incomplete.
I'm missing something, and I believe you might know what.

We swore we'd speak to each other regularly.
We swore we'd always be friends.
Yet here I am, writing this letter, lonely as I am, hoping that you'd read this someday.

I know we've grown apart, but I really wish to go back.
I wish I had never left, so I could now be still by your side.
My heart knew my brain was wrong.
I shouldn't have gone, but I can't change what's already done.

All I can say now is that I miss you.
That I wish you would read this, and talk to me once more.
To hear your melodious voice would heal all my wounds still open.
A look from your eyes would purify my sinful spirit.
And a beat of your heart would take me to heaven to rest forever in love.
4.0k · Jun 2015
Secret Love
Krusty Aranda Jun 2015
Twenty four hours a day.
Seven days a week.
I miss you when you're not in bed.
I miss you when we speak.

But when I get to see you
my frown turns upside down.
Your luscious lips. Your beady eyes.
Your naked back, and **** thighs.

I must admit my weakness.
For me you are too much.
You make me feel so warm inside
without even your touch.

I love the way you look at me
when we're alone in my room.
It is the way you steal my breath
that will lead to my doom.

You watch me. You tease me.
You encourage lustful behaviour.
You're quiet, yet screaming;
the cards turn in your favour.

You got me. I'm yours.
Even if you don't know it.
This secret I will keep,
for I'm starting to love it.
3.9k · Sep 2013
Red And Black
Krusty Aranda Sep 2013
Red, the color of your lips.
Black, the color of your smile.
Red, the passion that you share.
Black, the whole within your heart.

Red are roses in the fields.
Black the clouds that give them life.
Red's the blood within your veins.
Black's the meaning of your life.

Red's the love that people share.
Black the dresses when they die.
Red. The devil lies in hell.
Black. In space there is no life.

Red the reason you're alive.
Black see people who are blind.
Red makes bulls go wild.
Black makes metalheads go wild.

Red your blood stains on the floor.
Black your future after life.
Red, the color of your lips.
Black, the color of your faded smile.
3.7k · May 2012
Your Sky Blue Eyes.
Krusty Aranda May 2012
Turn to me your sky blue eyes.
Let them see I tell no lies.
Smile at me, and make me feel
that your love for me is real.

Let me kiss your soft, sweet lips;
place my hands upon your hips.
We'll surf the clouds up in the skies.
Turn to me your sky blue eyes.

Grab my hand, and love me tender.
I'll play a love song with my Fender.
Lets lose ourselves in passion and lust,
make our problems turn to dust.

Hear the beating of my heart
telling you we'll never be apart.
Smile at me, and make me feel
that your love for me is real.

Turn to me your sky blue eyes.
Let them see how fast time flies,
but as long as we're together
time will keep on going forever.
I hope this makes you feel much better now. I love you.
3.3k · Jun 2013
Sound Waves.
Krusty Aranda Jun 2013
Baby, you and I are like sound waves
coming from opposite directions.
We modulate at the same frequency.
We both are building up our whole spectrum.
But, baby, when we meet...
When we meet we nullify a part of each other.
No matter how much we try,
if we don't change a bit of ourselves
we will never know the beautiful melodies we can create
Product of exam week as an aspiring sound technician. It's all I can think of right now.
2.6k · Jan 2012
A Way Home.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Open your eyes, and find your way home.
I've done all I can. I can't help no more.
Take just one step, and then take another.
Keep going, and don't look back. Don't bother.

The path won't be easy, but be not afraid.
As long as you're confident you're more than prepared.
The ground you will step on won't always be firm,
so seek your intelligence, and this path you'll clear.

Sin and temptation might meet you in the way.
Don't listen to them. Turn your back! Go away!
And if you ever feel curious to roam in their tower,
remember to find your inner stregth and willpower.

This is the final advice I can give.
From now on you will walk your own way and live.
Live this adventure without fear or regret,
and just have in mind, it's not over yet.
2.6k · Mar 2013
Electricity (10W).
Krusty Aranda Mar 2013
runs through my body
every time you touch me.
Result of having a test on electricity tomorrow... and some craving too.
2.4k · Jun 2013
Please, Mr. Surgeon.
Krusty Aranda Jun 2013
I lay on my hospital bed,
waiting for the anesthesia to kick in.
Feeling dizzy. Turning sleepy.
There's no one there to hold my hand.

The nurses looking at me,
waiting to start the procedure.
Looking tired. Pacing quiet.
My body starts to go numb.

I will soon be out of this world,
at least for a few hours.
Running free. Feel no pain.
My eyes start to lose reality.

I wish I could stay numb
until I have to sleep forever.
Have no fear. Living strong.
So please, Mr. surgeon, leave the anesthesia on.
I sometimes wish I could stay numb. I'll enjoy the anesthesia as long as I can. See you when I come back.
2.4k · Apr 2014
Krusty Aranda Apr 2014
Sitting here in this prison I built,
cold and lonely, I cry for help
for I lost the only key I had to get out.

I'm trapped.
Trapped within myself.
Unable to see the outside world
no one can hear my screams.
They bounce from wall to wall
echoing through the room.

Haunting me.

Taunting me.

The walls are closing in.
My breath is short. Almost gone.
My mind is free.
Free to lurk in my own dark
finding my demons on the way.

My body's weak from starvation.
My will is broken from the cruelty of it all.
My voice can't produce any sound from all the cries for help unanswered.
I'm destined to die here.





No one will miss me.

With my last breath I whisper goodbye to this room which ultimately became
my home.
2.3k · Nov 2012
Carry You In My Arms.
Krusty Aranda Nov 2012
Baby, I'd carry you in my arms.
Take you to a place where there's no harm.
No words that burn. No looks that ****.
Just you and I and this love we share.

Baby, I know things are not easy.
Getting harder everyday you grow hopeless,
but, baby, trust me when I say there's so much more of life you have yet to see.
Please let me be the one to show it all to you.
Please, don't give up hope.
If you do, I'll do too
for my hope is you.
My happiness is you.
My life is you.

Get back on your feet, as weak as they feel.
You can still stand, baby. Never surrender the fight.
As tough as it may be I'll always be with you
to help you get up,
to prevent you from going down,
to fight by your side until we win,
because I know we will.

I'll never let you hit the ground.
No! Not even once.
I'll be the extra strength you need
if you can't find it in your heart.

So trust me, baby. We can do this together.
I'm always by your side,
and, even when you're too weak to stand,
I'll carry you in my arms.
What you're going through is not ******* fair. Please, I beg, don't give up hope. I love you, and I'll always be by your side. No matter what I have to do. I hope you understand this.
2.1k · May 2013
Krusty Aranda May 2013
I'm going to sleep so I don't feel the pain.
Forget about the world for a moment,
but never about you.
You who care.
You who worry I won't wake up.
*I promise I will... for you.
I will wake up, so don't worry about a thing :) Thanks for caring.
2.0k · Jan 2015
Nous Sommes Charlie
Krusty Aranda Jan 2015
They can **** our voice,
but they'll never muffle our screams.
1.9k · Jun 2021
Krusty Aranda Jun 2021
You made my heart race again

just to build a wall for it to crash into
Krusty Aranda Oct 2012
Everyday, when going to school, I always sat behind you on the bus.
I could hear what you talked about with Megan (boys, pop stars, glitter and pink... you know, that kind of things).
I would listen to know what to talk about with you, what you liked, so you could like me back. Oh, how I liked you.
I really liked you, and, even though we were young (13 to be exact), I knew you were the one.

Years went by. We grew up. You got even more beautiful while I got... well, not better.
Guys would follow you around everywhere you went. How I wish they all disapeared.
I was still too shy to tell you, to let you know what I had been feeling for years, since we first met. And one day I did.
I put on my nicest clothes to school. I put cologne on. I even got you a bouquet of roses, and I went to school convinced to tell you what I felt for you.
Much to my surprise you told me these exact words: "I've been waiting for you to tell me this for years. What took you so long?".
I couldn't believe my ears.
The most popular girl in school, the prettiest, was telling ME that she liked ME back.
I mumbled. I stuttered. I choked on my own words.
Luckily you knew what to do.
You leaned over to me, and kissed me, with those sweet, smooth lips of yours. I was in heaven.
A kiss so warm, so passionate, so full of love. I could never forget that kiss.
So we started going out. We would go to the movies, to the mall, for a cup of coffee or for a nice ice cream.
We didn't care where we were as long as we were with each other. We were happy... oh, so happy.
Until that fateful day.
You were over at Megan's. I was with my friends.
My phone rang, and I picked up just to hear your voice, that sweet, comforting voice I've always liked, turned into an awful, saddened weep.
You kept repeating "I'm so sorry.". I asked what was wrong, but you'd only say "I really am so sorry.". Then you hung up.
I drove over to Megan's, but you were already gone.
You left a message for me with Megan though. "She said to leave her alone. Don't call her. Don't look for her. Don't even talk to her in school."
I was devastated.

Not sure of what was going on I went to your place, and there you were, crying... in his arms.
I should have known from the way you smelled like him. The way you were away when I talked to you.

I rang the bell. When the door opened it wasn't you but him.
I said "Hi. Is Amanda home?", and proceeded to break his nose.
He threw a punch at me, and missed.
I hit him hard in the stomach, and then his head. Out cold... and bleeding.
You were screaming. Panicking.
I walked up to you while you walked away from me.
You eventually got cornered up, and sat on the floor crying, asking "What do you want?".
I crouched, and asked "So, is he a good guy? Does he know how to treat such a treat like you? Is he better than me?"
No response. Only weeping.
I got up, and headed to the door.
He was still waiting for me there, laying out cold on the floor.
He was so vulnerable, so I kicked him in the head. I kicked him so hard his spine actually snapped. He sacrificed himself for love.
I turned around to see you shocked. Horror flooded your eyes.
You were shaky, you couldn't stand, you couldn't speak. You were lost in the situation.
I walked up to you again. This time you did get to say, or actually, scream "Get away from me!".
"Ohh, but I only want to comfort you for your loss. This must be a great hit for you." I said as I wrapped my arms around your neck, and hugged you.
You fainted.

When you woke up, here you were, in my house.
You said you had made a terrible mistake. That I was, and would always be, the only one for you.
I forgave you immediately. You know I just can't live without you.
And so here we are, still together.
We've been through the worst, and now we've only got our love to live because I'd love you even after you're gone.
You'll always be with me.
When I kiss your dry lips. When I touch your cold skin. When I see into your empty eyes I know I will never have to kiss you goodbye.
Wanted to do something new, different. Don't think I nailed it, but you'll know better than me.
1.8k · Dec 2013
I Dreamt That You Came Back
Krusty Aranda Dec 2013
I dreamt that you came back, looking as gorgeous as ever, asking for my forgiveness.

I dreamt you followed me around, as I confusingly convinced myself I hated you.

I dreamt that you came back, hunting my weakened, fragile heart into falling for you again.

I dreamt that you caught me with your charm, and little by little I was your fool.

I dreamt I was trapped in your big blue eyes, your long blonde hair, your blood red lips.

I dreamt I traded my soul for a night of so called love and a morning of regret and self loathing.

I dreamt I ran away in circles, always coming back to the same spider web with the same black widow.

I dreamt I was awake, when in reality I had never even fallen asleep.
1.8k · Sep 2013
Krusty Aranda Sep 2013
My sweet obsession.
My love impossible.
My gorgeous, little sin.

I see you every day and night.
I'm sure not to miss a thing.
I'd give up all the money I have
to be with you, my dear.

I see you every day and night,
but you sure can't see me.
I wish we could meet some other way
other than this cold screen.

I see what you do all day long.
I hear your sweet voice fade slowly away.
I know what you like. I know what you crave.
If you ever got it you wouldn't be the same.

I still don't know the color of your eyes,
or the tone of your sweet lips,
but I can't say I don't enjoy
this twisted, little sin.

So, dear. My dear Jennifer.
Hang on a little longer.
Not even I know what comes next.
It's all for us to wonder.
Based on the book "What Comes Next?" by John Katzenbach.
1.8k · Jan 2012
Dama del Vestido Negro.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Dama del vestido *****;
tus labios saben a sal.
Desvela ante mí tu misterio.
¿Cuál es tu misión infernal?

Tu mirada es hechizante.
Tu piel suave como seda.
Pero todo es un vil truco;
a ver que tonto se enreda.

Tu boca escupe mentiras
que se clavan en mi mente.
Tu cuerpo exuda lujuria,
pero no caigo facilmente.

¡Dime qué es lo que buscas,
qué es lo que quieres de mí!
Yo no tengo que ofrecerte,
no tengo nada para tí.

¡Retira el velo que llevas!
¡Muestra tu rostro cobarde!
Tu ojos color ceniza
no ven que ya es muy tarde.

Puedes jugar con mi cuerpo.
Me puedes quitar la razón.
Puedes romper mi espíritu,
pero nunca mi corazón.
1.8k · Jan 2012
My Last Tear.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Tonight I shed my last tear,
for you, for me, for us.
I now know I cannot tear
this thorn on this lone rose.

The stars in the vast night sky
are staring down on me,
for they know I lost my everything.
It wasn't meant to be.

The moon has ceased to light my way.
The sun brings me no warmth.
Summer is cold, and winter is old.
Springtime feels like wrath.

Tonight I shed my last tear
for I'll be hurt no more.
I wish you to be happy.
The thorn has just been torn.
1.7k · Oct 2013
Blood Roses.
Krusty Aranda Oct 2013
Here I stand before you
with a bouquet of blood roses.
They seem dark and lifeless,
but I assure you they are not.

These roses are not any rose.
They mean not what others do.
Red mean love. Yellow mean friendship.
Blood roses mean what I wish for you.

They stand for the tears I shed,
the emptiness I felt.
The cold, cynical, new me.
The blood I'll taste.
My sweet revenge.
It all will set me free.

Blood roses will drain your life.
Your dreams, your faith, your hopes.
This is my last gift for you.
It's time to enjoy the show.
Krusty Aranda Oct 2016
La vida se me va en las caladas que le das a tu tabaco
Con el fuego me consumo y en humo renazco para desvanecerme con el viento
Atrás queda tan sólo mi perfume oxidado y rancio, impregnando tu ropa y tu cabello
En tu boca se guarda mi último aliento, pesado y asfixiante
En la ***** de tus dedos queda mi cuerpo moribundo, lentamente tornándose en cenizas
Llenas de mi tus pulmones y me expulsas nuevamente con delicada violencia
No reparas en pensar en la última bocanada de disforme humo antes de llevar de nuevo la colilla ahumada a tus labios
El filtro del tabaco no evita que me vaya en él
Tóxica existencia que te fumas en minutos
Y de nuevo yazco entre tus dedos, consumido por completo por el fuego de tu desamor, listo para ser desechado en mi mundana sepultura
De una nueva cajetilla sale un inmaculado cigarrillo
Krusty Aranda Apr 2013
Three months have passed.
I can't say I'm still where I was back then,
but I can't say I've moved much further either.
You, on the other hand, are miles away from "us".

You've moved on, and so have I.
Then why do I still miss you when I go to bed at night?
Why do I think of you when I just wake up?
Why do I get butterflies in my stomach when we talk?
Well, not really butterflies.
Maybe moths or larvae since the feeling is no longer pleasant.

You have him. I have no one.
I have nothing but my pillow, my pen and my words.
They tangle up in psychodelic dreams and wicked poems.
None of them making sense, much like me in this world.

Illusion is broken. Hope far, far gone.
Our promises gone with the wind.
I drown in a mask I built for myself to hide from my demons.
If they don't finish me, this mask sure will.
There's no win.

So who wins in a breakup?
The one who moves on faster, or the one who does better?
Maybe the one who does both, and, dear, that's not me
because I've moved on, but *I can't forget how to love you
Moving on...
1.6k · Mar 2014
Meant to be..?
Krusty Aranda Mar 2014
I wonder if
she was ever
meant to be
1.5k · Jun 2013
Forgive Me.
Krusty Aranda Jun 2013
So where do I start?

I've bullied you for so long.
Told you you're fat,
then anorexic,
then ugly,
then silly...
The list keeps going on.

Recently I saw the scars on your wrist.
I really never saw them coming.

I didn't think you'd do that.

All the things I said I never meant. That's how we used to play.
I never thought it would have this kind of impact on you.

So please forgive me for all the things I've said.
If I ever hurt you, which I now know I did, please find it in your heart to forgive a blind fool.
He who never saw the damage behind a hurtful game, now regrets all the love he wasted on others.
I wish this is just a phase that ends up soon.

I've bullied you for so long, but isn't that what siblings do?
I've been such a hypocritical fool. Never more will I say something hurtful to anyone.
1.5k · Jun 2021
Krusty Aranda Jun 2021
I sometimes feel I'm an annoyance
And sometimes comes very often
And often I feel I'm not good enough
Even though I give my all
All is just a bit too much
It sometimes feels so overwhelming
And sometimes comes very often
1.4k · Dec 2012
Another Year Goes By (2012).
Krusty Aranda Dec 2012
As this year reaches its end
there's a couple things I wanna say.

This year for me was full of change.
New school. New friends. New city. New everything.
Of course this was hard, but I had my reward:
met some great friends,
went to places I had only dreamed of,
and I even met her. Yes, the one.

I can think of a couple things that let me down,
but for the things I got it's not worth a tear.
Too many good things for too little bad things.
Seems like a fair trade to me.

I still miss my old friends though. My family too.
I miss the laughs, the anecdotes and all the memories we share.
I promise I'll soon be with you all once again,
just wait for me.

And then comes her.
She's the one who made this the best year for me so far.
I wasn't looking for her, but there she was,
ready to come into my life, and make it so much better.
Thank you.

So all in all this year has been kickass.
I might have complained a lot throughout it,
but in the end I was just being a *****.
I loved this year, and I can only hope the next one is as good as this one was.
Ohh, and wish every single one of you to have an amazing year too.

From the heart, I love you all.
Thanks, and happy new year.
The first of a series of new year's eve poems (one per year of course). I wish every single one of you to have an amazing 2013 :)
1.4k · Sep 2012
No Place for Hate.
Krusty Aranda Sep 2012
Life was never easy for me.
Away from mommy and daddy I grew almost alone,
but then you came to live with us, and everything got worse.

You said mean things to us, specially to me.
You nagged about it all, night and day.
                                                            ­                Did we ever do anything right?
You told me I was worthless,
never loved,
just a burden to all of you.

You laughed about these scars.
                                                          ­             Did I ever tell you it was you who caused them? Wait... I did!
You called me crazy, a ******... mentally deranged.
                                                       ­        Do you understand what depression is? I do now.

During these years my hatred towards you grew and grew.
It got so big I couldn't take it anymore.
I plotted your death many times in my head.
                                             Should I push you down the hill, or should I give you a lethal dose of drugs?
We would all be happy then.

But now you are gone... dead.
No! It wasn't me who killed you. It was nature... a natural death.
I suddenly feel like ****.
         Killing you in my head. Wishing your death just to find myself missing you when you were gone.
I can't bear to think that you died thinking (knowing) I hated you.
I don't hate you anymore.

I guess I grew up. I guess my feelings were wrong.
                                            I miss you.
I wish I could have a few last words with you, but it's too late.
                                             I ****** up.

Now all I can do is be strong (for you).
I know you're in a better place, and I shall be happy for you.
I guess, after all, there's no place for hate in this heart.
Not about me but about a really close friend. May her soul rest in peace.
1.4k · Feb 2012
Going Insane.
Krusty Aranda Feb 2012
Trapped in a room,
No way to get out.
Nothing in here but me.

I cannot move,
I can't even breathe,
And they will not set me free.

Four walls surround me
This can't be correct.
I think I'm going insane.

They torture me as if there's no tomorrow.
All that's been left of me is my pain and sorrow.

Suicide looks like the only exit to this pain.
All they want to do is get into my ******* brain.

They want you to obey every ******* command from that who reigns.
I refused to that idea, and now I'm rotting in hell.

******* all!
I won't do what you tell me.
I would rather die.

But trapped in here
Within this four walls
I'm starting to lose my mind.
1.4k · Aug 2016
See you today
Krusty Aranda Aug 2016
I hope that I can see you today
Even if just a glimpse
I want to see your eyes again
I want to see your lips

I hope that I can see you today
I hope that we can talk
Even if only to say hi
I want to hear your voice

I hope that I can see you today
I hope you can see me
I can't forget the words you said
You alter my heartbeat

I hope that I can see you today
And the next day and the next
I want to see you out of my dreams
I want to see you today
1.4k · Mar 2013
Clive Burr.
Krusty Aranda Mar 2013
You blasted into this world running free to be yourself.
You needed no sanctuary to hide away from this strange world.
Please, remember tomorrow for we will all be sad,
because you're no longer with us. You've traveled to another life.

You were like a prodigal son, but not one of the drifters.
Not another children of the ******, invaders to this realm.
Yet life wasn't easy, it trapped you in an iron maiden,
thus you became the prisoner by the number of the beast.

Now you're gone, but it wasn't the killers who took you.
No murders in the rue Morgue put you in your own purgatory.
Don't think of this as an innocent exile or a total eclipse.
22 Acacia avenue awaits for his favorite client.

No need to run to the hills.
There is no twilight zone.
You lived by your true self
so hallowed be thy name.
A poem in memory of former Iron Maiden drummer (and one of my influences for drumming) Clive Burr, who passed away today. Rock in Peace, Clive.
P.S. The words in italics are names of songs by Iron Maiden recorded with Clive on the drums. Also not my finest work, but, again, only a tribute to him.
1.4k · Jan 2012
El Tonto.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Cuando pienso en el pasado,
unos meses atrás,
recuerdo lo que te he dado;
lo que no conservas más.

Te he dado mi alegría,
te he dado mi sufrir.
Te dí lo que querías
y lo que podías pedir.

Mis pensamientos y mis sueños
también tuyos fueron.
Mis acciones  y palabras
tus promesas destruyeron.

Te regalé sobre todo
mi corazón de cristal.
Tú solo me regalaste
un beso artificial.

Entendí que la honestidad
nunca fue tu gran virtud.
Tus incesantes mentiras
me tenían en la esclavitud.

Los días que pasamos juntos,
¿qué significaron?
Mis buenas intenciones,
todas se acabaron.

Cuando de mí quieras algo
ya no estaré para tí.
A partir de hoy ya no soy
el tonto que un día fuí.
Krusty Aranda Feb 2013
I found myself on a cloud.
Surfing the skies with the wind on my hair and life in my veins.
I knew the trip had to reach and end, but I never knew when.

And so the day came when the trip ended.
The cloud just vanished under my feet, and I fell,
and fell,
and fell,
but just as I was about to hit the ground
a strange force kept me from it.

I wasn't moving.
I was just levitating.
Not in the sky anymore, but not dead either.

Numbness surrounded me.
A cold chill invaded my body, and I shivered.
I was gently laid on the ground, and lights went out.
Not a sound was heard. Not even the beating of my heart.

Suddenly a bright light pierced my eyes.
When I could see again, a feminine silhouette was drawn before me
yet I could not see who it was.
She lent a hand.
I grabbed it, and she helped me up.

She spoke to me in the sweetest voice.
Singing like a choir of angels.
I felt safe again.

She wrapped her arms around me.
Her skin as smooth as silk, her touch as protective as a mother's.
I was safe again.

She flashed a smile,
but then it all faded to black.

I woke up... alone.
No one near my hospital bed, but something caught my eye.
A "get well soon" card next to some flowers in fresh water.

Again I felt warm, happy, alive.
My journey had reached it's end, but I was safe again.
It was safe to begin a new journey.
Comments, anyone?
Krusty Aranda Feb 2017
Gracias a ti aprendí a escuchar la letra de mis canciones.
Me enseñaste a escuchar más allá del ruido,
a entender las emociones que yacen debajo de una melodía,
debajo de una tierna voz.
Aprendí de ti que una palabra no significa nada,
que los besos no temen al mañana,
que un abrazo vive y muere en el hoy.
Gracias a ti aprendí que una amistad no es lo mismo que un amigo.
Una relación carece de calificativo
cuando dos personas conviven,
y se enamoran
si, al final, todo queda en el olvido.
Comprendí que mis poemas exponen mis mentiras.
No te amo y te enamoro en rimas.
No te busco y aún así te encuentro.
No te sueño y maldigo al amanecer.
Me enseñaste a no llorar,
a engañarme y a herirme.
Que un deseo es un puñal,
un sueño una granada,
un anhelo un exterminio de mi propia sanidad.
Aprendí de ti a no juzgar a una persona.
Que saber su historia no es conocerla.
Que follar no es estar enamorado.
Que un te amo no es igual que otro.
Me enseñaste a caerme y me enseñaste a levantarme.
Me enseñaste a no quererte y a empezar a odiarme.
Me enseñaste y no sabías lo que me estabas haciendo,
a pesar de comentarlo día con día y verso a verso.
Aprendí de ti que la vida no se acaba,
que la muerte no me acecha,
que mi día es eterno,
que para siempre es un segundo
y que un segundo es para siempre,
que el amor no mata,
que los besos no envenenan,
que no eres para mi...

Gracias a ti aprendí a escuchar la letra de mis canciones.
A distinguir entre voces,
entre coros y solistas,
entre emociones ficticias,
entre verdades y mentiras.
1.3k · Jul 2012
Krusty Aranda Jul 2012
Your words were always hollow.
They never meant a thing.
I tried to know the meaning,
I even tried to follow.

It was all in vain,
but now I finally understand
that I have to make a stand
to end this excruciating pain.

Soon I will be gone.
You might not see me again.
I broke free from your chain,
my penitence is done.

If you ever want me back,
I won't be here anymore.
Now I'm rotten to the core.
Beware, because I'm about to attack.
1.3k · Jan 2015
My Biggest Fear
Krusty Aranda Jan 2015
I'm usually not afraid of many things,
but there is one thing I am utterly afraid of.

One might think I'm afraid of the dark,
or maybe I'm afraid of heights.
Some would guess I'm afraid of spiders.
All of these guesses, while possible, would be wrong.

What I'm most afraid of is death, but not death itself.
I'm afraid of dying, and not being able to let her know.

I'm afraid of how she will find out I'm gone.

Will she read a post on facebook?
Will she see it on the news?
Will a friend just tell her?

Will she even find out at all?

Will she text me a million times,
and get mad at me for not answering back?
Will she think I'm mad at her?

Will she cry for me?

Will she be at my funeral?

Will she miss me?

That's the thought that cripples me at night.
1.2k · Aug 2013
Cultura Para Idiotas.
Krusty Aranda Aug 2013




Las cámaras graban la acción inexistente.
El sonido del silencio se cuela por todos lados.
No hay estímulos que generen reacciones.
No hay ideas inteligentes sobre las cuales trabajar.

Cortometraje de una idea profana.
Audiencia torpe, insensible e ignorante.
Imágenes de cuerpos desmembrados, mutilados;
un apuesto "gobernante" calmará a la sociedad.

Realidades alternas de ficción inexistente.
Emociones creadas por alguien más para ti.
Risa embotellada. Aplauso pre grabado.
Drama familiar público sin fin.

Grandes monopolios se apoderan de tu mente.
Haces lo que dicen. Piensas lo que quieren.
No eres ya dueño de ti mismo.
Debes tu existencia y tu "cultura" a él.

Las **estrellas
y el azteca ya no son lo que antes fueron.
Luceros en la noche. Fieros guerreros.
Tan solo defienden sus propios intereses
mientras nosotros les seguimos dando de comer.

Despidan el programa que se acabó el tiempo por hoy.
Asegurémonos de dejar limpio el plató,
así como las mentes y bolsillos de nuestros televidentes.
Apaga las luces y vámonos.
Hadn't written in spanish for a long time. Hope some of you can understand it :p
1.2k · Feb 2012
What you did to me.
Krusty Aranda Feb 2012
I try to write a poem
about the things you did to me,
but I can't find the words
to tell you how I feel.

You left me broken hearted.
You never loved me back.
You only gave me false hopes,
and you even let me fly.

But who knew you wouldn't catch me
when I started to fall?
I thought you were my safety net.
I thought I didn't have to call.

Now the only thing I feel
is you never cared for me.
You knew that if you called my name
I'd give you everything.

I hate you like I hate the cold
that now invades my heart.
If you try to talk to me
don't expect me to talk back.

Oh, please! Who am I kidding?
You know I still love you.
I do not mean those words I said.
I swear it isn't true.

You give me joy, you give me peace.
You make the sun shine bright.
You are the music in my ears,
the beating of my heart.

So what you dared to do to me
is nothing bad at all.
I'll tell you what you did to me.
You made me fall in love.
1.2k · Sep 2015
Silent Kiss
Krusty Aranda Sep 2015
Lay awake
Think of you
Close my eyes
See me too?
Hold your hand
Smile at me
Open heart
Do you see?
Silent kiss
Never comes
Still I wait
Hope not gone
Freezing wind
Warmth of home
In your arms
Not alone
Sit with me
Hear my song
Read my tale
Draw our love
One more time
Try again
On my lips
Yours remain
1.2k · Nov 2014
Krusty Aranda Nov 2014
Hoy que es día de los muertos
quisiera recordar a mis amigos,
a aquellos que están perdidos,
que nos dejaron de improvisto.

Alex con sus gritos
a cualquiera impresionaba,
mas poseía un alma noble
y seguro lo demostraba.

La muerte siendo injusta,
traicionera y juguetona
le hizo perder el equilibrio
para no jugar más sola.

Daniela guapa era.
Coqueta y encantadora.
A los hombres enloquecía
en cuestión de pocas horas.

La muerte, por celosa,
le echó una maldición.
Ahora les encanta
desde el mismísimo panteón.

Al pequeño, alegre Ivan
el futbol volvía loco.
El Barça su pasión
y un partido dentro de poco.

La muerte en su equipo
carecía de un defensor,
y pensó en el joven Ivan
para su equipo ganador.

Aunque hoy se encuentren lejos
los llevamos en el corazón,
mas no dejan de ser calaveras,
calaveras del montón.
Mexican tradition for día de los muertos. I miss you guys.
1.2k · Sep 2014
Krusty Aranda Sep 2014
I have wires through my chest
monitoring my heart,
yet I wonder what they'll scan
for my heart's not mine.
1.2k · Nov 2012
Fight 'Till The End.
Krusty Aranda Nov 2012
So here we are, dying a little bit more with every second that goes by.
Wishing we could live longer to see how this world recovers itself from all the wounds we've inflicted upon it... but we know that won't happen.
Dreaming of another tomorrow, where we can laugh and enjoy the sunlight.

We all know how this ends...

But as long as I live I shall fight!
Fight for me. Fight for us.
For nothing is over until the last grain of sand drops.

I may not succeed, but, if I fail, at least I tried.
And, who knows?
Maybe I will accomplish something. Maybe things will change.

We will never know if we don't try.

So here I am, dying a little bit more with every second that goes by, but not giving up.
I will make this place a better place for you, for me... for us.
People say it's hard. I say, why not try?
Krusty Aranda Jul 2013
Inspiration left.
She took it away with her.
Can you bring it back?
Been having a hard time getting inspiration lately.
1.1k · Jun 2013
Krusty Aranda Jun 2013
Wake up at 7 a.m.
Get in the shower.
Go down 2 flights of stairs, and into the kitchen.
Drink a glass of water.
Open the fridge, and grab a yoghurt.
Off to the dining room,
grab the remote,
turn on the tv.
Same old channel,
same old show.
Have breakfast.
Up the stairs again.
Brush teeth, and grab backpack.
Off to school.
6 hours before I get back.
Watch tv.
Grab computer.
Browse same websites as the day before.
Dinner time.
Same old dinner show on tv.
Go back up.
Watch more tv.
Go to bed.
I know this is long, and boring, and that's precisely why it reflects the monotony of life so well. Wish I could add some more excitement to my life. I need it.
1.1k · May 2013
Krusty Aranda May 2013
I killed her... I killed her!
Her blood pouring down my face.
My clothes stained with the crimson reminder of a reunion gone wrong.
My very existence tainted with this horrible crime.

I did not mean to hurt her.
   Yes, you did.
I held no grudges for what she had done.
   Yes, you did.

It wasn't me who pressed the knife against her neck.
I wasn't the one who slit open her throat.
I'm not the owner of her last breath, her last heartbeat.

I did not **** her!
I did not **** her!
I... I... killed her.

Her blue eyes will never see me hurt again.
Her now purple lips will not kiss mine again.
Her cold, white hand will be held by no one anymore.

She's dead, but I didn't **** her.

I swear it was not me.
   The knife's still in your hand.
It was not me.
  She screamed your name as her life faded away.
It was not me!
   You know this is what you really wanted all along.

I'll lay by your side in this puddle of blood.
It is warm, unlike your body.
I'll hold your hand, and never let go.
I'll **** whoever did this to you.

I'll meet you on the other side.
Came to me while listening to Slipknot. Metal makes me crazy, but I love it \../ :D
1.1k · Sep 2016
Diálogo de Luna Llena
Krusty Aranda Sep 2016
Sucedió una noche en noviembre
Sin decirlo te fuiste a dormir
La noticia la oí de repente
A llorar me senté sin decir

Destapé una cerveza en tu nombre
Tu recuerdo no dejaré ir
El sufrimiento voló con el viento
Embriagué al dolor, mas lo pude sentir

Y lloraba y lloraba tu triste partida
Con la luna me fui a despedir
Luna llena brillaba esa noche
Le pedí que cuidara de ti

Seis botellas vacías quedaron
La vida sin ti no podía concebir
Fue poco el tiempo en el que coincidimos
Más tiempo le quiero a la vida pedir

Quisiera poderte haber dicho un te amo
Por última vez antes de tu partir
Sentarme una noche a tomar un buen trago
Contigo hablando hasta ver el sol salir

Ya débil estabas. Luchaste tu lucha
Con garras y dientes; que necio el vivir
Rendirse, en tu mente, no estaba presente
Las luces se apagan. Ya no más sufrir

Sucedió una noche en noviembre
Borracho y en llanto, en la luna te vi
Hablé con la luna pidiéndole a gritos
Que algún día nos reúna por fin

Y lloraba y lloraba tu triste partida
Con la luna me fui a despedir
Luna llena brillaba esa noche
Le pedí que cuidara de ti
1.1k · May 2013
Hopeless Romantic.
Krusty Aranda May 2013
When I think of her I picture her in my bed.
No, not having *** with me, or with her hands under my clothes.
Not even naked.
I see her just lying next to me, looking into my eyes, and whispering
"I love you".
I don't fail to hold her close to me, kiss her forehead, look her in the eyes and say
"I love you too".

Then I see us on the couch.
She rests her head on my lap as we watch a movie.
I start losing interest, and, out of nowhere, I just kiss her.
I say "Be mine forever".
"I already am", she replies.

Finally I see her as an angel, flying above me and lending her hand.
I grab it, and she takes me away to her world.
A world full of beauty, warmth and magic.
She says "Welcome to our world",
and I wake up.
It was a dream, but I turn my head, and there she is. My angel,
still asleep, so innocent, so pure, so beautiful.
I smoothly kiss her on the cheek, and say with a smile on my face
"This is our world".

Some can call me corny.
Some might say I'm gay,
but I can't help but be
a hopeless romantic.
"She" has no name yet, but I hope I find her soon.
Anyone interested? (jaja, just kidding).
Krusty Aranda May 2016
How can I learn to love someone, and not how to love myself?
I'm insanely in love with her.
With her eyes.
With her smile.
With her laugh, her voice, her skin, her hair, her soul.
So why can't I love myself?
Love myself enough to not put myself through the pain my love being unrequited.
Love myself enough to accept that she won't love me.
Love myself enough to stop fooling myself into believing I can make her fall for me.
Love myself enough to give myself some time alone. Trully alone.
How can my heart belong to everyone but myself?
Why do I give myself away for the wrong people?
These questions I've asked myself for years, and still I haven't found the answer to any of them.
She's so important to me, and I know she cares, but not as much as I care for her.
I know it, or at least my mind does.
My heart refuses to understand.
My heart won't let reason take over for as much as a second.
I love her so much.
I'd give it all for her.
So why can't I do the same for myself?
Why can I love her, but not myself?
1.1k · Mar 2013
Said Goodbye Before We Met.
Krusty Aranda Mar 2013
As I drink a warm cup of coffee on a cold day I sit back and think about us.
How I used to wait for you to get back home so we could spend a couple hours together, chatting our worries away, before I had to leave until the next day.
How we managed to make Skype seem naughty.
How we longed to be finally together someday.

It was never easy living an ocean away, but we sure tried our best to make it work... and it did.
We found love in the strangest place, and we couldn't be happier.
You made me smile. I made you smile. It couldn't get any better than that.
But all good things must come to an end someday.

Nothing lasts forever, no matter how much we promised each other it would.
Things change.
Mistakes are made.
Hearts are broken.
Tears are shed.
In the end it's all a part of life we all dread, but must face sooner or later.

As I gaze at the fire, consuming the wood in a divine dance of death, I realize that it was all for the best.
I wasn't the one you loved in the beginning anymore.
I hurt you so many times it was only right to end it all.

I apologize for all the pain I caused you, and wish you the best in this future without me.
You'll do better this way.

For me, I'll just be happy as long as you are.
I learned to be another me, the best me I can possibly be, and it's all thanks to you.
Now it's time to make my life away from you, even though I'll miss you.
I now know things had to be this way, but I wish we hadn't said goodbye before we met.
The time has come to move on, but it was a good run :) I will sure always remember all the time with her.
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