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KM Abbott Sep 2016
I just want to let her sleep.

Let her rest
        so she can reemerge a warrior against
        the gilded masochism
        and misogyny
                of the office.

        so her perfect vessel combats the encroaching infection
        and she can breathe deep and strong
        and snort in the lifeblood
                of the dawn.

        so she can see despite our return to dust
        there is yet so much
        and she must live in ecstasy
                of the moment.

        so she can reap the reward of a long deserved slumber
        and lose the swollen circles and pains of defeat
        and shake the anxieties
                of her heart.

Let her rest
        so she can come alive.
Let her rest
        so she can come back.

        let her sleep.
  Sep 2016 KM Abbott
Sara Went Sailing
How would you have known I inherited my nomad heart
from faded photographs of my father at large on some
adventure march with overloaded off the road camel modes
of transportation and that I stayed up for days at the
salt encrusted tiller of tranquility in an empty sea for privacy
away from all the endeavors community demands and oh,
how crisp the stars are in three dimensions of nowhere and
there you are! There you are, I say, wearing the hair you
haven’t brushed in a week with a can of Vienna sausages
to fill up your empty belly before sheer terror overtakes you

Written by Sara Fielder © Sept 2015
  Sep 2016 KM Abbott
Fay Slimm
Walking the glade tonight nature first appears right
yet it is not, when mounds of grass convert to browns
too soon, and down by the stream massed butterflies
seem silently caught in fertilized grey shrouds, clouds
of pollution say they breed no more, too weak to flutter.  .
War like this against earth's vale of favour brings claims
of sheer neglect which sees no further than dying bees
and will not question why, from earth, they get no reply.
A few years hence no wishing will recompense for this
for from foolhardiness gross greed created a fatal mess.
Seeing tonight this suffering glade makes me so afraid.
  Sep 2016 KM Abbott
Ramin Ara
An odorant flower
Has a brisk market
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