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kingjones Apr 2016
Shall I
Kiss on your *******
Teacher ?

Teacher Ruby ,
Was a good teacher
She used to distract us
With her

From the back benches of  9 B
When  she  caught
Some ******* students
Among them

I was sweating
And shivering
In a half way missed ******.

And finish  !
She said
Closing me in the toilet .

When I Drew ,
The picture of a **** lady
With charcoal  
On the toilet walls
It was the Oedipus
Within me,
Gave a text book in the picture’s hand

I said my affection
To you
I was hungry
I thought you would
Breast feed me.
I was hungry .
I remember .

Shall I
Kiss on your *******
Teacher ?
Without anyone seeing .

On the
****** surgical wound ,

You didn’t
Wait to give an answer

Shall I kiss you
Before the warmth of death
Walks away from you
kingjones Apr 2016
Had *** with
42 so far.

37 women,
7 lovers
5 classmates
4 mature
3 teens
9 married
3 pregnant
1 nun
2 maoists
3 online friends.

3 men,
1 a step brother
1 middle aged
1 *** worker.

2 eunuchs,
beautiful ones.

1 beast,
a goat, for sure.

the forty-third one
came later.

he/she had
two mouths
for *******.
they remained

in place of
the *****/******,
a part of the brain
pushed its way through.

in place of the nose
was a *****.
a bad case of phimosis.
many times
it gasped for air
short of breath.

in place of the eyes
were two vaginas.
one of them
blinded forever.
the other
filled to brim
with the longing of
an unclaimed body
for identification.

i asked the 43rd person.

“how can i *******?
i am not aroused
by you.”

43 retorted.

“i am the one
******* you,
not the other way around.”

the water sports began.
it lasted three days
and three nights.

all the rains that
rained on the earth
were reclaimed.

the tempest
and the lightning
drove away
whatever was alive
on the earth
or about to be formed
or already formed.
the terrified fetuses
began to devour
the mothers from inside.

when my body
was retrieved,
the head of *****
gobbled up by fish,
i found on it
42 wounds.
kingjones Apr 2016
It was when
He was on the verge
Of death from starvation
That a fish committed suicide
On his angling hook.

It was when
The fish was just drifting
Unable to swim with force
Because he was old
That he noticed
An earth worm come floating


The earthworm
Was kidnapped
By a stranger’s hand
When he was
Swimming through the soil.
Grilled by the
Metal sharpness
Piercing through its body
It must have
Yelled for HELP
When luckily
A fish came its way!

It was then that
A lover/poet/mad man
Who came to the river bank
To commit suicide
Noticed the carnal coupling
Between life and death
In the river
And stood there stunned
By the sight.

It was when
The famished river
Had kept its mouth open
Readying for the fisher man
Some slippery moss
To slip and fall
And an undercurrent
For him to drown in
That a young man
Jumped into the water
And the fisherman
Dived after him
And both were saved.

Thus, a river flows on
Murmuring that
Life is nothing but
The slowest kind of death.

Even outside the river
In unseen spaces
Many kinds of rivers
Keep flowing in hiding.

On the river bank
At the same time
There are many beings
That still survive.

------------------- (T ) Ra Sh
kingjones Oct 2014
At first kiss
Deep love
Fish and worm
kingjones Oct 2014
I loved
The country Barber.

He used to roll
All over my boyhead
After every haircut.

Five Minutes

I am not alone in this world
For those minutes

I desired
Sleeping -
Stuck on his
Brimstonesmelling armpits,
Salty chesthairs
Sticky neck.

It was only because of
Pure Jealousy
I pushed his son    
Into the deep
Marshy Death

— The End —