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Krusty Aranda Dec 2014
Fate work in misterious and ironic ways.

The date: December 8th.
The year: 2004.

A date famous (or infamous) for a sad and terrible assassination.  Five bullets shot. One legend lost.

Fast forward exactly 24 years. A guitar master, some even would say a guitar god. The man who told us metal wasn't dead back in the 90's.
Four years prior, his band split up. One sickened, twisted fan didn't like the news.

December 8th, 2004. Columbus, Ohio. Damageplan playing a show.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Fifteen shots fired. The killer shot down. Four fatal victims. One more legend lost.

On this night most remember Jonn Lennon. I remeber him too. But let's not forget our other fallen brother. Dimebag Darrell Abbott, we remember you.

Rock in peace.
Krusty Aranda Dec 2013
I called. No answer.
Tried to give love a new chance.
It did not go well.
Krusty Aranda Aug 2013
"Why won't you be mature?" she said.
"You are 20 years old!" she said.
Dear mother, don't you know
I don't wanna grow just yet.

I miss not having to worry about things.
I want to still run under the rain.
Can't I change a car for a bike?
With training wheels so I don't get a scar.

I like to go crazy at random moments.
I like to act stupid while watching cartoons.
Play Pokémon and Yu-Gi-Oh all day long.
Watch Dragon Ball Z all the way to GT.

So please mother, let me be a kid inside.
It won't be long 'till that kid dies.
I know you'd like to be a kid again too,
so stop hiding her. Let her come out too.
Who actually wants to grow up?
Krusty Aranda Apr 2015
I don't want to see you,
yet I always find myself looking out for you.
Not because I'm in love with you.
The reason is that
I miss you.

I miss the laughs we used to share.
I miss hanging out together after doing homework.
I miss talking about anything I wanted with you, because I knew you were listening.
I miss our rides in your car.
I miss when we shared our art.
I miss all that and much more.

I know things didn't turn out how they were expected to,
but I really miss the person I started to consider
my friend.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2016
Waking up
Sun is up
9 a.m.
Out of bed
Fill up the mug

                                                 Coffee dark
                                                 Jazz and Soul
                                                Crack two eggs
                                                Season well
                                                Breakfast is done

                                                           ­                                 Messy sheets
                                                          ­                                  Clothes on floor
                                                           ­                                 Sit and type
                                                            ­                                Drunk on jazz
                                                            ­                                Daydreaming score

                                                  Shower runs
                                                  Cold wind blows
                                                  Let it fly
                                                  You and I
                                                  Nobody knows

In my mind
All alone
Empty space
Ceiling gaze
Music still on

                                                    Without me
                                                    Day is gone
                                                    Music fade
                                                    Dream away
                                                    Lights turn off
Krusty Aranda Mar 2015
Hello, Alex. You look so good today. Like you did yesterday. Your smile is still as cute, and your eyes as shiny and hipnotizing. I want a hug now, and many kisses later. It's a demand.

She wrote these words in my notebook, in the middle of class.
I smiled and looked at her.
Sent her a kiss.
She blushed.

Next class we sat next to each other.
She was tired; stayed up late doing homework.
She would rest her head on my shoulder, and hold my hand.
I could feel the *butterflies
in my stomach, and my heart racing.

After school we both went to her house.
She put on her pijamas, and got into bed.
I layed next to her, holding her in my arms.
She looked so calm and pretty.
I started giving her little kisses on her cheek, on her forehead, on her neck, on her lips.

Oh, her sweet lips!
She gives the most sweetest, tender and loving kisses I've ever had.
Her kisses are full of passion and care.

I could hardly breathe.
She has the ability to make me lose my breath.
My heart was racing, and she could feel it.
We kissed and held each other tight, marveled at how our bodies fit perfectly with one another.

My hands found their way under her blouse, drawing her slim silhouette with my fingertips.
Running down her chest to her stomach.
From her hips to her thighs.
Her skin was so soft it felt like velvet under my fingers.
She started doing the same to me.
Her fingers traced a distinct line going from my chest to my belt, and further below.

Her lips were still upon mine.
My breath still missing.

Her top was off.
My shirt also gone.
Her arms around me.
My arms around her.

Hands going under the clothes.
Heavy breathing.
Muffled moaning.
No more clothes.

Her body couldn't be any more perfect than it already is.
I was lost kissing her tasty neck, biting slightly, while I grasped her small, perky *******.
Her skin was so warm and cozy.
I couldn't get enough of her.

Me touching her.
Her touching me.
My breath was nowhere to be found.
I felt ecstatic.
I was in heaven.

After all was done, we both laid there, right next to each other.
She was still in my arms as we both tried to catch our breaths back.
We looked at each other in the eyes.
We smiled at each other and kissed one more time.

*I could've died in that moment.
Krusty Aranda Jul 2013
He was a stranger walking the wet streets of London.
She was an artist speaking her soul through a song.
The fiddle, her weapon of choice to let her heart sing beautiful melodies.
Melodies which could make any man's heart fall for her charm.

She had the beauty of a million heavenly angels.
He had no eyes for another woman but her.
He danced, and he let himself go possessed by the rythm.
She played for the world, but she meant it for him.

Days passed by, and they both met each other,
day after day, song after song.
Her heart spoke through her fiddle. His heart spoke through his poetry.
Their hearts composed beautiful music as one.

She stood on her stage, ready to fiddle,
but something was different. He never showed up.
Her fiddle still spoke, but its voice wasn't the same.
His poetry's tone was now a saddened, old voice.
Fantasy based on an impossible love I have :p
Krusty Aranda Feb 2019
Al amor que rompí... Rompiste... ¡Rompimos!

Construímos cerros y derribamos montañas
o balas,
hirientes medallas de honor clavándose en la fresca carne de mi pecho
Brota la hirviente sangre, gota por gota, manchando el uniforme que porto con orgullo
Intacto orgullo
Mentiras y miedo
Fachadas pulcras ocultan el deshecho interior
Egoísta petición haces... Yo cumplo

Elevamos puentes para cruzar estrechos
Palabras que el viento se lleva,
convierte en huracán
y azota de nuevo en mi contra
En mi oído el estruendo del trueno que se estrella en mi mente
Desbalance químico
Apatía total

Te levanto para volverte a tirar
Me tiras para volverme a levantar
Levantamos la voz y el corazón por los suelos
recogiendo el polvo de la planta de nuestros pies
callosos de tanto andar sobre cristales, clavos, carbones vivos
Vivos, y nosotros muertos

Al amor que rompí... Rompiste... ¡Rompimos!
A ese amor imploro
dame vida una vez más
Krusty Aranda Apr 2014
Sitting here in this prison I built,
cold and lonely, I cry for help
for I lost the only key I had to get out.

I'm trapped.
Trapped within myself.
Unable to see the outside world
no one can hear my screams.
They bounce from wall to wall
echoing through the room.

Haunting me.

Taunting me.

The walls are closing in.
My breath is short. Almost gone.
My mind is free.
Free to lurk in my own dark
finding my demons on the way.

My body's weak from starvation.
My will is broken from the cruelty of it all.
My voice can't produce any sound from all the cries for help unanswered.
I'm destined to die here.





No one will miss me.

With my last breath I whisper goodbye to this room which ultimately became
my home.
Krusty Aranda Jun 2018
A donde sea que voltee, veo amor
En cada rincón de la ciudad,
lo escucho en las canciones,
lo leo en la poesía,
lo veo en los ojos de las personas

Por mucho tiempo busqué el amor,
sin dirección,
sin un propósito,
sin saber siquiera qué era lo que esperaba encontrar,
lo que era el amor
No puedo negar que lo he encontrado, en varias formas,
de distintas personas,
en cantidades diferentes e intensidades variantes

Pero el amor no es algo que se encuentra
El amor se construye,
se cultiva con cuidado y cariño,
para, cuando este haya madurado,
cosechar el fruto obtenido
y poderlo compartir con otros

A donde sea que voltee, veo amor
y es que he comprendido que el amor vive en mi
Yo soy amor!
y no hago más que ver el reflejo de mi en otros,
el reflejo de la esencia que me llena y me da vida
Un corazón latiente, bombeando felicidad a través de mis venas
Con cada nueva herida, sangro nuevo amor
comprensión de mis semejantes,
de mis circunstancias,
de mi mismo

Por mucho tiempo busqué el amor,
y hoy, por fin me encontré
Krusty Aranda Aug 2016
I couldn't hate you*
That is a fact

We have a kind of history
An odd one at that, and yet a fun one
We started out great
I was the new kid in town
You were the girl unlike any other
Kind of cliché if you ask me, but that's how it went
We met, we talked, we kissed
It was bliss, but one that wouldn't last long
On and off and on again
Until it wasoff for good
Realization and forgiveness
Taking up the routine once more
We were friends again
Until, without warning, I remembered
The laughter, the warmth, the beauty, the love I had felt
It was back
And I waited
And I feared
And I longed to be with you again
You can't always get what you want
But I had learned
I had grown
I gave you my blessing and stepped aside
Until you came back
And I choked
I was shocked
I was happy again

So here we are
A long time after I first tried to hate you
Fact is I couldn't hate you
Not even if I tried...
Krusty Aranda May 2013
I'm going to sleep so I don't feel the pain.
Forget about the world for a moment,
but never about you.
You who care.
You who worry I won't wake up.
*I promise I will... for you.
I will wake up, so don't worry about a thing :) Thanks for caring.
Krusty Aranda Mar 2022
It's the things I can't remember
It's the wicked of the night
It's the underlying nature of
the things I try to fight
It's the secrets of my conscience
not the things I can deny
It's the sunlight in the morning
that I try so hard to hide
It's the words I do not scribble
It's the ones I cannot write
All these things that made a home of
the dark locker in my mind
Krusty Aranda Nov 2015

The city of *love
A city so beautiful, so elegant and classy, filled with history and such a rich culture that it is impossible to take it all in on your first visit.

This city is the destination for many tourists all year round, and rightfully so. There's something for everyone to enjoy.

But how to spend a night in Paris?
Why not enjoy a nice cup of coffee in one of the many cafés around the city? Or perhaps you would enjoy a glass of wine, while listening to some jazz or piano music?

Speaking of music, why not go to a concert in one of the many venues scattered around the city? Maybe you'd like to listen to some jazz. Maybe you have a taste for an orchestra. Maybe you're even in the mood for some rock music. Paris has got you covered.

Or maybe you're a sports fan, and you'd like to go to a football match.
France is known for its very competitive football league, and Paris is home for the world famous Paris Saint Germain. Why not attend a match at the Stade de France?

But if what you like is ******, explosion and a round of bullets, well, look no further. Paris is the place for you!
Enjoy a thrilling terrorist siege at a concert venue, where bombs and automatic rifles are the main attraction. Make your way through lifeless bodies as you desperately try to find the exit. You can even be taken hostage, if you like!
You say you like suicide bombings? Experience one first hand as you fall to the ground and cover yourself from the debris. You might even get wounded for an added sense of adventure.

So come down to Paris.
*We've got everything for you.
First of all I'd like to say that this piece is a sattire; a cynical view on the recent events occured in Paris. If you're too sensitive, please hold any comments to yourself.
Having said this, I am horrified to live in a world where this happens everyday in different countries, different cities, and we can't stop it. I'm deeply saddened by the terrorist attacks occured this night in Paris, and my thoughts go to the whole French society, as well as any person directly affected by these horrific events.

I long to see a world that lives in peace, not in pieces. Will I live to see it?

Best wishes to everyone. I love you all.
Krusty Aranda Apr 2014
Another day spent without you.
No. There was nothing I could do to talk to you.
Do you wanna know why I'm so persistent?
Y**es. I'm still in love with you.
Krusty Aranda Dec 2012
As this year reaches its end
there's a couple things I wanna say.

This year for me was full of change.
New school. New friends. New city. New everything.
Of course this was hard, but I had my reward:
met some great friends,
went to places I had only dreamed of,
and I even met her. Yes, the one.

I can think of a couple things that let me down,
but for the things I got it's not worth a tear.
Too many good things for too little bad things.
Seems like a fair trade to me.

I still miss my old friends though. My family too.
I miss the laughs, the anecdotes and all the memories we share.
I promise I'll soon be with you all once again,
just wait for me.

And then comes her.
She's the one who made this the best year for me so far.
I wasn't looking for her, but there she was,
ready to come into my life, and make it so much better.
Thank you.

So all in all this year has been kickass.
I might have complained a lot throughout it,
but in the end I was just being a *****.
I loved this year, and I can only hope the next one is as good as this one was.
Ohh, and wish every single one of you to have an amazing year too.

From the heart, I love you all.
Thanks, and happy new year.
The first of a series of new year's eve poems (one per year of course). I wish every single one of you to have an amazing 2013 :)
Krusty Aranda Jun 2021
I sometimes feel I'm an annoyance
And sometimes comes very often
And often I feel I'm not good enough
Even though I give my all
All is just a bit too much
It sometimes feels so overwhelming
And sometimes comes very often
Krusty Aranda Feb 2017
Gracias a ti aprendí a escuchar la letra de mis canciones.
Me enseñaste a escuchar más allá del ruido,
a entender las emociones que yacen debajo de una melodía,
debajo de una tierna voz.
Aprendí de ti que una palabra no significa nada,
que los besos no temen al mañana,
que un abrazo vive y muere en el hoy.
Gracias a ti aprendí que una amistad no es lo mismo que un amigo.
Una relación carece de calificativo
cuando dos personas conviven,
y se enamoran
si, al final, todo queda en el olvido.
Comprendí que mis poemas exponen mis mentiras.
No te amo y te enamoro en rimas.
No te busco y aún así te encuentro.
No te sueño y maldigo al amanecer.
Me enseñaste a no llorar,
a engañarme y a herirme.
Que un deseo es un puñal,
un sueño una granada,
un anhelo un exterminio de mi propia sanidad.
Aprendí de ti a no juzgar a una persona.
Que saber su historia no es conocerla.
Que follar no es estar enamorado.
Que un te amo no es igual que otro.
Me enseñaste a caerme y me enseñaste a levantarme.
Me enseñaste a no quererte y a empezar a odiarme.
Me enseñaste y no sabías lo que me estabas haciendo,
a pesar de comentarlo día con día y verso a verso.
Aprendí de ti que la vida no se acaba,
que la muerte no me acecha,
que mi día es eterno,
que para siempre es un segundo
y que un segundo es para siempre,
que el amor no mata,
que los besos no envenenan,
que no eres para mi...

Gracias a ti aprendí a escuchar la letra de mis canciones.
A distinguir entre voces,
entre coros y solistas,
entre emociones ficticias,
entre verdades y mentiras.
Krusty Aranda Aug 2014
Sing a song, or write a book,
they take and take away from you.

Change this word. Play this cord.
Erase the nudes! Give them some clothes.

Express yourself! Be who you are,
but maybe these clothes will make you look fab.

This is not right. My art is me!
You can't tell me what to be.

I don't want the money nor the fame.
I do this to express myself.

So excuse me while I say goodbye.
You try to **** art, but I bring it to life.
Krusty Aranda Oct 2014
Three years have passed since we first met.
Three years have passed, and I can't forget
what it is to love someone as passionately as
I love you.

Thousands of miles stand in our way.
Thousands of miles, and I can't forget
what it is to love someone as caringly as
I love you.

Different times throughout the day.
Different times, and I can't forget
what it is to love someone as deeply as
I love you.

Three years have passed since we've been away.
Three years have passed, and I can't forget
what it is to love someone as madly as
I love you.

My heart has been yours since the day we met.
My heart has been yours, so I can't forget
what it is to love someone as infinitely as
I love you.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2017
Can I die for a single day?
I just can't stand to live today
My thoughts are scattered
My mood is gloom
I need space
I need peace
Numb me of all sensation
Cut the cord
Oh, what temptation
Trick my mind into a coma
Bring my heart into a halt
Asphixiate my pain
**** it all, and **** me too
But do it for just one day
Just for today
Wake me up in the morning
Bring me coffe and a piece of toast
Kiss me, and tell me it's all right now
Tell me it's all gone
Tell me I don't have to die tomorrow too
Krusty Aranda Mar 2016
I'm agitated
I'm panting
My heart is about to burst out of my chest,
beating like an out of synch clock
My body is shaking, and my hands are cold
My knees are weak
My head is spinning
But why?
The answer is silly enough
Because of a text
A single text I wrote
A single text I sent
A single text to you
A single text

Krusty Aranda Feb 2013
I found myself on a cloud.
Surfing the skies with the wind on my hair and life in my veins.
I knew the trip had to reach and end, but I never knew when.

And so the day came when the trip ended.
The cloud just vanished under my feet, and I fell,
and fell,
and fell,
but just as I was about to hit the ground
a strange force kept me from it.

I wasn't moving.
I was just levitating.
Not in the sky anymore, but not dead either.

Numbness surrounded me.
A cold chill invaded my body, and I shivered.
I was gently laid on the ground, and lights went out.
Not a sound was heard. Not even the beating of my heart.

Suddenly a bright light pierced my eyes.
When I could see again, a feminine silhouette was drawn before me
yet I could not see who it was.
She lent a hand.
I grabbed it, and she helped me up.

She spoke to me in the sweetest voice.
Singing like a choir of angels.
I felt safe again.

She wrapped her arms around me.
Her skin as smooth as silk, her touch as protective as a mother's.
I was safe again.

She flashed a smile,
but then it all faded to black.

I woke up... alone.
No one near my hospital bed, but something caught my eye.
A "get well soon" card next to some flowers in fresh water.

Again I felt warm, happy, alive.
My journey had reached it's end, but I was safe again.
It was safe to begin a new journey.
Comments, anyone?
Krusty Aranda Jun 2021
Could anyone assure me

I won't die

from a self inflicted

Krusty Aranda Jul 2013
Inspiration left.
She took it away with her.
Can you bring it back?
Been having a hard time getting inspiration lately.
Krusty Aranda Aug 2016
Thank god I'm awake
For my dream was unbearable
The pain that I felt
From oneiric dimensions
An alternate reality
As lonely as this one
Where I still can't win
And lose much more than just you
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Open your eyes, and find your way home.
I've done all I can. I can't help no more.
Take just one step, and then take another.
Keep going, and don't look back. Don't bother.

The path won't be easy, but be not afraid.
As long as you're confident you're more than prepared.
The ground you will step on won't always be firm,
so seek your intelligence, and this path you'll clear.

Sin and temptation might meet you in the way.
Don't listen to them. Turn your back! Go away!
And if you ever feel curious to roam in their tower,
remember to find your inner stregth and willpower.

This is the final advice I can give.
From now on you will walk your own way and live.
Live this adventure without fear or regret,
and just have in mind, it's not over yet.
Krusty Aranda Apr 2012
Here I am again.
Back at the beginning.
I was so close to winning,
but it was all in vain.

I climbed the highest mountain.
I beat the fiercest opponents.
Who'd believe those moments
would all end up in pain?

The closer I got to the goal
the better I started to feel.
I couldn't believe it was real.
I turns out I fell to the hole.

Here I am again.
Back at the beginning,
but this time I will be living.
This is my new aim.
I think I still haven't learned the lesson.
Krusty Aranda Nov 2013
I've got another confession to make.
I'm your fool.
You got me living for you,
working for you,
dying for you.

You gave me something that I didn't have,
but had no use.
It was never real.
It was nothing but a lie.
You used me to your convenience
until I had nothing more to offer to you.

Are you gone, and on to someone new?
Is he even better than me?
Where did you meet?
Is someone getting the best of you?

Has someone taken your faith?
It's real.
The pain you feel?
The life?
The love you died to hear?

Even though I lost you,
and like you, many more,
I swear I'll never give in.
I'll refuse.
I thought I'd use some lyrics from a song I like, and mix them up a bit with some of my own poetry. Here's the result of my first try. Song is (as the title says) "Best of You" by the Foo Fighters.
Krusty Aranda Oct 2013
Here I stand before you
with a bouquet of blood roses.
They seem dark and lifeless,
but I assure you they are not.

These roses are not any rose.
They mean not what others do.
Red mean love. Yellow mean friendship.
Blood roses mean what I wish for you.

They stand for the tears I shed,
the emptiness I felt.
The cold, cynical, new me.
The blood I'll taste.
My sweet revenge.
It all will set me free.

Blood roses will drain your life.
Your dreams, your faith, your hopes.
This is my last gift for you.
It's time to enjoy the show.
Krusty Aranda Sep 2013
A kiss...

A kiss is all it takes for me to want to taste your blood.
To want to see how it's shiny red looks on my bedroom wall.
Splatters of deep crimson drip from the window.

A touch...

A touch is all it takes for me to want to pierce your skin.
To want to draw patterns on my new canvas.
See my brush soaked up in this monotonous color.

A look...

A look is all it takes for me to want to play with you.
To want to hurt and ****** every part of you.
Be my rag doll. Entertain my sadist lust.

A word...**

A word is all it takes for me to want to start the show.
To want to show you what I'm capable of.
To start I have to be the one you love.
Krusty Aranda Mar 2018
As I walk back home from a stressful day at school, I can't help but recognize the heavy steps I've taken through the same old, claustrophobia inducing,
routine making street for the past three years.

It's so peaceful and quiet,
unlike my mind,
which erupts in strenduous racket at the sight of sanity,
even if it's a mere glimpse at it.

I want to break the silence and scream,
but as soon as I do, this dead street will come back to life;
cars won't stop passing by,
old ladies will rush to the front door, and try to take a look at what's going on,
dogs will start to bark,
which will scare the cats,
who will make the neighbours yell at them to leave their houses...

I wish to feel this alive.

I want my heart to beat like a drumkit being smashed on by John Bonham
I want my lungs to fill with air, and float away into the cloudy night sky
I want my voice to sing like Freddie Mercury in the morning,
like Whitney Houston at noon,
and like James Hetfiled at night,
all on my own.

I want my hands to hold on to my mother and father in the wake of my departure.
I'm not ready to leave them yet.

I want my head to stay quiet,
my mind to stop working,
my memories to fade out,
and my anxiety to consume all.

People think psychologists know all the answers,
that we can't
or won't
or shouldn't get angry,

We are still humans,
and we have it worse than anyone else.

Every single person has their own demons,
but we can call them by name.
Krusty Aranda Nov 2014
Hoy que es día de los muertos
quisiera recordar a mis amigos,
a aquellos que están perdidos,
que nos dejaron de improvisto.

Alex con sus gritos
a cualquiera impresionaba,
mas poseía un alma noble
y seguro lo demostraba.

La muerte siendo injusta,
traicionera y juguetona
le hizo perder el equilibrio
para no jugar más sola.

Daniela guapa era.
Coqueta y encantadora.
A los hombres enloquecía
en cuestión de pocas horas.

La muerte, por celosa,
le echó una maldición.
Ahora les encanta
desde el mismísimo panteón.

Al pequeño, alegre Ivan
el futbol volvía loco.
El Barça su pasión
y un partido dentro de poco.

La muerte en su equipo
carecía de un defensor,
y pensó en el joven Ivan
para su equipo ganador.

Aunque hoy se encuentren lejos
los llevamos en el corazón,
mas no dejan de ser calaveras,
calaveras del montón.
Mexican tradition for día de los muertos. I miss you guys.
Krusty Aranda Mar 2014
Half a year later
we still laugh like the first day.
Please don't leave again.
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
I close my eyes, but I can't sleep tonight;
I see your shadow lying next to mine.
I turned around, and realize you're not home.
I'm sorry, darling, I can't sleep tonight.

I lie in bed, but I can't sleep tonight;
you're not sleeping by my side.
My bed is empty, and my sheets are cold.
I'm sorry, love, I can't sleep tonight.

It's dark all over, but I can't sleep tonight;
there's thoughts of you all through my mind.
You've left nothing behind for me to hold on to.
I'm sorry, sugar, I can't sleep tonight.

My eyes are sore, but I can't sleep tonight;
the pictures of you won't let me hide.
I miss your voice, and I miss your touch.
I'm sorry, baby, I can't sleep tonight.

I feel so tired, but I can't sleep tonight;
this ghost of you became my freight.
The sun shines through my balcony.
I'm sorry, boo, I couldn't sleep tonight.
Krusty Aranda Oct 2013
I can't tell her I like her.

She's been the best of friends lately,
and it's been hard hiding how I feel for her,
but she already has someone.

I can't tell her.
It would **** our friendship.
It would **** what's left of me.

I can't stop thinking about her.
I can't stand the fact that she won't belong to me.
I'm happy that she's happy,
but I'm miserable because of it.
Krusty Aranda Nov 2012
Baby, I'd carry you in my arms.
Take you to a place where there's no harm.
No words that burn. No looks that ****.
Just you and I and this love we share.

Baby, I know things are not easy.
Getting harder everyday you grow hopeless,
but, baby, trust me when I say there's so much more of life you have yet to see.
Please let me be the one to show it all to you.
Please, don't give up hope.
If you do, I'll do too
for my hope is you.
My happiness is you.
My life is you.

Get back on your feet, as weak as they feel.
You can still stand, baby. Never surrender the fight.
As tough as it may be I'll always be with you
to help you get up,
to prevent you from going down,
to fight by your side until we win,
because I know we will.

I'll never let you hit the ground.
No! Not even once.
I'll be the extra strength you need
if you can't find it in your heart.

So trust me, baby. We can do this together.
I'm always by your side,
and, even when you're too weak to stand,
I'll carry you in my arms.
What you're going through is not ******* fair. Please, I beg, don't give up hope. I love you, and I'll always be by your side. No matter what I have to do. I hope you understand this.
Krusty Aranda Jun 2015
I tried. Really did.
I don't know where it went wrong.
Don't fall back again.
Krusty Aranda May 2013
Mother! Father!
Is it Christmas again?
It's snowy outside even though it's just May.

Santa! Santa!
What will you bring this time?
Would it be a little puppy or a red racing car?

People! People!
Let's sing carols again.
Let the sweet melodies take this cold days away.

Wake up! Wake up!
You're 20 years old.

So what if I'm a child inside? Is that really so wrong?
Halfway through May, and it's still wintery. It suddenly came to me, and yes, being a 20 year old kid is awesome :D
Krusty Aranda May 2021
Here I find myself again
scribbling the thoughts within my head
spewing words so I can breathe
to aliviate the strain on my throat
from swallowing screams whole

Again I'm imprisoned in me,
in someone else
In everyone

I forgot how to be

I just function by automation alone
a glitched, bugged program barely justifying its reason to exist
holding tight to the line of code for my sanity
I've been written,
conditioned by others

For others

And what about me?
Where did I put myself?
Left last to not annoy with my problems
procrastinating on my own well being

Where am I?

At the bottom of the ***** laundry I failed to take to the basket
Under the bed I neglected to sleep on while insomnia payed a much anticipated visit
Stuck on the sides of the bowl of soup I didn't have the appetite to eat
In the last place I'd look because I'm so sure that's not where I left it

Yet here I find myself again
Distracted by the mere thought of living one more day
A day I will not focus on, as I waste away
Krusty Aranda Mar 2013
You blasted into this world running free to be yourself.
You needed no sanctuary to hide away from this strange world.
Please, remember tomorrow for we will all be sad,
because you're no longer with us. You've traveled to another life.

You were like a prodigal son, but not one of the drifters.
Not another children of the ******, invaders to this realm.
Yet life wasn't easy, it trapped you in an iron maiden,
thus you became the prisoner by the number of the beast.

Now you're gone, but it wasn't the killers who took you.
No murders in the rue Morgue put you in your own purgatory.
Don't think of this as an innocent exile or a total eclipse.
22 Acacia avenue awaits for his favorite client.

No need to run to the hills.
There is no twilight zone.
You lived by your true self
so hallowed be thy name.
A poem in memory of former Iron Maiden drummer (and one of my influences for drumming) Clive Burr, who passed away today. Rock in Peace, Clive.
P.S. The words in italics are names of songs by Iron Maiden recorded with Clive on the drums. Also not my finest work, but, again, only a tribute to him.
Krusty Aranda Apr 2018
I'm looking for that coincidence
that will lead me to knowing you

A "people you may know" appearance on my facebook profile

A fateful encounter at the same bar I've been going to every night for the past three weeks in hopes of seeing you again

A random chance of bumping into you on the streets in your home town, which I wander endlessly at night, carrying a mere tinder of longing to see you walk by

A strike of luck that we may share a four hour long bus ride, seats next to each other, and I promise this time I will talk to you instead of awkwardly trying to catch a glimpse of you while you looked away

I'm looking for that coincidence
that will lead me to knowing you,
because I'm too much of a mess to go and look out for you
Krusty Aranda Feb 2016
Sitting in my empty room,
***** in my coffee mug,
here I write and think of you
even if it won't be long.

Long, unlike the time we met.
It felt like a day or two,
yet I still can't comprehend
why you left me, oh, so soon.

Soon was when I fell in love.
I was drawn in by your charm.
Now I sit deadly alone
after suffering from your harm.

Harm I hadn't felt before,
even though I had been hurt.
I said I would have no more.
I should have been more alert.

Alert me if you do come back.
I can't hate you, that is true.
I am but a saddened man
who is madly in love with you.
Krusty Aranda Jul 2013
I've been away from her for too long.
I don't know if she missed me, but I sure missed her.
I missed her smell, her taste, her gentle embrace.
I missed her kiss, her touch, her finger's caress.

I've seen her. She's changed.
Does she even remember me?
She speaks to me but a couple words.
I also have changed, but I'm in essence the same.
Or am I?

I try to kiss her like we used to.
She moves away, and looks some place else.
I'm a stranger to her.
She couldn't remember me.

I can't blame her for forgetting.
After all, I've been away for too long,
but I try to get at least one look like the ones she used to send my way.
Just one look to show me, I'm back home again.
Came back home to Mexico after living in Spain for 2 years. Things have changed, but I'm still so happy to be here :)
Krusty Aranda Feb 2014
I've been thinking about her all weekend,
building up the courage to, at least, ask her name.
Eagerly waiting for Monday to come by
to finally be able to see her again.

I put on my best clothes. Put on some cologne.
Struggle with my hair until it looks good enough.
Pick up my backpack, and put on my headphones,
walking to school listening to love songs.

I arrive early. Some friends are already there.
We talk about the weekend, schoolwork and such.
I'm waiting for her with the courage still building up.
I see her in the distance. Here she finally comes.

My mind disconnects; only focus is her.
My heart is about to jump out of my chest.
Rehearse what you'll say. Come on! You can do it!
She's coming nearer. I'm going over there.

Her hair is beautifully messy.
Her shy look lost in her phone.
Her pace is slow yet steady.
Her skin as white as snow.

She looks at me now. It's time to attack.
My face cannot draw but an awkward smile.
I open my mouth so my voice takes over,
but all I could utter was a simple "Hi.".

"Hi.", she replied, shyly, and kept walking.
Yes. I let her walk away yet again.
Guess I didn't build up enough courage,
but I won't lose this one. Not this time. No way.
Krusty Aranda Feb 2014
A new day. A new opportunity.
Today I will. Today I must.
I've let her walk many times before,
but not this time. Today we'll talk.

I'm still very nervous. My heart is racing.
My palms are sweaty, and my body shakes.
Here she comes. It's now or never.
I walk up to her, and say hello.

-I have something to ask you.
Would you tell me what is your name?

-Martha.- She says. Ohh, what a beautiful name.
-Nice to meet you Martha. I'm Alex, by the way.

-I've got another question, Martha.
What are you doing Friday night?

-I'm not doing anything, really.
-Would you join me for coffe, and a little bit of jazz?

-Sorry, I don't like coffee.
-Ok, we can do something else.
-I'd rather not. I'm sorry.
She keeps on walking without looking back.

My heart falls and breaks. My body feels numb.
So much for courage. I got one more "no".
Maybe there's a reason. Maybe I have a chance.
Should I try again? Or should I let her go?
Krusty Aranda Mar 2014
Let the pen be your blade,

                                and the ink be your blood

      pouring down on a sentence,

              soaking up a blank piece of paper.
I care. I care so much more than even you do.
Krusty Aranda Aug 2013




Las cámaras graban la acción inexistente.
El sonido del silencio se cuela por todos lados.
No hay estímulos que generen reacciones.
No hay ideas inteligentes sobre las cuales trabajar.

Cortometraje de una idea profana.
Audiencia torpe, insensible e ignorante.
Imágenes de cuerpos desmembrados, mutilados;
un apuesto "gobernante" calmará a la sociedad.

Realidades alternas de ficción inexistente.
Emociones creadas por alguien más para ti.
Risa embotellada. Aplauso pre grabado.
Drama familiar público sin fin.

Grandes monopolios se apoderan de tu mente.
Haces lo que dicen. Piensas lo que quieren.
No eres ya dueño de ti mismo.
Debes tu existencia y tu "cultura" a él.

Las **estrellas
y el azteca ya no son lo que antes fueron.
Luceros en la noche. Fieros guerreros.
Tan solo defienden sus propios intereses
mientras nosotros les seguimos dando de comer.

Despidan el programa que se acabó el tiempo por hoy.
Asegurémonos de dejar limpio el plató,
así como las mentes y bolsillos de nuestros televidentes.
Apaga las luces y vámonos.
Hadn't written in spanish for a long time. Hope some of you can understand it :p
Krusty Aranda Jan 2012
Dama del vestido *****;
tus labios saben a sal.
Desvela ante mí tu misterio.
¿Cuál es tu misión infernal?

Tu mirada es hechizante.
Tu piel suave como seda.
Pero todo es un vil truco;
a ver que tonto se enreda.

Tu boca escupe mentiras
que se clavan en mi mente.
Tu cuerpo exuda lujuria,
pero no caigo facilmente.

¡Dime qué es lo que buscas,
qué es lo que quieres de mí!
Yo no tengo que ofrecerte,
no tengo nada para tí.

¡Retira el velo que llevas!
¡Muestra tu rostro cobarde!
Tu ojos color ceniza
no ven que ya es muy tarde.

Puedes jugar con mi cuerpo.
Me puedes quitar la razón.
Puedes romper mi espíritu,
pero nunca mi corazón.
Krusty Aranda May 2013
It beats.
It pumps.
It doesn't feel the same anymore.
I've changed.
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