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Kimmy-Nichole Mar 2012
so fast
so new
so right
it is not in my control
i follow my heart
listen to my soul
feel of the vibes
it feels so perfect
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
her name is ******
living in a half empty cup
under neath the stars
of a lofts stairs.

****** dances and dreams
wonders if life is all it seems
as its perceived,
questions her thoughts
traces her dreams

chases the feelings
that so desperatley brings ****** to her knees
perhaps there is a plan
maybe its all just a test

as ****** sips her cup
under the stairs
a man comes and says hey bonita como se llamo
******, she speaks softly and smiles
hola senorita he replys
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
presense of a person
is it psychosis,
dealt by the doses?
trembling on the inside
all happy on the outside
a mask never to be revealed
except through a radio wave
funny how the real me
is coming to surface
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
bass bumping in my ear drums
left side right side
togethere they collide-
loud and proud
pandora provides my music fix
its much to early to crave loud beats
I get what I want-
Not to sound selfish of course,
I am not sure
I am confident
I am not finished
I am just beginning
1 week till Im 23
Excited for a new start
ready to part from this age
Its been long overdue
never turn it down,
never frown
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
you cant defeat me
you wont
Ill cooperate
Ill act scattered
Ill be unfocused
Ill be motivated to motivate this terrible distraction in my mind
The answer is simple
College and AdHd dont mix
they collide
my brain is a dj playing dubstep
24 hours a day
non stop full volume
crank it up
because there is no stoping.
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
driving on empty, my tank way past e
i fear the sudden stop of my car on the busy street,
Its the academy awards,
I feel so unexciting
I gymed it up, worked out hard
I am eating better and taking care of myself
subway in my tummy
clean and showered comfy in pajamas
i wonder when I will meet that guy
who will like me for me,
just as i am
and loves my boringness
wonders what i am thinking
and loves to play the question game, in an attempt to get to know the real me.
You ask, Ill tell.
where is he?
Kimmy-Nichole Feb 2012
Zen & Men.

Simply, saturday
broke and sore
mind racing like a track meet.

That's ok, my will is good
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